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I love talking heads
Retweeted by Matt Ferrarione of the greatest scenes in cinematic history
Retweeted by Matt Ferrari @shreyabasu003 he’s saying thank you @GoodPostReilly because his "Sad Bunny" song didn't sound sad enough @GoodPostReilly Art Garfunkel the Moose, actually is so beautiful @SilentDawnLB not saying there won't be Snyder cut discourse but I feel like I've seen significantly less excitemen…'ll be funny if Godzilla vs Kong completely steals all the attention away from the Snyder Cut since they're both…
@rachelmillman it was great! @rachelmillman mine was Little WomenFellow Brits, we must unit and elect the TRUE media cornerstone of the UK
Retweeted by Matt Ferrari @kathygriffin do you ever think maybe you just shouldn't have taken the photoI watched 4 movies so far today. @TimHeidecker saw 4 jpgs.
Retweeted by Matt Ferrari @PetriClub @straight_nick_ like a week laterhe’s walking to the exit
Retweeted by Matt Ferraritiger woods... sounds like a scary place
Retweeted by Matt Ferrari @FPersonally @cactustreemotel Bridge Over Troubled Water @gal_gadope @GafasGroucho @cactustreemotel yes it is @straight_nick_ of course @ethnicohioan Connor Golden cameo
Retweeted by Matt Ferrari😧 boomer content:
Retweeted by Matt FerrariSpent the past 4 years amplifying and palling around with crypto-fascists who did nothing except jerked off Trump a…
Retweeted by Matt Ferrari @LVDunceCap I really am 24 year old Homer SimpsonScorsese's most controversial film is THE LAST TEMPTATION OF CHRIST. Here are some reactions from the time in 1988.
Retweeted by Matt Ferrari @Koslofskyspeaks @Brusierrr sounds good to me 👍🏻had six Modelos 👍🏻
Retweeted by Matt Ferrari @marioistluigist he's a good actorI’m Matt Ferrari @RuckCohlchez wouldn’t even cross my mind @debdrens @WendellPierce when someone disagrees with me I usually just hit him with a simple “yeah you know I don’t… laughing about this
Retweeted by Matt Ferrariall men do is lie
Retweeted by Matt FerrariStill can’t get over David Lynch’s reaction to listening to Yeezus.
Retweeted by Matt Ferrari @EthnicSteve of course but since my brother mentioned it (it's one of his favorites) we'll probably watch that one later this week @warmbrietoast that one was my brother’s favorite movie when he was a kid @MythAddict lol this would have been better than the OUATIH pic I went with @Are_Jay_ the original (the remake is Pelham 123)here's us The Taking of Pelham One Two Three with my dad
my dad saw bernie in the airport, bro still goin thru it😔
Retweeted by Matt Ferrari @mags_mclaugh yes I do
Retweeted by Matt Ferrari @mags_mclaugh @ConEdison doesn’t make sense @Bentist1’s get this fucking party started!!! @newyorkdolI happy birthday! @CJ41755120 yeah my greievance is 100% with Devin @Pythagasaurus2 I don’t have any real opinion on the tweet he’s quoting I just think it’s very funny that rapist fa… parody @jusmas27 beautiful man’ve grown up so much
Retweeted by Matt Ferrari @patrickwinegar “when I hear the full story” it happened five years ago! @WendellPierce you are a bad person 👍🏻hahaha sorry Wendell, you don't get to do the Bernie meme
Retweeted by Matt Ferrari @jaynooch Everythingeating Tuna on a bagelwhat a gentleman 😍
Retweeted by Matt FerrariWonder if he's still alive
Retweeted by Matt Ferrari📺DEBUT: 'Cheers' spinoff 'The Tortellis' premiered 34 years ago, January 22, 1987, on NBC
Retweeted by Matt FerrariBeing in love will trick you into thinking Dave Matthews Band is good for like one second
Retweeted by Matt Ferrari @SirDemiface I'm very excited for this. Super was one of my favorite movies in high schoolSylvester Stallone and Carl Weathers rehearsing a boxing scene for Rocky
Retweeted by Matt Ferrari“Once COVID is over” is starting to sound a lot like ‘Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian’
Retweeted by Matt Ferrari @Childsouljaboy yes it ismfs be like eat the rich but then there Hulk collection looks like this
Retweeted by Matt Ferrari @dragoninns @darth_erogenous
Retweeted by Matt Ferrari"Thank you Mr. Vin Diesel - but I meant was there anything else on the menu I could get you"
Retweeted by Matt FerrariI don’t think so
@douzmanian they should go to jailMick Jagger in the Start Me Up music video is among the most powerful physiques a man can have @justinboldaji @AlwaysHumpin I always get the big breakfast so I can make a sandwich out of the biscuit, scrambled… ma'am. that's right.
Retweeted by Matt FerrariOKAYYYYY I'll PLAY! #Berniememes
Retweeted by Matt Ferraricritique of Bernie from the left is like “he should’ve been more aggressive & unfortunately many of his policies ar…
Retweeted by Matt FerrariFunniest guy I've ever known. End of tweet
Retweeted by Matt Ferrari @flywithkamala no they didn't. that's why nobody made memes about any of themgood poster
Retweeted by Matt Ferrari
Retweeted by Matt Ferrari @appledoglives us and our brothers should get together and form a group of superbrothersthe longer it took someone to make a Bernie meme the less they voted for him
Retweeted by Matt Ferrari @combathubreal @JM97_79
Retweeted by Matt Ferrarihe’s a model googled "reverse centaur" and
Retweeted by Matt Ferrari