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@CoreviZecter @notquitereal And both are on sale @Notsosmartguy95 @CatoftheNine @CaseyExplosion It's a game for those that are fans. It is through and through a She… @CaseyExplosion It is! Think why there hasn't been much talk about it until now is because it's very much a fan driven game.
Retweeted by MFing Decorative Gourd Season Aficionado @danikaharrod This is great to see. The power of a strong good community. @DaveOshry Gimme that ray tracingGonna tell my kids this is David Cameron
Retweeted by MFing Decorative Gourd Season Aficionado @ccorinnigan Well then it's a great fit for you!
"Blaze it." - Croagunk
Retweeted by MFing Decorative Gourd Season Aficionado @destructoid Not when he tells you to go to bed all the freaking time @Jessifreakinlyn I think you like Star Wars.
Retweeted by MFing Decorative Gourd Season Aficionado @carolynmichelle The Mary Sue argument these fans have for Rey is so boring and bland. @ByCommonConsent Brian K Vaughan signed a deal with Legendary for 3 years so the possibility is there for a show to… @ThatAdamKid Indisputable fact @ThatAdamKid And not to billionaires @NieRGame @PackBenPack @ThatAdamKid @pcgamer A boycott is in order @pcgamer @ThatAdamKid @ccorinnigan It is pretty good. The only thing I do not like much is it doesn't operate exactly like an electric to… @TravisHymas Also Palkia is a dick and balls @ThatAdamKid Give the evil capitalist some credit @DVanillannie @kateleth @skullmandible That was my hope! It will be in the new Animal Crossing at least. @kateleth @skullmandible Also all clothes choices!!! But that will at least be an option in Animal Crossing @manboobwpurpose @ThatAdamKid Who needs to have clothes tailored when you have money it doesn't matter!? @manboobwpurpose @ThatAdamKid It is very apparent not all of the rich can dress well. Look to the orange man in office. @Wario64 Dammit no sale on ControlThe rich being useful @tha_rami @GoogleStadia Really like the idea of playing it anywhere, but I worry about the player base on it. @glassbottommeg We wanted it to be a surprise @julia__ghoulia Jonas content alert 🚨 @MeatVoltron It will certainly help pass the time @MeatVoltron There are two parts so plenty to watch @MeatVoltron It's kind of like this, but it's a buff dude beating the shit out of death row inmates that escaped th… @HugS86 @LiquidChillin @ACR_POKER Enjoying this beef @MeatVoltron You should watch Baki too @totscheetos @ThatAdamKid Hashbrowns are great with ketchup! @SaintSluggo Darn. Internet search it is. @SaintSluggo Is this by chance in the form of stickers?One of the unexpected things to see happen this year is the undoing of Biden and his image as a good fun uncle @FoldableHuman In time for the follow up game @Fobwashed Steve no @Jolin4Congress Take him down. I'm not in the district, but support you all the way. @LGKade Glad to hear! Hope it goes well for you!The real-life inspiration for Nintendo’s Kirby battled for black voters, against police brutality
Retweeted by MFing Decorative Gourd Season Aficionado @TheBlackNerd CD-i Link energy @Captain_Jedi Preach it
The 2nd best library of all Nintendo systems @itsashleyoh How could you. This is evil. @thetakeout I asked for itEat shit John Voight CALLER: "Howdy. I just want to apologize first & foremost for all the morons on the calls earlier, especially…
Retweeted by MFing Decorative Gourd Season Aficionado @PTibz @tha_rami Hush you @BenWinslow @RepChrisStewart Good @curioslynxd @GifZelda Don't be ashamed! It's a good game! @peachy_kari It's a cruel life @peachy_kari What do they poop though @pourmecoffee @krisis86 This is something you should fight against @mastracola Least surprising thing of anything in entertainment this year @dnlrntr @ByCommonConsent There are no good red delicious. The name red delicious is an affront to fruit.This was the secret weapon Disney had ready when they launched the service. Keep this ridiculously marketable plot… @verygooster I have watched only The Simpsons so far @smolkwir @emkappel 🤣🤣🤣omg LowellHalf-Life: Alyx arrives March 2020. Here's every screen shot Valve sent me from the game, and everything they've sa…
Retweeted by MFing Decorative Gourd Season Aficionado @ybbaaabby @bjork It was brought up in news on the morning show I listen to and I immediately thought of you @krisis86 @ByCommonConsent This is very tragic @krisis86 @ByCommonConsent It is true @ByCommonConsent @ChuckWendig is an apple expert. You should talk with him on his apple ranking. @SamitSarkar One of the shows I have in my long list of shows to eventually watch @ashleynicoo It does the skin good and toughens it up! @ChikoritaCheez @ChikoritaCheez Geno @imranzomg @imranzomg I saw that the Anker ones are @Danielleri I will finally watch the Olympics! @AdequateEmily #SaveMonika
Retweeted by MFing Decorative Gourd Season Aficionado @Papapishu @Danielleri @aurahack @kuraine Ahhhh that's so amazing! Happy for you both! @DominicTarason He does awesome Mario 64 stuff and it sucks Ninty is so shitty about this and stingy. @JustinMcElroy But it's for us. Think of the content you are providing us with.Good laugh @barnhartellie @xoFROOT Hell ya! So happy for you! @TheSuperSNES The PJ curse strikes againI’m just asking questions here
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Bill Gates just surpassed Jeff Bezos as the richest person on Earth, with a net worth of $110 billion. I struggled…
Retweeted by MFing Decorative Gourd Season Aficionado @PTibz @Fobwashed @giantbomb There is an app that has the premium stuff to watch on it @thesamspo This is great too and makes for great leftovers! @patrickklepek @SciresM Looking forward to reading this later! @Polygon It is to me @ByCommonConsent This was you wasn't it @barnhartellie Out of bed! @RenoNY Just get more money @GailSimone One of the mahna mahna Muppets @manboobwpurpose It's truth! @a_cado_appears Thank you for your service @KinjaDeals I see what you did there with your word choice @Polygon @dnlrntr @dstnbrl @manboobwpurpose You have a very sweet face