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Behind our eyes. Calendars of our lives. Circled with compromise. Sweet bird of time and change.

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A run-away reactor, the hot topic of funny words, and a potential meltdown in the drawing room. #FF @MurielAndJasper hunted the foolish sun away, With stillness and pale tapers.
Retweeted by Matthew BateYou've nothing but wild words...
Retweeted by Matthew Bate @herbivore_club She has a patreon...I love the night, when the entire universe opens up.
Retweeted by Matthew Bate @electricplate ‘I’m holding-out for a Nero’
God: a goose Björk: an angel
Retweeted by Matthew Bate @Tudordreamer He could turn a man. @Music_Kitts @YouTube Yes; that.#NowPlaying #KittsMix Black - Wonderful Life via @YouTube
Retweeted by Matthew BateHe did. He did that. This changes everything. @DominyClements 😮🍾 @Tudordreamer He’s a very pretty man, damn him. And Depp owes him a fiver. @jessicaaapeters No, do.It’s not big, and it’s not clever., all of you, stop watching The Apprentice. It’s the crack that let the darkness in.This cost £100 because the talented person who made it didn’t charge for their expertise. and Sergey, first you drop your “Don’t Be Evil” mantra, now you “drop out”? You still control 51% of voting s…
Retweeted by Matthew BateBloody socialists. of a Bowyer’s. Baker just announced he's leaving The One Show. This will still be his finest moment.
Retweeted by Matthew Bate @Malcolm_G_F I have a practical mind and an infeasible past. @JonathanFoyle Clearly @TheSimonEvans Or do one on purpose.Does he know what it feels like to take that risk and pay the price of it not working? It can end your life, or bli… peice by Matisse is called Le Bateau. The MOMA in NYC discovered that they had it hanging upside down #otd in…
Retweeted by Matthew BateWhat an extraordinary cunt.
Retweeted by Matthew BateWhat’s something you can say while making love, doing a fuck, and also during sex? @_Lady_Gardener Jackson Pollock jigsaw puzzleCor! @TheChapMag @Malcolm_G_F WA is two tins and a piece of string. You can add other devices, but don’t bother. @volewriter That’s a day worth living. @feeflefifski No, it’s brilliant! (And I have an undeclared interest, which would get me crucified 😂)BUT I WANT TO SEE IT NOW @quantick I wish I had that skill. Please do a seminar.Men of the United Kingdom! You too can become a woman, no hassle, no red tape, and completely free of charge! Just…
Retweeted by Matthew BateOH MY GOD 🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by Matthew Bate @quantick But is Cold as Christmas a Christmas hit? Set in July, released at Christmas. It’s a Christmas memory for… @TheDivineBebe It’s quite a well appointed shed really.Before I get too caught up in the festivities let me take this opportunity to wish you all would go and fuck yourselves.
Retweeted by Matthew BateShould they bring back Motorail🤔 Retweet for YES Like for NO
Retweeted by Matthew Bate @MacFloozy @TheDivineBebe I have one. I don’t have heating so I tactically wash on days when it’ll be coldest and it keeps the house warm.Oh! You know what's much more important than love and friendship at this time of year? Presents.
Retweeted by Matthew BateNaked Child Laughing, 1963, Lucian Freud
Retweeted by Matthew BateExcerpt from an unsent letter (1953) from Frida Kahlo to her unfaithful husband Diego Rivera. She ends her letter:…
Retweeted by Matthew Bate"I always feel that a man and a woman who do not like the same films will eventually divorce." - Jean-Luc Godard…
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#Godard #botd
Retweeted by Matthew BateJack Nicholson is living my dream life
Retweeted by Matthew Bate❤️
Retweeted by Matthew Bate @Okeating Was that supposed to be a quote tweet of the ‘things you say in Starbucks and during sex’ meme?I’m sorry name’s not Clint. @TheDivineBebe Let’s hope I’m right. @TheDivineBebe Yes, it’s how they’ve stayed in. I have a funny feeling though. This will be close.One for @TheDivineBebe 3 December: Bismarck hanging-parrot (Loriculus tener) aka green-fronted or green-rumped hanging-parrot,…
Retweeted by Matthew Bate @PaulCowland_ Thank you for that information.Late capitalism just keeps getting better:
Retweeted by Matthew Bate @seileasdar Hang on, I’ll check.When you notice that the plaster is missing from your finger as you finish eating a meal you’ve cooked...This song is just perfect. From the Rubber Soul album, released #otd 1965. #Beatles Girl (Remastered 2009)…
Retweeted by Matthew BateAm learning t'ai chi & having a nervous breakdown. Two things I've always wanted to do.
Retweeted by Matthew Bate #ledzeppelin picture by 📷Jim Marshall #photooftheday #mondaythoughts © Orphaned Images, 1971
Retweeted by Matthew BateThis #Beatles album was released #otd 1965. Nice Christmas pressie. 🎁
Retweeted by Matthew BateI just want to be rich enough to eat meat with bullets in it.
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Paul McCartney
Retweeted by Matthew BateBeauty and the Beast deals with a very deep idea: that love creates beauty.
Retweeted by Matthew Bate @poppymoppet 🧨 @Roseyanny Wonderful news xPoor old Fanny couldn’t cook to save her life. But of all the stomach churning stuff she churned out this has to be…
Retweeted by Matthew BateThe brand new album “WHO” in the UK’s rock ‘n’ roll capital, Shepherd’s Bush! Who’s spotted this on their commute a…
Retweeted by Matthew BateLove creates beauty
Retweeted by Matthew BateCanadian, Australian, and New Zealand soldiers got slaughtered in their thousands defending the UK and its citizens…
Retweeted by Matthew BateYou do realize that you've sold yourselves to the lowest bidder, right? And they still aren't satisfied. They're st…
Retweeted by Matthew Bate1/ Personal health data is a requirement in a US trade deal. US trade negotiators have requested the UK dilute dat…
Retweeted by Matthew BateI was warming a 9v battery to try to get a bit more out of it. I put it in the waistband of my pants..."1970 Bertone Lancia Stratos Zero Prototype. The bodywork was designed by Marcello Gandini, head designer at Berton…
Retweeted by Matthew Bate @davidebrady @TheSimonEvans @SimonMagus Wow @SimonMagus @TheSimonEvans This is what happens when restaurants fail to offer valet parking. @Mr_John_Oxley @SimonMagus @TheSimonEvans The buggers just pick the car up these days. You end-up in Park Royal. @SimonMagus @TheSimonEvans He’d probably be worried about some poor sod trying to tow it... @davidebrady @TheSimonEvans Goodness me @TheSimonEvans He seems not to worry about people bashing them with their doors. He’s an atypical owner in that regard.Three different Aston Martins in fourteen seconds. Stylish. @SwimmingTablets 🕺 @SwimmingTablets PobolyUntitled, 1969 #rothko #markrothko
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Right. Time to start the advent calendar.
Retweeted by Matthew BateThis
Retweeted by Matthew Bate#december
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Retweeted by Matthew BateMy son is in Y11 at a local special school. They're studying WW1 and he wrote this poem. If you have a minute give…
Retweeted by Matthew Bate'Medicines To Help Us' by Christi Belcourt, Métis artist inspired by Métis and First Nations historical beadwork ar…
Retweeted by Matthew Bate"We try not to eat a lot in one day, even though most of us are really hungry." Almost 1 in 3 children in the UK a…
Retweeted by Matthew BateImpossibly excited for The First Sunday in Advent tomorrow. Each year the miracle becomes more fucking miraculous.…
Retweeted by Matthew Bate#StAndrewsDay Andy Warhol
Retweeted by Matthew Bate#StAndrewsDay Andrei Tarkovsky
Retweeted by Matthew Batetinkle tinkle
Retweeted by Matthew BateNovember 30, 1969: the Muppets appear on The Ed Sullivan Show and perform “Mah Na Mah Na”, which had been sung on S…
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