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@stephenkelley85 @ChrisQuinn64 @RitaWirtz @Kbahri5 @kateboyer_3 @cvarsalona @tracyscottkelly @StantonAlana @airqualityegg @NYSCATE Thanks, but I'm not able to get up to Rochester this time. Appreciate it though :)
@mjjohnson1216 @gdonahue1811 @CraigLCarson @rbreyer51 @JeremyDBond @DrHarrisonMcCoy @GrayMttrs @ToshMcGaughy @MathDenisNJ @SteinbrinkLaura @enjoylifefoods @mraspinall @burgessdave @iluveducating @Jonharper70bd @Mathgarden @MathDenisNJ @enjoylifefoods @mraspinall @SteinbrinkLaura @burgessdave @iluveducating @Jonharper70bd @Mathgarden @enjoylifefoods These AMAZING cookies are free from Wheat Peanuts Tree nuts Dairy Soy Egg Sesame Sulfites Lup…
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@stephenkelley85 @ChrisQuinn64 @RitaWirtz @Kbahri5 @kateboyer_3 @cvarsalona @tracyscottkelly @StantonAlana Wednesday #AwesomePLN This quote is what our #PLN is about! #BetterTogether #connected @ChrisQuinn64
Retweeted by Math912TeacherShoutouts to @MrDeltaMath too! #mtbos #iteachmathRegional collaboration at BOCES today! Great conversations & resources being shared: #MTBoS @desmos @wodb @MrsMurat I'm at BOCES & I just heard the phrase "tab shaming" 😂😂 #tabgate2019 @CodeRedMath @m_drez @Katiemc827 @senortaylor2 @MathDenisNJ @DisneyFrozen @Disney @neiltyson @KleinErin @saravdwerf @shskaercher @Dr_Kreisberg @ElementaryGuy'm So Excited For This Friday!!!! Can't wait to see how @DisneyFrozen has corrected their snowflakes issue! They…
Retweeted by Math912Teacher @MathDenisNJ @FerraraUSA @NestleCare Growth mindset! 😁❄️ #snowflakesarehexagonsDear @FerraraUSA We all make mistakes. I tweeted @nestlecare when I should have tweeted you. You made an octagona…
Retweeted by Math912TeacherDear @Nestle I know your Everlasting Gobstoppers can change colors and flavors, but if it wouldn't be too much tro…
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@shskaercher @geogebra I wonder if we have one ... because I notice that it's expensive!
@MsHereth @Harshman_MMS Congrats, Ella!! @shskaercher @geogebra Love it!! So, I need to buy the thing(s?) that will transfer it to the paper?? @shskaercher @Brewmath @iteachmathAll Right?!?? 😂 @Brewmath @shskaercher @iteachmathAll I accidentally stabbed myself with one during a Regents many years ago & had… @kathyhen_ @Jacova88 @DrSencibaugh Hi Michelle! Thanks for following. I'm Michelle too ... and I'm also an Aunt Chelle!! 😊 Have a great Monday! @kathyhen_ @Jacova88 Welcome! I'm Michelle :)
Dear Russell Stover, Your chocolates are allowed and encouraged to be assorted. Your snowflakes are not.…
Retweeted by Math912TeacherSo much coverage of amazing professional learning on my twitter feed recently! If there’s a presenter that you love…
Retweeted by Math912Teacher @mraspinall New York!Playing a game of “How Far Will This Tweet Go Today” for a Geography class this week. Can you help with a retweet…
Retweeted by Math912TeacherI will be #NotAtNYSCATE19 😭, but will try to join #CoffeeEduROC here on Twitter! ☕☕☕ @NYSCATE #nyscate19 @Fouss @shskaercher Wondering how this would go with conics and/or polar graphs... I've been trying to come up wit… @shskaercher @Fouss Oh. My. Gosh. I love this idea & remember making these as a kid! @msmilesmath @Desmos @AMTNYS @eluberoff @ddmeyer That's a great question. I'll have to look into that! @dandersod @bobsonwong @NYSMTP @Desmos @NYSEDNews @AMTNYS @eluberoff @ddmeyer Thanks ~ I remember hearing about the… @druinok @saravdwerf How about NY? :)Don't delay the @UECSDTigers are coming in force to @AMTNYS #amtnys2020 bring your team #togetherwearebetter
Retweeted by Math912Teacher @druinok @belghast So sorry to hear that. ☹️Some @AMTNYS #amtnys2019 takeaways... - This is my favorite weekend of the year! - People genuinely appreciate hig…
Retweeted by Math912Teacher @nerdy_christine @davidpetro314 Hi Christine! 😀 @kathyhen_ @MrsNewell22 Nice!!!! @ChalktalkKelly @NYSMTP @NCTM @TIMathRocks No...but I sure wish I could have been there!! 😊
@bobsonwong @Desmos @NYSEDNews @AMTNYS @NYSMTP @EllenFalk62 @MrsMurat No worries! :) I just wanted to clarify in… E S !! @desmos is already available on a range of assessments in 32 other states. How can I help to make this ⬇️… @bobsonwong @Desmos @NYSEDNews @AMTNYS @NYSMTP @EllenFalk62 @MrsMurat I was not supporting an online exam - my post… @bobsonwong @Desmos @NYSEDNews @AMTNYS @NYSMTP @EllenFalk62 @MrsMurat We are on the same team! I agree that the ex… + math teachers = 💚❤️❣️
Retweeted by Math912TeacherGreat turnout for our @Desmos @AMTNYS #AMTNYS2019 session this afternoon!
Retweeted by Math912TeacherHopefully a big group of math teachers from the Southern Tier will be able to go!! 🤞 @MrGJordan @AMTNYS #AMTNYS2020, Mike! 🎉 @HKhodai @JennSWhite @TinaCardone Well, it's almost naptime for, hope Z is ready for one soon, Jenny! 💚've got my morning coffee in my favourite mug and I'm preparing for the Make Math Moments Virtual Summit which wil…
Retweeted by Math912Teacher @Chrisschafer11 @davidpetro314 Welcome, Chris!Excited that I'll get to read & discuss #CatalyzingChange with other Master Teachers in an upcoming PLT! @NYSMTP @Dr_Kreisberg @HKhodai @TinaCardone @RG1gal I'll have to watch later too! #LearnWithHema @DrJoyBJo @MakeMathMoments This clip gets me fired up EVERY TIME I watch it. #LearnWithHema
Retweeted by Math912Teacher @MFAnnie I had that book too!! @bigham_kl @FosterFam04 #mtbos #iteachmath #MMMSummit a lot from the virtual Math Summit #Mathchat #MTBoS #MakeMathMoments #MMMSummit #iteachmath
Retweeted by Math912TeacherThose @desmos shoes!! 💚 #AMTNYS2019 @MrGJordan @AMTNYS @Mathgarden Whoa! Putting in on the calendar now & will request way in advance! Gene, you're in… @kathyhen_ Oh no! Feel better, friend! 💙 @KarenRabadan So excited for you!! 💚 @MrPapettiLB @Desmos Planning to apply for cohort 5??
@fawnpnguyen @danluevanos @shelleycarranza @Desmos Love it!Promoting access and equity with two programs that cost my district NOTHING
Retweeted by Math912TeacherThank you @mslailanur - I needed this more than I realized today. #cmcmath #mtbos #desmosfellows
Retweeted by Math912Teacher @EulersNephew @shskaercher @Desmos forgot desmosfy:. To make a good lesson even better by making it in Desmos.
Retweeted by Math912Teacher @jocedage @MrJohnRowe @Mathowitz @hpicciotto @nrichmaths @Desmos Y E S!! T-shirts! @AGEiland @alabamaACTM Congrats!! @shskaercher @EulersNephew @AMTNYS @Desmos Love @desmos swag!! 💚Andrea Faoro just stared that the first Algebra I Next Gen Regents exam will be given in EARLY June 2022!…
Retweeted by Math912Teacher...and if/when Regents go online, what needs to be done to allow the students to use @Desmos on the exams??… @LTresansky @shskaercher Yes! We make the parabolas in PreCalc!! @MathDenisNJ @kinderus @ElementaryGuy @tomstoner24 @SOlsonEducator @ms_held_teacher @iluveducating @Dr_Kreisberg begins Dear @kinderus While your eggs may bring joy, your choice of snowflake design does not. Please speak wit…
Retweeted by Math912Teacher @mr_davis_math Love it!! @JennSWhite @EulersNephew We are not allowed to correct state assessments for our own students. This was not always the case.Wow!! @MrsNewell22 Yes, I am #NotAtCMCSouth & #NotAtAMTNYS. ☹️😬Go see Chase Orton present at CMC South. Drinks are on him! Let Me Buy You a Drink at C…
Retweeted by Math912Teacher @KarenRabadan @cluzniak @Math_m_Addicts @MrVaudrey @CAMathCouncil So excited for you!! 💚 @mr_davis_math @MrJanesMath @Desmos Need to work on it! 🤞
@EulersNephew @AMTNYS @shskaercher @Desmos Wish I was there! I know you & Mark will knock it out of the park! @MrJanesMath @Desmos @Fouss Thanks! I'll check it out! When are you doing identities?Join me in 1 hour for tonight's #MakeItReal #WorldKindnessDay Chat! I want to hear how you teach Kindness and how w…
Retweeted by Math912TeacherCome hang out in Palm Springs with Desmos friends and family later this week! #cmcmath
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The power of kindness. #DailyCalm #WorldKindnessDay
Retweeted by Math912Teacher @Fouss Ohhhh...would you be willing to share so I can see how you did it? Maybe I can make one for an upcoming prec… @Fouss Great! Did you use snipping tool and a template? @shskaercher @mr_davis_math @serratore4 @Ethan_MidPen @DrKChilds @ekazemi @allisonhintz124 @AMTNYS @CAMathCouncil! ♥️ #CardiganDay #WorldKindnessDay #MisterRogers
@Fouss Need to try this! @mr_davis_math @serratore4 @Ethan_MidPen @DrKChilds @ekazemi @allisonhintz124 @AMTNYS @CAMathCouncil @MrBrianShay @math_mrestrada @maslowmath I saw some of the posts about looked great!! Love that your mom was there with you. 😊💙Stop in and say hello! Join us for discussions, share resources, and take advantage of some learning ops!
Retweeted by Math912Teacher @MrsRobertsACHS @joelbezaire See ya there!!