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@ThatBShar You’d know him more than we could tell and if he’d be cool with it. General rule for me is to never give… for coming by to enjoy and support the 10hr day off stream.. We finally got our new Secure Case and it was… personal qualities that are essential for the people playing EFT 20% discount will be available within two day…
Retweeted by Dethridge🐻 @THEDonut_King @_eldodii @bstategames This. Been playing 18+ hours for 12 days my wait times are generally 3-4 min. Longest being 7. @iamBrandonTV What it’s actually like, especially when you have a 10 minute timer on screen... live. 13 kills to complete the task to get our new secure case! @DinseyAlfie Probably for 1.16 when it releases because I’m super excited for it. Having the new Nether definitely…
@GhostUnderscore I like it! Has a very nice ring to it saying the whole thing actuallyTonight is scheduled day off... but you know we’re streaming..can’t stop the Tarkov. But more sleep first. Cya in a bit @100TinyOwls It’s pretty easy to be the best Batman when you are Batman.Sometimes I am just on! 3-Man Squad Wipe @bstategames @Twitch
Retweeted by Dethridge🐻 @Xarr_69 @bstategames @Twitch weird. I just put on Honey I Shrunk The Kids and I totally forgot the crush I had on Amy when I was a kid. What a tripCrazy stream today! Thanks for coming by. We have only ONE more Task to do until we get our new secure container. What a grind its been.Sometimes I am just on! 3-Man Squad Wipe @bstategames @Twitch @FakeUniforM 🤣🤣🤣 live for a bit. Just Tarkov tonight as I chill to relax this dang neck thats killing me.
Good evening! Neck is still stiff as ole heck. Going to let it loosen up for an hour and then I’ll be live early.… @CinderSlays I was actually really attached to Dom as a character too. Me and my buddy played Gears together on spl… @CinderSlays Oh good I watched it AND NOW IM CRYING THANKS! @CinderSlays Gears of War 2 Dom’s wife Maria’s death. Still has me messed up for real. Not even a main character in… @PENTA_live Welcome to the OPG Fam! @NerdyNetty @elgatogaming @CORSAIR Congrats!Awesome stream today! It was 15+ hours but it was still a 10 hour. Really happy we could do that even with the stif… LIVE in an hour. @drdisrespect @cloakzy
@ShannonZKiller This earns a big Dawwwww☺️Still unsure if I’ll be streaming tonight. Neck is pretty stiff and hella sore. Hot bath, icy hot, and Advil have d… 25 - Thursday Check In Everything still on track! Had a Pizza because no food in the house and was too lazy to… Tarkov obsession taking over my life. REALLY thinking about building the maps in Minecraft. Huge project but… @QuestLvLAwesome @Danotage @Nelstar15 Am I crazy or is this a new twitter look? The reply tree thingy is pretty cool @Omeed @OP_Group @JoshOG Feel better dude. Good vibes your way. Time to binge Disney+ for a couple of days 😜 @FakeUniforM oh. Must have slept weird because I got a big ole crick in my neck. Hot bath immediately! 🛁 Unsure if stream t… @HayzPUBG @bstategames I still have a 2x2 you son of a....🤣Awesome stream again today. Really cool and motivating to see so much support across MC and Tarkov. Makes me want t… @bstategames I haven't seen this happen yet, not sure if you have but better safe than sorry to let you know. M… with some disconnect issues on my streaming PC atm going to do a few updates and I’ll be back streaming. T… NOW Project Ozone 3 Kappa Mode @Ohdatpro @drdisrespect I want it just for me rather than part of the production like Doc. Be cool to show it off of I ever do it thoAwesome AWESOME 6 hour Tarkov session. Taking a quick break to eat and freshen up before returning for regular sche…
@Twiekk Yes sir, I use the @elgatogaming 4k60! I use a 144hz monitor so I need the 144hz pass through. If you don't… NOW Task grinding and pulling my hair out🙃 Spots for commissions are open for anyone that would like to get music for their channels <3 Chiptune/Synthwave/…
Retweeted by Dethridge🐻I could get some gun cases and safes, tool boxes, water / fuel jugs. And do the main streaming setup as the intelli…’m so obsessed with Escape From Tarkov it’s scary. I’m actually considering stripping down my streaming room and… live for the night in about an hour. Food, workout first! See you soon! @Diction Oh also Hans Landa from Inglorious Bastards. He was such a psycho @Diction I loved Michael Shannon as Zod in Man of Steel. Big fan of his too.Live for the night! Grinding our Prapor Quests for a bigger container. ready to stream for the night. Live in 30 @ItsLewdicolo You’re confusing Twitter with Imgur sirYou! You’re cute and awesome and I love you. Good vibes to you today 💜You can see for a moment I accept my fate that I was dead...but then I didn’t die right away and took my shots...I… rounds of Tarkov so far today. Food break and then we’ll be back to stream all night.
2020 I @shroud @bstategames! I'm live @FakeUniforM @bstategames That was awesome! I still want my 0.05%I really love the way this video came out. I definitely play on making more. Tarkov - Land of the scav.... Home of…
Retweeted by Dethridge🐻What is your fav gun in Tarkov? I discovered the AK-104 about 4 days ago and I can’t stop using it. From a budget… full of food. Ready to stream again. Live now! love that I have the ability to run in to tarkov and just completely free roam around if I want to get cinematic…
Retweeted by Dethridge🐻Awesome 8 hour Tarkov session. Taking a food and shower break before going at it again. See you in an hour or two.
Just rolling out of bed. Live in a bit. Plan on being live all day and night again. I want to put a big dent in the… @SirEnvyy And now you’ve jinxed it. The Tarkov gods have heard you, and they are coming. @oISketcHIo @bstategames @Twitch It actually hit my head but deflected off the right side of the helmet 🤣On a snack break. Stream resumes in 30 minutes
🔴LIVE 20+ Hour Stream INC? @JayBrotatoe Really hard choice and I don’t like what you’ve done to my brainDay 21 - Weigh in Day Start Weight: 258.1lbs Current: 250.1 Goal: 200lbs 250lb mark. Feeling good. So crazy Deci… @madilyn This is incredible and very very catchy. Honestly I can hear it on the radio 📻don’t be a troll. get out from under your bridge and go make someone smile today 🙃
Retweeted by Dethridge🐻I’ve booped my sleep schedule a bit so I’m going to make an excuse to do a 20+ hour stream and it has NOTHING TO DO… @IamtheshadowXD @bstategames @Twitch a day in Tarkov, and it was suppose to be a day off stream! We've spent like 3-4 million today and our stash o… First time in Tarkov getting my dome RUNG! Bullet deflected off my helmet....this game is crazy If you watch… sneaky on a team of two who killed 5-6 scavs at the gas station. I guess they thought I was just another bod…
Peanut Butter is of the GodsListen..ok.... I KNOW it’s my scheduled day off and all....but like... I REALLY want to progress my stream Tarkov… crazy week of streaming. Crazy hours. Tonight is day off so I’ll see you tomorrow night. Back on track wit…, screw the nap. That's a waste of time and I need to Escape from Tarkov. Live NOW! Then more TarkovI’ve watched Lord of the Rings: FotR at least a dozen times...and not until I just watched it in 4K was I able to s…
Yo @FakeUniforM time to go live...whats the hold up? We have some Customs to raid and Tarkovs to escape from. Whats… dethLove Day! We're LIVE 🔴 We're going for at least 15 hours. Lets do it! 19 Tarkov complete! I mean... workout complete. Now time to Tarkov @FakeUniforM @bstategames @FakeUniforM I’ll fight you @FakeUniforM This is a Tarkov video ....🤬Waking up, working out, having from breakfast, adulting, and then going live to play Tarkov for at least 15 hours. See you soon! @hellabelou Yeah but I still don’t want stink in the house for 2 weeks while I wait for recycle day lol @TeaBearded @bstategames Sure, but it’s from 150m lol @bstategames How mad you think he is?My first snipe kill in Tarkov. Poor dude at smugglers had to be the first victim... Proud of myself if you break d… we just played and streamed Tarkov for 14 hours..and it’s now my normal stream schedule it’s only righ… 18 No workout today, so I broke the streak. But, I’ve put my new sofa together and did a lot of crap around th… time in 33 hours within the last two days...had to happen eventually I guess 🙃