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why are the gays getting a lifetime movie where a drunk wino mom tries to set up her son with a lumberjack twink an… google @arodinovitch just roasted it to see how it was! aka deliciouslike you can’t even call the disney star wars movies cash grabs because they’re constantly leaving money on the table like thisit will never stop being funny that disney had this sexy (i know opinions differ but obviously he’s popular) sad bo… haven’t even had the thanksgiving surge yetthe big dyke energy of it all UP about the monoliths. no one CARES about the monoliths. we're BUSYwhy didn’t they just make it a period price. set it in 1990is the happiest season for...WASPy republican parents of gay people?? because this movie is not for the lesbians, e… movie sucks and the one thing that’s worth it is kristen’s christmas look with the undone tiewhy is kristen stewart with this horrible woman oh my god run away with Aubrey plazahas the fucking HUAC been memory holed? is that where we areAIDS crisis? what AIDs crisis economist is a policy failurepencil is a cowards implement @keshawnrants as my advisor said, pencil is for cowardsbabe no shade but im gonna bet you can’t actually have a paper to write i can’t be doing this shitbarely holding back from absolutely losing my fucking mind and attempting to make butternut squash ravioli from scratch this weekend @haircut_hippie just rats in the cage eating each other out of desperation @impossiblenots k! stew! movie! night!i love how people on twitter absolutely rip each other to shreds over relatively small luxuries like a fancy bike o… require a tug never letting anyone push me around ever again
Retweeted by sailor kepler-186freally coming around to the fuck you pay me mode of livingyou can ask me how im managing to keep a full time data science job while also publishing and finishing my thesis b… have my doubts about the solidity of the man they call snake. surely there must be some air pockets in there somewhere[joker meme] i’m going to start playing animal crossing againi did it. four minutes number of minutes to be late to a meeting so you dont have to do small talk but don’t look lazy?either one of my neighbors has gotten a whistling kettle that they like to just leave on the stove every so often o… @matias_kaplan red Vienna 2020you know it’s pretty incredible they managed to make 10,000 marvel movies and not single memorable musical theme @HorridHenryVIII oh yeah. got extra dark and semi sweet and i optimize the distribution of N dark and M semi sweet… now have multiple bags of chocolate chips open on my desk so i can pick the level of sugar i need at any moment.…’s making fun of the wasted michigan woman but we should be terrified of how fast joe biden’s cia developed a drunk gunnot my roommate taking up the whole kitchen during prime dinner hours to make brownies with my baking suppliesgerman word for when you have to chew your potato chip really quickly because someone just said your name in the zoom call
Retweeted by sailor kepler-186fjuno fails the bechdel testevery single cursed discourse on this site was done on tumblr 6 years ago @DrFojo 100% fine , i support kings @RusslAndrewsHat absolutely! i almost wrote that but yeah, i think to keep your sanity you have to want the phd its… lot of people who go to grad school are used to optimizing their resume, and (imo) that’s just not possible in th… actual real opinion is that unless you just genuinely really like the thing you’re studying getting a phd is not… not fucking do itwant to get a phd in physics? im graduating with a theoretical degree and five first author pubs this year and here’s my advice 1/xmen with bachelors degrees are no longer allowed to speak in my presenceconstantly having to repeat myself, to justify every decision, to be questioned endlessly and then gaslit — i’m sick of it!so tired of being undervalued and talked over, im worth more than this
i better be @patwmurray genuinely extremely important for kids to bully each other on tumblr instead of get bullied by adults on twitterbring tumblr back so teens have a place to hash out their bad takes and grow in peace
Retweeted by sailor kepler-186f @ryxcommar i latex all my matplotlib plots so they’re serif fonts, and they look a lot better than this @isosteph monterey being included in the bay is killing me
Retweeted by sailor kepler-186fshot, chaser @illegaltakes love that for you tbh @illegaltakes spent like 0.5 seconds thinking this was sincere and was like….whatthe best part of moby dick are all the bukkake scenes😳 im perfectly ok with the twitter book people hating Melville. if they decided it was good we’d be drowning… assume they’ve moved all olds off site but I mean damnim at the senior center. im at the covid screening. im at the combination senior center and covid screeningim going to fight every single person with an MBA and i’m going to win @impossiblenots i have never felt more fulfilledmy advisor called me brilliant today and i was so upset about other work stuff it sort of washed over me but it’s hitting nowwell ok i worked at the library for a while as a teen that was chillim actually not sure i’ve....ever? worked in a place that wasn’t deeply misogynistic? fuckThread of useless things:
Retweeted by sailor kepler-186flike physics is bad. it’s so bad. i was outed at a physics conference once, that’s how bad it is. but finance is a whole fucking other levelyou know as bad as physics is i’ve experienced more misogyny and disrespect in 6 months of finance than 6 years of physics @keshawnrants im jealous of people who have the ability to mute me, im stuck inside this headpeople are absolutely convinced that the relatively recent concept of "police" is the only way society can possibly…
Retweeted by sailor kepler-186fhow about a femRNA vaccine thats just for the ladies
i’ve made a mistake @neoliberal_dad "worst person on twitter" is a very hard category to medal in but this one is up thereThere is all the difference in the world between paying and being paid.
Retweeted by sailor kepler-186fi have decided to torpedo my chance of graduating on time by downloading satisfactorygetting married in the bass pro shops pyramid, as a bit @syntropian Fi demand a spotify wrapped that removes everything in my “writing music” playlist this is not an accurate portrayalcan humans be cold blooded. i need a heat lampmy mother has discovered ASMR @yungIambda <3Important reminder for TERFs
Retweeted by sailor kepler-186fmeasuring how difficult a paper is to write by how many chocolate chips i consume in the processpulling on my thigh highs, opening up vs code, queuing up a lo-fi remix of “fly me to the moon” and jumping out my 3rd story windowi couldn’t stop thinking about the rainforest cafe santa breakfast and i googled pictures and… love doing economics, online this post brexit politics @yungIambda she’s my herohmmm i wonder who to believe here the woman describing a toxic environment or the firm airing greivances about a fo… @yungIambda fuck if i know, TERFs are olympic level reachersgood god lesbians coming out as trans is not comphet you freakseveryone please join me in loving and affirming elliott page and rejoicing in the now homosexual kiss between ellio…
Retweeted by sailor kepler-186fwhere is my $1200 @illegaltakes i want some tooPaid McKinsey $2300/hr for two years to revitalize my brand, now I’m a cat boy and under FDC investigation
Retweeted by sailor kepler-186f