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Matthew Phillips @matthewcp Louisville, United States

Alligator fighter and lover of poetry.

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@innovati Wrap it in a span!
@_developit There are many ways to skin a cat. Scoring based on how you got your perf, rather than what the perf ac… @_developit To be serious though, I think keeping subjective stuff out of scores is important. WebPageTest has this… @_developit Is Best Practices new? Get that stuff out of here! :p It shouldn't matter if I use `with()` as long as my site is fast, right? @ericclemmons but i was buying things for my family @Joelbdenning There's nothing good about authoring a project that everyone finds, whether awful or great. @matteocollina If running in a browser then no. But it would cause a unhandledrejection event on the window. @equinusocio Ah interesting, and here I am just repeating the same info on every element I want to give an outline / border 😂cc @jon_neal wonder if you've ever used the above technique 👆 @bit_working Ew gross no! :D. But for real I don't like allocating a temporary object to avoid a language built-in… clever thing Tailwind does that I hadn't seen before: * { border: 0px solid color; } Default border styling f… 2.0 - A build system for the modern web. ◆ Starts up in <50ms. ◆ O(1) file builds. ◆ Simplified tooling.…
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@igor9silva Oh yeah, does its switch not fallthrough? @preetster I write the break; before the case so I don't forget it. switch(value) { break; }or return inside of your case.bUt WhAt If yOu FoRgEt tO bReAk? Solution: include break; at the end of each case.I love switch statements. @brianleroux Probably explains why I regularly see 400ms response times from warm lambdas that I have set at 128. I… @brianleroux How much memory do you give your lambdas? @TheLela @BenDelarre Thanks, maybe I shouldn't have gotten all of my spaceship knowledge from Apollo 13 (movie)Does NASA have contingency plans for if a virus infects an astronaut? Seems like it would quickly spread and what h…'s great that deaths are on the decline and all, but when I go out I don't feel even a little bit more comfortable. Just me? @_developit @Jack_Franklin How much weight would be added by making it use a prototype?
@MattMueller Is a nested block like a function call? I've used plain TTL like this before: `<div>${condition ? partial() : other()}</div>`
Do we have any idea how much climate really affects covid? I haven't seen any studies. Just shrug emoji maybes. @briankardell @tobie @marcosc @jawnsy But if we locked down sooner and the number of deaths halved, the % of total… @briankardell @tobie @marcosc @jawnsy The NYC mayor was literally telling people to go to restaurants the week thin… @bgalbs person-to-hand via respiratory droplets is what I'm more concerned about. The risk level, as far as I've re… @bgalbs So that's why I want to wash my hands before taking the mask off. I think recent studies say surface sprea… @bgalbs Surface spread is a secondary concern. Major concern is your hands already are infected from people breathi… @bgalbs When I get home I wash my hands, take the mask off, put it in the dirty laundry to be washed, wash hands again. @bgalbs I do it. My logic is, if I go somewhere with other people I assume the mask is now infected. Taking it off… @eisaksen More than that! I'm on my phone or I'd try to describe some. Maybe later!
Me when I find a use-case for a generator. to input[type=hidden] @bradleymeck Is this a feature you are working on? An async block would be super cool. Although in a reg function I… @alexisabril var xhr; if(window.XMLHttpRequest) xhr = new XMLHttpRequest() else xhr = new window.ActiveXObject('Microsoft.XMLHTTP');100 days ago I attended a Homeland Security committee meeting about the coronavirus. ...No current Trump administr…
Retweeted by Matthew Phillips @AdamRackis Yeah, I think people forget that travel is possible (well pre-covid). Always did this as well. Costly… is wildly under utilized. You can simplify your codebase by not duplicating state management between your… @jon_neal In the Streams API there's a write(): @fastifyjs Yep! I eventually found it. reply.header(key, value) allowed me to set multiple. Thanks! @Cherif_b Very trueDoes @fastifyjs support multiple response headers? Can't seem to find anything.
According to httparchive, March marked the first time the median webpage size surpassed 2 megabytes... a big (but n…
Retweeted by Matthew Phillips @bradleymeck I get the first part of this sentence but not the second. What does harmonize a development environment mean? @lyptt I don't know what that is, thankfully! @mikesherov long live deferred.done() @creationix Yeah, same here, can't find a great use-case for new code. I have a project that uses libarchive wasm v…'d rather write C than Rust because I don't think the memory safety guarantees are worth the language complexity a… @creationix That's cool, I haven't tried on anything serious enough to run into the edges but no surprise they exis… @creationix Looks quite nice! You still playing around with Zig by any chance?I just found this site! Learn the basics to manipulate DOM and #html with vanilla #js. It's cool also as "reminder"…
Retweeted by Matthew Phillips @mikesherov Why do you want your web tooling in wasm? Easier to use in Node? @mikesherov Go also compiles to wasm (it did so a bit later) but has the issue of huge binaries so it's basically a… @mikesherov What's the binary size like? I like Zig partially because it compiles to tiny wasm binaries (because it's basically C).Pretty soon most people who can afford it will have several of these things in their house, one in their car and of…'t it weird that everyone's uncle / father-in-law / whoever has an Alexa / Google Home (or 2 or 3), talk about i… News: If the U.S. had begun imposing social distancing measures one week earlier than it did in March, abo…
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@Cherif_b Not your thing?Should have been 4 episodes. It's called the last dance, not the lifestory of everyone who was tangentially connect… watched 9 episodes of the last dance and will not watch the last (10th). At a certain point it stopped being fun… @alexisabril @harleydavidson But unfortunately it means you'll never be able to take your bike with you on a flight.Every time I try to use anything I personally worked on @brianleroux But your HTML and/or JS gets bigger because you are putting font-bold in your HTML/JS instead of font:… to say that Drop Dead Fred does not hold up at all. one ⭐️ is actually generous 😞
@AdamRackis I'm a firm believer that when something is too hard to implement you have to take a step back and rethi… @alexbdebrie For the GitHub example, how do you handle private repos? Need to check if logged in user is a member o… @zachleat I have a Lambda that runs Eleventy, those only go up to 12 now I think. I could just run the old version… @antony Google Cloud is just too slow to me. I'm not going to hold AWS as a paragon of design, but it takes a few s… can a developer work on this project, refresh their browser and wait for 10 seconds, and think it is in any way… @AdamRackis Appears to be 😞The Google Cloud Console is an absolute utter piece of shit. Takes 10+ seconds to load even on a desktop. Main bund…
@alexbdebrie Ah, perfect! I have been using your book as a reference manual and my ebook reader's search couldn't f… @alexbdebrie Awesome, sorry to bother you, this is making a lot more sense to me now. Side-note, I don't think th… @alexbdebrie 🤦‍♂️ Of course. In that case, adjacent list is more similar to shallow duplication then with the benef… @webcomp_dev team (@GQuinio, @gluckies and I) have been cooking a new service: @ComponentsStdio
Retweeted by Matthew Phillips @acdlite @AdamRackis Renaming it to unstable doesn't prevent them from shipping a polyfill. The app developer is st… @serhiikulykov @marzepani @calebwilliams12 @notwaldorf These are great docs.Normalized: 2 requests per get. Adjacent list: 2 requests per update. Since updates are almost always less frequen… so, then it seems like the adjacent list pattern is probably best when you only need to show the movie name and… @alexbdebrie Read the chapter on many-to-many. Using the adjacent list pattern, if you wanted to show the IMDB scor… @DavidOStorm @Shandy556 @ThePlumLineGS @SecPompeo I have this theory that they are doing this: 1) Dog walking thin…
2020 to say that CSS shadow parts is pretty legit. @eisaksen It's barely a Star Trek movie! 😉 @justinfagnani What if Deno defaulted to the global tsc binary? And let you provide your own via env variable. This… @justinfagnani Typescript should stop making breaking changes. Mature languages rarely do.
@Runspired Explains the short lifespans, only ~70-100 years old. So primitive. @SkylerRayTaylor It's like they didn't trust Nimoy to direct so they gave him a lower budget than a TV episode, so… @Paul_Kinlan Yeah this is big for me too. I thought Google might have streaming response since they use the Node re…'m not getting the odd-even thing for Star Trek films. People think Star Trek IV is one of the good ones? A Save t… some ways it's too bad the web won out over gopher. @AdamRackis
@benadam11 Fair enoughRecoil looks like key-value observables to me with a lot of functional celebration wrapped around it to attempt to… @brianleroux @bengl @wycats Is the Begin website on Deno? @brianleroux Do you think Deno would be a good choice for CloudFront Lambdas, for ex. special routing rules? Curren… are proudly presenting the new custom video/audio player for (@daswasfehlt). Fully adapt…
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