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@TheIrvineHouse @kenny5alive Can't. Protesting stuff.
@kenny5alive It's amazing... Now about those masks... @thatatlantadude Too soon, bro. @RobConsigliere If these riots mess up the NHL reopening, I'm protesting.Shit is getting real but We reap what We sow. I love all you crazy fuckers. Stay safe. Stay kind. Forgive. Ask for forgiveness.
@Arlo_Clarke The truth is out there. @Bpatrick999999 @AllisonRFloyd @ericsshadow @ItsSamG @AsiaDNYC @allymayn @KylePlantEmoji @itsonlyaubrey @Jake_Vig D… @Bpatrick999999 @ericsshadow @ItsSamG @AsiaDNYC @AllisonRFloyd @allymayn @KylePlantEmoji @itsonlyaubrey @Jake_Vig M…
@orushour @CrownsAndThings I will follow regardless! @abbythetweet @afiercemind They. They. They. I say safety is in the eyes of the stickholder. @ANTambo Not true!!!! Look at me!!! I'm angry because people are angry about things that don't impact me directly… @abbythetweet @afiercemind If you can't beat them with sticks you might as wel join them and put the sticks somewhe… @afiercemind I don't sit on fences. I just think that both sides always have valid points, I am very introverted (s… @OliverG777 @RobConsigliere Which is all well and good as long as we don't lose sight of that. We don't have to agr… is correct.
Retweeted by OutDoorMatt 🇨🇦 @Hotwifelife7 TBH... I might be slightly less of an ass on Twitter! @Hotwifelife7 💯. It at least they are quick to agree to something they don't really believe for the sake of social… @TheIrvineHouse I highly recommend 👊 @keith_schmitz Well said! @kenny5alive Protest electronics are virtuous.I feel this so so much. a fun activity for the weekend? Challenge yourself to our outdoor BINGO! Mark off each square that you see on…
Retweeted by OutDoorMatt 🇨🇦 @TheIrvineHouse I'm here for it.The 'whataboutisms' (pointing out what one perceives to be worse examples of things from 'the other side)' is proba… single time I come up with a plot-twist my post-apocolyptic erotic thriller, someone has to ruin it. @dooz_er Sorry but I couldn't see this tweet for some reason. @whiskylicks I only retweet the things he steals from me 😉 @ObadiahDonald I think we all need to disconnect a bit more! Stay safe! @ObadiahDonald I'm sorry you feel that way. Respectfully, I disagree as all those fears seem to stem right from the… @wayward_daycare That's one of the best ways!!! @ObadiahDonald I think social media and regular media wants us to think that but personally, I'm not convinced. Th… people, As we become increasingly less divided over public health matters, be wary of the 'next thing' that w…
@kenny5alive @wolfast I finally see the need for mandatory masks @wolfast @kenny5alive, are you ok? I knew your exes were tough on you but it should never come to violence. @kenny5alive SorryTrumps big social media announcement... He is also going to Spotify.
Retweeted by OutDoorMatt 🇨🇦Dear Women, Don't change a dang thing. Love Men. PS: Extra mayo on the Sammich is never a bad thing. @kenny5alive @DadSays4 A suicide pact...all looking for those irresponsible beach goers to catch the Rona @kenny5alive The amount of leakage from Fukishima is terrifying but good luck finding information about it these da… I'd try to make some friends in this apartment building residents group by being helpful but, inexplicably,…
Retweeted by OutDoorMatt 🇨🇦 @kenny5alive Lots of weird mass beaching events over the last while. Although they have happened over time, my mon… @asspamphlet2 80s coke > 2020 meth/fentanyl- laced nose-beers. @kenny5alive I'd say 5G but... Seriously...the weather patterns are changing and really influencing animals here..… @asspamphlet2 Hard drugs and soft rock music. @asspamphlet2 @kenny5alive Hang em on the line to dry,? @kenny5alive Earth is going through the rinse cycle or something. So many unusual things happening lately. @kenny5alive Happy to see so many folks wearing masks. I feel safer.A Covid19 vaccine would be great, but how about a post-covid19 bra? One that mimics the feeling of not wearing a bra.
Retweeted by OutDoorMatt 🇨🇦New hat am I doing Wednesday right?
Retweeted by OutDoorMatt 🇨🇦
@Elle_Nic_Woods @om_eye_goodness @kristoph_errr @ItsSamG @asoroofapelz @afiercemind @TheOnlyMommaG @MyNameIsArchaic @rolaids22 It's the thought that counts.No Hot Pocket left behind.
Retweeted by OutDoorMatt 🇨🇦I just accidentally exploded a bag of ice. How's your Saturday night going?
Retweeted by OutDoorMatt 🇨🇦 @bgftgy31 @Turd_Ferguson @ItsSamG It's at @seersh. Every one. I'll take no debate. @RaevynLiadan It was a tie lol @kissmyass79 @NestoriousPrime I tell her often. Not sure she is convinced.Reply with the link to your most embarrassing tweet so I can retweet it. I don't ask for much. @StillJen20 They are simply misunderstood. I don't want them hiding in my "happy drawer" but they get rid of the other pests... @kissmyass79 @NestoriousPrime All women like to be told to smile more. I don't know much. But even I know that. @kissmyass79 Much better. It's all about those kind, smiling eyes. I think you are #1 too!!! @canadaslady The wedding Singer business is ruthless I agree but don't give me too much credit... @BridgetPhetasy Matt the rat. Only cause I was a tattletale narc ass little donnie blasco wannabe. It hurt. @scottcoolidge1 Don't sell yourself short! Your tweets alone give hope to dad's everywhere 👊 @DelawareRuffles Obligatory "they rescued me" reply. @kissmyass79 Smile more. @KarmaPolice238 @kenny5alive It's the only way. Might not find the truth but you can certainly find the narrative… @guiltymamma Deal. Probably a good time to let everyone know I'm just stealing pictures off someone else's insta... @kenny5alive Had my mom knit me a good one. I'll send you one bro. @jlomps @kenny5alive I only followed him because I was a white knight and wanted to help him be the change.I still remember @kenny5alive's first Twitter bio: "I can run faster when horny then most can run when scared. DMs open." @bretcolson Oh great. Now I feel like I went too far.Sometimes, when I'm buzzed off lady-drinks, I think about how I could be using this time to be productive. To refl… @TeenClassics Man-cave... All are welcome. (Save and except the weirdos) @bretcolson This time Hitler really went too far. (That's pretty great) @canadaslady Fine. Deleted. @Elle_Nic_Woods Most of our snakes are harmless... Yours on the other hand...
@kenny5alive When blowing smoke is a good thing. @kenny5alive Unrelated: I renamed my bong Puffington da Most. @OliverG777 @kenny5alive I just threw up in my mouth. Then swallowed it. Relationships are complicated. @Guided_by_Sue @douglasgorden They certainly are... I'm hoping they will be gone tomorrow though. It's hotter th… @kenny5alive I knew what you meant but to expect anything but outrage bait (with regard to any issue) is ridiculous… @kenny5alive Soon we will be wearing masks... @canadaslady (if you change your mind later, I'm sure many of them were saved for you!) @kenny5alive What did I miss? Tell me everything. @jaimeas2000 @hatcher_craig @ItsSamG Or you can go the completely opposite direction. #livefreediehard @kenny5alive Doesn't matter...There's no excuse ever to kill someone in such a way. Poor training and no self-contr… @hatcher_craig @ItsSamG @jaimeas2000 We are past the mocking stage. Wayyyy past. It's mostly hiding the sharps at this point. @jaimeas2000 @ItsSamG Fuck Idaho taters. Give me Prince Edward Island spuds or give me famine. (Too much?) @ItsSamG @jaimeas2000 That song gets me every time. Every. Single. Time. @ItsSamG (gentle reminder to put clothes on before racing out the door. It was funny once but...) @ItsSamG @jaimeas2000 Tik Tok. Tik Tok. Tik Tok. Goes my heart, as I anxiously await the next gem! @jlomps @shehas_freckles @AM34 Don't care. I have a bottle of whiskey I've been saving since 2004 and Imma gonna d… @rbultena I explained that I was prepping for a team building event... @bretcolson I hear you there. I had to make the or cottage. I drive a long ways for kids/work and… @jlomps @shehas_freckles Once you go butthole twitter, you can never go back. But can't wait to see @AM34 and the… @senexy27 @NHL I don't always pee my pants in excitement but when I do... #goleafsgo @ItsSamG Me: I'm no expert but I'd say your clothes still look fine on the floor. @bretcolson I definitely won't complain. Lots of projects and a big reno on the horizon but I'm never leaving. @EmanuelHead57 He knows I get seasonal affective disorder... Makes me very introverted and can barely leave the house 😉 @Landog_usmc_24 It definitely makes the 8 months of winter worth it once the sun peeks out!