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Mat Zo @Mat_Zo Mount Washington, Los Angeles

Grammy nominated music maker, mixer and founder of @MAD_ZOO and @madzooevents mixing/mastering/inquiries -

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@toillett My dad used to try to get me to play when I was young. He was a proper chess nerd, collected magazines an… @xintanifae @gwoodm8 I see the onset of a bloodbath. It's all fuckedYeah losing at games in general isn’t always fun, but with chess it cuts deep idk whyIdk why but constantly losing at chess isn’t fun
@Anjunabeats' @OLANSOUND is teaching us how to make pads with vocals and @NI_News plugins! Go check the tutorial h…
Retweeted by Mat ZoEvery morning I wake up to more news about how the UK is getting roughly fucked. Please vote out the tories and rejoin the EU ffsThe internet doesn't know how to savour a good thing. They just scoff it down like a pack of wild hyenas until ther…
I'm actually really proud of this mix, not often I can say that. Check it out on kiss fm this weekend! Kraftwerk didn't even exist until a year later, this cheesy track from everyone's childhood is kind of mind blowingThis is way trancier than age of love imo1969 is popcorn not cited as the first trance tune? It's got everything "trance" is
Bernie Sanders reminds me of a cat; fed up with everyone’s shit and doesn’t realise how adorable he is @mat_zo and @OLANSOUND's stripped back 'live version' of 'Problems'. Out now.
Retweeted by Mat ZoI know today is a great day, but I can’t get over how easy it seemed for a bunch of yokels to stage a coup on the US governmentTrump’s presidency was america’s ‘my first fascism’ kids toy. I can’t help but worry about a real militant version of fascism arising next“This could have been an email”
Retweeted by Mat Zo.@Mat_Zo and @OLANSOUND originally demoed 'Problems' in an indie-rock style, before Mat transformed the track into…
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@ongoing_issue That would be confusing for american motoring enthusiastsLet's guess what GearSlutz are changing their name to I'm guessing GearSleuthSpecial edition Real Talk today with Mat Zo (aka MRSA) of @Anjunabeats @HospitalRecords etc. Come chat with us at 4…
Retweeted by Mat Zook this is messing with my brain
Retweeted by Mat Zo @MrBentleyDean yeahIts like if the slo-mo guys made a snuff filmThe whole brexit process is so drawn out like my god just get to the part where you rejoin the EU or crash and burn alreadyToday I'm talking with @NI_News about applying art theory to mixing. Join us! on Real Talk: @Mat_Zo 💬 Get workflow tips from the @Anjunabeats artist live on IGTV. Hosted by @stareyezzz
Retweeted by Mat ZoJesus Christ, there’s so much fraud on Spotify; I didn't realize Spotify themselves was fully complicit though...…
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@false_noise here's what I managed with just a sine wave and spectral delay trying to get that liquify photoshop ef… @false_noise Was spectral delay used at all?
@HNTRnet Yeah looks like this is the first example of exactly what I'm talking about @killthenoise I wonder who they were inspired by @MaverickMusic__ He's been impeached twice. That means he can't run for office again under any party or receive any… @ThysMusic @MatrixLondon @DjTeeBee @Ed_Rush @MattOptical What a happy accident that must've been @theupbeats @killthenoise @RAYKEITH1 Yeah it looks like Naked Lunch and Funktion were the first @theupbeats @killthenoise @RAYKEITH1 Definitely one of the first uses of the reese in dnb, but I'm looking for that… @killthenoise The internet seems to say Funktion by Ed Rush & Optical is the first in 1998 @killthenoise I want to find the actual first though. Like the entire genre of trance can be traced back to age of… @eprombeats Are Am Eye* @eprombeats Commander Tom - Are Eye Am kinda gets close with the filter movements @eprombeats Ah idk if the hoover counts, but that's definitely the predecessor to the neurofunk sound for sure! @MatrixLondon @DjTeeBee @Ed_Rush @MattOptical maybe one of you might know?This one: was the first ever tune to use that detune flanged reese neurofunk bass sound? @ThysMusic Actually not that hard lol. Man I'm finding a load of early Noisia I've never heard before. Crazy hearin… @ThysMusic Finding Falcon amongst all the DJ Falcon (who is one of my biggest inspirations) is going to be difficultNasheeds are going to be popular in 2022 @section8atl Yeah anything that's like early J majik I absolutely loveI found a relatively obscure act from the 90s called Xplorer & Dee'Pulse if you came here looking for deep cuts. Th… I've been on an early neuro dnb kick. Pre 2004 era cause that's before my time. So much still to discover. L… @atrak I can't even imitate a british accent cause in my head it's just a normal accent @atrak Man at least you still have that Quebec special sauce, I came here and lost any UK flair I had. I got you beatCan someone just fill me in on everything that happened in the world from 2001-2012 pls? This is getting embarrassingUm... was Phil Spector being a murderer common knowledge? WutSo far all I've heard is one sea shanty, will the entire repertoire of sea shanties be explored or is everyone content with the one?
Happy bday @dannyunited . Thank you for being both a great manager and a great dnb knowitall. Hard to find people i… must've been in a coma to miss such an important piece of historyTIL it's not "lil" bow wow anymore. The present is different to the past!! When did this happen??.@Mat_Zo sat down with @LTRSTV to chat about his favourite records of all time, and his latest album 'Illusion of D…
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I like how people hit me up whenever anyone has a max 4 live question. You can call me Mat 4 LiveAnyone else get violent hiccups anytime they drink anything carbonated, or eat spicy food? It seems to have gotten worse with time @ImAMessican And some preamps' effects are subtle, some are extreme. Some have dynamic characteristics that you wan… @ImAMessican Idk it's not really rocket science, if you want it to sound dirty and saturated you push the input gai… @ImAMessican Or think of using a preamp like how a photographer or video guy uses a lens or camera filter
@ImAMessican Think of a good preamp as a device to save you time when it comes to mixing @ImAMessican I don't really use preamps for mixing per-say, more for recording. I bought them to run my synths and drum machines throughThe range is amazing, from absolutely transparent to really dirty, but buttery distortion. The 'cream' mode really is creamy holy shitIf you're looking for affordable preamps that aren't a one trick pony check out cranborn audio's camden 500 series.… just like that soundcloud isn't dead anymore @FerryCorsten I can't wait to hear this at some psytrance festival! @chordshoreaudio @dannyunited Who's george? lmaoMe hating on trance kinda became a thing for a little while that didn't do me any favours and I wouldn't want you to make the same mistake @gyrofield Yes. I was referring more to the producers who say they aren't feeling it anymoreMoral of the story: I don't think yall should give up on dubstep, you might regret it @dannyunited Exactly, it started with chin stroking and that's where it will return toAnyone remember when all the dnb people temporarily became dubstep people around 2008-2011? I feel like the same th… hasn't been around long enough to develop into a snobby beard scratchy wine tasting genre, but it will @itsJonDuan DeepA good alias for an ambient/minimal techno projectDBSTP PRSNDubstep Person would make a sick alias js😳😳😳 Who else should remix my Bleach LP?
Retweeted by Mat Zo @tsuruda I smoked that part of my brain to a crisp Don’t do drugs kidsThe Streets - A Grand Don’t Come For FreeCooking up something for @RohaanOfficial @MAD_ZOO
@Daedelus The Obstacle Race was exactly that @Daedelus Eyes That Lie The Obstacle Race @Mat_Zo Someone judge mine next plz. is this allowed?
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@eprombeats Idk that table looks wobbly, and I’d constantly be bumping the mouse into the speaker @djlange I was thinking more bird shit but that too!This image gives me anxiety. I don’t even know where to start and let live, idiot and let idiotI just know that because of dexter’s lab, the only thing I wanted as a kid was to be surrounded by a bunch of blinky machinesI wonder how many people wanted to become a studio junkie cause of dexter’s labThey might not stay free when live 11 comes out so grab them now!My macro randomizer at work. Get them for free here:
normies are getting creative
Retweeted by Mat Zoall of Washington DC rn
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@InvertedSilence yep it's going to be amplified times 50