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matt apodACAB @mattapodaca Los Angeles, CA

Producer @Earwolf (@getplayedpod @improv4humans @queerycast). Host @wwthtaweezerpod @candydinnerpod. PONY improv. Stream every Friday @ 4pm PST on Twitch he/him

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Having @jasonschreier on to talk perhaps one of the worst games we’ve ever and will ever play on the show was a del… @ayobrobro @yayforzig @heathercampbell Zig’s back in LA and I guess he must have missed catching hands @heathercampbell The idea anyone could even think of a note to give you is insane to me.
@yayforzig 😎 @yayforzig No thanksHappy Birthday to all the moms out there :)Wario doesn’t deserve this @adampally Was just saying this. Thank you.
ICYMI I talked with Scott Aukerman about the new Weezer album. Available on all your favorite podcast platforms. from a Twitter goof MONTHS ago, last night @FernieCommaAlex & @ActuallyBerg did live color commentary while I…
Retweeted by matt apodACAB @itsjonmackey @FernieCommaAlex @ActuallyBerg Hahahahah I love this
Retweeted by matt apodACAB @TrondyNewman @ANDREWTI Hahahahah @joshgondelman @throgers that seems like it should be right based on how other bands do things but Weezer is an anomaly @vornietom Was thinking of charging people to reply once I get the feature. Seems only fair. @erynAntoinette Should be everywhere now! @joshgondelman @throgers 15 is a staggering number! It's shocking even to me!it’s just such a hood limited time only shirt @getplayedpod
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Gonna be live on Twitch in just a few mins! Let's snap some pics of some Pokemon and talk about Weezer or whatever!… @ScottAukerman @yayforzig @wwthtaweezerpod Hmmm weird must have accidentally sent it to another Zig I knowIs it possible we recorded this an hour ago???
Retweeted by matt apodACAB @ScottAukerman Who could even say! @jacquisneal hmm I now have something in my eyeAn all new episode of my Weezer podcast @wwthtaweezerpod is available right now with guest @ScottAukerman talking a… @yayforzig just looked at the filmography and idk why anyone would want thissome of these corrections aren't apt examples imo so what are you even doing besides being pedantic lolEveryone correcting me can stop I’m just having a bit of fun @willhines maybe some could but not like Weezer @ColinAnder Colin!!! @joeuhlarik SO catchy and so much fun!Weezer put out two great albums this year within months of each other, two completely different vibes and styles of… @danawickens I fuckin HATE HIM. RUPERT FOREVERBeen watching seasons in order and this season rules in particular because of how they reinvent the game with some… watched Survivor: Pearl Islands. Never hated someone on tv more in my life. @magicmikecastle And then after we hung up I was like “wow someone thinks it’s 10 years ago” and then I had to do t… @magicmikecastle When I worked at a restaurant answering phones someone called 10 mins before closing asking for a…
God forbid you don’t say one of the worst things you could say! It’s better if you don’t!It’s very funny to me that these old white men get so nervous about doing the bare minimum! It’s very easy to avoid… you like German science fiction? Did you even know there was German science fiction? Catch up on "Claudia and Jo…
Retweeted by matt apodACABIf you love German Sci-Fi and laughing along with people watching it, you gotta check out Claudia and Jonathan Watc… @RozwellKid I remember it being a huge upset! 4th grade was scandalized. @angelamcastelli I've never experienced anything else like it! Second hand even! @josephapodacaa HAHAHA! It’s one of the most vivid memories I have! Still so shocking. A villain origin story if there ever was one.Something I think about probably too often is how the smartest girl in my elementary school lost a spelling bee by… pictures? What are we talking about? THE SNYDER CUT?
@RiversCuomo please come on my podcastHappy anniversary of the day I gave coke back to a stranger know I gotta give this a "hell yeah"! =w= it sounds like we've got another banger on our hands. New @wwthtaweezerpod out sometime Friday. Bad Batch? More like The Good Batch! @ColinAnder Bruv you know what I'm about to ask... what's all this then? @swthiede I do! I didn't really play the original, maybe once (didn't have N64) so I had no nostalgia for it but I'… @PFTompkins The umbrella really makes it!(and for the record I am still playing Kingdom Hearts! On the Riku segment of Chain of Memories. working my way thr… Pokemon Snap is wonderful! I'll be streaming it this Friday at 4pm PST!
@swthiede It had to be said!all of my jokes are like this love Star Wars.Hey y'all -- ICYMI, applications for @pineapplemedia's paid, 4-month internship & apprenticeship positions are open…
Retweeted by matt apodACAB @angelamcastelli He seems like a tight hang! Just a guy trying his best. @ColinAnder Oh I like these apples :)Honestly I think Ben Affleck rules.
It’s Super Mayrio all month on @getplayedpod! And wow @evafay is back and she’s the best! Wahoo!
Pleased to report you can get dippin dots at gas stations and it still owns popping in periodically and being a lil stinker in the chatShout out to @nickwiger, @BDayBoysMitch, @emmaatree, @king_slop, @YusongL and everyone at @doughboyspod HQ for doin… @yayforzig 😏 @MarMaginot He brings in the same pitches every week but changed slightly to reflect the notes given but always gets it more wrong @yayforzig Mfer over here tweeting sketch characters with concepts as game? Sheesh couldn’t be me.Day 1 of UCB Sketch 101 soundin ass bitch
Get your How Did This Get Played? Super Mayrio merch now from @Podswag! Only available from May 1st - May 31st!…
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Our @Podswag Super Mayrio merch is available NOW!
Retweeted by matt apodACABVery excited about our themed month that starts Monday! you're Indigenous / Native American, fully vaccinated, live in Los Angeles and are looking for production assist…
Retweeted by matt apodACAB @yayforzig @CanYouPetTheDog 🥺 @yayforzig @tonyhawk hmmmI think even @tonyhawk himself would think I am good at his video game 🙂Hmmm simply gotta tune in to see the Doughboys!
@AlexUngerman @Max_Lasser "I'm rich, what else even is there for me to do? :( " @malin_veh impossibly bad take! @RadioTFB It makes no sense Josh! Even shows like Mad Men and Breaking Bad had better jokes on it than some sitcoms! @FernieCommaAlex I know! It's absolutely coming from a place of wanting an award for "you know what you look like" riffsThere is something to this take BUT it's all thrown out the window by looping in Parasite, which does have many fun… yes this show is perfect trying to follow along with a @PFTompkins thread @FernieCommaAlex I know I fucked up! I didn’t know! And I worship so many people in Hollywood that I didn’t even think to check!the takes coming back from this lmao MFs….
Retweeted by matt apodACABRumors are swirling that today is @chrisfarren’s birthday but sources have yet to officially confirm. @chrisfarren Big if trueDid anyone ask for this podcast? No. Are you getting it anyways? Yes of course your are. Subscribe listen and enjoy…
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Who are my Puerto Rican actresses fluent in Spanish - I have a VO video game gig. Already gave them a guy friend of…
Retweeted by matt apodACAB @jkbasante Oh I know we know! 🤐 have easily stayed the guy who was like “ok you can win 10k if you touch this spider” but no we had to be lik… did we allow Joe Rogan to become more than the guy who watched people eat wormswhen you pray for your enemy's downfall but he keeps succeeding 👿 descent into madness begins @angelamcastelli I'll block whoever literally anytime I love it