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Mat Zo @Mat_Zo Mount Washington, Los Angeles

Grammy nominated music maker, mixer and founder of @MAD_ZOO mgmt - agent -

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“Ah this is nice. I could get used to this” -nature
We'll be live at 9PM PT tonight! Join me at
@DnbFireflake DM me plsTonight we start streaming again at 8PM PT! Follow at’s just how I look 🤔 we get up 2 get down. Sometimes we get happy
Retweeted by Mat ZoThanks to all who tuned in on Saturday and thank you @PasqualeRotella and @insomniacevents for having me over!…
We're back on @MAD_ZOO HQ tonight at 8PM PT! Special guest @Groke6 will be joining at 3AM PT/ 10AM GMT… HAPPY FT @Mat_Zo OUT NEXT WEEK 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃😉😉🙃🙃
Retweeted by Mat ZoHere it is... A little snippet of what @Mat_Zo and i have been working on 📡 We will be streaming again soon so eye…
Retweeted by Mat Zo @imanumusic @Oolacile That said the dilla comparison is stretching it @DavidVonderhaar Does the acronym AVS strike a chord with you? @imanumusic @Oolacile Actually black eyed peas were pretty sick at one point. Also, I’m thankful I got ripped off,… I was 13 I remember trying to start my own little shoutcast station. All this twitch stuff is kind of a childhood dream realisedI just want to give a huge thanks to everyone who’s subscribed to my twitch, and bought the m4l patches. It all add…'m on tonight at 10pm PT to play a special DnB set at #VirtualCountdown. Tune in at's called a bar mitzvah cus you have to spit bars from the torah
@alexxqf I feel like ilmango is going to be some crazy rich inventor irl one dayBack on stream rn with @RohaanOfficial to finish up our tune @alexxqf Not that technical @ctpoint I don’t think the nether update is out yet and I dont think a server can host a snapshot can it? @justMISSINGNO I think need like 20 people who are somewhat competant before I feel like it’s worth starting a server @ctpoint Idk, some farms n stuff @kacktusman Apparently within my demographic of followers it’s more of an anomaly. It’s suprisingky hard to find pe…’d think it would attract a whole generation that grew up on pixel art graphics in games. What happened? @FischermanDan Where does the stigma come from? Its user base? @doewrath Yeah some redstone knowledge basicallyIdk why more people over 12 aren’t into minecraft. What makes minecraft infantile and animal crossing not?Looking for some technically minded minecrafters to maybe start a server with. Yes it’s gotten to this pointNo I’m not. Car’s dead lolI’m about to get in my car, drive to in n out, eat some in n out and drive home. Wish me luck📡 @RohaanOfficial’s ‘Burner’ is OUT NOW!🔥 available now on all streaming platforms - link in bio!
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Streaming from 8pm PST tonight. We’re listening to subscribers’ demos and giving feedback. Subscribe now to submit…'ll be on the Digital Mirage Online Music Festival next week. 100% of proceeds will benefit Sweet Relief Foundatio… new single ‘Burner’ is OUT NOW on all streaming platforms via @MAD_ZOO 📡 Perfect for your weekend streams 😏…
Retweeted by Mat ZoBreaking down some more samples as we continue the stream on @MAD_ZOO HQ! Tonight we go live at 8pm PT…
Retweeted by Mat ZoI can't be the only person who uses edison in abletonthese late night @Mat_Zo streams are just absolutely awful for my sleep schedule but they're just so good i can't stop
Retweeted by Mat ZoLive now!
Music is cool but have you ever drained an ocean monument?Mad Zoo minecraft festival: like a normal festival except no stages or music and everyone just plays minecraft. Hows that sound?What is animal crossing and can I make a piston door in it?Messing with some more cool sounds on @MAD_ZOO HQ today. Check it out at 7PM PT and follow for stream alerts… you like d&b don't sleep on this!📡 Today we officially welcome @RohaanOfficial to MAD ZOO with the first single off his forthcoming LP. ‘Burner’ is…
Retweeted by Mat ZoStreaming with @RohaanOfficial ! Link in pinned tweetStreaming now! Don't miss @RohaanOfficial tonight on Mad Zoo HQ at CVS and saw a man whose cart was FULL with hand sanitizers, baby wipes everything that people need — called…
Retweeted by Mat ZoBack on MAD ZOO HQ today starting at 7PM PT and w/ a special appearance by @RohaanOfficial at 3AM PT/10AM GMT! Foll…
Dropbox have banned me from creating links now, so from now on I make music for myself onlyJust bought MZ Random MIDI Tools from @mat_zo & its freaking awesome! u must have it if you're on Ableton:
Retweeted by Mat ZoMaking another dnb tune, come join us! Link in my pinned tweetNow live on @MAD_ZOO HQ! Join me - me streaming again later today at 7PM PST! Follow for notifications on streams at Pr…
Making some d&b, come join us!! tonight from 8pm PST! Follow Mad_ZooHQ on twitch
@neongarbear mad_zoohqIf you want to get notified follow mad_zoohq on twitchI’m on twitch *Is it annoying for me to post everytime on I’m twitch? I haven’t really been announcing it but maybe I should
Who wants to watch me make snares all day?Not gonna lie I didn’t know what the lyrics were before yesterday, but I remade one of my favorite songs of all tim…
Retweeted by Mat Zocan't wait sorry behemoth (close to you) w/ nathalie nedeljkovic STEMS: CC: @MAD_ZOO
Retweeted by Mat ZoEvery country on earth is going to be affected by the coronavirus. We are all in this together. We must work toget…
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Live now with Kraysh! shouldn’t matter. I send an email to all the subscribers with a link to the folder
@TheSoundOfEco In their bunkers in alaska @Mat_Zo trying to make a synth say "fuck" has to be the best representation of everyone going insane while locked i…
Retweeted by Mat Zo @OLANSOUND You canThe level of stream-ception going on with @Mat_Zo on twitch is actually a really interesting way producers could collaborate
Retweeted by Mat ZoNow! @pineappleundies Bless you @pineappleundies nvm found it @pineappleundies Thank you, how do I get to this from the main twitch website? @pineappleundies lol can't find any of this. There's no revenue, or stats anywhereEvery instruction on the internet: "go to a non-existent menu, where you'll find a tab that isn't there, there you'… @pineappleundies how do I even see a list of my subscribers? @pineappleundies There’s no way to message subscribers at all? @pineappleundies FilesHow does one send somethings to one’s subscribers on twitch? @Mat_Zo and i went through some project files for my upcoming release today on Twitch! Keep an eye out for more b…
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2020 the night shift again on twitch there's a tutorial, link below! should make sports player trading a sport
Soon you’ll be able to watch my mum teach violin on twitch. Strange times📡 and we’re back! @Mat_Zo provides us with a tutorial for his newly released Max For Live patches - link to full vi…
Retweeted by Mat Zo(On the phone)Reconnecting with friends and family and this is the most social I’ve been in years.@Mat_Zo in the studio, breaking down his remix of @MoonBootsMusic's ‘Tied Up’ (feat. @StevenKlavier). Listen to ‘T…
Retweeted by Mat Zo woke up pretty late so streaming until mornig probably. Live now! @jimmywhis Thank you!I've got that I've just died in lava feelingI'm trying to stay positive, trying to stay on the grind and be thankful for what I have. This is no time to be a q…'ll be streaming on twitch pretty much daily. If you don't want to miss my streams subscribe to my channel below!
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@CervezaGomezPK "Thanks for voting for us!" *bang* *thud*