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Senior PM, @MicrosoftEdge (previously OneNote). Host of @IonCannonCast: A Star Wars podcast. Former Xbox/Zune MVP. Opinions are my own.

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Take your Microsoft Edge surf game from rocky to radical with this pro tip, brought to you by game developer Willia…
Retweeted by William DevereuxPerformance is essential to your success, which makes it core to ours. Learn more about what we're doing to make Mi…
Retweeted by William DevereuxOoh. Somehow I missed this earlier today! I can't wait.
🙌🏻 future of Xbox | Powered by 23 Xbox first-party studios. A first-party studios force almost surreal to look at.
Retweeted by William DevereuxThe Dev channel preview build of Microsoft Edge for Linux will be available in October! We can't wait for you to try it. #MSIgnite
Retweeted by William Devereux#MSIgnite is here, and we have a ton of #OneDrive goodness to share with you this year. Don’t miss out! A thread:
Retweeted by William Devereux @mani2jeff @MSEdgeDev Yes! We just announced that it's coming next month! first preview of Microsoft Edge on Linux is coming next month! Check out the full details and our other… my Xbox Series X! I can't wait for November 10th.’s where you can preorder the Xbox Series S and Series X consoles
Retweeted by William DevereuxXbox Series X|S pre-orders go live in 15 minutes in the US! Who's ready?, I wrote a column for @IGN if you'd like to check it out. It's my 5 Big Takeaways from Xbox's Megaton Bethesda…
Retweeted by William Devereux
We’ve created a new lineup of Xbox accessories for Xbox Series X & Xbox Series S. Xbox Wireless Controllers in Carb…
Retweeted by William DevereuxMicrosoft will deliver Deathloop and Ghostwire: Tokyo as PlayStation timed exclusives as Bethesda agreed. After tha…
Retweeted by William DevereuxRemote play is awesome. It's like Xbox Game Streaming for the games you own at home. now owns: • Doom • Fallout • Elder Scrolls • Skyrim • Starfield • Wolfenstein truly wild, and will be a…
Retweeted by William DevereuxWhoa. This is huge. Bethesda makes some incredible games.
@aceattorney Indeed. I've had the soundtrack on repeat all week.This is, what, #7 now? 😮 Yay!!#TheMandalorian So well deserved. The music in #TheMandalorian is incredible.
@FedExHelp Here's an update for those of you following this saga. Spoiler: it's not pretty and FedEx hasn't even tr… @FedEx's goal is clear: make me go around in circles endlessly or just keep me on hold for hours until I give up. D… I told @FedExHelp what was going on over DM, a new agent answered and asked for my info again. And after recei… update on this... @FedExHelp offered to assist over DM, but after they looked up my case they directed me to the… @barbbowman Really? Interesting. I haven't noticed that, but if so that's another bad bug.Here's when we'll be able to pre-order the Xbox Series X and Series S!
@SeanOnTwt It's a phenomenal game.I thought I was going crazy. But nope. @JenMsft Congratulations!!Quick Resume will be a massive quality of life improvement for gamers. Spend less time waiting and more time playin…
Retweeted by William Devereux @BenThePCGuy @SonofNun @amy_devr Yeah, it's only on desktop at the moment. Sorry!😂😂😂 the wins. #TheMandalorian to #TheMandalorian creative team on their Emmy® win for Outstanding Sound Editing for a Comedy or D…
Retweeted by William Devereux🙌🏻 @Tcann13 Yessss. This makes me so happy. The team deserves every award.And another one! deserved! @BenThePCGuy
Also, whatever happened to that "register to be one of the first to pre-order a PS5" thing? Pre-orders start tomorr… have a lot to look forward to this year. I, for one, will be playing on an Xbox Series X and a PS5 Digital Edition this November. @thetrevorwolfe Unfortunately I'm not sure. 😢Next Gen Console Pricing Lineup
Retweeted by William DevereuxI love being able to finally set Microsoft Edge and Outlook as my default browser and email apps on iOS 14. Available now!Did you know that the Edge surf game can be played using a mouse, touch screen, Xbox controller, adaptive controlle…
Retweeted by William DevereuxCan't wait! @nefertiti_ @DrFGaskill Oh my, these are AMAZING!
Hello there, Insiders! This week's Dev channel update to 87.0.637.0 is going live now. To see what's new and what's…
Retweeted by William DevereuxAre you subscribed to our YouTube channel? Catch up on our Edge Team Reads Tweet series, live now! And as the old…
Retweeted by William DevereuxEnjoying the Edge surf game? One of our OG surfers, game developer Parker Young, has a pro tip on how to level up y…
Retweeted by William Devereux @avgoins your eyes and imagine a world where XGP Ultimate members can play XGP games on their Android devices now ope…
Retweeted by William Devereux @ALupi15 My thoughts exactly. It'd be a nice tie-in for fans who don't play the games too. @amy_devr @ALupi15 Yessss. I really really hope it happens! @Tcann13 I love this so much!Wow. The trailer was awesome. As we'd theorized Mando has to reunite the Child with the Jedi! And... could that sno… @aceattorney Me too!Here's the trailer for #TheMandalorian Season 2!! new season of #TheMandalorian starts streaming Oct. 30 on #DisneyPlus.
Retweeted by William Devereux
@nicolesteinbok @DaneCreekPhoto Hey Neil! We put the setting in Windows since that's where you can configure other… @aceattorney Yes! It really felt like a scene from the films. In fact, there were many moments throughout that felt… 😍
@TheApexFan's cool outside, but the air quality is so bad that without AC it's sweltering in my apartment. It was miserable…
That feeling when you beat your high score in the Edge surf game. Put edge://surf in your Microsoft Edge browser to…
Retweeted by William DevereuxEyes up pilots. We've got a brand new CG short for #StarWarsSquadrons coming Monday, 8:00 AM Pacific Time:…
Retweeted by William DevereuxThe 2020 Browser Battle: Surfing With Speed
Retweeted by William Devereux👀
Also, just wait until the App Store is filled with duplicate games for every cloud gaming service. GameName //strip… is so backwards. Rather than allow users to get into a cloud streaming game with one click, users will have to… @mani2jeff It's available in Canary, Dev, and Beta. @vinny_connelly That's something we're looking into. Personally, I've wanted this for a long time.
Pro tip: Tired of the URL bar that sometimes appears in PWAs? We recently made changes to how often this appears in… @AbR61206756 @MicrosoftEdge Wow, nicely done! That's a phenomenal score.At this point, Sam Fisher has made an appearance in pretty much every Ubisoft game except the thing we really want—a new Splinter Cell. @louislemsic @MicrosoftEdge Aw, thanks! Pro tip: try to rescue the dog. He'll help save you from the kraken. 🙂Microsoft Edge on #SurfaceDuo is pretty awesome. Nice work @amy_devr and team!'s Duo day!!! So excited for you all to try it out soon!! 😃
Retweeted by William Devereux @JenMsft You can never have too many.
😂😂😂 you know we have updates on our Enterprise Roadmap, Collections and Alt+Tab coming your way? 🤯 Well, you beta…
Retweeted by William DevereuxGreetings, Insiders! This week, Edge 87 is moving into our Dev channel. Version 87.0.634.0 is rolling out today inc…
Retweeted by William DevereuxIt's been 10 days and not a peep from @FedEx or @FedExHelp. They clearly don't care that they lost a package and ar… know it's been a wait for price, date, pre-order date. Thanks to the community for their support and encouragemen…
Retweeted by William Devereuxhere's the full Xbox Series X vs Xbox Series S specs. Microsoft confirms 4 teraflops for Series S
Retweeted by William DevereuxWhat am I missing here? Series X costs $499. Game Pass Ultimate costs $14.99/month. $499 / 24 = $20.79. $20.79 + $…
Retweeted by William Devereux @DaTruthofMikeP @EAAccess @XboxSupport @aarongreenberg Users who have both Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and EA Play purc…
Retweeted by William Devereux📰Today we have some news to share: 🎮Xbox Series S @ $299 and Xbox Series X@499 launch November 10…
Retweeted by William DevereuxI'm shocked and excited that EA Play (formerly EA Access) will now come with Game Pass Ultimate. It makes Game Pass…'s pre-ordering their new Xbox Series X/S on September 22nd? 😍It's official! The Xbox Series X launches November 10th for $499. And the Series S will cost just $299. Fantastic p… is such a welcome change! adventures await... Check out the new images from the second season of @TheMandalorian as seen in @EW. New epis…
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A major, major @Xbox leak was handled masterfully on social in the middle of the night. Let's look at how Xbox mad…
Retweeted by William Devereux @SeanOnTwt @_scottlow @kylealden 10th! @ALupi15 Yeah, the first few paragraphs were incredibly negative. 😒