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matt apodACAB @mattapodaca Los Angeles, CA

Truly Rude Producer @Earwolf (@culturekingspod @getplayedpod @improv4humans @queerycast @yoisthisracist). Host @wwthtaweezerpod @candydinnerpod. PONY improv.

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My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is sharing this perfect joke that Paul tweets every year. @ColinAnder @yayforzig @edgarmomplaisir Oh hell yeah @ColinAnder @edgarmomplaisir @yayforzig I think you could start with Avengers, but the whole thing is seeing these… to with John Wilson is so fuckin funny @wheresdarius Tell everyone I said hello! @wheresdarius Is this true?!
We talked a little more about MGS2 on this week's PREMIUM DLC! I could play instruments I would have recorded a pop-punk version of Taylor Swift’s Betty so it’s good that I don’t know how @ANDREWTI @TrondyNewman it was a lot of work but it was worth it. probably won't do anymore songs tho because I put it all in this one. @TrondyNewman @ANDREWTI yeah and I put clips in from our favorite movieHey @ANDREWTI & @TrondyNewman I made you a song is my final day as producer on @yoisthisracist. The show is moving from Earwolf and going independent! It was… @benmekler Thank you I agree 🙏🏽 @yayforzig Interesting I do agree
@yayforzig @brettsperminute Hahahaha they don't stopRivers Cuomo and Hideo Kojima are similar to me and I will not be answering questions about this or explaining what I mean. @shaundiston Hmm campaigning? Why not let the people vote their conscience? #ComingForMyNeck @RozwellKid He just dumped demo bundles from every single era on his website!Weezer could have released 2 more albums with just stuff left over from the EWBAITE sessions and I think they should haveThank god @nickwiger what are we gonna do @BDayBoysMitch Former friend* is more like it!
@seanoconnz my jaw dropped! I couldn't believe it! It was like a true mandela effectHave any questions about Frog Fractions? Browser games? Or any follow ups from previous episodes? Ask us and we'll…
Retweeted by matt apodACABI'm almost 30 and I've come to except that I am getting to the point in my life where there are just some things I… @Bafflegabs ok but Devon do you wanna be in my new weezerListening to these Blue-Pinkerton Weezer demos makes me wanna pull a Yesterday with the unused material and become WeezerAlso I am the Xbox Kid @edgarmomplaisir @avp214 @culturekingspod @daheli I definitely sent it correctly! I'll have them fix @seanoconnz we'd be done listening to it all by now! @seanoconnz I'm digging into the blue-pinkerton files and I cannot believe what I'm hearing @Lizz it hardly makes sense to me!This game is too fuckin scaryéli is so wonderful, check it out! @paulscheer @seanoconnz @MikeMcMahanTM @nickseevers @RiversCuomo Oh I'm all over it and extremely overwhelmed! @CraigHawtin he released a bunch of stuff on his website but a lot of it is unsorted and un… @2ndtaste2 yes basically! @yayforzig you are not wrongI have 1,342 audio files now (so far) and have no idea what is going on or where to start
@joeuhlarik Gonna take some work but I can't wait to dig inWaiting on Raditude/Hurley & White. Interesting there's no Pacific Daydream or Black demos! Maybe that's stuff he's… @DoctorStebick If I find it I'll let you know! I'm sitting on like at least a couple thousand files!Ok he's released stuff from every era so far and I don't know what I'm gonna do @ZachCurry312 Oh I got em! Waiting for the last 2! @RiversCuomo wanna come on my podcast and talk about these demos??Jesus he added 600ish files to the bundle and put up 3 more from various eras. What am I supposed to do with all this?! @yayforzig Holy shit @briantarnold Was thinking it's nuts he hasn't done Fargo @AshleyEsqueda The screenshot sharing is perfect! Console management is great too. But where's the store?! (Not tha… @AshleyEsqueda I wish the Xbox app had the game store on it!Atreus has such an attitude right now and I'm taking it VERY personally. Kratos isn't perfect but he's doing his best! @KevinJBartelt It's all about the dreams you're NOT having
In case you thought about going to church today's like too much to unpack within the release, songs, ideas, images, text, so much stuff that I probably won't… just got the Alone IV demo bundle, missed out on the leaks but it seems like Rivers is gonna try and make those l… @DivaLaci Hahahaha I loved the Queens Gambit! @DivaLaci “I’m watching Netflix” @TrondyNewman This is incredibleDon’t wanna spoil it because it was somehow not spoiled for me but let’s just say some things never change @julydiaz Dude I know, biggest mistake of my life @netw3rk I was not ready and before I knew it I was hollering
I was a massive fan of the original God of War series (even got a PSP just to play the games on there) and I never… of the shows I work on are mentioned in this write up from @Stitcher so let it be known I do good work @joshgondelman @laurastevenson oh hell yeah @IfyNwadiwe Hahahahahha
@RadioTFB @brettsperminute @danawickens it was less than the above pic even @brettsperminute @RadioTFB @danawickens I remember! @RadioTFB @danawickens "for flavor" you don't even like flavor @danawickens @yayforzig @RadioTFB I like don't even know what to say, it doesn't even make sense @RadioTFB @danawickens I've never heard your reasoning before and now that I have I know you're more wrong about th… @danawickens the @RadioTFB special @cameronesposito the one club where I *DO* want to be a member! @cameronesposito I too am part of the 9:30 gang @mattapodaca That's Chiralium. Rudy is an Extinction Entity.
Retweeted by matt apodACABjust adding this to the pile @yayforzig you sonofa!!! @thatdevinfield @JacobWysocki I would do thismy main career goal is to somehow appear as a guest on Hot Ones and just absolutely get destroyed by the wings @GenePark I *loved* this game! @purasuerte1 Someone telling me I look like various unattractive celebrities directly to me is not the same as me s… @johnlevenstein In many ways those months prepared me for now!Jack looks like he's wearing a disguiseZuckerberg got his start with a website debating who is hot and who is not and he looks like a fuckin toeI'll tell ya what, if I was as rich as them I wouldn't look like absolute shit @marcmaron always
@jazzmodeus hello, looking into this, what app? obviously don't want that running at all but helpful to know where you heard it! @Gabrus @yayforzig i haven't won once yet and I love HadesMe watching the opening of The Simpsons
Retweeted by matt apodACABMy dudes @charlesmihelich and Zach Olsen have a Baywatch podcast called Baywatch Watch and today I'm their guest! W… @heathercampbell @getplayedpod it's a tough life we have chosen @SeanClements Having him put a "kick me" sign on my back was a nice touch! @jacquisneal Jacquis!Today on @yoisthisracist, @andrewti, @trondynewman & producer @mattapodaca get comfy before they get uncomfortable…
Retweeted by matt apodACABI started watching re-runs of Late Nighr on Comedy Central when I was like 11 or 12, around the time I discovered S… time Conan said I was his favorite person at Earwolf and he gave me a hug. I went in for a professional side hu… Miles Morales? Loving it. Gears 5? Loving it. Hades? Loving it. Games are good!My love for video games is at an all-time high these days and frankly I love to see it
@yayforzig You should :)"wow" @heathercampbell @getplayedpod Hahahahaha