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Just so laughingly dishonest. clear why this newsless Barr press conference was called today: for him to try and explain (dishonestly, i… @BarkingCarnival real Iran-Iraq war vibe in this one @TPCarney Of course elites can oppose elitism. It’s their phoniness I’m objecting to. For example, writing an op ed… @JoyAnnReid @PalomaStovall It’s true. I guess I never think of him as part of any club, elite or otherwise, because… @elliotcwilliams good ptIs there anything more phony in American politics today than the sneering faux anti-elitism of Tom Cotton (Harvard,…
This is an important piece on the suddenly widespread decision in Washington DC to make it difficult to distinguish…
Retweeted by Matthew MillerStunning scene in downtown D.C. as the sun begins to set. Thousands are lying on the hot pavement in extreme heat a…
Retweeted by Matthew Miller @StuPolitics I continue to wonder what Ducey was thinking appointing McSally right after she ran such a disappointing race. Such a blunder.Did not expect to be as moved by Mattis’s statement as I am. Let’s hope Lafayette Square becomes a breaking point f… @KatieBoWill I don’t know the relevant law, but trust Wyn to be an honest broker so will assume this is correct.I'm very curious whether these BOP riot squads train regularly in traditional policing or crowd control. Certainly… @joshgerstein any on those dastardly pundits yet?In lieu of a Barr appearance, I hope some of the Democratic Senators will ask Rosenstein why the Trump DOJ stopped… @davidgura @maggieNYT lot of inspections going on all of a sudden!And then, just magically, Bill Barr rushed out and killed the Archbishop of Canterbury. the current AG orders violent responses to peaceful protesters and gives police departments a pass on meaningful…👇
Retweeted by Matthew MillerI both sort of believe this and also expect Esper to tell us tomorrow he had no idea why Trump ordered troops to th… @JoyceWhiteVance I would guess they are one of the BOP riot teams, since I presume DEA, ATF etc would make very clear who they were.A DEA led by a Barr flunkie who got the job as a soft landing after he wrecked the DC US attorney’s office. @Timodc DOJ already came out and admitted Barr ordered it to be cleared right before it happened!
#BREAKING Senator Warren just joined protesters outside the White House
Retweeted by Matthew MillerThere is no generic DOJ police force, obviously. No badges, no identifying info, refusal to say who they represent… @tonywest and I’m pretty sure we don’t have the lowest black unemployment rate in history right now eitherBarr is living out his lifelong authoritarian fantasies and disgracing a department that, at its best, has stood fo… worked at the Pentagon for 18 months under Bush and three years under Obama. I’ve been to war zones and military…
Retweeted by Matthew MillerBravo. This is a moment when all decent people need to speak out. If you haven’t yet, what are you waiting for? is an excellent speech from Biden. A real leadership moment.Sharing my ⁦@washingtonpost⁩ op-ed about what a just Justice Department would be doing right now & how we create a…
Retweeted by Matthew MillerGen Milley will have to answer to history for what he has done tonight marching in the President’s photo op war on…
Retweeted by Matthew MillerHow about showing a little courage and talking with protesters about how we can reform police departments rather th… a historic day, a historic headline failure. is disrespectful to people who live here in a way I can't quite communicate
Retweeted by Matthew MillerI can’t get over this pic. During the unrest in Ferguson, Holder flew there to meet with protesters and promise jus…
That peaceful protesters were tear-gassed in our nation's capitol, for no other reason than that Trump wished to ha…
Retweeted by Matthew MillerJust cannot believe I’m watching this scene in America. @JoyceWhiteVance @michael_steel @cspan and check out a very young @RonaldKlain siting behind him!Perhaps the absolute worst thing a president could say in this situation. cowardly lion sounds even more pathetic when he's meowing from a bunker. in this very good @Schwartzesque profile of Barr is the revelation that Barr is regularly briefing Trump on… that the president feels compelled, yet again, to defend the honor of white supremacists. @talkingfedspod episode with @harrylitman @BarbaraBoxer @NatashaBertrand and me talking George Floyd and beyond… killed Obama's peaceful police reforms. What we see around us is the result
Retweeted by Matthew MillerA must-read as usual.
It’s a little less effective from under his bed.
Retweeted by Matthew MillerA THREAD on this tweet released by DOJ yesterday. I presume they think it shows an AG hard at work. But on a day wh…
Retweeted by Matthew MillerI dunno, a five point lead over an incumbent among people who say they are certain to vote is the kind of challenge…
@adamgoldmanNYT including taking a picture? No idea. Certainly wasn’t allowed when I was there.Believe it or not, this SCIF that looks like the media room from a 1970’s lake cabin is DOJ’s command center. Gover…’s nothing that could make me more concerned about what Barr is doing than I already was, but Wray making acco…“Antifa-like,” a term that means what exactly? He apparently doesn’t have the evidence to pin it on Antifa or he’d… tragedy and chaos around us and a president with no interest in calming the nation, it is heartening to see a… of the best, smartest, impromptu speeches I have ever heard. Amazing leadership.
Retweeted by Matthew Miller @mpdillon and Al Qaeda executed an attack on American soil in December that killed three sailors!Straight line from the Presidential podium to this.
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We will be back. January 20, 2021
Retweeted by Matthew MillerQuite the trick for an American president to withdraw from leadership both at home and abroad in the same moment.All well and good, but where is the pattern and practices investigation into the Minneapolis PD? We all know federa… statement on the death of George Floyd and where we must go as a nation:
Retweeted by Matthew MillerBefore Trump speaks at 2 pm, worth remembering how a president can constructively address racism in America. need leadership. And neither this White House nor this Justice Department will provide any. We would have been i…
Retweeted by Matthew MillerLast year, a nationwide review conducted by ABC News identified at least 36 criminal cases where Trump was invoked…
Retweeted by Matthew Miller @EricColumbus @EricHolder 😐Desperately wish we had someone in the federal government trusted enough to visit Minneapolis and help calm the sit… President: Let's shoot looters. (2) Twitter: That violates our terms of service, so we'll put up a warning. I…
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@JoyceWhiteVance @BobVanceJr yes, make him do it himself so he can’t complain about the results. That’s what Mrs Miller did.Just a reminder that Twitter didn’t censor or limit Trump’s tweet. They just added a little note saying “here’s s…
Retweeted by Matthew MillerTrump in 2017: “When you guys put somebody in the car and you’re protecting their head, you know, the way you put t…, @harrylitman! can never have too many investigations into something that’s not a crime and for which there is no evidence of…
Trump is the only president I’m aware of who has encouraged police to use excessive force on suspects, so this quit… @bartongellman your most shameless book promotion yetOh good, a chance for Rosenstein to explain why he told Trump he could "land the plane" when he was begging to keep… like to dismiss this as bluster, but Trump’s DOJ (and it’s truly his now) is actively investigating and thre…
@chefjoseandres @latiendadotcom @little_spain Hi chef! Yes, we just finished it off with a bean stew made from the…
I bought a whole Spanish jamon leg, though I wouldn’t call the subsequent radical improvement unexpected. @mpdillon #1 being that he focused on his actual jobSorry, but the “it’s ok for presidents to golf during a crisis” rule doesn’t apply to any president who spent years…
Too little too late for Sessions, but it's a reminder that Trump can only humiliate you if you let him. (P.S. Muell…'s virtually impossible to convey just how deviant and inappropriate it is for the DOJ Civil Rights Division to f…
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Coverage of Biden making a gaffe and apologizing is 100x coverage of Trump making a worse gaffe and not apologizing
Retweeted by Matthew MillerThis admin sure loves to (re)order reviews of others while at the same time firing the IGs reviewing them
Retweeted by Matthew MillerIf we go through another round of reporting on this without news stories flagging up top that he cannot actually do…
Retweeted by Matthew Miller @MarkKornblau Run DMV @benjaminwittes if you’re taking requests, I’d like to hear Chuck Rosenberg read Go the F*ck to Sleep.
Just wait until Trump finds out it was Pompeo's political advisor who told Senate Republican campaigns not to defen… is just as unqualified and insidious as Grenell, but it is possible he’ll be less competent at being insi… @jbpoersch Helluva thing to leak @ryanjreilly Still nope @ryanjreilly you can't make me read this story about this book eitherTraditional gangster behavior: plata o plomo lord, Michael Caputo was allowed to come up with the slogan for a public health matter and, predictably, it is…
Many of the redactions in the Mueller Report related to ongoing cases — including the Roger Stone case — that have…
Retweeted by Matthew MillerThere are 35 million people unemployed in this country. If we wake up on November 4 with a Democratic Senate, it wi… @PennyCees @ratemyskyperoom @DeadlineWH @NicolleDWallace @MichaelSteele they have been very kind to me alreadyFrom beginning to end, this really has been the dumbest fake controversy ever. But there’s still time for it to get… hit dog barks.