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I f*cking love Dan Brown books, OK? you're spending Thanksgiving with your non-biological chosen family, send us your photos (reply here or email ch… shapeshifting clock turns time into moving art may like flowers, but she’ll love a wine subscription box
Retweeted by MashableThese coding toys make learning fun for kids of all ages #smallhumans twice before you post that cute photo of your kid to Facebook dudeeeeee's latest and greatest Mars lander will touch down on the red planet Monday plates come to life the moment you touch your food babies look elderly. Reddit has found a way to celebrate them. inflatable surface can morph into any shape over slime videos Researchers are working on fireworks you can 'feel' ✨ you WANT to see Bumblebee two weeks early, you'll probably have that option. But only for one day. erotic fanfiction lets women explore our sexuality without shame hammock just for your head claims to ease neck pain Wolf scorches Trump over Saudi Arabia's murder of a journalist mind-blowing sculptures are made entirely out of Lego's Definers fall guy was already on his way out smart mirror gives you tips for perfect makeup looks 17 most bizarre moments from 'The Crimes of Grindelwald''Ralph Breaks the Internet' almost had a completely different plot best and worst times for traffic during Thanksgiving week your roll, Samsung to watch with your family in theaters this weekend sculpture translates 40,000 live bees into light and sound are the top 10 toys for kids this holiday season Your kids will LOVE these:
Retweeted by MashableThis foam roller actually fits in your gym bag + OK Google, together at last pop culture helped us let go of our shame, rejoice! 🙌🏾 Many. Deals. 😲
Retweeted by MashableTake your garden on the go rom-coms are super problematic, but I love them anyway the Martha Stewart of your friend group
Retweeted by Mashable8 tech gifts that won't fail this holiday season is having some issues's not telekinesis, but close enough erotic fanfiction lets women explore our sexuality without shame giant E-waste warehouse is where old technology gets a new life you're spending Thanksgiving with your non-biological chosen family, send us your photos (reply here or email ch… tilting windows give you a 360-degree view of Chicago's iconic skyline politician casually shares 'Game of Thrones' quiz result midway through a work day proposed solution for heavy traffic a time to be alive. Winfrey releases her annual gift list and you'll want to take a look Check it out:
Retweeted by MashableWhen will robots compete in the Olympics? definitive list of all the actual crimes in 'Crimes of Grindelwald' and their severity Wolf scorches Trump over Saudi Arabia's murder of a journalist students completely reimagined the homeless shelter coming to Netflix this December dance between a robot and human is SO cool Microwave review: It's $60 and has Alexa and that's it can skateboard almost anywhere with this all-terrain electric board'Ralph Breaks the Internet' doesn't get the internet quite right, but it's smart where it matters would take a pretty confident person to rock this bike visor those who prefer a more natural look for their phone accessories Grande is teasing a new project featuring all of your favourite '00s rom-coms like a pair of matching PJs for your best friend 🐶 coming to Netflix this December robot is making cleanup a lot easier't worry about spilling coffee on your way to work twice before you post that new baby photo to Facebook eco-friendly fabric can repel stains and odors'Mary Poppins Returns' producer answers all of your burning questions appointment makeup tutorials are the only good beauty guru niche left jacket has built-in heating panels 🔥 researchers reinvented the wheel electric skateboard is controlled by shifting your bodyweight weatherproof tent can be assembled in just minutes RR Martin says that Daenerys should probably read 'Fire and Blood' expandable houses can be built in record time digital camera is the size of a two-story house King blasts Trump with 1 of his most uncompromising tweets yet plastic waste one discarded bag or bottle at a time. wanted a balcony? Now you can have one with your window robotic arm can now sort your groceries magic wand lets you design 3D objects with your phone those infamous raindrop cakes? Well they're back and you can make your own comfy cocoon could keep you warm this winter water bottle claims to clean itself in 60 seconds precise molds at home Colbert rips into Trump’s lacklustre action on Saudi Arabia zippy way to get from A to B squishy, bendy artificial muscles are super strong will never be the same no one to make fun of him, Trump considers attending WHCA dinner're not sure this would actually work so well... can't stop staring at these pies and neither can the internet beautiful new way to harness solar power's Woolsey Fire has left a burn scar so big you can see it from space your dog buckled in with this puppy car seat"Just pretend we're not here, guys." electric scooter could replace slow, bulky delivery trucks's past these panda cubs' bedtime, but they can't stop playing 😍 🐼 robot can fly just like a real insect a road could become much safer with this crosswalk architect turned pastry chef creates edible sculptures that will make your mouth water the bed just got a lot more enjoyable 15 years, this legally blind man can now re-experience his wedding day