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Mat @matchu_chutrain Los Angeles, CA

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@Hey_Smize So glad youre ok now!This episode really changed my life. I'm listening to it again bc I need it 😭🙌🏻 Thank you @sheratesdogspod
Retweeted by Mat @Shannonanan13 @sheratesdogspod @MichaelaOkla @imdatfeminist @SheRatesDogs You and me both. Halima is a QUEENThis was the most embarrassing thing to ever happen to me @_chance_bear_ @ImSoooHOLYfield Listen I’m SORRY @soupinhercan Omg these look deliciousLET’S GO CHIEFS
Retweeted by Mat @ZachNoeTowers Some day I want to have the same impact on people as he’s had on you @Hey_Smize This child is gonna grow up to be an absolute nightmare @Coll3enG He’s so hot @swiftiec13 @charitdanae @Grindr 😭😭😭😭NOOO @MattBukaty Scaredthatyoullendupalone? Same 😞 @ImSoooHOLYfield My impact 😌Last time he did this an elderly woman I’m friends with texted me from the HOSPITAL to say she was so happy I found…
Retweeted by MatBeing annoying on Facebook again
My legacy ✨ @MichaelaOkla I’m sorry to have to be the one to say this...If your favorite part of the ‘Chicken Soup for the Kid’s Soul’ book was the death and dying section you need to be… @MichaelaOkla Lemme charge it and call you real quickY’all better facetune the fuck out of whatever picture you use for my obituary @queenarkham_ I wasn’t ok with the fact that I said any time instead of whenever. Sounded off @alexdoesbits I. DID. THAT.Checkmate MAGA idiotsOk but if the vaccine makes you gay that proves that being gay isn’t a choice right? @MichaelaOkla The things you’ve dug up. The things you know. You should RUN the FBI @gmtackett I was but then I got the vaccine @jodieegrace @AuContrarielle @bossy_dawsey Um actually when I got my first Doritos locos taco they made me sign a c… @StraightMat ???“Men” who have to sit when they poop aren’t real men. Why would I ever put my ass where another man’s was. Miss me with that bullshit
Retweeted by Mat @This_Isnt_Greg You shut upUnfortunately this is true. My boyfriend got the vaccine last Tuesday and he hasn’t stopped sending me Dick pics ev… @NickStopTalking When gays get the vaccine it actually cancels out and you become straight :/ @heyjaeee STOP 😭😭How are we 9 months into the pandemic and some of you STILL haven’t learned that your mask needs to go OVER your nose too @dovenymph Is this about me @CdyRnkn @glickzac @badboychadhoy GM king @glickzac @badboychadhoy I am well just vibing wbu @badboychadhoy @glickzac Heyyy @glickzac Love this @dovenymph @BigTucsonDad Yes :)Just took a CBD gummy so don’t be surprised if my tweets become incoherent @chalhoubmark Hi
Yo @DollyPartonDo any covid vaccine brands want to partner with me? @crocfanpage What the fuck these are so good omg @itsmeheythere If you look like this please dm me @ryan_trotman I wake up between 3-5 every single day no matter how early or late I go to bed it’s awful @CaucasianJames The damage is already doneGonna tell my kids these were terrorists
@captainahanica @sheratesdogspod AMAZING @jason_blum @JohnnyBerchtold He NAILED itDM US WITH ANY QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS REGARDING SELF CONFIDENCE AND SELF LOVE <3
Retweeted by MatI get nervous asking guys to spit in my mouth and Armie Hammer is out here telling people he wants to eat them for… I’m excited for 2021 because everything is going to go back to normal 2021: Gay 🤧 Just Kinky 🤙🏾 @_mishmoon No and I gotta be honest my first name isn’t matchu @thexionxtra You’re wrong maybe you should refresh again On an unrelated note I will be proofreading betterTell me if something on it is fucked up please 🤩 @bazookabongboyo You be quiet @thexionxtra HeheheHey everyone go check out this cool website
@Zach__Frank You been waitingBREAKING: Donald Trump becomes the first cast member of Home Alone 2: Lost in New York to be impeached twice by the…
Retweeted by MatGive him his account back for a day I wanna see him throw a baby temper tantrum @thereidfeed Um?Need some crockpot recipes and suggestions please @nxtvxkxng finallyNo I just can’t do this today
Retweeted by MatBored so I’m starting fights in my group message @janine_swart lmfaoUm @britneyspears I just realized you accidentally tagged the wrong guy??? @AguillardTrevor “Red lights. Stop signs.” I felt that. I have also experienced those @Prom1seTh1s I could be your man 👀Did a 17 year old’s song about a drivers license make me cry? Yes??? And what about it????I miss her @dovenymph SO CUTE 😭 @NemoPavlovski You have to admit it looks like meComplain about la housing ✅ I’m officially a California resident 😎Apartment listings in LA be like “here is a beautiful 400 square-foot studio bedroom. It overlooks a street. It doe…’re Instagram official 💙 @MichaelaOkla It looked like an octopus tentacle @NUNdercoverLolo You’d look like a lot of the “straight” guys ive hooked up withOk @Chi_Bi_Guy My gaydar @Pidgepidgeons Homophobe @CaucasianJames Here’s your sign to buy it
Ahhh love to see our fans in the merch 💜
Retweeted by MatHELLO BESTIES WE HAVE A NEW EPISODE!! Featuring the wonderful @dogfather 🐶 We discuss: - Twitter as a dating app, -…
Retweeted by MatI’ll clean my mirror tomorrowI think this may be my favorite sweater ever @lovesuvenna Sassy but still gay chihuahua @BigTucsonDad Explain why I dress so well then?All men do is lie @bumbditch I’m sorry to have to be the one to tell you this but Rico is gay @JoJo_Bear_99 Gay @2ndrateAndyKing No he’s still gay @haloyoustole GayThat’s how I feel and if you disagree that’s embarrassing because I’m right and you’re wrong