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Matthew Gertz @MattGertz Washington, DC

Senior Fellow at @mmfa. Views expressed here are my own. Husband of @alyssarosenberg. Dad. Definitely not the GOP congressman.

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Weird day for my spelling of coronavirus.jfc really, really hated being criticized.'s not that President Trump is using the Scarborough and Twitter stuff to distract from the deaths of 100,000 Ame… @ryanlcooper @jbouie Excited for next year's vaccine discussion.We've hit 100,000 dead from citonsvirus but here's the news.
With this Joe Scarborough conspiracy theory, Donald Trump is sending a mob boss message of efforts by conservative elites to smear the mainstream media and urge their supporters to go to explicit… are two types of nerds. Trump's Joe Scarborough conspiracy theory is vile, but also, Trump doesn't give a shit if Scarborough mur… this Joe Scarborough conspiracy theory, Donald Trump is sending a mob boss message
Retweeted by Matthew GertzTrump doesn't actually care if Joe Scarborough is a murderer (he isn't), he only cares that Scarborough is a critic. larger point is that Trump represents the media wing of the conservative movement achieving near total dominati…
Retweeted by Matthew GertzGood rundown of the second-biggest one in the piece. This was Baier's biggest story in recent memory. my sense is that Bret Baier's media supporters never watch his show but know him as a DC man-about-town a… know what would be really bad for Trump's reelection chances? If a bunch of swing states ran out of money and h… flaw in the "Democrats are deliberately trying to tank the economy by not reopening fast enough to hurt Tru…'s Scarborough conspiracy mongering has escalated from "he might have killed someone and has bad ratings so he…, Biden's "grim" mask look projected "trepidation, even fear" and was "virtue-signaling." Meanwhile, Trump wi… example, Laura Ingraham was plugging lawsuits against Virginia's mask mandate on the next hour of Fox. Hannity is the sanest of the three Fox primetime hosts on coronavirus, and also the one who seems to have the… president appears to have been directly responding to Brian Kilmeade's concerns. great., Fox & Friends, 7:42 a.m. Right, Trump, 7:54 a.m. segment, also nonsense.) Left, Fox & Friends, 7:21 a.m. Right, Trump, 7:38 a.m. of this is true.) Left, Fox & Friends, 7:21 a.m. Right, Trump, 7:31 a.m. a border conflict between two nuclear-armed nations really needs is Donald Trump. Left, Fox & Friends, 7:08 a… he's been about 10 minutes off live all morning, starting with this not even remotely veiled threat. Left,…
Of course, even if Trump were to stop now, it's too late. He's already unleashed a horse of conspiracy theorist. Nightmare time.It is revealing that the family is appealing to Twitter to delete Trump's tweets rather than to Trump to stop doing… question that matters isn’t “does Trump really believe Scarborough killed his staffer” — whether he’s lying or… I took from Dr. Siegel’s math is that he did his segment from a home studio., it's very bad that the president of the United States accused a former Republican congressman of murder becaus… King loves Donald Trump, Donald Trump does not care that King killed people.Ted Cruz says only nice things about Trump now and mirabile dictu the president is no longer interested in whether… of the few bright spots the last few years was Trump somehow never publicly talking about the Seth Rich case. I… he's unleashed an army of conspiracy theorists on this poor family. They're going to be put through the ringer… of course there's this: recall after Putin said that Trump was brilliant, Trump told Scarborough that he didn't care that Putin had jo… Scarborough said nice things about him on TV, Trump wouldn't care if he was a murderer. We know this because Tru…'s really simple: President Trump is accusing Joe Scarborough of murder because Trump doesn't like that Scarborou… @bendreyfuss Tell her the jokes first and reuse them here.
Live-tweeting last night. Left, Fox's The Next Revolution, 9:02 p.m. Right, Trump, 10:41 p.m.
Fox host recommends using nukes insanity. morning. Last night the president of the United States instructed a conspiracy theorist who had harassed Seth… is also what he did with his Fox-fueled tweets about the hydroxy/azithro combo which uh results seem not great… is who President Trump just quote-tweeted urging you further investigate the conspiracy theory that Joe Scarbo… great the guy Trump quote-tweeted and told to “keep digging” *is* a Seth Rich conspiracy theorist. can confirm: This has been happening. Direct result of Trump's tweets.
Retweeted by Matthew GertzA flock of conspiracy theorists are going to descend on this woman’s family — like they did Seth Rich’s and the San… tweet is worse than the others, he’s encouraging his online conspiracy theorist supporters to do “investigatio…
[stares into the camera] too perfect tbh, really putting themselves in jeopardy, DSA is going to need to extract this operative asap guy who said "at worst, at worst, worst case scenario it could be the flu" around 100,000 recorded U.S. deaths…
slide one: segment from the flagship "straight news" show on fox tonight slides two, three, four: what a fox news…
Retweeted by Matthew Gertz @Noahpinion Ok maybe the holiday weekend pushes it to early next week. But they're in too deep to walk away. @Noahpinion HCQ is going to be defended tonight by a Fox News primetime host to an audience of 3 million people.I'm fake surprised that Fox PR didn't defend the network's honor. is a good point! But there is still a distinction between power and authority. He'll have even more power to i…
Retweeted by Matthew GertzWho the WH is working with. bully pulpit matters a lot, but it's especially crucial during pandemic response!All of these restrictions depend on either 1) broad public compliance or 2) vast use of police power. Governors, wi… doesn't have the *power* to legally override governors and force them to open churches, but he has the *influ… which inspector general is getting fired tonight?Of course this is true, and good for Wallace to say it. But count from this point on how many segments Fox "straig…
Retweeted by Matthew GertzIt would have been nice if the drug Fox News had promoted to President Donald Trump’s attention as a miracle cure f… wrote about this. @pbump "Fox’s business model ... depends on advertisers and cable providers treating it as a legitimate news source…
Retweeted by Matthew Gertz would have been good if the drug that Fox had promoted to the president's attention with no real evidence as a c… Fox News convinced Trump that it found a miracle cure for coronavirus A comprehensive…"Trump has in three short years neutralized nearly all institutional checks on his corruption—inspectors general, c… on this story for 16 years...and...he just...he tweeted it out.
Retweeted by Matthew GertzA reminder that @mmfa is hiring, including for a reporter slot
Retweeted by Matthew Gertz10. The only real strategy Fox is willing to embrace for fighting coronavirus is hydroxychloroquine, an unproven me… Coming soon, vaccines are bad. More testing is bad. Masks are bad. Restarting professional sports as soon as possible is good. Restrictions on in-person church services are bad. Contact tracing is bad. Banning visitors from nursing homes is bad. Mandatory business closures are bad. News primetime is a nightly exercise in attacking any step that could be taken to mitigate the spread of corona… image is, according to Carlson, "a metaphor for what is happening, sad to tell you, in a lot of places." @jackshafer @jonfranks @lrozen Nah it was Tucker. president's "Can this be for real?" tweet last night was a response to Tucker Carlson teasing a report for toda…
I don't know why my brain is broken this way but I keep thinking that Tenet is a biopic about the Clinton/Bush administration CIA director.A reminder that @mmfa is hiring, including for a reporter slot @mmfa h/t @existentialfish.@mmfa...worked on this story for 16 years...and...he just...he tweeted it out. wrote about this: Newsmax is headed by Trump friend and confidante Chris Ruddy which is probably relevant here.Some conservatives really were trying to do some gatekeeping on her, to their credit, but that's very hard to do wh…