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BOOP up this episode of Breaking Bad and i'll be live. 30 minutes. Starting Hardcore Attempt 8 today @TroubleTruck The funny thing about common sense is that its not so common. @AnneMunition @MiltonTPike1
@tnose14 @aureylian @blainh That’s a whole month with no...ya know...relief...🥴 Now my price is doubled 🤣 @aureylian @blainh Not for 10k, especially in the streaming industry, a month off is all but a death sentence. No less than 250k for me. @Djtechlive @AutomaticZen Sorry I’ve already reserved Jensen as Nathan Drake and he is too busy perfecting this rol… @HolliebbTV @Danotage Eh! Happy Birthday brother 💜💜💜 @RealmBabe @LoboStylez @Hijump62 @MishyFishyWhoo @TheHunterWildTV @HolliebbTV Thats awesome! I like collecting too… @LoboStylez @RealmBabe @Hijump62 @MishyFishyWhoo @TheHunterWildTV @HolliebbTV I remember being into the most around… @LoboStylez @RealmBabe @Hijump62 @MishyFishyWhoo @TheHunterWildTV @HolliebbTV Funny thing is I've had MTG cards fro… @RealmBabe @LoboStylez @Hijump62 @MishyFishyWhoo @TheHunterWildTV @HolliebbTV Oh hey we have the same red box Thi… @LoboStylez @Hijump62 @MishyFishyWhoo @TheHunterWildTV @HolliebbTV @RealmBabe Oh wow I just looked at what we have… @LoboStylez @Hijump62 @MishyFishyWhoo @TheHunterWildTV @HolliebbTV and I have been looking at getting back into it.… @RealmBabe @TheHunterWildTV @LoboStylez @MishyFishyWhoo yee yee Im just saying I literally closed amazon after look… @TheHunterWildTV @LoboStylez @MishyFishyWhoo Oh. I was looking at something similar. Same company @TheHunterWildTV @LoboStylez @MishyFishyWhoo God dangit fellas...Im currently trying to not get back into Magic aga… @ZambiRae_ Thats awesome! We need a tour soon @CohhCarnage I like this one too 🤣 1 more day off of the stream. Will be back tomorrow full force! Thanks for understanding.
@ItsLewdicolo @ItsLewdicolo I just made pancakes from scratch. @Wyld @ButtonTwitch @HolliebbTV does some cool things. This could have been you Anthem but you ruined it 😢😰😩😩😩😩 You’re dead Fort Nite You’re dead Meme And Memes Beep boop Boop beep Fortnite You’re dead @HolliebbTV @ButtonTwitch @Wyld @ButtonTwitch @HolliebbTV Oh good. Listen alright you two. You’re my build buddies. You can’t make me feel like thi… Buddies let’s go! @ButtonTwitch and I made a bet..he lost...and now has to be my build buddy 🤣 But why do… @popskyy Po P Sky Y coming in hot! @21wolv Can't peel my eyes away...just bought some pop and chips 🤣MRW watching the season 2 finale of Breaking Bad, realizing in the last few seconds of the episode what was about t…
Hey all! I'll be taking the rest of the weekend off. See you Monday!Im relaxing today. Finally starting Breaking Bad. Only 4 episodes in. I find it really funny how big of a deal they make out of Weed🤣 @JordanKgames @NintendoCanada My man!Going live and attempting the #NintendoSwitchChallenge given to me by @MattDethridge. First 3 dungeons of…
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Im dying. I walk over to my PC and sit down, this is the first thing I see. God she cute. @HolliebbTV @JordanKgames I'll be sure to try and tune in. Make sure you tag @NintendoCanada & #NintendoSwitchChallenge Im sur… @LoboStylez @Fail_lula @AnneMunition I swear to bob I was already following you. Re..followed? Sometimes I feel li… @Fail_lula @AnneMunition Might be a little daunting to see at first. Let me know if you have any questions, my DM's are open. @Fail_lula By far the best info graphic and explanation is from @AnneMunition Scroll down to "Version 1 My 2019 S… made some Bibimbap for the first time. Its really good, turned out great. A little much sesame oil for me but i'l… @JordanKgames Let me know if you do it! I was so slooow LMAO @PappaBeardK For the #NintendoSwitchChallenge, @NintendoCanada challenged me to beat the first 3 dungeons in The Legend of Z… NOW Minecraft then...Minecraft again..then our Nintendo Switch Challenge! morning! Live in 1 hour @RedtailVR Someone just liked this. Happy Christmas 3 years ago!🤣#ad I've been challenged by @NintendoCanada to compete in the #NintendoSwitchChallenge for The Legend of Zelda…
Retweeted by DEATHRIDGE 🎃 @whiskey_tink @oISketcHIo @OvergrownChewie @fozziest @Artrellea 5 second ruleGood morning! The stream for the day will be live in about 3 hours! Fun day planned. Minecraft and then our Ninten… @Dave201990_ @NintendoCanada I LOVE this jacket @OhNoPorkchop Must...resist....getting back...into...buying
@The_Yzulf That was like 2013 and I’m still shookThis makes me very happy 😃 @Pokket @Lowco2525 I was partnered in 2013. Partnership was a HARD 500 concurrent. And, that was just to unlock qua… @LAGTVNovaWar 3x as big...3x as many bugs. Seems about right. @CrustyMustard90 @Wyld @TheBuildGuild @TheBaconBrotato @Wyld @TheBuildGuild @Jbams01 It was @CysPlanet 🤣#ad I've been challenged by @NintendoCanada to compete in the #NintendoSwitchChallenge for The Legend of Zelda… @DomesticDan @tehMorag @TroubleTruck Im for sure getting hung up on the definition lol But I do think words are imp… @tehMorag @TroubleTruck Like if I am playing a game and have you up on my second monitor, I am a lurker. Im doing… @tehMorag @TroubleTruck I agree. lol Again, why not afk viewers as you stated? I fear its already too late though… @tehMorag @TroubleTruck Like I completely understand the conversation and whats going on and I agree with whats sai… @tehMorag @TroubleTruck My fear with this is that being known as a lurker is bad. When its not. People already have… @tehMorag @TroubleTruck Don't like the term "True Lurker" thats what you described as a lurker. A lurker is activel… @_heph @BostonNerdism Yeah even still I don't really like the term lurker getting a bad rap. Like if you look at hi… @TroubleTruck Because truth is, lurkers (actual people watching the stream while doing other stuff) are the life bl… @TroubleTruck This was my only problem with the video. Everything you said was spot on except for the term lurker.… @_heph @BostonNerdism Yeah I just took a look at his thread as well, it looks like he also was not 100% on the defi… @_heph @BostonNerdism A lurker actively contributes to the growth of a community by being there actually watching the stream. @_heph @BostonNerdism Im playing a game along with you, Im lurking. Im on the couch watching you, Im lurking. etc… @_heph @BostonNerdism I don't like that this is what is considered a lurker. I agree with everything he is saying,… morning! Live in 1 hour @HolliebbTV LMAO
@lovinglife613 Astronomers find 20 new moons around Saturn and you can help name them 💜 @JAtchley8O Haven’t had time tbh but I plan to play it casually. Look forward to updates as well. @LuclinFTW @Wyld @davidmdouglass @TheBuildGuild is coming. That means I get to add an “a” to my name for a apparently they just discovered 20 new moons around Saturn..twenty. How did they miss those? I can see missi… @JordanKgames @twix Yeah but left twin or right? @Wyld @TheBuildGuild Listen ok. I told you I’d get you back for all of that when you least expect it. How is a bui… looking to the left emoji know what game I need? Rocket League cars and driving mechanics...mixed with San Francisco Rush..and Tony Hawk… @JonsandmanTv Regnarts? The hell is regnarts? @Victoryoftheppl Apparently Cameron Monaghan did a fantastic Joker on the Gotham TV series. I like him as an actor…'ve always wanted to try and eat more Korean dishes. I see it on my timeline all the time and it looks so freaking… @DanCarlyon Are you serious? Sir you need to try a cold brew or an iced coffee. Thats an orderChoose wiselyWE LIVE continue Ayaya or not to continue Ayaya morning! Live in an hour. Managed to sleep until I was suppose to wake up..thats a win. Sleep schedule back o… @The_Yzulf WHAT!? I still don't have it
What an insane stream. Thanks for being there! @ButtonTwitch Get it!BOOP We live. Wither fight shortly. @TwitchPluto @FireDragon 72 months to my dude @Jbams01 Second tutorial video done for the day. Here is the Simple XP Farm I use on the start of my survival wor… little tutorial video done. Check it out. How to make a simple bubble water elevator