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Mat @matchu_chutrain Arizona, USA

𝑺𝒌𝒊𝒏𝒏𝒚 𝑲𝒊𝒏𝒈 🏳️‍🌈| Venmo: matchu_chutrain

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Thank you to whoever said to just sleep with bleach in my hair overnight. Doing it now and excited to wake up to se… I don’t know who you are but thank you for sending me money after seeing how ugly I looked. @matchu_chutrain
Retweeted by Mat @Coll3enG Ugh @MichaelaOkla Yes!!! @MichaelaOkla I did everything the directions said 😭 @MichaelaOkla Remember when we at least thought I was gonna look like a skunkBro what the fuck 😭 vs reality someone say tiger king
Hair dye thread! @QueenBChaff Don’t worry I’m not going blonde I’m going to white hair @goodbeanaltalt Thank you :)When I post the finished product I need you guys to like it so I don’t feel bad about myselfMaybe this was a mistake someone who doesn’t know anything about hair I’m absolutely terrified to dye mine. I didn’t even know bleach was… @Coll3enG Ok I respect thisThe hottest thing a guy can do is look you in the eyes and say those 5 words 𝓨𝓸𝓾’𝓻𝓮 𝓪 𝓭𝓲𝓻𝓽𝔂 𝓵𝓲𝓽𝓽𝓵𝓮 𝓻𝓪𝓽They always come crawling back posted on my story asking about hair dye products and some girl responded with this. I hate it here here checking in as safe from the coronavirus ✅ what should I learn how to do during this week of quarantineUnless he was richI’m sorry but if I ever moved in with a guy and he decided to put the alphabet magnet set on our fridge I would leave him so quick @MattTheBrand @megantrollen I need an update on how my plant is doing pleaseOk I’m leaving twitter for a week goodbye y’all @hectorcanicas Ok thank you. Are there kits that you know of that are like this but do level 7?Might re-download Grindr and finally respond to the guy who outed me in high school just so I can feel something again @hectorcanicas I was gonna go to a website and get something like this is that right? (Not from amazon though I hea… @hectorcanicas I have to so HELP @KylePlantEmoji I was doing my BEST OKAYNvm it didn’t work @MichaelaOkla @holy_schnitt I know I’m going to mess it up but I’m gonna do it because I’m in quarantine and nobody will see 🤧
@averyplz How long do I wait in between bleaching and toning before I dye it the gray color? @averyplz Ok so I should put the conditioner in after I dye it? Like as a normal nightly cleaning of the hair thing? @averyplz Those are the names of the bleaches? @thdrbrln Idk Ive always wanted to do it and now feels like the right timeI want to put a grey streak like this into my hair. Can you guys reply and tell me the steps I need to do before I… @sheelllbbbss Ok so I wanna dye my hair like the picture I’ve attached. I want the grey streak but don’t know if I… have some questions about dying my hair is anyone here an expert @mark_with_a_c It’s essential for me wanting to sleep with themPlease stop leaving your house to hang out with your friends. It’s gonna make this social distancing thing last lon… was the point of pyramids? @Chi_Bi_Guy I don’t know taxes but yesTo the people who are hacking zoom calls and posting porn.. me and my friends have a call today at 7 pm pacific timeNice photos of me in my favorite underwear ;) 364 more days until I get to tweet this again @ginadivittorio God I love these so muchSNL is still down and I still haven't figured out how to make it seem like I'm looking at the camera while reading…
Retweeted by Mat @AlexDRocca Oh my god I miss that game so much @Skoog I’ll be the judge of thatI miss this. I miss my barber. This tweet is dedicated to him. I hope you’re doing well, Ben @LilTheTrill Oh hunny I know all about eating while crying a reminder that you burn 1.3 calories per minute when you cry so if you do that for 3 hours each day (easy) yo… help me celebrate @dj_stocks12 First of all I was desperate going inThis may cause me to be permenantly labeled as a misogynist but this shit sucks @BigTucsonDad Soulmates and twins has been awful but I’m trying to be positive and remember that every day is awful which means things are goin… @rudy_mustang That’s hot @rudy_mustang You’re a horse girl? @SubtleAlcoholic Ilysm @hjghwaydocare Happy birthday you little rat :)My favorite day of the year
I’m not asking I’m BEGGING for nudes during this pandemic @thatjoshuakid I felt thatThat’s crazy that coronavirus literally took everything away from me and ruined my life without even infecting me @nxtvxkxng Yes @ar1e11e Baby 🥺People ignoring your FaceTimes hits different now. It’s so much more painful. You know they’re not busy they just hate your gutsBefore people start coming at me for asking for money just know I’m unemployed so I have to save all my money for m… you would like to see me dye my hair grey please Venmo matchu_chutrain @catmancatman864 Sorry you have to have at least 34.5k to be able to reply to this tweetMy dad said if I hit 35K he would stop calling me a “worthless little rat” Please help I can’t take this any moreI was on a zoom call with like 12 people last night and we all had to listen while one of them got broken up with by his girlfriend @AlwaysAButt My friend @kathrinestwitta got it for me when she was living in AfricaVirtual happy hour got the best of me @PeteBlackburn Wish you’d hype me up like thisFriendly reminder!!! @catmancatman864 Wrong. But I do @pissboymcgee Mr george
@MaxxAtom I’m gonna steal this so I too can have attention @JeffKasanoff Oh ya this was like 5 days ago! Social distancing didn’t start until 3 days ago I thinkThis was us. I miss her so much was shocked! She said you wrote to me?!?! I said yes and told her it wasn’t over and still wasn’t over!!! I the… rained today and it reminded me of this one time when I was in a boat with a girl and it started raining. She st… @alexkummet I’m still not sureAnyways... you guys should stop calling random people faggots on the internet if you don’t want to be held accountable for it!! @dj_stocks12 Literally no idea it’s so weirdBuddy you messaged me?!?? @brainwxrms Deal 🤝When people know I’m gay and then tell me to suck their dick, does that mean they’re also gay @anticIarke You better stop it or I’ll make you take me back and then cheat againTHE TRANSLATION IM LAUGHINRB SO HARD LMFAOOO @zachonahill Aha hiiiii