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if my baby’s first word isn’t acab i don’t want it
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@posthuman @Nehuen @Cardopusher Haha thanks dog. My dude @VinSol and I were on a roll with the jackin tunes back thendear men: what is preventing you from looking like this?
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@murdamami @bennyrodrigues 😂 😂 @murdamami @bennyrodrigues Not to my knowledge. Benny is a well behaved gentleman unlike myself @ScubaOfficial @bennyrodrigues Didn't exchange a single word with him 🤷🏻‍♂️ @murdamami @bennyrodrigues We were two stepping with drinks in hand. It was fucking glorious @aerielist It was disturbing as fuck to the say the least. White privilege personified in a concise video clip.Anyone who says DJs should always be dancing needs to sit tf down. Last year I saw Omar S deliver a facemelt set (…
Retweeted by MATRiXXMAN @aerielist The act of calling the police was an attempt to cause serious harm to him. She should be jailed.There's new music inside @_FirstFloor too, including @indiajordan8 @MatthewDavidMcQ @thehammerhits @MATRiXXMAN
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Perfection from a living legend RA.730 Mike Servito police in Manchester are funny 😂😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by MATRiXXMAN @XxboriibbyxX Thank u🥰😂の配信がVRなのかっこいいなー。
Retweeted by MATRiXXMAN @vonwolfenheiser 🙏🙏 @DJTAYE @0thighgap that shit is fun af @vonwolfenheiser hope u like 🙇🏻‍♂️ @mitetwits @tribexr Tribe XR DJ app. Very powerful simulation of cdjs. I'm not touching anything other than the ocu… asked me to bang it in VR so I'll be doing just that. See you in few hrs
@timmaughan I owe u a few pints 🤝three (3) new EPs from @MATRiXXMAN, what you sleeping for
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@noctuarysf highly trained and house broken @Lsangre Lmao caught slippingggggg 🤦🏻‍♂️😂 @yu_whoooo @xaymacans whop them 1 by 1 🔊 @str8upcaffeine I was ready lol @str8upcaffeine Sir this is a Wendy's 😂 @primopreems @VinSol Yo they didn't want to bill homies? That's weak afWhy did I hold out my wrist for a stamp at the coffee shop? Instead of the damn bonus card thingy. Cashier dragged my ass
@laurenflax @mikeservito @justin_cudmore We want ALL THE SMOKE mike @timmaughan klobuchar is the kiss of death lmao. double whammy centrist ticket @mikeservito @laurenflax @justin_cudmore If the music box would have existed during the release of said music, woul… @timmaughan dnc handed it to trump the moment they rallied behind him @Lsangre I never should have left the bronx 😂 @JarJarFan69 Ay Bloody Valentine Lana Dem Ray The Stroked @daitomanabe, @satcy, @RIMBAWANGERILYA, @MATRiXXMAN, @djnancy_dru, @qualiatik and @suziAnalog join the final lineup…
Retweeted by MATRiXXMANmatrixxman aka yung bobby kondersThe King Has Spoken‼️.. . ‘Wiggle Wiggle’ @bulbyyork ft. @malicamusic + @kingbeenieman available on all platforms…
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3 new EPs up on the bandcamp. vindication is a team sport.
Retweeted by MATRiXXMAN.@MATRiXXMAN lanza en @Bandcamp diez temas nuevos repartidos en tres EPs
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@sssebastian 😇 @Lsangre Big up L. Sangre @winston_deputy @posthuman cheers lads 🙏3 new EPs up on the bandcamp. vindication is a team sport.
‘Wiggle Wiggle‼️... ’ @bulbyyork ft. @malicamusic + @kingbeenieman Co-produced by @matrixxman #newtunealert
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@Hodgebristol Same besides I don't trust cats whose studios look like interior design magazine shots @murdamami @bennyrodrigues i don't even know anymore lmao @bennyrodrigues thanks my bro. we out here from goths to gangsters real futuristic shit for life🤝 @bennyrodrigues 😂 Cancel him!!!!Malica featuring Beenie Man by Bulby York (co-produced by myself) out Friday. Riddim alert🇯🇲🔗
@agostinhozinga big facts. almost shed a tear myself 🤣 @agostinhozinga watching now and it's got me feeling nostalgic abt ibiza things that ordinarily would do my head in lolwhen @MATRiXXMAN said trance isn’t techno. I really felt that
Retweeted by MATRiXXMAN @silktanktop ty queen we out here @silktanktop 😘Listen to MATRiXXMAN & DiCK VAN DiCK - RKUBB by Dick Van Dick #np on #SoundCloud
Retweeted by MATRiXXMANIf the pub aint the first place your goin your a neek
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Retweeted by MATRiXXMANPick hate yourself & get yelled at
Retweeted by MATRiXXMAN @mechanicaltapes 356 scream @1djhelix @aerielist Beautiful tech house at that. Joints like Whole would make for a perfect e come down
@stareyezzz high school memories 😝 @beauwanzer @tribexr good point. we're gonna need things to knock over lmao @RohanRandomer @tribexr 😂😷 @THEPALOMA @tribexr 😂 😘 @THEPALOMA @tribexr VIP for u paloma @SquareOnix in 2020 it can now be considered a techno classic @extinctdaemon Damn what did you say 🤣 @extinctdaemon lm getting death threats it's amazing @primopreems you are a man of impeccable tastes @str8upcaffeine @tribexr im camera shy @tribexr thanks tribe the software is fire. I have a few technical questions should I fire them off at discord? @chuckdafonk @chippy_nonstop @LynchFoundation actually it does look like some twin peaks shit. respect to chippy interior design skills @chippy_nonstop hell yes. treat thyself :) @chippy_nonstop damn these IRL setups look fun af @foamek @tribexr Real talk I don't own a pair of cdjs tho this was a fraction of the costwe need some whips and chains in this bitch asap @MATRiXXMAN @tribexr Virtual Sven turned my ass right around
Retweeted by MATRiXXMAN @Andrew_M_C @tribexr Heute Leider Nicht 🤣 @foamek @tribexr 😂 😂 @foamek @tribexr It is cheaper than real cdjs fam @foamek @tribexr 400 for the glasses + 30 bucks for 4 decks lmaoWhere's the night manager at? All my peeps somehow got turned down at the door. And bro this furniture needs to go.…
@TheWormShepherd @FALSE_WITNESS for real, don't do me like that FW 😂 @extinctdaemon bro if you ever see a trance function going up in the hood please call me @FALSE_WITNESS @S4NtA_Mu3rTE lmao bro it's messy af right now @PrinceClubMusic platinum plaques in the warez game @PrinceClubMusic I stay leaving the keygen running sometimes because the music slaps so hard @lighghtmusic @fysicaltherapy my man got all the fits on deckdeviant art keygen trance? now that's fucking techno @lighghtmusic I heard @fysicaltherapy is sitting on some absolute heat in this department @mbootyspoon @LSDXOXO_ LSDs trance be hitting different 😜 @nuno_kinetic Truth. No one would ever give a fuck about a rather innocuous statement but it's lord of the flies now 😂 @bennyrodrigues @ctrls_cph @SHFTD_AVN Facts. Benny couldn't have said it better.piece of pop arrived 🥺
Retweeted by MATRiXXMAN @frankiefatgold He truly changed the game @ctrls_cph @SHFTD_AVN what if I told you people play trance ironically 🤯