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Art Teacher(9th yr.)-@kentuckyarted/@NAEA member; 2019 KyAEA Secondary Level Art Educator Of The Year! Head Girls Golf Coach- @MLCHSgirlsgolf at Collins H.S.

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2 minutes to lift off of another @SpaceX rocket! Exciting to see!'ll be hosting #k12artchat tonight at 9:30est, join us to talk about using #AugmentedReality in #art class! It wi…
Retweeted by Mr.C`s Art Class @El_Blackwell Thanks! P.S.- There’s more ideas 😉 @ChristineBemis2 I appreciate ya, Christine! @ChristineBemis2 Such as awesome learning experience that Opened Students Eyes about the Arts in their area! @MrsDavidArt @CHS_Hulsey @NatQuiltMuseum Really?!?!?! What piece?!?! @Kbahri5 Hey! Glad to have been on the chat!CHALLENGE- I will make waves in the next Two Days #CelebratED by Teaching My Art 4 students Even More processes of… Leadership In the Realm Of Advocacy for the Arts #CelebratED has been a Big Focus for me this school year, such… What guides my teaching is the knowing that I have Awesome Students who can not only Learn what I teach them… How I kindle hope with my students #CelebratED is to Open Up my classroom with field trips to places such as L… To demonstrate student learning #CelebratED I ‘cluster’ students together, to learn Together, allowing for dis… @idacavagec Amelia Earhart Museum just up the road from you all! I was there this past summer ya’ll, I’m Matt (Mr. C)- I’m a High School Art Teacher in Kentucky! Glad to be chatting on tonight’s… ready: the Ditch That Textbook Digital Summit is coming! 👉 FREE online conference for teachers 👉 50+ video pre…
Retweeted by Mr.C`s Art Class @kimmackeyrop @CHS_Hulsey Mrs. Hulsey, Thankful that you’re keeping quilting/ sewing Alive and avoiding going on th… @CHS_Hulsey @NatQuiltMuseum Awesome! Can’t wait to see The Process and The Results! @Richmondruss @MLCTitanNation @natejebsen @MLCHS_Principal @JohnR_Leeper @JamesNeihof @MadelynSterrett This morning… @CHS_Hulsey I love quilts! I have all 10 that my grandma made. I’ve been to the @NatQuiltMuseum in Paducah, KY-… @MadelynSterrett @CHS_Hulsey @natejebsen @MLCTitanNation @MLCHS_Principal @JohnR_Leeper @JamesNeihof @msettles82 Li… @MadelynSterrett @natejebsen @MLCTitanNation @MLCHS_Principal @JohnR_Leeper @JamesNeihof @msettles82 @MLCHS_Biomed
@lauren_h_mann @underwoodgtm Love this! @MadelynSterrett @natejebsen @MLCTitanNation @MLCHS_Principal @JohnR_Leeper @JamesNeihof @msettles82 @MLCHS_Biomed morning in Art 3 @MLCTitanNation Assistant Principal @natejebsen was Challenged to ‘Learn How To Throw Clay’ o… School Career Education Teacher Needed. Apply Below!
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@GiftedTawk @Scholastic Love this! @timneedles @iste Great Advice, Tim. @PRPdesign @MLCTitanNation @shelbycountysch @MLCHS_Principal @Richmondruss She worked really hard on this, starting…‘Come One, Come All’ to Titan #Theatre @MLCTitanNation @MLCHS_Principal @shelbycountysch this Thursday/ Friday/ Sat… Proud of Jennifer Castillo, in Art 3 this morning @MLCTitanNation @shelbycountysch @MLCHS_Principal Jennifer Mad…! 5 for 50!! 2 bundles of #dbcincbooks to choose from!! Get ALL FIVE books in the bundle for $50 (plus FREE ship…
Retweeted by Mr.C`s Art Class @riosupt That’s just it, isn’t it! You’ll never be ‘finished’ painting! That’s the Awesomeness Of Art!! @AnzianoArts @MLCTitanNation @MLCHS_Principal @shelbycountysch Thank you! Clay ‘may be’ messy, but students love se…
Congrats to South Medford High School's ceramics teachers, @Richmondruss, for being featured! #MSDproud
Retweeted by Mr.C`s Art Class @KinaneMrs @jemmer_art @oswegofinearts @MsBreKArt A kiln packed Solid is always an Awesome feeling! #k12artchatSo Proud of Alberto Medrano, today, in Art 3 @MLCTitanNation @MLCHS_Principal for making his 1st Thrown Mug this we… @creativityvault
Should be a great chat, this week on #K12Artchat! Join Us, THIS THURSDAY at 9:30pm EST. @timneedles @tishrich @Richmondruss @MSD549C @TaraMartinEDU @Artguy76 @GrundlerArt Awesome, Russ!Ultimately, IT’S UP TO US to Advocate For America! @endangered @NPCA
Throughout 2019, park advocates have stepped up to make NPCA’s centennial an incredible year for our national parks…
Retweeted by Mr.C`s Art ClassKnow who's good at demonstrating creative thinking + ability to work w/ others? Kids involved in the arts. #artsed
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This Black Friday kicks off a year-long plan from @REI -- 52 weeks of sustainable action to leave the world (and es…
Retweeted by Mr.C`s Art ClassI’ll be Here- TONIGHT & Tomorrow- in Florence, KY- The Black Friday Sale @cityofflorence! S… @Richmondruss
100 years of NPCA would not have been possible without YOU. This Thanksgiving, and every single day, we're beyond…
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@RisaKim29 @GSISKorea Electrical tape works great, too @TaraMartinEDU @dbc_inc @burgessdave @tishrich @JayBilly2 @thewrightleader @iluveducating @AnnickRauch Oooof, I don… is a revered American hero and the subject of a new movie — but there’s more to Harriet Tubman’s story than wha…
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This issue of #NAEA News is brimming with information you can use! Read about how you can participate in a Higher…
Retweeted by Mr.C`s Art Class @MrsGoruk @MLCHSgirlsgolf 😆 @MrsGoruk @MLCHSgirlsgolf 2 day weekAll- I JUST Realized #tlap that I am using My Coaching Twitter Handle, instead of My Classroom Handle..... Long Day…
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@Richmondruss @MLCTitanNation @MLCHS_Principal @shelbycountysch @natejebsen @raybournartroom @aweninspiration Art Classes here @MLCTitanNation CHALLENGE You & Your Classes!! @MLCHS_Principal @shelbycountysch @natejebsen what I found this in my mailbox @MLCTitanNation Today!! Can’t Wait to start reading this inspiring book… you teach it or not, And/Or believe it or not- Concepts & Skills learned in Art benefits ALL subject areas…
@MrsRsMiddleSch1 @timneedles @Richmondruss @tishrich @gcouros @kentuckyarted @TaraMartinEDU @youtubemusic Memories…
Are you registered for #dbcPIRATEcon? You don't want to miss this adventurous, uncommon PD experience! THIS line u…
Retweeted by Mr.C`s Art Class @theteachingcurc @TaraMartinEDU @timneedles @Richmondruss @tishrich @gcouros @kentuckyarted @youtubemusic I’m confi… @Richmondruss @timneedles @tishrich @gcouros @kentuckyarted @TaraMartinEDU @youtubemusic Oooooh yeah! That’s how I… @timneedles @Richmondruss @tishrich @gcouros @kentuckyarted @TaraMartinEDU @youtubemusic Thanks, Tim! I’ll keep ya… @theteachingcurc @TaraMartinEDU @timneedles @Richmondruss @tishrich @gcouros @kentuckyarted @youtubemusic This is a… @Richmondruss @timneedles @tishrich @gcouros @kentuckyarted @TaraMartinEDU @youtubemusic Positive morning music, th… @TaraMartinEDU @timneedles @Richmondruss @tishrich @gcouros @kentuckyarted @youtubemusic On the way!! 😁 @CulinaryMlchs It was delicious!I feel ‘Re-Ignited’ to continue writing my book! #scthinksbigger #tlap #LEADlap #artsed #arteducation #artteacher“The near extinction of the buffalo left a major gap. The treaty on buffalo restoration aims to begin to fill that…
Retweeted by Mr.C`s Art Class @mrshillman_lms @mradamwelcome 😂😂 @StaffPodcast @kateboyer_3 Vulnerability and Showing that you’re Human and have flaws will go A Long Way in buildin…
@mradamwelcome Only 1 guy I Know of that Ran Across the Country! 😂 @timneedles @iste Can’t wait to read this, Tim!Our Advisory Period #Chess Tournament is well under way @MLCTitanNation @MLCHS_Principal @enrichstudents Building C… @Richmondruss @tishrich @MSD549C @aweninspiration @creativitydept @heARTISTatWORK Kiln load looks Great!The Art Student of The Week @MLCTitanNation Nov. 18-22 is a Group @MLCHS_Principal #k12artchat They are- Ciara Dail… @urbana_art WOW!! The realistic qualities of these are amazing, especially for Art 1 !! Your Art 1 Students are bet… @Richmondruss @tishrich @MSD549C @aweninspiration @creativitydept @heARTISTatWORK Teaching Your Students HOW TO Learn In This Way- #k12artchat #CreativityDept #scthinksbigger Thinking Deepe… week, the last pile of coal burned away at the Navajo Generating Station. The facility, the largest coal-fired…
Retweeted by Mr.C`s Art Class @Richmondruss @tishrich @aweninspiration @creativitydept @heARTISTatWORK was JUST Talking about a Huge Project between schools/ art programs, with my 5th period Art 3, Today!… @Richmondruss @JonesMiddleArt @GrundlerArt I highly recommend this! THIS changes the culture of a classroom and helps to Build A Program! @raybournartroom A few experiences! @Artguy76 Glad to be here! @raybournartroom Always glad to be in the discussions and reflections on #k12artchat!What makes Friday’s so amazing? When you share Fabulous Ss art work using #FabArtsFri & help them to shine!…
Retweeted by Mr.C`s Art Class @creativitydept @raybournartroom @TXarted @NAEA @NAEAMiddleLevel @peterhreynolds @FablePaul @FVStudioBoston A great… I Love the idea of Gratitude Challeges between Art Classes- in different states/different countries!… Have Students Create a Project that benefits the community #k12artchat Stepping Outside Of Themselves to Create… This time of the school year is where my Art Program @MLCTitanNation Is Built #K12ArtChat with #creativity and… @artcombobulated Stepping out on a limb, it’s tough to do, especially Reflecting on your own personal growth. Tough… My Students INSPIRE ME to reach New Heights with my own learning #k12artchat Art Educator I’ve Personally worked with via ‘Live Streaming’ Online, who knows his stuff, inside out, especiall… My Students @MLCTitanNation AMAZE Me Everyday! #K12ArtChat They have Inspired Me to create ‘Art Student of the… @conniedraws Snaps- @tishrich @burgessdave @TaraMartinEDU what others are saying? Follow them & Grow your PLN. #CreativityDept #K12ArtChat @TXarted @NAEA
Retweeted by Mr.C`s Art ClassA1- Yesterday, My Students @MLCTitanNation in Art 3, we talked about ‘what we’re Thankful for- I am thankful for Ea… ya’ll, this is Matt (Mr. C)- High school Art Teacher in Kentucky! Glad to a part of tonight’s #K12ArtChat refle…