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@NicoleMMadrigal @Desmos I wish we were all there now!!💚 I remember it like it was yesterday, but with everything… @shskaercher @MrCorleyMath @NewJerseyDOE Yep...because that's how it's safe for everyone. Have you looked at the documents in detail yet?
@stephenkelley85 @RitaWirtz @dmvelliaris @Skymazef3 @narelleford @tracyscottkelly @JanKuyperErland @cvarsalona @JennSWhite Yay!! @NicoleMMadrigal Hi Nicole! 😊 Happy late birthday & congrats on finishing half of your coursework! One year ago… @dandersod ...and it's being done by REGION, right?? @dandersod Field testing something for a future Alg2 Regents? 🤦‍♀️The Los Angeles & San Diego school districts abandon plans for even a partial physical return to classrooms when th…
Retweeted by Math912TeacherExcited to be learning from Okhee (@OkheeLee_ ) as part of the NYS Master Teacher Summer2020 conference. @NYSMTP today presented the framework of guidance to help schools as they plan to reopen whether that occurs in perso…
Retweeted by Math912Teacher @MrCorleyMath @NewJerseyDOE Wish everyone would just make the calls so we can plan. @shskaercher Yep. I agree.
Retweeted by Math912TeacherHope you can join me at #fliptech2020! 6pm PST on Wednesday for a Zoom chat about the Five Questions that Every…
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@shskaercher @sunyoswego Awesome! Let me know if she has any Qs my son might be able to help with. He'll be a junior & he is an RA. @shskaercher @sunyoswego Fun!! So gorgeous by the lake! My son goes there. Did she like it? Did she just finish her junior year? @Dsrussosusan @GotMathHelp @MrDeltaMath @Classkick @a_mcsquared @edpuzzle @usekamiapp 💯 on @MrDeltaMath! Several o… We never closed the schools. We closed the buildings.
Retweeted by Math912Teacher @Mr_Miller_Sci @Teachmathtorr @NYSMTP I am signed up for this!! 😊🎉 @saltssaltgirl @DrIbram @JasonReynolds83 I'm about halfway through the audio version of this book & will be sharing… @kathyhen_ Mickey says "Hi Gus!!" 🐾 @MathTechCoach Thanks for sharing this. I just got the book!! @buddyxo @GibsonEdu @tamara_bonn @robertkaplinsky Do you have any ideas on how you would do this remotely?
@JenAnsbach We need also need to reframe what we did in the spring and call it EMERGENCY remote learning. It was in…
Retweeted by Math912Teacher @elleOT2019 Thanks. So many of us were working harder than ever to help kids with little or no time to put together…
Retweeted by Math912Teacher @Fouss @BurnsideMath @Teachmathtorr @druinok Oops, my bad for not reading the replies first! @Fouss @BurnsideMath @Teachmathtorr @druinok I'm not positive but it might be if you buy it, you can start reading… @Teachmathtorr @JennSWhite @druinok I forgot about it Weds 😬🤦‍♀️ but I'm reading the book too. It's great! I still…, Mike!! 🎉 @m_drez @vierheller_emma @Brewmath Ugh!! 😔Important things go at the top.
Retweeted by Math912Teacher @stephenkelley85 @RitaWirtz @Skymazef3 @narelleford @ChrisQuinn64 @cvarsalona @GruntledChalkie @_TomGReid
Even kids get it. Wear a mask.
Retweeted by Math912TeacherThe coronavirus may linger in the air in crowded indoor spaces, spreading from one person to the next, the W.H.O. f…
Retweeted by Math912TeacherThese Arizona teachers shared a classroom for summer school. All 3 contracted COVID-19. 1 died. via @flipboard
Retweeted by Math912Teacher📣 The Desmos calculators and geometry tool will be in "maintenance mode" on Friday, July 10 between about 6PM and 7…
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@CoreySlovak @Wes_Kieschnick 🙋‍♀️ I do. I'm 53 & have 31 years in. I'm old enough to not want to be there in pers…📍30% of US teachers are over 50. 📍64% of #COVID19 deaths in the US are people over 50. Conversations about taking…
Retweeted by Math912Teacher @bobsonwong I saw your name on the presenter list for the @NYSMTP Summer2020 conference. Nice!!People asked if we could give away another ten (10) $100 Sticker Mule credits. The answer is yes. RT to enter. Follow so we can DM you.
Retweeted by Math912TeacherTake a moment & appreciate the principals and central office administrators. This global pandemic is leading to a l…
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"Health and safety of students, families, educators and other school staff, and equitable access to a high-quality…
Retweeted by Math912TeacherWhile the intricate details of reopening may be complex and differ from school district to school district, there a…
Retweeted by Math912TeacherThank you @NYSEDNews. @Fouss @edpuzzle @Desmos Oh! Oops 😁 I only just started using it. @Fouss @edpuzzle @Desmos I mean specifically the matrix calc that's in beta now! @Fouss @edpuzzle @Desmos Do you use DeltaMath? That had some great matrices practice! @MrDeltaMathI'm gonna just go ahead and say that pencil moved a little bit further to the right for me...
Retweeted by Math912Teacher @Fouss @edpuzzle Matrices -- that's how I just ended precalc. Did you see the @desmos matrix calculator?!? 😍 @Fouss @edpuzzle Ahhh! Wow! What topics are you starting with??
@samjshah’t Forget About Educator Safety When Reopening Schools #edchat #cpchat #suptchat
Retweeted by Math912Teacher @samjshah Why are all the admins and schools and talk show hosts talking about what school will look like in fall and…
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@LeeanneBranham @Desmos @VbergMath @askdavidson Thank you!!!This is one of the most realistic solutions I’ve seen.
Retweeted by Math912Teacher @bethcteach @gautiersue @techknowmath @GoogleForEdu Thanks ... I could probably check out their website .. I did it… @gautiersue @techknowmath @GoogleForEdu Thank you! @gautiersue @techknowmath @GoogleForEdu Is anyone doing free level 2 certification? Mine expired 🤦‍♀️ & I probably… our #SummerReading Club's Featured Post: "Desmos in the Math Classroom" by @MrCorleyMath Share your thoughts b…
Retweeted by Math912TeacherIf you are interested in learning more about #desmos please reach out to me, I would love to help.
Retweeted by Math912Teacher @KristenBynoe @WeAreTeachers Yep. It's bad already. 😬 @MrWarf19 @Dsrussosusan @Brewmath That sounds awesome! @GotMathHelp @JennSWhite @Dsrussosusan @Brewmath @MrDeltaMath Whatever is easiest for you! I'll DM my email in case that works best for you. @Brewmath @Dsrussosusan I don't know edulastic ...have you used that a lot? @GotMathHelp @JennSWhite @Dsrussosusan @Brewmath @MrDeltaMath Any good ones to share?? 😊🤞 @Brewmath @Dsrussosusan If you want to give feedback in Desmos, they need to login. One of my colleagues made a Qui… @JennSWhite @Dsrussosusan @Brewmath @MrDeltaMath I need to buy a DM shirt! 👍 @JennSWhite @Dsrussosusan @Brewmath @MrDeltaMath I would love to find more pre-made resources like this for other things we may use. @JennSWhite @Dsrussosusan @Brewmath Yep. Same. I saw that @MrDeltaMath made a video to help students get started.… @Dsrussosusan @Brewmath I am hoping to not be in the building. @Dsrussosusan I will do tech stuff at the beginning. I was quite surprised how many juniors & seniors had trouble w… join @stephenkelley85 & I on Mon. 7/6 for this week’s #MakeEdReal Chat from 8:30-9 PM CST / 9:30 EST / 6:30…
Retweeted by Math912TeacherNew post: Don’t Forget About Educator Safety When Reopening Schools #edchat #cpchat
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#mtbos #iteachmath @stickermule @Custmart2imagin One person who RTs gets that too.
Retweeted by Math912TeacherToday feels like a good day to give away ten (10) $100 Sticker Mule credits. RT to enter. Follow so we can DM you.
Retweeted by Math912Teacher📆 Desmos had a busy June! Here's a list of the big items we released.
Retweeted by Math912Teacher @MeganKingery1 @d_mulder I love it but never call it salad...just pretzel jello. 😊 @NikkiKramer262 @Dsrussosusan I'll check @Walmart - maybe they'll give this teacher a discount on bulk orders of over 100 notebooks! 🤞 @vierheller_emma @MsHereth How exciting! Good luck to both of you! @d_mulder The pretzel jello is sooooooo good. Now I need to make some! @MattForMath @kathyhen_ @SeanKavanaugh5 @Dsrussosusan We don't have state guidelines yet. 😬 @NikkiKramer262 @Dsrussosusan I was actually thinking about buying graph comp notebooks too! Or plastic sleeves to… @GotMathHelp @rebeccajrucker @CanvasLMS @Brewmath @KarenRabadan W o w ! @KenyaLLawrence @KarenRabadan I can't wait to check this out -- thanks! @Brewmath @KarenRabadan Laurie, what art projects do your kids do?
Humanizing Online Mathematics Teaching: Possibilities and Resistance July 9, 4pm PST Free webinar with @NCTM &…
Retweeted by Math912Teacher @kathyhen_ @cheesemonkeysf @KentHaines @mpershan Older 🙋‍♀️ Thanks for sharing all of this!Here are the results of the survey, make of them what you will.
Retweeted by Math912Teacher @druinok @MathByTheMt @abel_jennifer Yes!! I think some people use Wakelet but I don't know how to do that. @MathByTheMt @abel_jennifer I missed Weds so I will be catching up whenever. 👍
For anyone looking to use @GraspableMath more, of you are thinking of adding an edtech tool for next year: Graspab…
Retweeted by Math912Teacher @sig225 @samjshah @druinok @mrdardy Yep - that's exactly what I posted in a reply on a different tweet in this thread!! @buddyxo Me too, Stacey! Learned so much from you already! @PearDeck Thanks so much! 🍐💚