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I suppose I write, direct, illustrate. Also professor of potions. Drinks a LOT. Wears black. I am a shitposter on Twitter. IG matarael

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Superman Returns has The Best ‘Scene Featuring Superman’ of All Time: the airplane rescue scene. It is perfection.… bapak itu memang sebenarnya nggak peduli sama keselamatan nakes. Segala bacotannya dulu itu cuma alat politik…
Retweeted by Will 🏴🏳️‍🌈Whaaaaat?! 😮
Retweeted by Will 🏴🏳️‍🌈miley cyrus wakes up every morning and chooses chaos
Retweeted by Will 🏴🏳️‍🌈 @ETMecheall I salute you. I would never have the patience to do this. @euphotria All cat food “taste” like nothing much because obviously they did not add salt (which are useless except for taste) 😂 @cmdr_hellstorm Let me know as you proceed ok? @ManMadeMoon @Robwilliams71 @DylanTeague 😂 @cmdr_hellstorm What are you building? @tachibanahiu @akinecoco987 And Totoro. @fahmitsu Thanks man. @fahmitsu What’s that 3rd one. @reeft Lego? It’s fantastic. If it were just a model it would be pretty good. But being Lego makes it extra awesome. @Dian_Supolo @AmmarGill I have not 😅 @Dian_Supolo @AmmarGill Lol @Adriandhy Unbelievably proud of you. Wow. @NCLYS @amasna How dare you. I am a peaceful and orderly poster. @ditanindyak @ditanindyak Sukurin 😤 @NCLYS Soundofyogi. @JetVeetlev @barijoe 😔 @vladpooty @esthermirirose Watch the videos by @Centerstrain01 . Just turn on Youtube and watch. Minimum commentary… @barijoe I’ve been on this mode since September. @traggot99 Imagine the data it has accumulated since then. @torantula What about Sprite. @KakNash Diam kau. @traggot99 Yeah this thing has been blowing our socks off since like 2008 or something 😂 @incredimoose Oh no!😢 @trialogy Fuck this cocktail lmao @tobeliiyy 😂Absolutely worth stealing from Facebook. “Hope that answers your question” 😂😂😂
Retweeted by Will 🏴🏳️‍🌈Kami warga biasa cuma bisa bingung aja.
Retweeted by Will 🏴🏳️‍🌈 @SoundOfYogi you need to do this with your legendary ID. @farrelfaller @_kittygal What the fuck. @dc_dee 😆u beans seem to like data, so here's some from our end! ... you're all too good at murder and lying is the lesson…
Retweeted by Will 🏴🏳️‍🌈Aunty Chibi 👅 @_kittygal 🥰Getting longer and longer. @marshameows @omnichirper 😭 I don’t like people dying! @omnichirper @marshameows I agree don’t watch The Boys unless you have something to wash your mind off of it after. Like One Punch Man. @debbypermata @handokotjung @aan__ ... @kalamawut 😂 @noe_roelz @agussari This. I agree with Noe he seems confused and uses some bizarre logic. Which confuses normal pe… @agussari Ok I just skimmed a couple. Idiots. And lazy too explain their logic. Then be all high and mighty about it. So goddamn strange. @agussari Who is defending them???? @tobeliiyy 😭 @Outstandjing Great thread. @Silverlines 😩 @kaorukuroki 😙 @tweetspiring @_plkz Perfect for banjir areas.🙄 @Max_Nugroho @kisspetrichor LOL @lurino I did not! But uh anyway it was replaced 👀 @ruliharahap @spruiked @Silverlines 😂 @ruliharahap @Silverlines Yes with soda we still have rootbeer, tonic (for GnT), coke for Long Island Iced Tea, etc etc etc.
@kisspetrichor Most of these are made with questionable standards, leading to impurities not found in beer 😅 Beers… @kisspetrichor Sure but what’s a world without beer. For one, human society would not have existed without beer. T… and cake. @vodkaakola birthday you brilliant man. “I negotiated a bonus of $1,000 for every sting during the bee scene,” Todd said… @shandya ... @Centerstrain01 First of all. That is not Solid. Second, I always thought Snake (Big Boss) to be an incredibly wh… look at this. If you are working with your brain and feel burned out after a few hours of work daily, don’t… @QuixoticSamio @QuixoticSamio Fucking hell you beat me to it by 2 minutes. @QuixoticSamio @acipanser Culture Club?Did any of them ever played Metal fucking Gear *smh* @yankur_ LMAO @aan__ Good lord. @sabaiX 😂This is cool. Turns your Spotify wrapped playlist into a Bandcamp shopping list so you can actually support the art…
Retweeted by Will 🏴🏳️‍🌈Thinking about the fact that two guys in 1980 created a comic superhero character, a space princess, “Starfire”, an… pic of Dick Van Dyke and Danny Trejo you needed...
Retweeted by Will 🏴🏳️‍🌈Ok let’s be honest. If being stuck mostly at home due to a pandemic for almost a year still hadn’t made you watch t… @janpiterjonkun @pamanwill I would not dance even if it’s my wedding day 😤 @steveashton @eddiepence I still feel it’s better if they’re inclusive and have all skin colours, red, black, white… @CrossheartCat Just say you’re a bi who has standards and say sorry if he doesn’t know what “standards” is. @pamanwill @janpiterjonkun ...You know that small opening on the Death Star, the tiny shaft on the moon-sized planet destroying battle station, t… @fioneh 😔 she is better in everything. @audhinafh ... @auliaackckck @audhinafh @doggudoggu Mine is: Mayo Ketchup A bit of cheese sauce Splash of worcestershire sauce @barijoe Most of the time. “We can only change from the inside.!.!.!!.!.!” When inside: “omnomnom delicious money and privileges”. @editor_in_chic only am I not angry at this week’s Disco but I actually liked it. Thank you Commander Riker your direction was… @audhinafh I’m using this too thanks to @doggudoggu’s post a while ago... Great to mix with to make burger sauce. @fioneh I am offended! @pritiktanya He’s a boy 😅 @_yunisaputri the P stands for “parasite”. @_yunisaputri 😂 this is a MUCH better interpretation than being said to look like a Karen. @agussari @Oatraisin 😤“Bird saliva” 😂 @jeansdekil 😂 @irnarale How about stick a dog inside a fish.