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Matthew Gertz @MattGertz Washington, DC

Senior Fellow at @mmfa. Views expressed here are my own. Husband of @alyssarosenberg. Dad. Definitely not the GOP congressman.

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Goddamnit..IT'S 👏 FRENCH 👏 FOR 👏 THE 👏 MAHIEU!!!!Alright one more rally let’s covert this one?Judge is so good.Umpire is bad.Folks, this was Brett Gardner lining out. It's baseball for the rest of the night.Damn it. @chrisgeidner Clip aired earlier the same hour too. So he was definitely watching while the various tweets were going out.This is only the second-most unhinged Pirro comment of the night. of looks like a major announcement was delayed for half an hour because the president of the United States was…'t be a tough guy. Don't be a fool! excited for the part of the G-7 where Trump goes around the room asking each world leader if they'd rathe… Pirro: The whistleblower is "an intelligence agent who was involved in the overthrow of the president. Am I… @emptywheel Can't tell. Stein mentions on Fox throughout the day, but not during the 3 p.m. hour, and there aren't…'s Jeanine Pirro says impeachment process is a "star chamber" and a "coup to overthrow the president."
Left, Fox's Hannity, 9:01 p.m. Right, Trump, 10:16 p.m., Fox's Hannity, 9:01 p.m. Right, Trump, 10:02 p.m. of Trump tweets last night in response to Jason Chaffetz's monologue while guest-hosting Hannity. Left, Fox'…
When you own the Yankees, there is literally no reason to not spend money other than you'd rather have an even high… on a missed opportunity for the Yankees, who are paying the price for refusing to spend their cash on Cole,… @hunterw (I was also right)What might be most disturbing is how Minneapolis NBC affiliate KARE 11 covered Trump’s comments, calling them one o…
Retweeted by Matthew GertzMedia coverage of Trump's attacks on Somali refugees shows that his racist incitement has become normalized…
Retweeted by Matthew GertzTop stories as of 9:30 a.m. "Mulvaney Sends Trump Defense on Ukraine Aid Into Disarray"… from David Brooks strikes me as morally correct and a useful corrective to the "why won't the Democrats appeal… President Trump shuts down federal government over funding for border wall. Wired: President Trump shuts do…
These are the three leading stories on Fox News' website right now (Mulvaney admitting to quid pro quo is nowhere…
Retweeted by Matthew GertzToday: 1) Trump gives massive federal contract to his own company. 2) Then signs off on ethnic cleansing of an al… following two items are currently *right next to each other* on the Fox News home page.
Retweeted by Matthew GertzI wrote earlier this year about the similar role played by Griff Jenkins, a Fox correspondent who also sometimes su… @jeremymbarr Quotes include: "TV anchors should not host talk shows on Fox News." "It's got to be confusing for… @jeremymbarr *current and former I should say..@jeremymbarr talked to several of Ed Henry's former Fox colleagues about how he straddles the network's supposed l… president created a scenario that was headed toward the mass murder of an ally, then his administration negotia… I missing something or is the Turkey "deal" that they stop killing the Kurds while they retreat, leaving Turkey…“That decision is without precedent in modern American history: the president used his public office to direct a ma…
Retweeted by Matthew GertzIf you want a deep dive into the right-wing conspiracy theory whose investigation the White House acting chief of s… @joshtpm tbh "Collusion is awesome, anyone would collude" has been part of the drill since the Don Jr. meeting stories broke.1. Nothing happened on the "perfect" call. 2. OK something happened but he didn't explicitly demand an investigatio… supporter goal posts now need to move to "explicit conditioning military aid to an embattled ally on their wi…'s giving a goddamn ad read from the White House press podium while claiming there's no profit. What a joke. Elijah Cummings’ widow: “He worked until his last breath.”
Retweeted by Matthew Gertz“‘I’m going to try and make people realize that in order to live the life they are living, they need to have democr…
Retweeted by Matthew Gertz“Born a sharecropper’s son on Jan. 18, 1951, Cummings was told he was too slow to learn and spoke poorly, and he wo…
Retweeted by Matthew GertzFollow-up tweet in response to the same segment. Left, Fox News at Night, 11:44 p.m. "He is doing real diplomacy.… Sexton comment he tweeted also via Fox. Left, Fox News at Night, 11:43 p.m. Right, Trump, of live-tweets overnight, continuing the trend discussed here: Left, Fox Business'… @pbump The Sinclair play makes more sense, using local station profits to fund some but not 24-7 explicit right-wing programming. @senatorshoshana @SpeakerPelosi ? @pbump The problem is that Fox has huge first-mover advantages and has positioned itself to maximize the conservati… @senatorshoshana @SpeakerPelosi Should have donated to my reelection campaign.Ah hell @senatorshoshana @SpeakerPelosi It gives me no pleasure to tell you that I have invoked my powers as a member of Co… take from @TomWJones in today's Poynter Report on what a network competing with Fox could look like. I…
The end of @usatoday in print, which certainly sounds plausible, is terrible news, if true. It likely will mean a g…
Retweeted by Matthew GertzBrutal @ErikWemple side-by-side of how NY Times, NBC handled the Weinstein story: any case there's a pretty decent chance Trump refuses to do any general election debates so it may all be irrelevant."How do you respond when your debate opponent is spewing conspiracy theories and disgusting comments" is hard to model!There's something to the notion that Democratic debates should be confrontational because Trump will be, but there'…, Trump has sent at least 56 live-tweets responding to Fox coverage of the Ukraine scandal. The network's pr… I reviewed all 837 of Trump’s tweets and retweets since the Ukraine whistleblower story broke, finding that… the one hand, this wasn't really directed at me. On the other hand, fair point. Kilmeade has 100% ordered diner lobster. minutes after that Monday tweet, OANN's anchor highlights it, adds, "We know the president watches One America N… don't think he can actually sustain this, OANN production values are unspeakably bad. In any case he's tweeted ab…'s the one from Monday. Left, OANN's The Daily Ledger, 3:58 a.m. Right, Trump, 6:19 a.m.🚨Trump has tweeted a quote from OANN for the second time in three days.🚨 Left, OANN's The Daily Ledger, 8:05 p.m.… favorite of this genre is "lifetime conservative commentators predict how Democratic voters will respond to the…'s that time again apparently. This is a really weird thing for Giuliani to fixate on if he weren't being paid to do it. 2) "Giuliani is not r… everyone has pointed out the plaid I'll add that the knot is way too small for that collar. @pbump directly into my veinsOkay I'll say it I miss Marianne Williamson.Oh good we made it to the second battery of questions this time. just hope there's twenty minutes about health care financing I'm sure there's much more terrain to cover there.
Hello it's me the person who thinks they should have done two six-candidate two-hour debates instead of one 12-candidate three-hour morass. @ArmandoNDK starting to think the Yankees should maybe have gotten another starterWow, this is great news! @MikeHibu @blakehounshell This is what he's talking about (no additional Fox coverage of the story since last night… this story, podcasts have been generously subsidized by these companies. What happens to podcast-focused media… idea not happening, people accused of having dumb idea say. are many dumb parts of this idea but the part that makes it clearest that these people have no idea what they…'s ask Steve Doocy. panel show on the ViacomCBS conservative network composed of people who left CBS News claiming it had too much li… kind of difficult to pull this off given how much of right-wing media media consists of slagging mainstream media.Have fun trying to brand CBS News when you also have an explicitly conservative network. half of Trump’s tweets and retweets about the Ukraine abuse of power scandal have been Fox-related -- 223 in… @Bowiegrrl1 But I am Matt Gertz.Since the Ukraine story broke nearly four weeks ago, President Trump has live-tweeted Fox at least 83 times. 56 of… @Kit_Vintage @thehill hm.Trump has retweeted or quote-tweeted Fox personalities regarding the story 32 times. Maria Bartiromo received the m… president has sent or retweeted tweets containing Fox video/images/ links about the Ukraine/impeachment story 1… has sent 223 tweets and retweets about the Ukraine abuse of power story that were in some way driven by Fox N… reviewed all 837 tweets and retweets Trump sent since the Ukraine whistleblower story broke almost four weeks ago…, Fox News at Night, 11:10 p.m. Right, Trump, 11:25 p.m.