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@ruth_gilbert @lucianaberger @EdelmanUK But not representing terrorist state apologists and racists. So swings and roundabouts. @GarryJo59593747 @lucianaberger @DPJHodges @EdelmanUK Look at your barnet Garry. What the hell is going on there? @twlldun Hand on heart I'm struggling. To read this rubbish. @neXtquotidiano Il Crapitano. @GrRoary @jackappleby @Damian_Barr Sadly typical. Perform his pompous and condescending superiority act on the twit… @scrapegroat It's still weirdly deserted. Few people travelling and they're sticking to rules. A lot of people exaggerate for retweets IMO. @scrapegroat I've had to use London tube, buses and trains for the last two weeks and tbf I would say compliance is 90%+. @guardiannews I've just finished sitting on what may have been the first trial at the Old Bailey since lockdown. Th… @Millar_Colin @OzKaterji But he's not joining Liverpool.Weekly deaths registrations in England and Wales – the total number of deaths in the week ending 19 June was below…
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History will judge us by what we said and didn’t say about Xinjiang:
Retweeted by Matthew Young @BradleyWhitford Holy shit not after dinner.Please watch this 35 second Magnum clip. I have not stopped laughing.
Retweeted by Matthew Young'Rape and death threats are totes fine if they're just a meme lol' You are engaged in the systematic intimidation…
Retweeted by Matthew Young @XRebellionUK Might have known you clueless imbeciles would be all over this. @SebWhite @jackiemcsharry1 @XRebellionUK Lying fucker. @patricksturg Some people don't get sport. That's ok. @pigmaher @PointlessBrexit @patricksturg Bollocks. @CrowdJustice Pathetic and cowardly. Ironic that the meaning of the word justice is completely lost on you. @Racing_Tales One of two Derby winners I've picked out the autumn before. Sadly only backed him on the day, on the Downs. A good day out. @jcnopasaran @MikeH_PR A woman is a sex not a gender. Feminine is a gender. Anyone can be feminine at times, includ… @jcnopasaran @MikeH_PR It is the case. And woman means adult human female which is a biological concept which is im… @jcnopasaran @MikeH_PR Adult human female are biological terms. Not social. @CheRyan @MikeH_PR WRONGTHINK ALERT @jcnopasaran @MikeH_PR A woman is an adult human female. @FullMarxPodcast @liamyoung Lack of talent No strategic plan Misunderstanding of what working class people want Be…
Oh my. Was mildly sceptical but down thread, it really is her. Marvellous.
Retweeted by Matthew Young @ShowerAbsolute Hand on heart I'm strugg....hold on...'No, those towels were not pure Egyptian cotton as I told you… @RacingTV @EpsomRacecourse 36 years and I'm still annoyed about this.Counterpoint: if you had the first idea how painful antisemitism is, or even the first idea *what* antisemitism is,…
Retweeted by Matthew Young @kanyewest Well among all the bad news we've been through the last few years....this is fucking irrelevant. @karavoght @thedavidcrosby @Booker4KY @AmyMcGrathKY 'Liberal populism' is something of an oxymoron. @tribunemagazine @jasebyjason Oh my good God. A more complete misunderstanding of the Blair era one would struggle… @anandMenon1 @GavinJKelly1 Sure Gavin didn't put that grocer's apostrophe in the second line.Defund the....POLICE?????? @dwlen_ The majority I've seen in favour are middle class white students.
@Mike_Pence You appointed two barmy judges and you're still complaining. Now you want more? @JamesMills1984 @NewStatesman @LenMcCluskey Mccluskeysaurus, early pleistocene period. Lumbering, cumbersome, toothless specimen. T… @AyoCaesar You spent 5 years supporting a Labour leadership that didn't stop complaining that austerity had cut pol… @hannahchrstina Once watched documentary about the Mississippi River and spent longer tracing the course on Google… @DaleSmith1979 @SkyNews Some people are as stupid as they look. @Weesiwel @cmclymer She wasn't @ProtoWatari Pronouns: dick/head @ukblm Maybe start saying what you mean. You've destroyed your own credibility, as Starmer has pointed out. Looks l… @Weesiwel @cmclymer She's more than famous enough not to need validation.jK r0wl1nG iS h1TleR. @cmclymer You can see how King reversed when he realised he'd said something non-woke. He's afraid, JK isn't. @theneedledrop And you're a misogynistic halfwit. @MaggieMaeFish To her credit then. She's wonderful. @HuytonMinstrel @Flymetovenus1 Broad church only works when the fundamentalists aren't in any position of power. @Flymetovenus1 Thank you for leaving. It means so much to me. @davidsheldon95 @Flymetovenus1 @jeremycorbyn And his approval rating of -70%. @grahamsbino @Flymetovenus1 @jeremycorbyn Please stay out of politics for the good of Britain.
One to watch in future is Ascension from that Newmarket race, long, easy stride, pronounced knee action, get him up… VE day.... @jimtgreer Margaret Rutherford taking one for the team is extraordinary. @MayorofLondon Try learning something by yourself. Have a go. @LucyC2019 @MayorofLondon Colonisation of a movement which was about sexuality but now is about erasing women. @DrAseemMalhotra Everything is racist. @residentadviser @mrianleslie He actually meant the widely held interpretation of those words, whichever words he a… Gove, 2016: “People in this country have had enough of experts”. Michael Gove, speech on June 27, 2020:
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@michaelscat2 @cjayanetti The Goodies, 1971.
Retweeted by Matthew Young @ripx4nutmeg @CrowdJustice Fortunately, his delete game isn't as fast as my screenshot game but, @CrowdJustice this… @JohnRentoul 2,3,4,5,7,8,9. Pleased with that. @ivelostlewis @David_K_Clark What's wrong with that? @ivelostlewis @David_K_Clark Homophobia and misogyny from you seem deep rooted. You're not only a liar, you are a c… @ivelostlewis @David_K_Clark Hahaha. That really must have been a cursory look. i.e. you didn't look at it at all.… @ivelostlewis @David_K_Clark It's your problem if you draw nonsensical and illogical conclusions, not mine. That's… @OzKaterji No. @ivelostlewis @David_K_Clark Oh dear. My point is proven, Sir Snake. You can't follow an argument or successfully d… @ivelostlewis @David_K_Clark Just because she's black doesn't mean I can't see a long term grifting Corbynite crank… @ivelostlewis @David_K_Clark The many ways people spray around the word racist does the same to me. Still, crack on Sir Snake. @David_K_Clark She's a well known Corbynist crank. She ended up running Neville Southall's barmy social media if th… @GhoulishSmee @simonday24 Utter rot. He's defended women from being erased and subjugated yet again to the whims of… @SteveMasonKBT If you tolerate this, then your children will be next, as the song went. @ripx4nutmeg @CrowdJustice Here is a typical comment from those who oppose Allison's stance. (Now deleted). @SiouxsieAHF @SnowWulfX @CrowdJustice @BluskyeAllison Here's the tweet it deleted. Misogyny as usual right at the f… @TransEthics @SnowWulfX No it isn't. @MrBreakspear @MomentumBury You can't help but marvel at Keir's impact. His enemies shall scatter themselves... @Roobytewsday @aitchsquared @anyabike @Glinner Reality. The unicorns are free to roam now, and crap out pure rainbows! @jrdynjy Or you could just get a job like the rest of us. @Kazel_93 @lyleleander @brittballard @jaredlholt The irony! Just amazing. @jaredlholt The current portion of your career is lying about him.
@miriksmit @Ewannash06 @mattzarb @michaeljswalker Glad you can put a brave face on it. @miriksmit @Ewannash06 @mattzarb @michaeljswalker But you will tho.If even the woketastic gauleiters of Twitter ruled against her one has to wonder if this wasn't the genius move she… @miriksmit @Ewannash06 @mattzarb @michaeljswalker You'll get over it. Eventually. @miriksmit @Ewannash06 @mattzarb @michaeljswalker It do be feeling like dat doe. @miriksmit @Ewannash06 @mattzarb @michaeljswalker But the pathos! It's crushing. I can only weep. @miriksmit @Ewannash06 @mattzarb @michaeljswalker One can only imagine Zarbo's disappointment that he tried to set… @miriksmit @Ewannash06 @mattzarb @michaeljswalker You are, your, profile, picture? @Ewannash06 @mattzarb @michaeljswalker Now @mynnoj @Ewannash06 @mattzarb @michaeljswalker Everything. @miriksmit @Ewannash06 @mattzarb @michaeljswalker Is this you? @Ewannash06 @mattzarb @michaeljswalker It really is. @miriksmit @Ewannash06 @mattzarb @michaeljswalker The moron army! Finally they respond! Thank goodness. @randy_warhols @mattzarb @michaeljswalker Hi Matt! @Ewannash06 @mattzarb @michaeljswalker I thought i told you to call 111. You appear incapable of following simple instructions.