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Matthew Ashton @matthew__ashton UK/Denmark/LA/Sydney

Design VP @ LEGO , Exec Producer:THE LEGO MOVIES, THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE, LEGO MASTERS Judge, Pony Herder, SpiceBoy, Minoguette & Unikitty's Dad ! Views'r'mine!

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Pony themed hair goals!!!! @Mr_NJones @michellevisage @AlexScott ❤️
@DBeasleyHarling I feel the same about olives too! 🤢 @michellevisage Don’t waste any energy on this one Michelle.... not worth it! @IAmChrisRamsey @karen_hauer Well done you!!!!!So sad to see @michellevisage leave @bbcstrictly tonite, she has been absolutely incredible every week ! Thanks for… @Rosemarino @IAmChrisRamsey Ha ha!!! I was thinking the same.... he is like me when I had to film my ‘festive face…’s m’boy! Go CHRIS!!! how incredible were @kelvin_fletcher and @OtiMabuse on this weeks strictly ?!?! And keep the quiff for evs Mr!!… up on @bbcstrictly and I have MAJOR shirt envy @IAmChrisRamsey
@BrickMine @MyLittlePony @toysthatmadeus @purplepajamas @Fyre_flye @BonnieZacherle Snuzzle! She is fairly easy to g… @drjgreenwood @IAmChrisRamsey @karen_hauer @bbcstrictly Filth!;) @dougs_life @IAmChrisRamsey @karen_hauer @bbcstrictly Perfect likeness! 👍😉 @Fyre_flye This is too cute!!!Just wishing this pair all the luck in the world for Blackpool tonite! I’ll be at a wedding, so I’ll have to watch… to my Christmas Wishlist ;) @philipnormal @philipnormal OMG!!! How did I not know this existed ?!? I think I’ll pop into your store next time I’m in London:) @Fyre_flye It was so good! You are my hero! @philipnormal KYLIE please;)Also ‘Crack-Pipe Ponies!’ 🤣👏🤣👏🤣👏🤣👏🤣👏🤣👏🤣👏🤣@purplepajamas @toysthatmadeus @netflix @MyLittlePony loved this #mylittlepony ep of @toysthatmadeus ..... however it sent me into an absolute OCD grooming fr… watched the adorable @MyLittlePony episode of @toysthatmadeus with my friend @purplepajamas , my idol… home at my parents,sneakily catching up on @dragraceukbbc ... Mum: Warra’ ya watchin’? Me: Oh just a tutoria… @Rosemarino Totally!!!!! @eliistender10 Well done u! ❤️
@Cath_Tyldesley Yes! Do it!!!Too cute; @eliistender10 @RachelShenton @RMisstear @rachelburden @KellyCates @yabookprize @yaninawickmaye8 @MissMalinSara feelings on the below; @toysthatmadeus
@caycifish Yup, I didn’t like to say;) ;) @michellevisage Yes we should!!!:) @DanielNewman I’m impressed! @dewlanna @BrickMine 🤐🤐🤐guys if the Sonic the Hedgehog movie could pull itself together by the end of 2019, YOU CAN TOO!!!!
Retweeted by Matthew AshtonAaaaaaaaahhh! ❤️Christmas feels with this rather lovely @jlandpartners campaign! @Lyse_e @theQCommunity 👍❤️👍 @benbacardi Oh there are lots of other LEGO faces to meet, and many of them are much prettier than mine;) @benbacardi Excellent!!! Oooh that’s a long way out, if you send me a reminder nearer the time, I will see if I can… @BrickMine Nope! But I know who is!!! 👍👍 @itsabrickthing @MyLittlePony They do. They are all different sizes and impossible to stack!I’m not sure if this is a #flashback to my #GoldenGirls birthday party, or a vision into my future?!? I’m sure all…
Retweeted by Matthew Ashton @dougs_life @kylieminogue @BorisJohnson @KatyFBrand Oooh who are you going to draw next? How about my mate… @CptMutant @itsabrickthing @MyLittlePony The tip of the ice berg! @itsabrickthing @MyLittlePony It’s a mix... most of them I set free, but any with heaps of accessories I keep in th… @DavidPWebb @LEGO_Group @ExeterCathedral Excellent build! Lovely details :) @dougs_life @kylieminogue @BorisJohnson @KatyFBrand Ha ha! Well she can’t block you as she doesn’t have any hands! ;) ;)“No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else.” -P.T. Barnum #Funko #FunkoPop #Pop
Retweeted by Matthew Ashton @dougs_life @kylieminogue @BorisJohnson @KatyFBrand Do it:)
@awhalefact look at him go, whalefact
Retweeted by Matthew Ashton❤️this man!!!! your Treehouse 🌳 to the changing of the seasons 🍂 🍁 #RebuildTheWorld
Retweeted by Matthew AshtonAaah... I loves me some #fanart !!! @dougs_life Ha ha! Nice try though, and happy to see you minimized my forehead too!;) 👍👍Happy clappy cloppy hooves!!!! The @toysthatmadeus @MyLittlePony spesh will be Sonic Rainbooming it’s way onto a sc… to 4 years ago today when @kylieminogue invented Christmas 🎄 ❄️👸🏼 #SnowQueen #KylieChristmas
Retweeted by Matthew AshtonThis is definitely a situation that has turned Upside Down! A strange new friendship emerging in Hawkins on World K…
Retweeted by Matthew Ashton @davidslesser @Disney @DisneyStudios This is why it would never work ;) ;)Leaked image of Disney’s new live-action ‘Flounder’ voiced by @JacobTremblay ;) ;) #TheLittleMermaid like @JacobTremblay has been cast as live-action Flounder and @awkwafina as Scuttle! In #TheLittleMermaid wish list; @truffleshuffle_ Birthday to my favorite Disney movie evs!!!!! #TheLittleMermaid @Disney @DisneyStudios @aurorastormG3 @MyLittlePony Dunno.... somewhere over 2000!Unboxed and roaming free! ‘ Minty’-fresh and ready to meet the rest of the herd! @MyLittlePony #mlp #brony @GameBoyle @Spider_Sam_LEGO @MyLittlePony Nope! I’m releasing her Minty fresh goodness on the world!Real life #Puppycorn ! @GreyDeLisle #unikitty @UnikittyPlushie @bobbyberk Damn right! @GylesB1 @PiersSociety Me too! I lived in Brighton over 20 years ago and it breaks my heart to see this decaying pier now.. :( @Spider_Sam_LEGO @MyLittlePony I bought it at Bilka today!:)Woooohoooo!!! Bagged myself a ‘Minty’ ... yes, I am skirting over the fact that I had to pay for 9 other ponies a…
How fun. Which other TV shows would you like to see @Lego create playsets for?
Retweeted by Matthew Ashton @BrickMine Eeeeew! Thanks... kinda! @dougs_life Aaaaah thanks!!!Today I feel like giving myself one of these... (as no-one is doing it for me!) #MovingMountains
Can you believe ?!?! I met him two weeks ago and now I am him (for Halloween obvs) @jvn @queereye ❤️
Retweeted by Matthew AshtonAnd while we are on a roll, top 9 #chilhoodcrushes ? Be warned some of mine are a little weird! Face from #ATeam ,…
Retweeted by Matthew AshtonSet up a #LEGO #ninjago cupcake production line for my godson’s 4th Birthday! If you want the deets check out my…
Retweeted by Matthew Ashton @emmaclairelucas @instagram @LEGO_Group @NINJAGOmovie Now I have! @simonlucas80 @scscheller @TheGGForever @goldengirlsfans @GoldenGirls85 It’s actually just my own scowl in a Dorothy wig;)Sensing this is going to be a fun flight:/ Some bloke has already thrown up in a sick bag and we haven’t even started moving yet:/ 🤢🤮 @ant_917 @OfficialMelB @Tesco Someone is in trouble !!!!! @JamesIsWhinging @TheGGForever @goldengirlsfans @GoldenGirls85 Ha ha! It my friend Ross, but I’m sure he would be delighted to hear that;)Tom. This is brown paper.
Retweeted by Matthew Ashton @BrickMine @TheGGForever @goldengirlsfans @GoldenGirls85 Ha ha!I’m not sure if this is a #flashback to my #GoldenGirls birthday party, or a vision into my future?!? I’m sure all… @Jasperbunny @LEGO_Group Last I heard it was supposed to be sometime this month, but I’m not sure if the specifics .... sorry.What @Pink said; @DanielNewman You are better at it than I am then!
@MattDivall @LEGO_Group Aaah HBD Alfie!!!:)❤️😭🤣❤️😭🤣❤️😭🤣❤️😭🤣❤️ All the feels for @mikebreakfast and @Mrs_katjones @bbcstrictly #strictly @MOTSI_MABUSE ❤️😭🤣❤️😭🤣❤️😭🤣❤️😭🤣❤️ All the feels for @mikebreakfast and @Mrs_katjones @bbcstrictly #strictly @Linds_bluepeter And so you should be @kayzer_1 has been sensational! @bbcstrictly @mikebreakfast @Mrs_katjones Aaaaah! They both brought oodles of joy to our screens and he was an abso… @thefiresensei @diablo74921407 @instagram @LEGO_Group @NINJAGOmovie Adorbs!!! Especially the baby one! 👍👍The #lego Wig-Remover-Instamatic; but srsly me ♥️♥️♥️
Retweeted by Matthew AshtonHer absolute reluctance to put that crisp in her mouth is high art. HANG THIS IN THE LOUVRE!
Retweeted by Matthew AshtonAaaaah ❤️! Catching up on @BritishBakeOff #ExtraSlice and these two are just the cutest! @alicefevronia &…
@AdamRoffel @instagram @LEGO_Group @NINJAGOmovie Awesome!!!Proud of you @IAmChrisRamsey .. 💪🏼
Retweeted by Matthew Ashton