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Writer | BRAND NEW CHERRY FLAVOR (Netflix) BILLIONS (Showtime). Mostly a proponent of dumplings. He/him/his

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@julie_bush Some people have all the ethically non-monogamous luck @julie_bush lmao its incredible. The shooting just casually flits in and out of almost every article "After the bir… @julie_bush It's the blog post on their site titled "I'm Glad I Got Shot" for meI dont think anyone should have to go to work tomorrow until we've all stared at this respectfully I describe East Coast vs West Coast culture to my friends I often say "The East Coast is kind but not nice, th…
Retweeted by Matt FennellUnder @NYGovCuomo marijuana “legalization” proposal, released Tuesday, selling ANY amount to a person under 21 is a…
Retweeted by Matt Fennell don't know about you, but this is the winner for me.
Retweeted by Matt FennellI care so much about horror because it's a way to press your face up against the white-hot metal of the things whic…
Retweeted by Matt FennellRest In Peace Mira Furlan. #DanielleRousseau
Retweeted by Matt FennellThe lifecycle of a TV pitch.
Retweeted by Matt Fennell @thegarygraham Congrats!!!!! @handsome_pal Excited for your return as Handsome Pal The White where is your EO on Bloodborne 2
Retweeted by Matt Fennell @handsome_pal Retweeting this in my mind
Retweeted by Matt FennellIt's kinda weird that deplatforming Trump just like completely worked with no visible downside whatsoever.
Retweeted by Matt Fennell @shannonmstirone @TedLasso I expect his cameo in season 3 @handsome_pal I got you @shannonmstirone @TedLasso for a surprise
Retweeted by Matt FennellThe first Bush left office in a recession, and Clinton had to pull us out of it. The second Bush left office in a…
Retweeted by Matt FennellNEWWWWS -- Michael Flynn's brother was on the call and resisting emergency pleas for the National Guard when the C…
Retweeted by Matt FennellMy latest in Forbes is on what 'backs' the Dollar. The answer is: PRODUCTION. And this is the key to non-inflationa…
Retweeted by Matt Fennell
Retweeted by Matt FennellI recently dipped my toes in producing, mostly giving YES/NO answers to scripts more established producers were con…
Retweeted by Matt FennellNo Natives on the White House pardon list from what I can see. Hopefully I’m wrong. But no one involved in Standing…
Retweeted by Matt FennellOK now let’s cancel them
Retweeted by Matt FennellI'm glad we all agree that poetry was the best part of Inauguration, now please fund the humanities.
Retweeted by Matt FennellI did not have to listen that carefully, it’s what you are Rand
Retweeted by Matt FennellTom Hanks is here but also wants you to know it's cold
Retweeted by Matt FennellThey have Tom Hanks hosting this inauguration like Chet Hanks aint the star and unifying force in that family.
Retweeted by Matt FennellI love her priorities were literally no Fennells until 2015Love to see a Fennell go viral for once Cruz should keep Pittsburgh's name out of his mouth. All the mill guys in my family would have kicked his ass.
Retweeted by Matt Fennellall the discourse about the value of unity, while definitely inspiring and seductive, has a different cast to it wh…
Retweeted by Matt FennellNah, like Bernie, I love love
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"and now, to sing Amazing Grace...SY ABLEMAN?"
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Retweeted by Matt FennellThank you Fleming need to talk more about how we could have two Hannibal Lecters nominated in Best Actor this year.
Retweeted by Matt Fennell @dave_schilling @shannonmstirone @BenHWinters @mulhollandbooks @JLDelbourgo Then I’ll be camped outside of the Strand until 2023.@JoeBiden, swearing-in some of his appointees, tells them: “If you’re ever working with me and I hear you treat an…
Retweeted by Matt Fennell @mat_johnson Gahhhh mat I’m sorry @dave_schilling @shannonmstirone Howdy! @BenHWinters @mulhollandbooks @JLDelbourgo YES BEN. This time you’re writing about better be huge, I’m counting on itMe around people in love @Jandies1 It’s there. Keep scrollingIts not true, but it also makes Trump look like even more of a bitch for losing to a dude who barely had to lift a… reiterate:
Retweeted by Matt Fennell😂😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by Matt Fennell @handsome_pal VIBESTHAT'S THE MEME I WAS TELLING YOU ABOUT
Retweeted by Matt FennellWell I thought he’d last longer than THAT
Retweeted by Matt FennellConner O'Malley should be willy wonka
Retweeted by Matt FennellITS DAVID LYNCH’S BIRTHDAY
Retweeted by Matt Fennellall the neonazis and the putschists and the curves gym neoconfederates didnt just vanish, they're still here (and i…
Retweeted by Matt FennellThe best and most horrifying school skimped on the penmanship classes I see get those kids out of those cages yesterday.
Retweeted by Matt FennellUh oh...
Retweeted by Matt Fennellhow did I miss this?!!!
Retweeted by Matt FennellTatsuya Nakadai in Kihachi Okamoto's "The Sword of Doom(1966)" I love this scene so much. Great camera and attack f…
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Retweeted by Matt FennellHow Neapolitan day has felt great, but it won't feel right until Joe and Kamala step out in their respective inaugural GundamsJust in case you forgot, we are also celebrating this man's birthday supporters: Biden is secretly Trump, so make sure to support his policies to own the libs
Retweeted by Matt FennellThe speech I will make at my inauguration
Retweeted by Matt FennellThere is no time to waste when it comes to tackling the crises we face. That's why today, I am heading to the Oval…
Retweeted by Matt FennellQAnon today
Retweeted by Matt FennellGarth Brooks just running around the stage being extremely Garth Brooks I love him so much.
Retweeted by Matt Fennell.@ManhattanDA yo.
Retweeted by Matt FennellFULL AMANDA GORMAN POEM: “We will raise this wounded world into a wondrous one ... There is always light, if only…
Retweeted by Matt FennellHappy 4 year anniversary to this absolute banger.
Retweeted by Matt FennellBackstory: Amanda Gorman had been struggling to write that poem. Then came the assault on the Capitol. That night s…
Retweeted by Matt FennellThis was intentional
Retweeted by Matt Fennell
Retweeted by Matt FennellJoe ending his speech just as my therapy session starts? That's unityBIDEN: A song that means a lot for me... it's called... LIQUID SWORDS! @HeavC4 I wanted it so badIt's exquisite that he's not there.
Retweeted by Matt Fennell @benjikahnx This is not boring! The man is hitting every beatIt’s an infected urethra. It’s perfect.
Retweeted by Matt Fennellwhy does biden's bible look like it's hollowed out and filled with wooden stakes, holy water, and silver bullets
Retweeted by Matt FennellMy cat when JLo broke into “Let’s get Loud” 😂
Retweeted by Matt Fennell👀 the catholics are making MOVES.
Retweeted by Matt Fennell“Ennui, the people,” indeed.
Retweeted by Matt Fennell @ifursure Thats not a real name, very suspectCan’t believe Joe’s getting sworn in on a Cheesecake Factory menu
Retweeted by Matt FennellImagine if that green light came on and JLo did waiting for tonight
Retweeted by Matt Fennell @lizziebrose Let her run the Friars Club. @ifursure Not enough people are talking about this