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Secretary of State for Health & Social Care and MP for West Suffolk

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Pathologists and laboratory teams are playing such an important part in our health services across the country. Tha… We’re clear that you shouldn’t leave your home unless it’s for one of four reasons. #StayHomeSaveLives’ll test 100,000 people a day by the end of this month. Here’s how ⬇️
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Good testing is vital to beat #coronavirus. Our Five Pillar Testing Strategy here sets out how we will drive testin…“We’re set for a warm weekend but we cannot afford to relax social distancing measures." – @MattHancock at yesterda…
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So proud of my team who did this 👇 disease is still spreading. Staying home in our national effort is as crucial as ever. Stay at home to protect…’s opening of ⁦@NightingaleLDN⁩ hospital is the best of our national effort coming together. Hugely proud that… I set the goal of 100,000 #coronavirus tests a day by the end of this month. ⁦@SkyNews⁩ Secretary Matt Hancock: Coronavirus testing is a "critical component of our battle plan." Listen live ►…
Retweeted by Matt HancockStrong economic support across the country is vital. My brilliant colleague @RishiSunak has been doing an unbelieva… five pillar testing plan set out in full 👇
I back our pharmacists so I've made £300 million available for community pharmacies to support their vital work get…’m writing off £13.4 billion of historic NHS debt - not only to tackle #coronavirus, but for strong foundations fo…’m profoundly moved by the compassion and commitment from people across the country. Thank you for your dedication…’ll stop at nothing to protect frontline staff in our #coronavirus battle. Just yesterday, 45 million pieces of pr…’m setting the goal of 100,000 #coronavirus tests per day by the end of this month, part of our comprehensive test… inspiring messages in this heartwarming video as we all come together to thank our carers at 8pm today.
Making @NightingaleLDN a reality has been a huge national effort in our fight against #coronavirus. Thank you to ev… important message from PM @BorisJohnson 👇🚜 This is an impressive tribute to #NHS staff! Matthew Alford from #Devon created it with help from farmer John Gov…
Retweeted by Matt HancockI’ve been answering your questions - about #coronavirus, working from home, our plans to keep people safe and expan…
@michaelgove Thanks Michael - and for your leadership too - it’s been a big team effortNEWS: The first new ventilators will be ready for delivery to our NHS next week. A fantastic response from business… proud of our national effort to make the NHS Nightingale hospital a reality to fight #coronavirus.… wonderful message and important advice from Kaydyn 👇
You can ask me anything - on #coronavirus or anything else. Follow this link: … staggering 750,000 people have now joined NHS Volunteers to fight #coronavirus. Thank you to all those stepping f… @Tom_Watson. Hugely looking forward to working together on social prescribing and other things once… our national effort to help our NHS tackle #coronavirus is crucial. Great to see Uber offering meals and… nation needs our NHS like never before to tackle #coronavirus. Delighted that Deliveroo is joining our national…
Wonderful news that 20,000 doctors, nurses and other clinicians have rallied to the call to return to the NHS in ou… are one team want to say a particular thank you to ambulance staff and all paramedics who are doing amazing work in our NHS ta… @BorisJohnson’s letter to every household across the country is vital reading in our #coronavirus battle. READ i… striking account from @NadineDorries in our continued battle against #coronavirus. Vital that we look out for eac… guidance: all need to look out for each other in these difficult times. New #coronavirus guidance, in a brilliant alliance… Good news that we’ve reached 10,000 #coronavirus tests a day - ahead of schedule. We’re on track to 25,000. #StayHomeSaveLivesREAD my open letter to all my brilliant colleagues in social care. Thank you for such vital work tackling…
NEWS: I've been answering your questions on #coronavirus. See my responses here: #StayHomeSaveLivesDetails: #StayHomeSaveLivesI’ve SIGNED UP for the NHS #Coronavirus text messaging service: have you? for all the good wishes since I was diagnosed yesterday with #coronavirus. Thankfully my symptoms are mild -… So proud of our new NHS Nightingale hospital being built to tackle #coronavirus: #StayHomeSaveLivesWe must all stay at home to protect the NHS and save lives. Share why you are staying home: Tweet with the hashtag #StayHomeSaveLives
Retweeted by Matt HancockThis week we launched TechForce19 to provide tech solutions to the #COVID19 frontline. We have received 1000s of qu…
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@NadineDorries Thank you @DehennaDavison Thank you @JonAshworth Thank you @Jeremy_Hunt Thank youNEWS: We’re ramping up #coronavirus testing across the country - with healthcare workers as priority to protect our… you so much for all the kind messages since I announced I have Coronavirus. Thankfully for me it is mild but… medical advice, I was advised to test for #Coronavirus. I‘ve tested positive. Thankfully my symptoms are…
A staggering response - over 15,000 clinicians have responded to our call to support our NHS in our national effort… that was amazing 👏👏👏👏. THANK YOU to everyone in the NHS.A great example of communities coming together across the country to tackle #coronavirus. #StayHomeSaveLives Secretary @MattHancock is joining forces with LBC to applaud our NHS heroes. Global’s radio stations are co…
Retweeted by Matt HancockYesterday saw the Royal Assent to the Coronavirus Emergency Act. Events are moving fast, but this bill, and the imp…
Retweeted by Matt HancockICYMI. #StayHomeSaveLives’s join together at 8pm to thank everyone in the NHS: We’re providing free car parking for NHS and social care staff to support those fighting #coronavirus: Fantastic that 560,000 people have now responded to our call to volunteer to support our NHS to defeat…
A huge thank you to everyone working in pharmacies - an integral part of the NHS family. We’re doing everything we…'m answering your questions on #coronavirus here: awful to see that Steven Dick has died from coronavirus. We worked together when I was Culture Secretary. He exe… The Coronavirus Bill has today passed all stages in Parliament and will shortly become law to protect us all as we tackle #coronavirusI’m so proud of the British public. Within 24 hours, 405,000 people have answered the call to be an NHS volunteer.… thrilled that 405,000 NHS volunteers have already signed up. We are grateful for each and every one of y… you, Christine! 💙 If you're a former clinician, #YourNHSNeedsYou — find out how you can return to the NHS and…
Retweeted by Matt HancockNEWS: We’re delighted that overnight 170,000 people have signed up to volunteer to support our NHS tackling… #StayHomeSaveLives
Everybody has it in their power to save lives and protect the NHS by staying home where possible. Together we can d… up: want to thank the NHS & social care colleagues - doctors, nurses, pharmacists, paramedics, managers: ALL staff ac… help the NHS fight #coronavirus we're: 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️ Recruiting 250,000 volunteers to help support vulnerable people…
Retweeted by Matt HancockNEWS: 11,788 people have answered our call to return to the NHS - a brilliant step in our national effort fighting… Today we launch NHS Volunteers - we’re calling on those in good health to support our NHS across the country.… We will next week open a new NHS hospital - with two wards, each for 2,000 people - to tackle #coronavirus.… @BorisJohnson's announcement, we can confirm that blood donation is essential travel under the category o…
Retweeted by Matt HancockICYMI our NHS is vital 👇 advice #StayHomeStaySafe
Strong, clear new rules from the Prime Minister. To stop the spread of #coronavirus, protect the NHS and save lives… can isolate us but it cannot separate us from the ties that bind us together. With patience and resolv… Armed Forces are working to support the UK’s response to the #Coronavirus outbreak as part of the new Armed For…
Retweeted by Matt HancockWATCH: An address to the nation from @BorisJohnson at 8:30 tonight on @BBCOneThe Coronavirus Bill – jointly agreed with all four UK governments - seeks to protect life and every part of the NH… that 7,563 clinicians have now responded to our call to return to our NHS to tackle #coronavirus. We’re calling on our brilliant tech sector for innovative ideas to support those self isolating for… you Nigel for responding to our call and joining our national effort to fight #coronavirus We’re investing £20 million in genome sequencing for breakthroughs to tackle #coronavirus : @Jeremy_Hunt Thanks JeremyWATCH: I will stop at nothing to protect our NHS. @BBCBreakfast Secretary has told Sky News that over the weekend the Government sent a shipment of protective equipment to…
Retweeted by Matt HancockStay at home if at all possible to protect our NHS in our national effort to fight #coronavirus
I’ve been answering your questions on #coronavirus - and health - here: #StayHomeSaveLivesThis is wise advice.
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