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George Floyd’s death reverberates in Indian Country. Follow our coverage. Photo: A concussion grenade goes off as…
Retweeted by CandaceIf my son was murdered like that I’d burn down the whole fucking city.
Retweeted by CandaceI was so so moved by this, so I’m sharing it
Retweeted by Candace @LiptonZee @sharensworld Ma’am you stepped into mine. And before you try to hold anybody responsible, ask yourself… @LiptonZee @sharensworld The next time I make a bunch of masks to sell and donate, I’ll be sure to run it by you bo… @LiptonZee @sharensworld Please explain how selling a mask is profiting off death. It’s an essential item.
@BeatByBenally Fucking gross 🤮 @AhyanuBita This gives me so many emotions. People are awake!In 2011, the officer who killed George Floyd also killed an Alaska Native man. Leroy Martinez, he was 23 years old…
Retweeted by CandaceAgain... @sharensworld Have you stopped to think that maybe this pandemic has his small business struggling as well? I see m… damn day 👌🏽 @OrvalElliott Ayyyyy I second that emotion @andreaajas Artist uploaded this as well!
Retweeted by CandaceKKK burned down homes, churches, businesses & people for years. I’m not worried about target. They’ll be Ight.
Retweeted by Candace @MACdrainuhh And making a baby girl 😝
Some of our own, are, our worst own enemies. 🙄Quarantine really got me chunky monkey I suck
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My baby girrrrrrrl 💜💜💜 I MISSSSS YOUUUU 💔 home and returning back safely is the biggest blessing>>>
Retweeted by Candace @viviannamorfin Instigation 😂
I love them lil free plants outside walmart and home depot
Retweeted by Candace @Crystaaal_12 Wow 🥺 @cuteIyss Ohhhh ok. I never knew what a hush puppy was either! Thanks for the answer 😊 @cuteIyss What’s a braum? @stonedsoull At least Nia can wear them and luckily she’s a Star Wars fan. @stonedsoull It was a preorder and it took 2 months. They aren’t making them anymore I’m so pissed. 😭I’ve gained so much weight. 😔 I ordered a small, but I need a large. 😑
@MACdrainuhh We must have been looking at it at the same time 🥰it’s so weird to see people mourning covid deaths and see other people having cookouts. it’s just a weird time.
Retweeted by Candace @jazminmlopezz Reminding you of my birthday 😝
@in3versaidthat @ortegchr143 My baby says homework instead of WalmartMy babe paid me $500 to drive home from Sacramento after he promised to drive. I guess he has a pass this time 💰 @garliquehummus I thought so, I had heard she was before she was famous and a local act up here in NorCal. @garliquehummus Isn’t she Native?Be aware of what and who you allow in your space bc our mentals can be easily influenced and conditioned by relatio…
Retweeted by Candaceyou can feel it in your spirit when people don't wish you well. you can literally feel when someone is intentionall…
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@MACdrainuhh Slept * @MACdrainuhh I won’t for 2 1/2 hours 😭 @WyattHaydon 😂😂😂I haven’t spray painted in years! I need to get back at this medium. Especially for you @ashesstoned_ 💜 I felt your… @MACdrainuhh @HaleyPulawa I love them all 🥰 @MACdrainuhh @HaleyPulawa 💜💜💜💜How native are you? You see this baby I'm holding, he's my uncle and I'm 37 years old. 😂😂😂
Retweeted by Candace @BitterBulia All day everyday
@sharicedavids @OZInspires Happy Birthday Sharice! We miss you up here in NorCal! ❤️Never address shade from trees with no fruit
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@m_kayladawn Grosssss @mothmercy @Spencer63803108 @sophiarositaa @gothamshoe We don’t want her money wtf @MACdrainuhh @WyattHaydon I agree
@briefcakebrie @Smoke_nd_Pearls @ortegchr143 😂😂😂 I seriously need glasses @ortegchr143 @Smoke_nd_Pearls True! I know I’ll be switching fast alternatives and no one knows the difference 😂 ex… @skrishna Our hotels are closed. I can’t imagine being in that situation and not having that option. My home is ope… @ortegchr143 @Smoke_nd_Pearls We know are fresh and home made food when we see it 😝 @ortegchr143 @Smoke_nd_Pearls Homemade refried beans take all day and look different. Home made rice settles in the… @ortegchr143 @Smoke_nd_Pearls Hella simple! @ortegchr143 @Smoke_nd_Pearls 😂😂😂 That’s all I see in this picture @Smoke_nd_Pearls @ortegchr143 Frozen broccoli, canned of retried beans, instant rice, kfc chicken and idk what that… @piwdono I’d added you on FB 😊 I want to order one please ❤️ @TheAgentNDN @aliwatson117 🙌🏽 @soyciologist Its called survival. @soyciologist You can’t condemn Natives for practicing their traditions and using modern technology, etc. we live i… @soyciologist Thank them. @soyciologist This is a sad example of lateral violence. Hunting is the reason for your survival sir. You’re here b… @soyciologist Now I’m confused! Are you defending this lady who is condemning Natives for using traditions to hunt?! @soyciologist White peoples aren’t traditional to the America’s, so tell us why you’re all still here?!
@imkuuhkirih Did you apply for the NDN Collective Grant? That could help a lot 😊 @lilibugg_x Blatant racismVirgos be like: I’m not cleaning up nobody else’s mess *while cleaning up the mess somebody else made* LMAOOO. We really can’t help it fr.
Retweeted by Candace @lilibugg_x Yes 🙄 @viviannamorfin @RoddyRicch Tell her I LOVE CARNE ASADA FRIES! They’re part Mexican 🙌🏽❤️😝 @THATherbivore Says the white woman. 😂 @sagekeyah vacation! I’m there
I see my ladies busting their asses through quarantine just supporting families, working, providing, volunteering a…
Retweeted by CandaceDreamt of my At’mitsa (Grandpa) last night. Remembered I had this amazing picture of him in my phone 🖤 The most han…’m back at work and guess who’s the first rude person I interact with? Native bro, crybaby Native bro.
Retweeted by Candace @shotheekwe The. Worst. 🙄Everyone outside looks like they’re having so much fun right now! I’m going to miss them
Retweeted by CandaceCreator forgive me for anytime I’ve told a friend, “Yes, we should get together!” and did not follow thru. If I e…
Retweeted by Candace @MACdrainuhh People just play the victim card when they get called out and cry aroundThere are two chihuahuas inside of you. One of them barks. The other one yaps. You're tired.
Retweeted by CandaceThis is how Christianity made you convert. They took your wife, kids and crops. This is a church article written ab…
@mdxoi I don’t. You message me if you ever need me! I don’t care what’s wrong, but I’m here. 💜I laughed too damn hard at this 😂 @soulflowerjess They probably clean up now 😊 @dojatoker @ashesstoned_ Yes! She certainly made it with love! @soulflowerjess I’m sure you saved a lot of people from dirty germs tho!The way this man has my back 🥰🥺 @aIiendaze And a cover up 💁🏻‍♀️ @soulflowerjess Common sense not so common 🤢 @MACdrainuhh @ashesstoned_ Right! My mouth is salivating 😂Woke up craving @ashesstoned_ pasta salad 🥰😭 it was always the perfect breakfast. Idc what anybody says! All I had… @kylachingona @carolannjaneee Our school district now let’s the kids research their local tribes and build their vi… @piwdono It is. We get the short end of the stick with barely any land that can be built on and seeing across the r… @Sad_NDN_Girl I got a free bandana tho 😭 @jazminmlopezz Put his ass to sleep! 😂 @jazminmlopezz For real 😂
@piwdono You feel confined. I think that’s mostly the feeling I get when I want to leave.Imagine if everyone on the Rez wanted the best for everybody. The Rez love would be different.
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