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I really enjoy talking about manga, I post spoilers | Star Wars fan too | 20 |Header by @namatako0520 | Priv @Amons_Sword | 🇵🇷

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Do I bare the pain of walking on my aching feet to get food or do I starveHungry. Tired @ZeBandrew @hwksrightwing She gonna air anyways @ZeBandrew @hwksrightwing Of course I do @hwksrightwing I’m going to eat it for breakfast lunch and dinner plus every snack in betweenBeen playing video games while standing for hours my feet hurt @hwksrightwing Diana what happened??? @Downthedrain15 So true @ZeBandrew Oh Ight @MoeSand_ I’ll join you @ZeBandrew Bro? @AIivebur @Lil_Sm0keee Cumn#アズールレーン🐰
Retweeted by Juan 🇵🇷Jigo @dripuniversl Do bettercosplay [ ONE PIECE ] . 赤鞘九人男    ” 残雪の菊の丞 ” . --------------- photo:@masaru_cos #まさるみ
Retweeted by Juan 🇵🇷 @dripuniversl She bad but not “I’m gonna be a ****” for her badvery tiredddddd🐥
Retweeted by Juan 🇵🇷 @Incentful1 @Silversoulszn Omg peak avi
@itszeke8_ Finally something good
Retweeted by Juan 🇵🇷 @ssjtelia GodPure evil villian done right
Retweeted by Juan 🇵🇷 @bulmasbitch @hotblkteen What is wrong with all of you @21slutzz @NegaGolden @xValClover Block me @hotblkteen Then why is she being so rude to a bi dude for literally no reason @bulmasbitch @hotblkteen He clearly has something against gay people @NegaGolden @21slutzz @xValClover Same @bulmasbitch @hotblkteen Yes I do @bulmasbitch @hotblkteen He is @hotblkteen You’re friends with a homophobe 🤕 @xValClover @hotblkteen You’re literally being rude to someone for no reason what’s wrong with you @hotblkteen He can I just thought he was sleeping @xValClover They went private cuz they’re pussies @hotblkteen You’re being mean to my friend you cunt @hotblkteen Dumbass @hotblkteen No you stinky beaner @21slutzz @curlyhairbulma @hotblkteen @xValClover Leave my twink alone @thewickednea Twin Star Exorcists臭い
Retweeted by Juan 🇵🇷 @smutx_xv1 His dick I mean @smutx_xv1 How big are you making it I must know the results @smutx_xv1 And his big dick ofc @smutx_xv1 I could tell because of his massive throbbing heartmaaaaaannnnnn 😭😭
Retweeted by Juan 🇵🇷Why do I do this to myselfNever flipping tires again @MoeSand_ @xValClover @Bet2Hungry What a great father @xValClover another gate opened and a new RATIO appeared in your tweet!!
Retweeted by Juan 🇵🇷Malevolent shrine. • • • #JujutsuKaisen #呪術廻戦
Retweeted by Juan 🇵🇷 @xYuniku Good evening @jphanamura Bet @jphanamura I will buy your OF @ManOfCulture420 Nothing @ManOfCulture420 WellIf I was a woman I would’ve made an OF by nowFun Fact: The name nickelodeon comes from the CEO Nicholas Elodeon who created the company back in 1977.
Retweeted by Juan 🇵🇷三玖ちゃん
Retweeted by Juan 🇵🇷Mathematics be like : log(😅) =💧log(😄)
Retweeted by Juan 🇵🇷As an old Naruto stan its time to say goodbye to my old favorite nostalgia anime... we had good times, but after re…
Retweeted by Juan 🇵🇷Chonk @xValClover When she's just dead >>>>>
Retweeted by Juan 🇵🇷can't trust anyone that doesn't listen to any female artists
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Retweeted by Juan 🇵🇷Starting two piece today, heard a lot of great things about it, time to see wassup!🏴‍☠️⚔
Retweeted by Juan 🇵🇷 @jphanamura I could always lob 🗿 @jphanamura I’m 6’0 have sexy arms and big titties it’s true I have proof @yoonki_smile @7aloufa5anza Don’tWe all pay the price for our carceral response to homelessness. This is why you can’t find a restroom in urban area…
Retweeted by Juan 🇵🇷It’s alway “wyd” never “dyktmm”
Retweeted by Juan 🇵🇷God pleaseママ🧘‍♀️
Retweeted by Juan 🇵🇷 @7aloufa5anza @yoonki_smile I shouldn’t be laughingYou ask Congress for a national $15 minimum wage and they write a bill to draft women in war
Retweeted by Juan 🇵🇷 @NonstandardVic @jphanamura Ty bro 🙏🏼 @jphanamura You just described me @jphanamura @NonstandardVic But I could be that man @sonakiras 💀💀💀擦擦
Retweeted by Juan 🇵🇷Felt cute might delete later
Retweeted by Juan 🇵🇷Ear buds that wrap around yo ears >>FOURTH GEAR #ONEPIECE #OnePieceFanart #ワンピース #monkeydluffy
Retweeted by Juan 🇵🇷 @SomeStupidGoat Idm if it’s weed but if it’s cigarettes then that’s a noLuffy's voice: - "YOOSH, GOO BRAZIIIL!!!" 🇧🇷✨
Retweeted by Juan 🇵🇷 @ssjtelia Mmhm @ssjtelia @Kyototsuka @Kyototsuka @ssjtelia Asia she hates me and I ain’t even do anything @ssjtelia @ssjtelia @Kyototsuka All I did was speak to her @Kyototsuka @ssjtelia I love you @ssjtelia Look it up @ssjtelia Lets find out about that @ssjtelia You air me @ssjtelia @Kyototsuka This would never have happened if you didn’t hate me @ssjtelia @Kyototsuka You literally hate me @hime___goat @Kyototsuka Stop abusing your simp army @hime___goat @Kyototsuka SHUT THE FUCK UP @Kyototsuka Why are you so fucking hot I can’t @cursedsixeyes If I made a funny