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Mat @matchu_chutrain Los Angeles, CA

𝑺𝒌𝒊𝒏𝒏𝒚 𝑲𝒊𝒏𝒈 🏳️‍🌈

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Feeling skinny today so to make sure I keep this high going I will be avoiding all mirrors and other reflective surfaces @gnarfs @pissboymcgee I’m blinded by love @Hey_Smize Everybody is gay 🌈 @gavnast Omg you’re such a good FRIENDWhen random men enter my DMs calling me a faggot it’s like... you’re the one sliding into another man’s dms. Sounds kinda gay to meI’m 3 years away from my 10 year high school reunion and I still haven’t accomplished a single thing. I have no choice but to skip it @pissboymcgee If you’re the man in this video please dm me I’m in love with you @thereidfeed A couple of nights ago I had a dream that a girl like sexually spit in my mouth so it’s kind of the same thing @ryanntweets_ I won’t be @_cinnamonro11_ Omg I just noticed the foot lmfaooo But it looks really good minus that
Is there anything like this in LA please I need to know @badboychadhoy @bIondiewasabi I will eat Taco Bell for 5 days in a row if you give me a chance chadHey @Facebook I think there’s a problem with your app. I came across my dads profile today and it looks like he add… @catiieecat See the sad thing is I was like 19 and should’ve known better @slizshady Hahahahahaha @ZmacZane @bocxtop If I said yes would that be a dealbreaker? @bocxtop @ZmacZane Next time you guys come and there’s not a pandemic can we hang out @slizshady I don’t even know what it means I just saw all the other gays using it 😭Even my younger sister got the notification I was mortified @dumbbtrash I’m pretty sure I deleted once people started texting me @_cinnamonro11_ I know 😭😭😭All my high school friends in Missouri texted me being like “this you?” cuz I was the only Arizona mfer they had in… I was out I made an anonymous gay twitter called Arizona bromo or something like that but I added my phone n… hide so much. Acne, scars, the fact that I’m gay, double chins etc @Daniel_Mutton What luv? @ryanntweets_ I’m sorry I can’t be him :(Hope he’s doing well @PeteBlackburn Pete why the fuck would you post a selfie where you look much better than me under my selfie. Do you… @PeteBlackburn Grow yours out so we can match please @itsmedaniellev Let’s go for it luv @Eric__Shunn What face do you think my voice matches @MichaelaOkla @LoveIsland I love womenI’m a muscular straight male. @LoveIsland hi I would like to be on your show @bocxtop @MichaelaOkla I thought we were past this... @MichaelaOkla @bocxtop Yes I’d like to believe soThis is unforgivable
@_cinnamonro11_ Im not anyone’s second choice 😤 ᴵᵐ ᵏᶦᵈᵈᶦⁿᵍ ᵖˡᵉᵃˢᵉ ᵗᵃᵏᵉ ᵐᵉ ᵇᵃᶜᵏ @Daniel_Mutton Do you fancy me, luv?STACHE IS BACK BABY @Soeljchillinger I do :) @johnneh @roxiqt Can I buy one of these for my friend please @Soeljchillinger But a cute lesbian!! @derekcolton92 How’s do*g @MichaelaOkla In like 15 :) @MichaelaOkla HAHAHAHHAHA Miss you @matchu_chutrain U SAID “AM I A RAGING HOMOSEXUAL” AND I SAID YA ALL U TALK ABOUT IS HOLE HOLE HOLE
Retweeted by Mat @MichaelaOkla THATS THE SAME THINGA close friend of mine called me hole hungry today so no I’m not doing well
@rpend12 @JukeBuds Yes love football and love the chiefs!!!If you’re tired of spending time untangling your earphones head on over to and use the code… @aubviouslynot HAPPY BIRTHDAY QUEEN! @DarthLux God I need this
@badboychadhoy @KylePlantEmoji @fIains @itsonlyaubrey Fuck it I’ll take it. Hey chad ☺️ @YABOYJACKSY After seeing her bother you about the shrek ride I’m not sure I want to live with her... @brittany_broski It was nice knowing you @Daniel_Mutton I just heard the song bruv. Never eating macaroni again. Bible @Musimudzi1 I just learned and middle school mr is now terrified @bocxtop @crocodilethumbs @AndrewsNotFunny @crocodilethumbs @crocodilethumbs @badluckgregoire Wait are we not supposed toBruv. Bible. I fancy you. He’s fit. Very fit @MichaelaOkla And they fall in love after like 5 days what’s your pointWould y’all call me out if I suddenly developed a British accident? @thatoneleafgirl I HOPE YOU ARE HAVING A BETTER DAY
@bocxtop @ZmacZane WE GET IT OKAY @itsonlyaubrey @Struggle_Tweet I can’t go through that pain again3 INCHES IS ENOUGH @MichaelaOkla @jasminericegirl STOP YOU KNOW THAT WAS THE WORST PART @jasminericegirl If my nude getting anonymously posted on twitter didnt stop me nothing will 😤 @madieklunddd Imagine how I feel @theb0tfather @badgirIkiki Omg tell her I said congrats! @Daniel_Mutton Ignore this @MichaelaOkla Miss you :)Thinking about the time I sent a nude and the guy responded “I wanna see it fully hard” It was fully hard 😭😭😭 @Daniel_Mutton Ok velvet boyA boy randomly told me that his favorite type of fabric was velvet and I’m really not sure what I’m supposed to do with that informationThinking about this...I promise I am never going to shoot my shot again
Retweeted by Mat @Daniel_Mutton ... I’m sorry OKAYWhy I’m passionate about running :)
Retweeted by Mat @ginadivittorio This is amazing lmfao @MichaelaOkla It was perfect (: @MichaelaOkla Ok but this was genius because it gave me butterfliesMat just changed my name in his phone to his ex’s name so that he would feel like he got a text from him
Retweeted by Mat @MichaelaOkla Michaela some of us don’t even have boys sending us “hey” through our phones @awejones Drinking water 😌 @slimshadycher Damn the date the other night was that bad huh?A guy wouldn’t stop messaging me so finally I told him that “I’m super gassy” and was immediately blocked Ladies… @DarthLux @MichaelaOkla I told you vampires were realI’m sorry if all of my tweets are about being gay or living in LA it’s just that those are my only personality traits @AguillardTrevor *deletes the Venmo link in my bio so you never come for me about it*
@_cinnamonro11_ I’m not ready to take this step in our relationship yet @ItsaMe_Wario Nvm you meant as far as apartments go. Somewhere not too expensive, and in a safe area with a younger crowd @ItsaMe_Wario Just conversation. Normally fun but the whole covid thing has put a pause on it. Not looking for anything seriousLA PEOPLE. CAN YOU PLEASE RECOMMEND SOME GOOD AREAS/APARTMENTS FOR ME TO LIVE IN OR AROUND @almondmilkhunni Please may I 🥺 @MichaelaOkla That’s a barn owl they’re my favorite kind of owl :)I see a lot of unfollowers but not a lot of people packin up and leaving my town 🤠