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Matthew Phillips @matthewcp Louisville, United States

Alligator fighter and lover of poetry.

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@TheLela Never hurts to have a backup plan!
Yesterday morning, @TedraCobb had just over 5000 Twitter followers. Now she has nearly 145,000, surpassing…
Retweeted by Matthew PhillipsAll libraries you use should be viewed as stopgaps and have an exit strategy for. @Joelbdenning Do you mean you shouldn't change the route on a click event?
@mjackson Generally speaking, anything you do in programming that makes testing harder is a thing you should use sparingly.Unpopular opinion: All that junk you're putting in React context should just be props. Legit uses for context are r…
Retweeted by Matthew Phillips @mikesherov Agree, it's still surprising to see basic features missing though.Launch bugs aside, Disney+ is a pretty bad app. No concept of picking up where you left off watching something. Jus… it's about logistics. Figuring up how to best divy up a portion and hand it across the table. I don't want t… sharing has gotten out of hand. No, I don't want some of your soup. I ordered the thing I ordered because it's what I wanted to eat.
@rektide @John_Papa Same📣 Announcement! 📣 Major Release 🎉 ✅ Much upgraded Developer experience 👩‍💻👨‍💻 ✅ Stories in CSF @storybookjs format…
Retweeted by Matthew PhillipsDisney+ is like a restaurant with only 5 things on the menu. If you're in the mood for one of those things it's the… @mikesherov As much content as there is, there's still not much variety. I'm not sure if there's any horror, for ex…
@dmitryshimkin That problem exists for any component model (React, etc.) and is not particular to web components. @dmitryshimkin Yep, exactly. @trueadm But is it a sandwich? @Uppercod Interesting, you don't render and later the element is reinserted would that mean it's in invalid state? @dmitryshimkin Including it in HTML. @AntonAmelekhin Can be. @jensimmons CSS line-clamp. I think it might be in all browsers (not totally sure), but the -webkit prefix gives me strong pause.Myth: with web components you have to put a component's CSS in JavaScript strings.
@bradleymeck Singletons are a similar sort of use-case, X.instance as a getter. @bradleymeck Instance factory sorts of APIs, X.create() where it does pooling on instances. @air_hadoken 👏 BravoIntegration testing is hugely important, no matter how many unit tests you write there will be things happening in… @AdamRackis Vine shutting down was likely part of it @likeOMGitsFEDAY I'm here for it, but am pretty sure the script was written by machine learning. @preetster I use make even in JS projects. Wake me when your fancy JS build tool takes less than a second just to b… still haven't heard an adequate explanation as to why God created a system whereby we can't eat as many cookies as we like.For example, no fancy module system. #include is literally just concatenation.Writing C is a lot of fun for similar reasons to Scheme. Everything is so transparent.Proof I exist 👇🏼 @mattdsteele @zachleat @shortdiv @hj_chen Tagging @innovati
Really pleased to have contributed the @HTTPArchive chapter on markup continuing, updating and extending efforts pa…
Retweeted by Matthew Phillips @julia_allyce Good point, that's likely the source of the queasy feeling after eating it.Chocolate chip cookies with marshmallow pieces inside. Smores cookies. How is this not a bigger thing?
@preetster Solid counter @dmikeyanderson Agreed, which is why it has it's own nameOverrated.But paid more.It's like if you ordered a pork chop and cut off the fat. Then threw away the meat and just ate the fat. Boom, you've had pork belly.Hot take: pork belly is overrated. First, calling it meat is being generous. Secondly, have you ever eaten pork bel… @philwalton @zachleat @justinfagnani @guybedford It's updated now. @philwalton @zachleat @justinfagnani @guybedford I can also update this weekend @philwalton @zachleat @justinfagnani @guybedford Yep
I love tv ghost hunting shows even though ghosts are not real and the investigators are ridiculous @justinfagnani @littledan @devongovett Also, you can put a link tag in your shadow dom now. @justinfagnani @guybedford I need to! I haven't updated it in a long time and it's sad the info is still mostly acc… @justinfagnani @drewml I think dom diffing is more accurate, some vdom libraries use dom nodes. @mjackson Let's just make the earth flat, won't need time zones. @jankrems Isn't an import.meta.resolve or something like that coming? @zekefarwell @davatron5000 At the same time I want to get notifications from my email and I'd rather use a PWA for… @zekefarwell @davatron5000 Good point and I agree! @davatron5000 I'd like to see the data on installed PWAs, do they accept notifications there? That's more similar t… @WestbrookJ @disneyplus Can be considered a "joke ruiner" too 😉 @WestbrookJ @disneyplus Or that 😉Only engineers understand why @disneyplus is launching on Tuesday.I know, who doesn't like a good `event`?🥳 I talk about composing them🎶, dispatching them🚓, listening to them👂🏼 in s…
Retweeted by Matthew Phillips @AdamRackis @dan_abramov Ok cool. The benefits seem to me to be more apparent when large parts of the UI changes, f… @dan_abramov @AdamRackis Is Suspense useful for non-SPAs?
@mjackson I selected "Quit programming" but would have voted for "throw the SPA architecture in the trash" had it been available to me. 😀 @dr_sensor @babeljs This isn't a bad idea 😀 @mikesherov @zachleat @f_bergqvist TTFB doesn't need to be raised by SSR. You can have your cake and eat it too by using HTML streaming.
@justinfagnani @WestbrookJ I've overstepped here. I apologise. @WestbrookJ @justinfagnani Creating a repo and then pushing only a gitignore and empty readme is pretty cruel imo. @justinfagnani Don't forget to push before you go home for the day. @mjackson @babeljs I don't know what's changed but I'm liking this tweet regardlesswebpagetest should probably add this one to its reports. @zachleat Time To First Surveillance Resource
Retweeted by Matthew PhillipsSo there's now like 6 different configuration files for @babeljs . Why stop there, let's add a babel.yml, a babel.t… @WestbrookJ @justinfagnani You caught me, I vainly look at the GitHub activity feed to see if my stuff has been sta… @justinfagnani @justinfagnani 👀 if we expected more from our code editor? Introducing Pika Code, the first editor designed to unlock the mode…
Retweeted by Matthew Phillips @dan_abramov @james_k_nelson @AdamRackis @wycats @tlakomy I think status code is the more important consideration here as it affects SEOI wonder how many people exabytes of JavaScript have been transferred for basic forms/list applications that don’t…
Retweeted by Matthew Phillips @dan_abramov @AdamRackis @wycats @tlakomy I'm really excited for the streaming hydration stuff 👏 @dan_abramov @AdamRackis @wycats @tlakomy A hugely positively first step could be to include bundle size budgets in… @AdamRackis @dan_abramov @wycats @tlakomy Yeah I know, and that's the catch 22 of it. The same was true of jQuery;… @dan_abramov @wycats @tlakomy I hope you can figure moving past the "install bunch of extra stuff" paradigm that ha… @jon_neal Is there an example I can help with? @bradleymeck @robpalmer2 Guarantee isn't necessary, fallibility is ok. Imperfect solutions can still be an important part of an application. @bradleymeck @robpalmer2 This was before await and I did hook other non-promise based apis. This method works cross… @bradleymeck @robpalmer2 Overriding global methods is supported by JavaScript. Node choosing to support a subset of… @bradleymeck @robpalmer2 I'm not, but overriding prototype methods is something I've occasionally done for various… @bradleymeck @robpalmer2 That you're trying to escape my modifications to charCodeAt. Because this prevents me from…
Something big is coming... 🚀 check back tomorrow @ 11am EST
Retweeted by Matthew Phillips @michaelbenin @rawrawrmonstar Then yeah, totally. State becomes "expanded". idle: state( transition('hover', 'ex… @bradleymeck @robpalmer2 I wish you all wouldn't do that :/ @michaelbenin @rawrawrmonstar I guess it depends on what the hover is for... I usually use :hover in CSS, but if yo… @DavidKPiano @Farzad_YZ @rawrawrmonstar Well Robot has the same features as XState minus historical state (which ma… @jon_neal I call that other stuff "data". Here state means distinct states (or you might call phases) of the app li… v1 of my new @____lighthouse Github Action, complete with PR commenting, custom lighthouse config and budg…
Retweeted by Matthew Phillips @troutgirl @AdamRackis This is why I prefer hotels. At least it feels like it's been thoroughly cleaned, even if no… @drewml Oof, that's bad. Amazon has no way to mark as unwatched so if you ever rewatch a show you're pretty much on… @WestbrookJ "Matthew, are you awake Matthew? I'm going pause Tiny Houses Season 3. Sweet dreams. I'll be watching you."Is there anything worse than falling asleep watching a show and waking up 6 episodes later? Then you have to try an… @jon_neal Thanks! Maybe that tells me I should update the example with how it would be written in Robot. The way t… @Farzad_YZ @rawrawrmonstar What specifically do you mean? It supports most statecharts features.