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Mat Zo @Mat_Zo Mount Washington, Los Angeles

Grammy nominated music maker, mixer and founder of @MAD_ZOO and @madzooevents mixing/mastering/inquiries -

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Time coding visuals in minecraft is proving... difficultI'm watching clips of @Mat_Zo 's Stratosfest and I'm regretting not being there very much.
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@RylanTaggart @RylanTaggart There was a recent radiolab episode about it that was really interesting, 'What If' @TedCruzOnlyFans I thought there were a bunch of holes in that amendment that meant anyone who actually wanted to s… @RylanTaggart My understanding was that were a bunch of loopholes in that amendment that haven't been an issue so f… people say go vote I'm guessing the assumption is that their followers won't vote for trump? I just wanted to make it clearTonight at 5pm pst on @sxmElectro I’m playing a special set to celebrate my album Illusion of Depth...…, but only if you’re an npr totebag wearing bleeding heart liberal like meIdk what reminded me of this but... 2 weeks of multiple health screens and asking everyone to quarantine, I surprised my closest inner circle wit…
Who remembers dayglow/life in color? Those were the most fun to play
We use a system called Aurora which two members of the @MadZooEvents team developed from scratch. S/O… @hampi11 Not sure what happened there, audio was fine for everyone elseYou know, just the usual convo right before a usual DJ transition at a usual festival... 😂 @MadZooEvents @Mat_Zo
Retweeted by Mat ZoFirst test of the timecoded visuals for the next show. This is the first time I can fly around and experience this.…
A groundbreaking sonic and visual experience. Thanks for inviting us to be a part of it ❤️
Retweeted by Mat ZoStratosfest was absolutely insane! I’m still buzzin from it! A huge massive thank you to all the fans, artists and…’m addicted to watching Life Below Zero and have been for a few years now. Best trash tv out there. Anyone else like that show? @theAnjelGrace One person let their kid run around in the campgrounds destroying people’s builds and being mean abo… you grief in the campgrounds and put up signs saying “thanks for the blocks, I used them to build this ugly thin… IMAGES WARNING @ihavenomanas set has been one of my fav sets i've heard in a long time shoutout to @Mat_Zo on visuals
Retweeted by Mat ZoThis @MAD_ZOO #Stratosfest is tiiiight @Darudevil Sandstorm
Retweeted by Mat ZoStraight from playing a set to timecoding my next set 👀. The work don’t stop! Thank you if you took part in Strat… for the tickets @Mat_Zo @MadZooEvents
Retweeted by Mat ZoThank you @Mat_Zo for putting together #stratosfest 🙌🏻
Retweeted by Mat Zothis was a LOT of fun @Mat_Zo #Stratosfest
Retweeted by Mat ZoWe are in awe of the amount of work that likely went on to make this event happy! Hats off to you @Mat_Zo
Retweeted by Mat ZoHonestly one of the best virtual fest/stream I’ve ever watched since covid hit - gratitude to @mat_zo & his team fo…
Retweeted by Mat ZoGonna miss #stratosfest. Thank you @Mat_Zo and all the wonderful staff who worked to make this unique experience
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#Stratosfest Day 2 is on now! @OLANSOUND 2 lets go!!! @OLANSOUND @itshellbound @ihavenomanas @iBluestone @GabrielNDresden @Darudevil And myself!! shoutout to @IAmDraconium and @Eynorey who coded the aurora visuals system. It's seriously a joy to vj now.… a day!!! I can’t wait for tomorrow! Thank you @attlas @_Qrion_ @jordinpost @Tritonal @FerryCorsten
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Don’t miss day 2 tomorrow!! @OLANSOUND @itshellbound @ihavenomanas @iBluestone @GabrielNDresden @Darudevil @Mat_Zo
Retweeted by Mat ZoWhat a day!!! I can’t wait for tomorrow! Thank you @attlas @_Qrion_ @jordinpost @Tritonal @FerryCorsten @Mat_Zo Is seriously onto something here with these Minecraft events. Stratosfest is my first one and I'm a believe…
Retweeted by Mat Zothanks @MadZooEvents and @Mat_Zo for the invite to STRATOSFEST and the chance to play new music inside your minecra…
Retweeted by Mat ZoPUSH THE BUTTON. @tonymcguinness @aboveandbeyond @MadZooEvents #Stratosfest’s in the chat for Ferry!! ⚡️⚡️🔥🔥@FerryCorsten @MadZooEvents @Tritonal @MadZooEvents @jordinpost @MadZooEvents left for @_Qrion_ @jordinpost on now! has kicked things off for #stratosfest! @MadZooEvents weekend is going to be epicPlaying tomorrow in @Mat_Zo @MadZooEvents wonderland in Minecraft! On at 10am PST, tix and all info at…
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Here’s my skin for the @MadZooEvents Stratosfest on #minecraft Java Edition this weekend. 😋 I’m on at 3pm PST Satur…
Retweeted by Mat ZoI’ll be playing at @Mat_Zo‘s #Stratosfest this Friday! Amazing to play my first @Minecraft show along side many fri…
Retweeted by Mat Zo @djdavidwest I’m your biggest stan lolWow! I don't really know what to say but I'm totally blown away and honoured that the entire first half of your set…
Retweeted by Mat ZoI’ll be playing at @Mat_Zo ‘s #Stratosfest this coming weekend! The lineup is incredible with @aboveandbeyond
Retweeted by Mat ZoTickets are still available for can buy a ticket for the in-game experience and also for the audi…
Retweeted by Mat ZoVery excited to rave in Minecraft! I’ll join Stratosfest and play 1h set at 11am PST tomorrow🤠💕 Can’t wait to watch…
Retweeted by Mat Zo.@Mat_Zo's epic 'Stratosfest' festival kicks off within Minecraft tomorrow, with sets from @aboveandbeyond,…
Retweeted by Mat ZoTrying to think of a punny reply, but I can't think of any connection between block and minecraft this weekend, finished my custom skin in prep for it! ✌️ I'm playing a bunch of new music that you won'…
Retweeted by Mat ZoMade my first 3D render just for this please be gentle😅 @MadZooEvents racked up a really fun crew for this lineup…
Retweeted by Mat ZoWe're on tomorrow, 3pm PST, at @Mat_Zo's Minecraft festival 🧱
Retweeted by Mat Zo @madeon Cool typography! @killthenoise Uncanny valley @angietanae Didn't think about it until now, but yes they do have similar elements
My name is @davedresden and I’ll be playing for you at @Mat_Zo ‘s #Stratosfest this coming weekend! The lineup is…
Retweeted by Mat ZoOur team hid a bunch of @msigaming giveaways in the Stratosfest world and they’re REALLY hard to get to. I just rag… address: @AnnaLunoe for supporting IoD this weekend on DanceXL!'s virtual festival ‘Stratosfest’ is this weekend, October 23-24! Final tickets on sale now:…
Retweeted by Mat ZoIf you’d like a free pass to stream the festivities, create an IG Story with the ‘Illusion of Depth’ Instagram filt…
Retweeted by Mat ZoTalking about Stratosfest and more! I tour my album in minecraft?
Petrushka track breakdown is up now! is this Friday & Saturday, Oct 23-24! Join us for an all-trance lineup music event in Minecraft! Don't…
Retweeted by Mat Zo“...keeping one foot in the drum ‘n’ bass world has helped me to expand my production skills while my tastes haven’…
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Hey everyone, here are the set times for #Stratosfest this weekend! FRI @attlas @_Qrion_ @jordinpost @Tritonal
Retweeted by Mat Zo @killthenoise Love you dude!!!/gamerule doBruhMoment true
Retweeted by Mat Zo.@Mat_Zo's 'Stratosfest' launches this weekend, October 23-24 with sets from Mat, @aboveandbeyond, @FerryCorsten,…
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Side note. Weird how everytime accusations come out about a dj or producer, its always someone I unfollowed years a…
Retweeted by Mat ZoThere’s actually something to this. A POS doesn’t have time to perfect their craft cause they’re too busy trying to…“My name is David Attenborough. For the last gazzillion years I’ve been trying to hint that we, meaning you, should…
If it wasn’t for the UK gov telling the entertainment industries to go find another job maybe people would think mo… feel like the entire UK music industry is like “Our country is so corrupt for not letting us do shows, look at Fl… in this shot you can clearly see it's balloons. It was someone's 15th or 51st birthday. It really didn't look li… @ashlettefaux @WillyQuickdraw It was, that’s why I started recording it @atrak Definitely wasn’t a jetpack. It was rotating all the time and moved really slowlyThis definity was not a jetpack. It was moving through air very slowly and gracefullyThis is the footage zoomed in thought it was a large drone at first but it was moving in a weird way. It looked like it had wings but way too b… is this thing flying above highland park?
@xCrystalZee90x @mattesyn Don’t worry they’ll be back and then you’ll have them never forgiving you for the rest of their lives to look forward toWelp it’s finally happened. Nuttzo reached out. They are aware of me. Life is completeCompetition time!! - Post yourself using the AR filter: - Tag @Mat_Zo, @Anjunabeats,…"His best work to date... 'Illusion of Depth' spans jungle, rave, melodic trance and D&B and maintains the cockines…
Retweeted by Mat ZoPlease tell me if I ever do some pretentious hipster bs with no effort or artistic value 😔I just want to go out into the woods and do nothing but bushcraft for like 2 weeks...then go home and make another album