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@barnhartellie All a bunch of trash @barnhartellie This statement is some real trash @barnhartellie I'm very upset by this game @jowrotethis I will always stand with Lindelof @boggessmarky You are a dedicated man. Even I as big a Marvel fan as I am couldn't have gotten myself there 7 times.
Retweeted by matt @haIfwayback They are too caught up in thinking it's a big budget game so it has to be good. @totscheetos Kids have that kind of magical power to make seeing something you might not have been very enthused about worth seeing. @9_volt_ @shaun_jen @CaseyExplosion Silence nerd @CaseyExplosion Me reading you say that about Doom @shaun_jen @CaseyExplosion Giant Bomb's Dan Ryckert agrees @jordeeeeeen Big ol F from me @TeddyDief EXACTLY WHAT I THOUGHT WHEN I SAW IT @glassbottommeg I remember pretty much every moment and have dedicated a part of my mind to everything Marvel related. @j_n_foster This is PJW's whole shtick. He is a walking joke. @dnlrntr Skin care is important. I'm bad at it as I don't make time for it which I need to do more.Spring 2022. President Marianne Williamson ensures each American of their entitlement to unlimited free screenings…
Retweeted by matt @regressoms Update: I have seen it. It was a wild ride and there sure was some graphic stuff shown. Definitely see…ソーのロゴ ゲームのタイトル画面にペーストしても違和感ない説
Retweeted by matt @JessMcDonell I can see it too 😆 @JessMcDonell It's based on the Matt Fraction run of Hawkeye! @Danielleri No yucking yums from me @krisis86 It frightened me because it all the sudden changes to them being in space and they are all scared and it… @krisis86 They made a movie about that and it frightened me as a child @josswheelin THEM TOGETHER @lankywitch @mastracola All incredibly accurate @haIfwayback I can see some parts where it felt a bit clumsy. I felt she is great as Carol with being the kind of w… @haIfwayback What about it didn't you like exactly?
@mrsinister23 @swankmotron You gotta be that person don't ya @barnhartellie This is perfect @heyjenbartel You are deserving of it! @aurahack Seeing these kinds of games played when I was in Tokyo was wild. It takes so much hand and eye coordination. @MegMonk I live in Taylorsville and enjoy bbqs and movies.The attention to detail of this is incredible. I'm very looking forward to this. @sokareemie I feel inadequate seeing this talent
@barnhartellie @DnDGeologist The Twitter couple we don't deserve @Sir5000 Enjoy your youth @dstnbrl @cartoonnetwork @dnlrntr Finally he has grown @cartoonnetwork @dnlrntr @dstnbrlSomebody start the bath
Retweeted by mattOk now do caged children @kanyewest @KimKardashian
Retweeted by mattimagine trying to explain this tweet to someone in 2008
Retweeted by matt @cherryxlimeade @barnhartellie This is a mood @tacobellstan2 @twalker201 Going to have to contribute for you talking bad about Lin @sierrabwitchin @barnhartellie That makes sense! @sierrabwitchin @barnhartellie Did not know that. It is so great to see designers do that. @barnhartellie I love they used a diverse range of people to model. Any company that does that has my money.EVERYBODY STREAM ALL 79 VERSIONS OF OLD TOWN ROAD!! LETS BREAK THE RECORD!! 🐎⚡️
Retweeted by matt🌺 🗣️ gather round for MIDSOMMAR exclusives! we got the scoop on the paintings throughout the film and their hidden…
Retweeted by mattBig Chuck E. Cheese's news. At some point between March and April of this year, the family pizza parlor and arcade…
Retweeted by matt @twalker201 Anything from Big D and The Kids Table and Streetlight Manifesto @krisis86 I was a kid that loved tomatoes, corn, and salad. Love them to this day. @krisis86 Vegetables frickin ruleShane Dawson at the ticket counter buying 1 for Cats Movie
Retweeted by matt @AmmonMiller @livvidiaz The Taylor Swift stans have converged with the furries @twalker201 Those two things would get me to eat at the table. I can eat a carton of cherry tomatoes easily. @jowrotethis Always a great thing to hear about these encounters @dnlrntr Should definitely check out Dust An Elysian Tail. Gorgeous game that is all pro furry @dnlrntr Definitely that along with Wonder Boy (which Monster Boy is a follow up to) @manboobwpurpose Boobies are back bby @tacobellstan2 @TwitterSupport They have actually done something good @smolkwir @tacobellstan2 @QueerBoiMossy You better make Lowell some new tea @dnlrntr Not the kind you would want if you are a furry @TwistedOperator @alex_navarro One of the best Bombcast moments @tacobellstan2 @twalker201 Kol hates too much dancing confirmed. Kol is John Lithgow in Footloose. @dnlrntr @Captain_Jedi Huh well had not known that before and just read an interview of him talking about that. Tha… @dnlrntr Certainly a sock puppet catfish account @Captain_Jedi Having seen it and read various analysis articles about the relationship themes, I definitely see how it can be. @GeekShow @LGKade The wizards in his beard told him to retire homophobic people 'secretly gay': ⚪ lets straight people off the hook ⚪ makes it sound like gay people are…
Retweeted by matt @hiblake92 Certainly has beenPrime Minister Shinzo Abe's party is expected to cruise to victory in an election on Sunday. For a clue as to why,…
Retweeted by matt @nickykens Blueberry pie @Captain_Jedi I still am not over Midsommar. It's absolutely one of my favorite horror films. And it works as a break up movie too. @DropTheTNT @bb_kate_art Seeing they both have the same release date, I had to make the joke. I actually see a movement happening. @TheMarySue 😓 @ImpossibleFoods Now roll it out to more Little Caesars!This reminds me of this @daveweigel article about “rolling coal”
Retweeted by matt @tacobellstan2 Just hearing the word socialism frightens them. They can know nothing about what it is, but all they…👇 this this absolutely this @bb_kate_art Seeing Cats to own the SJW's that have ruined Star WarsI just found out Cats opens the same day as Episode IX and WOW that is BOLD
Retweeted by mattThe illustriousness continues tonight on #DESUSandMERO with women's team co-captain and soccer star @mPinoe. 11/10c…
Retweeted by matt
@ShoutFactory Blu Ray box set! I missed getting the original box set. @CaseyMalone @IFFBoston Gabriel Luna was incredible as Robbie Reyes on SHIELD @tacobellstan2 @twalker201 He is perfect no matter whatCATS (2019)
Retweeted by mattI put the song from Us onto the Cats trailer and I think it fits better.
Retweeted by matt @tacobellstan2 We are a horny society and peoples desires must be fulfilled @imranzomg If this is true, then my excitement for the game has returned. @Captain_Jedi It has always been horrifyingWho would have thought we would have to endure CG animal horror in the same year @AmmonMiller @chismosaaass I'm dying @TheGavinSheehan Going to the other side of the country avoiding the SDCC madness. A wise choice. @ashleylynch Keeping them exclusive only encourages off screen recordings. It's pointless to keep them exclusive to hall H this day and age. @ByCommonConsent I have never seen all of Top Gun, but have seen the original movie @spacetwinks One of my favorite MST3K episodesMario's Death Sprite: A Review
Retweeted by mattIt was true then, it's true now. She is an American hero, slandered and attacked by a disgustingly racist President…
Retweeted by matt @livvidiaz Feeling seen right now