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Cardiff poet. Debut collection ‘Death Magazine’ published with Salt. Pamphlet 'Black Jam' with Broken Sleep Books. Co-organiser of @CRASHcardiff

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@nothumanhead Hentai probably.Saturday vibes launched it @GrainPress @0CarlGriffin0 it was moving and beautiful- do get a copy as not only is it all our expe…
Retweeted by Matthew Haigh 💀💄💪🏻Reviewers! Get in touch if you’d like a PDF.
Retweeted by Matthew Haigh 💀💄💪🏻People are cool @KozukiDOden The Last Guardian - powerful life-affirming tears
@weecalrobot Yeah but were you 7 yrs old dancing in the living room club to this beast? @CalebParkin The only response to that is: @CalebParkin You absolute throbbing cock (I don’t know the rules of this game) @christianjwebb I did life drawing in art college. They brought us actual hunks. I could not focusEveryone knows Paul was the S Club hottie @SunaAfshan Recently been through one of those living nightmares that affects family and it’s awful! Warmest wishes… @weecalrobot Hang on, it’s hadouken not haruken. I knew that.... @weecalrobot Ken’s toes forming a big conglomerate beast @weecalrobot That’s a real delight coming from someone whose work I fucking adore 💓 @weecalrobot I’ve always said Sen Toe? But Ken Toe works better in the context of SF. Also if you could work out so… finished my poetry reading on Zoom. You always worry nobody will turn up or that you’re shit. But then people… half an hour now... My poetry menu tonight includes vodka, bagels, a toad and broccoli from outrage to anthrax
Retweeted by Matthew Haigh 💀💄💪🏻Last orders! Just under 1 hour to register for this evening’s poetry event! Join me, @DiodeBlue @LouisePeterkin &…’s look is Janet Jackson circa Rhythm Nation 👌 hours left to register for this!! hey friends! We’re thankful for all your love and support this year. As a little extra thank you, there’s now a…
Retweeted by Matthew Haigh 💀💄💪🏻 @_plantbot @canastakat Thank you! I can confirm my book is indeed pink :-)Delivery from @PennedintheM ! is tonight at 7:30!!! Click the link to register for free & come hear some Salt poets! @DiodeBlue @physis93 Oh that ... I attribute it to people just being insane @physis93 What’s the drama now?Look! My soon-to-be publishing family are having a sale :-D
So well deserved! is a little sampler of what I’ll be reading for the ‘Four Salt Poets’ event tomorrow on Zoom, from my Polari l… (Friday), 27th Nov, 7.30pm: Four Salt Poets! - @julian_stannard, @LouisePeterkin, @MattHaighPoetry and me…
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@RichardCapener3 Then you write it and it turns out to be 2Out for a wander in the icy weather obsessively turning over a single image in my mind, examining it from all angle… LIVES! our first publication, (dis/re)membered by @badbadpoet is out now. 42 visual poems exploring the relation…
Retweeted by Matthew Haigh 💀💄💪🏻The best activity now is waiting for someone to mention something derivative and then muting it instantly 👍Poems are like frogs - they end up looking like shit if you dissect them
@amyacrepoet Legitimately yes!Angela Friday, 27th Nov, 7.30pm: @julian_stannard, @LouisePeterkin, @MattHaighPoetry and me reading poems from our re…
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@DraperCai @wordswithpurple @VikShirley might have some ideas @lcpalmerpoet Things as springboards to other, greater, broader imagined things absolutely have my attentionAnd hosted by @DavidCollard1 !Another reminder that Four Salt Poets is this Friday!! Join me, @LouisePeterkin @DiodeBlue & @julian_stannard as we… @Poetech3 I like imagined / created / invented things - more interested in things that didn’t happen rather than things that did :-) @AbjectObjects You made him sexier somehow @AbjectObjects / shirley @AbjectObjects That would be “The Queen is Gambit” surely? @stagpoetics Nothing personal, I’m just not a modern TV show guy :-)Hahahaha
@CalebParkin @stoneandthestar I just don’t have those kinds of reactions to art. There’s reality and there’s fictio… @colin_bancroft There is a middle ground, for sureLots of poetry is just transcribing a thing that happened and I don’t find that interestingOne thing that's disturbing about the whole metaphor discussion on Twitter: How many people still read poetry throu…
Retweeted by Matthew Haigh 💀💄💪🏻 @dean_rhetoric Sexy @stoneandthestar Haha I just said to a friend I can’t be dealing with stock phrases, least of all from writers (who… I’m slow, but I just discovered the ability to mute words / phrases on here and it feels good @GodzillaKent I’m going to extend this to any tv show people start talking aboutPeople trying to spin this story as a positive (‘keep believing’) but for me it’s a deeply depressing indictment of…
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Get sending! @c_c_kerr First one was incredible!Excited to continue this trilogy... @LouisePeterkin @CMDoet The Gnome King wearing the ruby slippers is so weird / funny as well: @SpookySyntax The first time I watched IT I was about 7 years old and I ... threw up? Pretty visceral reaction. @CalebParkin Yes!!! I was obsessed with the Critters films as a kid - (certificate 15 clearly meant nothing to my mum haha). @storygiverpoet @purple_feminist Sadness in kids films is somehow harder to shake off than scary things. I felt the… @LouisePeterkin Haha! @StuAnde @LouisePeterkin Yes! I had to look away whenever this was on @BLERoom1 The Never Ending Story :/) @fromxthextower Yes - anything in a mask! The wolf scared me too: @cassettewitch Oh yes I used to watch this a lot as a kid and it always felt wrong that a Disney cartoon contained both demons and tits @shotscarecrow Ooo what is it? @stuartmbuck Love Legend!! @storygiverpoet Oh yeah the trolls were terrifying. @storygiverpoet Haha what is it? @katy_wm “You don’t need *two* ears...” @dean_rhetoric Agreed - what a fucking film though! I used to make my mum rent it for me practically every weekend @msmeghansen Sooo sad!Characters from films that scared you as a kid? I’ll go first:
@KofTheTriffids @magmapoetry A definite highlight of the evening!Also here's me and my good Judy Patrick Davidson Roberts as Catwoman and Harley from last night's @magmapoetry read…
Retweeted by Matthew Haigh 💀💄💪🏻My favourite image from a film in a very long time (The Lighthouse, 2019) me up with your best experimental poets/writers Who should I read? What publications should I look at?
Retweeted by Matthew Haigh 💀💄💪🏻Best Scissor Sisters lyric: painted whores / sexual gladiators @nothumanhead Amazing - congratulations! 🎉2/2 visual artists & other poets. Having total control wrestled away is thrilling & gives the sense of dealing with… little note on @Magma & the collaboration issue. To echo @stevenjfowler - collaboration takes us away from the c… @taniahershman @magmapoetry @niallfirth @HeyAstranaut @VikShirley Thank you! @stefmowords Agreed, at some point you may have to consider you’re just not very good...Give the Bear Creek Gazette a follow @bcgazette - the local newspaper of a strange town, soon to feature a TV guide…
🤖 as Harley Quinn for the launch of Magma 78 - highlight of my week! launching automatically with me on camera while stuffing a Hershey bar down my throat is it?a poet should not write as if they don't know that people hate poetry
Retweeted by Matthew Haigh 💀💄💪🏻 @medhawrites It’s all our houses :-)“Fucking hate poetry. All I ever wanted was Barbie’s Dream House.”Taking the first sip of beer and seeing the horizon of drunk tweeting unfolding before me with all my horrific thou… @stuartmbuck Thank you Stuart - the generosity of others never stops being incredible.So excited to receive my contributor’s copy of Magma alongside @HeyAstranaut @niallfirth & @VikShirley featuring ou… it may be pertinent to ask a seldom-mentioned question - why the rate of suicide in males is so high and incr…
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