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Burger King x Megan Thee Stallion & Cardi B: The WAPPER MealMe when the transition from Fable to Mojdom happens some changes, I’ll be streaming night tonight at 11PM CST and dusk and Dawn tomorrow at 1PM CST, if this doesn’t… @imkotorimusic @moricalliope This goes way harder than it has any right to @shadient LMAO this dude’m a man of my word, see you on Monday. @SubsidiaRecords
Alright y’all, I am insane so I’m gonna say it. If this tweet gets 25 likes I will stream myself Monday morning li… @nessianamusic I can’t wait to watch none of them @TrapNerdCeej @Thundercat Understood. So you should understand why this argument makes no sense because you were al… excited my tune “ME AND THE BOYS GETTIN LOOPS” will be coming out this Monday on @Excision ‘s new label @SubsidiaRecords!!
The wait is over, “Spilligion”, an album by @spillagevillage OUT NOW!!!!!!!AVAILABLE EVERYWHERE…
Retweeted by MatthewGHNier Automata @Sim_Out_ ‘s new EP is absolutely amazing, y’all gotta go listen to it, just packed back to back with slappers @DillonJacksonTv Spillage Village kinda killed it tho @GabrielNDresden @Mat_Zo The amount of amazing jams that @Mat_Zo made in the years 2009-2020 cannot be quantified so easily.
@MajorLeagueWobs I’m so excited, still got 7 hours to wait tho @hoesayb_ @cantbansnowman He actually kills this look tho
imagine having such a fragile mind that you have to bully others for wanting be who they are, this is fucking disgu… @comanavago thank you for this pop banger this morning, I feel like it’s 2004. Hyped as shit for the album @Zaajdaeon I like how I knew this would be a reply because this is one of the only acceptable answers, I’d have to think about itIf you name a better pop song than Passion Pit - Carried Away I’ll give you a nickel100k plays of 'Everywhere at the end of time' on You Tube yesterday, 2.6 million views this year. Proof that you ca…
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The edm community doesn’t unspoken by @oliverse not have 8 billion plays on Spotify yet
Retweeted by MatthewGH @catsuka @TeamBandL met this player on among us, they said it was their bday today but they got k worded first and i greeted them whi…
Retweeted by MatthewGH @TheSegajorn @Xbox @bethesda @XboxP3 This comment and all the replies to it are the only logical thing I’ve seen in… @pacosheo New history warfare 3 is so good @DAMAGEDTROOPRIP What makes it even more surprising has September has DRAGGED the last 2 years like wtf happenedrl stine snapped when he made core
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hyperpop prods 🤝 lofi prods🤝 riddim prods being absurdly shitty and dismissive towards anyone not in their clique
Retweeted by MatthewGHWhy did this meme die it’s so cute now we have fucking trash @Sim_Out_ That’s a good way of looking at it, letting yourself do other things instead of waiting for something you… @Sim_Out_ Erased is my favorite anime, aggretsuko was great as well though, I’ll have to get around to the other on… @Sim_Out_ I’m really excited to watch this at some pointMay the September 21st be with you#MZITV That last set felt like a legit concert, thanking you all for letting everyone have a great time without hav… THE ZO #MZITV @MadZooEvents @killthenoise
Retweeted by MatthewGH @hambone_mu @voyager105 You both underestimate my love for Two
@slippy_music The “story” part was really dumb but I agree with a lot of the rest of it, made me think a lot @shadient Now I’m even more excited for the albumGet the facts about 5G Corona earthquake @NEUTRAPOP IM PISSED OFF AND I WANNA START SWINGINGAlbums that I like more than anyone else I know @redzamusic Djesse @draxtheivisible aehmtwMad Zoo event has been nuts so far, congrats to everyone who worked on it to make this amazing show!!
@caitlinalthea Stop describing me please @imkotorimusic Poggers @Dumbfish97 Same here, been using for around 3ish years now tho
@pheeno_music just makes the best music ngl @KabScorner I was going into this expecting to side with whoever created the video fully but holy that was terrible lmao @RealRigged I loved the video, I don’t like what people took away from it though @hambone_mu Exactly, and this elitism just makes us look like idiots to the rest of music. I’m not saying they are…
I was 15 when I wrote You’re A Mean One, Mr Kungk @nessianamusic @emtaart @nokkusuu Fosh gang Fosh gang Fosh gang @BeretBeats A bunch of edm twitter people saw that cool Andrew huang and took as a chance to call all pop music lazyAs much as I hate how people outside the edm community treat us like clowns what I’ve seen today was a great exampl… showtime!! #undertale
Retweeted by MatthewGH @AFKdubstep Absolutely incredible man @korewamoe Poggers
people really still in console wars lmaoComing at you on the 2nd of October x “HEART FAILURE” by @comanavago x
Retweeted by MatthewGH @brigsounds I Am? @oncillmusic Eric Andre is very absurd but I don’t think it’s transphobic📡 tomorrow: @Groke6 - The Dark Deep Remixes - Pt. 2 👀 w/@ALEPH_Sound 🦑 @vhscrl 🐙
Retweeted by MatthewGHBono can I get a retweet Love you Paul can I get a retweet love you Drake Kendrick even Taylor We need you right noooooow ⛷
Retweeted by MatthewGHTaylor ended me 😔
@SikDamn @Disciplerecs @voltra Fuck datsikI’m so glad I’m an adult now cause I’m able to fund the artists I listen to a littleTMI... @NawtystepBlog QUOK @RightenMusic @NawtystepBlog THIS ONE RIGHT HERE @10_feetunder I knew it
If you watch this video and it isn’t immediately obvious to you how fucked we are as a country you have a problem.…
@MonoXPoly @kimbramusic @thundercatmusic @KAYTRANADA @ALYSS_Hz Still an incredible record, been bopping too it for a year straightas per my previous tweets, life has been weird. its a lil stressful that way but i hope to get things in control ag…
Retweeted by MatthewGHI’m talking to someone and holy shit they have the best energy of anyone I’ve ever talked tosuper masculine profile picture jacob! everyone is really proud of you 👍
Retweeted by MatthewGH @Carpainter_TT What if y’all released this though 😳PLEASE RELEASE I WILL CRY ship 2094 groove
Retweeted by MatthewGHwhy don't we fall in love
Retweeted by MatthewGHjust remembered about this vip remix i made of magic in 2018, i only dropped it in sets and never shared anywhere e…
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@singtoconley I PHRASED THIS WRONG I MEANT WEAR THE OTHER ONES NOT DONT LMAO IM NOT AN ANTI MASKER @singtoconley Omg lmao literally as long as you don’t wear the normal blue mask and any of the other ones your glas… @CallMeKip_ Max
Retweeted by MatthewGH @MegaweebNO DoggoHere's the music video for 'Colours' with @OLANSOUND! Read into it what you will
Retweeted by MatthewGHIn a sour mood, someone send cute images plz @nitepunky Imagine the oli collab though 👀This was the original artwork, done by my brother @yotamzohar
Retweeted by MatthewGHTHE WINNERS OF THE COMPETITION CONGRATS @plusols @kramexmusic @guiltchip
Retweeted by MatthewGH @hambone_mu ^ this
Maaaaaan Fall Guys was the shit back in the day 😂😂😂 brother @Drudandelion just dropped a song and it’s slaps y’all should listen to it