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On 1st day, Biden will rescind travel ban on several Muslim countries, rejoin Paris climate accord, extend pandemic…
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Very much enjoyed (almost) lunching with @sarahcpr discussing satire, politics & work. 'Bu…
Retweeted by Matthew GarrahanIf only James Murdoch, as chief executive of the company that owns Fox News from 2015-2019, had been in a position…
NEW: James Murdoch, former CEO of the company that owns Fox News, launches a broadside at the US media after the Ca… you're one of those people saying that conditions in UK hospitals are no busier than normal for this time of yea… @DJYodaUK Would never have got away with that at Mojo @DJYodaUK You've gone too far this time DuncanEverything that isn't nailed down just disclosed an email by Deutsche Bank supervisory board member Alex Schütz to Wirecard CEO Markus Bra…
Retweeted by Matthew Garrahan @PeterBale Lincoln MemorialA good side by side here, y'know, when it's a Black Lives Matter protest
Tomorrow's page one. Two very big stories: the 1.3m immigrants who quit Britain since Covid and the government's pl… Downing Street plans major overhaul of workers rights rules, starting with abolition of the EU 48 hr week rule…'ll never forget Dr Bornstein's assessment of Trump's health by @ChrisGiles_Covid sparks the largest fall in UK population since the second world war as immigrants return home. London alone h…
@emilybell @Ed_Crooks @mathbabedotorg Is he one of the ShantyTok dudes?Amazing stat on BBC News - there are now more troops deployed in Washington DC than there are in Iraq and Afghanistan combinedSo, on the one hand this was indeed the most bipartisan impeachment in U.S. history. On the other, 95% of Republica…
Retweeted by Matthew GarrahanWhat an image from the Capitol today (credit: Reuters) @melissakchan @adamboultonSKY Yes... looks like it needs ironingWhen you've lost Geraldo...etc etc "Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country" Ronald Reagan: "America a shi… @pmdfoster @adamboultonSKY "Now it's over to Tom for the weather"One of the great interviews with a deluded Trump supporter by @adamboultonSKY. Just wait for the ending
NEW: the vaccine blame game has begun in Britain over the speed of rollout of good points here. Will the GOP buckle and break by having to accommodate reality-believing conservatives an… importing food to Northern Ireland say the empty shelves problem is going to get worse @katie_martin_fx apparently you can go out as long as you return to your own houseVery glad Cressida Dick clarified the new lockdown rules so clearly there
BREAKING: Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf resigns
Retweeted by Matthew Garrahan @shaymantim That's right...Jack and Tiger are great buds of his aren't theynothing will hurt more"Armed protests are being planned at all 50 state capitols from 16 January through at least 20 January, and at the…
Retweeted by Matthew GarrahanLooking forward to a really long bike ride at the weekend out of my area!"Welcome to the Brexit, sir." Video shocker as Dutch customs officers impound Brit's ham sandwich..
Retweeted by Matthew Garrahan @guyadams !!!!One footnote that didn't make today's story: Tucker Carlson once tried to blindside me with a question about how Gi…
Retweeted by Matthew GarrahanFollowing the move by Apple, Google and Amazon to cut off Parler, Cumulus Media, which employs Mark Levin, Ben Shap…
Retweeted by Matthew GarrahanVery strange statement from @FLOTUS - her first since the assault on the Capitol sweep offers hope to cash-strapped states w/ @EricGPlatt @FT
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What a speech, even with this part none of the sports pages uses JOSE: MARINE? NO as a headline tomorrow I'll be very disappointedI am still processing.
Retweeted by Matthew GarrahanAnd just wait for the bit where he starts waving Conan's sword aroundEssential commentary : @TimothyDSnyder outlines what America is facing and traces patterns of extremism. ‘Post trut…
Retweeted by Matthew GarrahanPowerful stirring stuff from @Schwarzenegger. He grew up in a country ruined by fascism and knows it when he sees it @PickardJE @tompeck @latikambourke His Paul McCartney one and end of year episode with Joe Cornish were superbFascinating from our former man in Washington, Kim Darroch, on the cost to Britain of Boris Johnson's Trump obsequi… @StefanFSchubert YouGov polled registered voters. So the people who responded that they approved in this instance w… @lorna_greenw00d woman even flew to DC to take part that day on a private jetThe rioters behind the Capitol attack clearly aren't the brightest folk, handily live streaming the assault and eve… *45 per cent* of Republicans approved of the Capitol assault, according to a snap YouGov poll… Rishi Sunak's local cinema got £64k under a grant scheme he created after he wrote it a "letter of recommendat…
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Twitter seems...quieterOh dear everywhere!
I can’t stop thinking about the zip-tie guys.
Retweeted by Matthew GarrahanUFwoah! nationalists assaulting and threatening to kill Associated Press journalist John Minchillo, during the terror…
Retweeted by Matthew Garrahan @devomatters @gideonrachman @JoshuaChaffin YesScorching @JoshuaChaffin intro to this superb big read on a momentous week in America clear incitement here mayor of London says in parts of the city *one in 20 people* has Covid thread - particularly for Covid deniers the chaos has begun. Organising even the simplest load to Europe has become an almost impossible task due to the…
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Retweeted by Matthew GarrahanTrump wanted to ban TikTok, now they have banned him.
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Tomorrow's page 1 bans Trump from Facebook until after the inauguration front of Lincoln's statue @robertmooreitv Correct! The burning of Washington was 1814 - confusingly part of the War of 1812 historical reference @MattGarrahan - it felt a little like that today, though luckily this mob didn’t burn it…
Retweeted by Matthew GarrahanWorth pointing out that @robertmooreitv becomes the first Brit among a group to storm the US Capitol since 1812
@mackieap You're right ! I stand correctedPolice response: Black Lives Matter protests vs. pro-Trump riots
Retweeted by Matthew Garrahan*2021Unbelievable footage from ITV News @robertmooreitv who went into the Capitol with the Trump mob as they stormed it was the US Capitol during the BLM protests and this is it today.
Retweeted by Matthew GarrahanBadly Drawn Boy with his 2000 Mercury Prize.
Retweeted by Matthew Garrahan @sullivanseamus Doh!New Aphex Twin album cover @jsf33 Why did he come dressed as Pan?We're only six days into 2020 but this is hands down the picture of the year thinking about earlier when a furious Anderson Cooper said of the Trump rioters "and then they're going to le… for the Fox News pundit or WSJ Opinion page writer who will have to find a way to blame this on the DemocratsThey’re in the chamber. One is up on the dais yelling “Trump won that election!” This is insane
Retweeted by Matthew GarrahanThat's...not the speaker of the House supporters have overrun the Capitol building, clashed with police and forced the evacuation of the Vice Presi… the coup live on CNNHow about that true cost of Brexit to UK business is becoming clearer. Some companies are giving up on cross-Channel trade alt… @NicFildes Grandpa Granola?NEW: The UK government is legislating for lockdown restrictions that expire on March 31