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Matt Wallace @MattFnWallace A Swampy Bog That Time Forgot

Writer of TV, video games, and books. #DitchDiggers podcast co-host. Former pro-wrestler. SAVAGE LEGION (@SagaSFF) out now! BUMP (@KTegenBooks) Jan 2021! he/him

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@Keffy Rey goes hard and I respect it. @premeesaurus You are indeed singularly lorge and loyal. You are basically a River Monsters fish.
@premeesaurus Do not perish Premee I will be left unprotected in a hostile world @lachlanhardy That would be synergyHis name is Paul Boneyan.
Retweeted by Matt Wallace @baddestmamajama Did not see the end of that coming.I am the opposite. Why can’t I just come up with clever titles for my clearly brilliant ideas and then call it a da… @sawdustbear Shing you’re my heroIf I’ve convince one human to give one dog a fry that dog would not otherwise have enjoyed then my time upon this E… @IngovilleWrites @culvers AND IT IS NOT EVEN FRY-DAY I’m proud of youI’m dead
Retweeted by Matt WallaceRemember this stack of books? Signed copies of Velocity Weapon and Chaos Vector are now available via Mystery Galax…
Retweeted by Matt WallaceHey, my state is on fire and your state is getting drowned by a hurricane so the question is how do we get these two wacky kids together. @helljack @premeesaurus You've already done the prep @BrandyLJensen Waiting for this disaster romcom but also hey hope you're okay over there.@AOC on the New York Times’s bombshell investigation of Trump’s taxes:
Retweeted by Matt WallaceI am rabidly pro transparency and due diligence and absolutely encourage authors to do this and am happy to answer… @premeesaurus Mister Woe. I am the 1995 college ska band of Superheroes. @ninocipri Icon @crashwong 😍💖 @afhomer I am heartful to hear that! Keep on with the sanity. @Wiswell Awwww I was a very small part of a very big team but thanks bud ❤️ @oldscout Hope you dig it! And good luck finishing the draft!Oh hey I helped write that game. @kurellian Top 3 2020 mood right thereIt’s cute when my friends are like, “You have two new books coming out next year! Isn’t that exciting???” like next… Trail, 2020 edition
Retweeted by Matt Wallace @KateElliottSFF Living FABULOUSLY.Hector just named my next book. a friendly, Wednesday reminder. Please support INDEPENDENT BOOKSTORES. They are important local businesses and…
Retweeted by Matt Wallace @hexican @HillaryMonahan And a little aroused. Mostly terrified. @EvanWinter I am very very hyped @HillaryMonahan “Problem”Emily's books are SO GOOD and this box set looks SO FREAKIN' COOL. @emilysuvada AHHHHH EMILY I can't even look directly at it it is TOO BRIGHT AND SHINY @KateElliottSFF "I will have my vengeance."Of course not I am an ADULT and my desk is a PROFESSIONAL WORKSPACE what is wrong with you @HillaryMonahan Ooooooh sammich @HillaryMonahan Probably one of your best tweets tbhThis morning I tried to activate my turn signal by rolling up all the windows and for like thirty full seconds I wa… @mikemadison My advice would be to look at your opening both ways and go with the version that reads better to you… is the shit
Retweeted by Matt Wallace @mikemadison Don’t think I/we have with any depth, actually. I just find it generally cleaner and smoother and less… @chaedria I did not know there was a Mannix Twitter but I am here for it. @meslizard Yowie wowie.Let the 75th Annual Hunger Games begin and may the odds be ever in your favor. already know she’s a better TV writer than me. She wrote a Will & Grace for a class in college and I read it and… to convince Nikki to write a book because she’d be better at it than me and it’d probably be a worldwide bes… @HillaryMonahan Lhempir.Joe Rogan is like if a witch cast a spell on a four loko and brought it to life
Retweeted by Matt Wallace @HeatherMatarazz So sorry Heather ❤️ @lchanwrites 🤣 Finding it isn’t the problem it’s getting it back from him @lchanwrites Observing toy is life meditation gives him time to recharge zoomies powerPoints were made. @lchanwrites The zoomies are strong with this one. @gregvaneekhout You know what’s sad Greg is I know I’m not good enough to go with him @gregvaneekhout When Dozer leaves with the aliens will film nerds argue for decades that he is a bad dog who abandoned his familyCan't imagine why every other country on Earth thinks America is a clown car driven by idiots. Total mystery.
@IngovilleWrites @ChuckWendig I... don't know what to say to that, really. @noahreservation That was my favorite line in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory.The air outside my office window is made of ash and wildfire smoke but I just remembered they made a sequel to Week… @sundownmotel I hated the unrelenting persistence of this meme with every scant centimeter of my soul until this tw… @Lexialex Just necessity. It’s the only thing anyone will pay me for and we need to keep building our Escape Fund. @Lexialex We’re feeling it too. I haven’t punched anything in months, feels like. It’s all I can do to work a keyboard. @Lexialex This is my new favorite fact about you. @jifueko I can’t stop watching this. He so THOROUGHLY BELIEVES in what he is doing. @griffski You go hard, Sarah. @IngovilleWrites @ChuckWendig That’s where I get my vision check ups when I don’t have a lot of money. At the Viscount. @ChuckWendig It can be a fish shop next to the butcher’s SHARED WORLD CHUCK LET’S DO THIS @AlasdairStuart .... yeah “big un” is an ass whipping request jfc. @countmystars @ChuckWendig Only if you want to disguise yourself as a peasant. Charles Dance had a whole lesson about that. @Quiara @premeesaurus Naaaaaaah you’re lovely @ChuckWendig Duke of Chuck sounds like the best butcher shop ever and I am going to put it in a book. @premeesaurus @Quiara Y’all are too much and too kind and are not required to formalize your addresses to me at all. @ChuckWendig CHEERS, GUV’NOR. Or something. I dunno. @grumpymartian Yep.Safe
Retweeted by Matt Wallace @premeesaurus In my head your pager game is CUTTING EDGE COOL Premee is true. @oldscout No. @ChuckWendig Free and encouraged.PSA: The next random dude I’ve never met before who enthusiastically calls me “big guy” like he saved my life in a…' for me please!
Retweeted by Matt Wallace @IseultSidhe1 Good call.There was a time I’d substitute a quick internet search for actual knowledge because I felt if I couldn’t demonstra… I want them united with their mom, and I want ICE demolished, and I want this whole corrupt system burnt to the…
Retweeted by Matt Wallace @kurellian @FusionFragment Congraaaaaaaats great title! @WriteTeachPlay 😍😍😍 So happy for you two! Happy anniversary!So, the Senate just showed that they have the ability to do things VERY fast if they want to. They just don't want…
Retweeted by Matt Wallace @lchanwrites Soul saving tongues @lchanwrites We need your writing too but your commitment to dogs is legendaryI went through longer and more involved interview processes trying and failing to get a job writing video games tha… @RankandVileCast @hottestsingles And Lucha Underground! @hottestsingles Tubi is shockingly strong.Before the ACA, a pre-existing condition was anything an insurer said it was, because they had power and you didn't…
Retweeted by Matt Wallace @allysonbeatrice It does. Hitting one person on that level should really be enough.In case you missed it, my new comic about Route 66, Nat King Cole, the Green Book, and learning and unlearning hist…
Retweeted by Matt WallaceHope it’s okay. @premeesaurus @garethlpowell CRASH AND BURN @premeesaurus @garethlpowell Premee may I compliment your use of Robot Jox gif