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Muslim public intellectual @shadihamid on sin, Neo-Calvinism, epistemic humility, and the fragility of American pol…
Retweeted by Matthew KaemingkY’all need to go to church. I’m preaching in 30....
I feel safer. “The man third in the line of presidential succession has been in five 'Batman' movies” @josh_good_ @stanveuger @shadihamid 😉#research #AcademicChatter
Retweeted by Matthew Kaemingk @gracefromemo Thanks!
@LovedPerson @fullerseminary @depreecenter @BakerAcademic Whoop!Connecting Our Labor and Liturgy My discussion of *Work and Worship* with Dr. Mark Roberts @fullerseminary Video… @joannameyer1 @DenverInstitute Can’t wait to be there @joannameyer1 @DenverInstitute ❤️Welcome to @fullerseminary! @profrah @k_thompson212 It must be done. It's bigger than all of us, Katie.A calvinistic Muslim... and friend. new essay in @commentmag is out today. What can a Dutch theologian largely unknown to Americans teach us about s…
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Optimistic political theologies are profoundly dangerous when they fail to take human sin and depravity seriously.… excited to share this with all of you, in the new issue of @commentmag coming out Jan 21 at 9am. On what Abr…
Retweeted by Matthew Kaemingk @jaci_garrett @GUberkleycenter @jordandenari @ebruenig thanks for reading! @CameronVentura Hey thanks, Cam. A pleasure to write it. @jevansradio @GUberkleycenter @jordandenari @ebruenig Oh, so glad. @BrianDijkema @cwellmon @james_ka_smith Seriously though, you are absolutely right. American identity, values, and… @A_MissionalLife @GUberkleycenter @jordandenari @ebruenig It was fun one to write. Thanks, Alexei.Joe Biden's crucifix. We have a Roman Catholic president now. As a protestant political theologian, I wrote a shor… @BrianDijkema @james_ka_smith "What have the Romans ever done for us?!" Where my mind goes... @klh_sanders If you were going to intentionally grow and nurture a seminarians understanding of women in church his… Best seminary textbooks for women in church history/historical theology.... @stewartdantec @diasparentes Those covers... oh my @diasparentes @stewartdantec Ok let’s think of something new... Timothy Gorringe on theology and architecture @stewartdantec I’m getting old... @stewartdantec If that interests you, I recommend John de Gruchy’s book on art, justice, and transformation in Sout…
Biden plagiarized my political theology lecture for the week..... prayer for Joe Biden. Joe Biden lead with integrity and humility. May he seek the public justice and flourishing of all peoples withi…
Retweeted by Matthew Kaemingk @dooyeweerdian So grateful for your beautiful contribution, Romel. Good to work with you in the project.
@oruanito I plan to go to Curtiba, Brazil in Oct 2022 for a conference on global theology. It is a long time away… @oruanito I have noted that a surprising number of Brazilians are engaged in quality Reformed theological reading.… @oruanito"Governmental restrictions on religion have never been higher worldwide..." @CSeiple on global efforts for religio… made it to Brazil! under the reign of God is meant to be true, good, AND beautiful.
@psboonstra Yes9:30 CST sinners, I’m preaching today. @roel_kuiper @BurgerJM @HansSchaeffer @JMAbrahamse @mjschuurman @SPolinder @HermanOevermans @georgeharinck So glad…
@mjschuurman @JMAbrahamse @SPolinder @HermanOevermans I love all this. I’m in if you guys organize. Goed zo!The Lord's Supper "is not an escape from the world, rather it is the arrival at a vantage point from which we can s… @mjschuurman @SPolinder Can I come?!"The old Adam will ask 'What do I have to sacrifice?' meaning, what am I required to give up?... But the new Adam w… thoughtful house guest brought me this little number...
@edsmither @DrAmosYong @winfieldbevins Congrats!! @Tish_H_Warren Way to go Tish!!Nostradamus Aquinas @fullerseminary @pannellcenterTheology, Economics, and Marketplace Ministry Study faith and work with me in the Doctor of Ministry program…
Talking labor and liturgy tonight at Calvin University. @cicw @Calvin_Uni @calvinseminary @snydena book in global Reformed theology (ICYMI) #ReformedTheology #GlobalTheology @chattfwc Thanks for reading!
@myleswerntz @germy224 @tweetraychang Hak Joon Lee'sIt can be replicated with mass conversions to a stringent Dutch Calvinism.
Retweeted by Matthew Kaemingk#Evergreen. . @johnvs7 @nytdavidbrooks @commentmag cc @shadihamid I see you, bro. @DrAIWilson @monasiddiqui7 @TheRealJoshJipp @MiroslavVolf @ma_macpherson @ETS_Edinburgh Oh, what would I do for a f… wrote something for those interested in the faith and workplace movement.... @TheoWorkProject @RedeemerCFW"A worker can’t understand the place or purpose of their work in the world until they learn to sing, pray, and medi…
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@EmilyMcgowin Indeed. Trembling Coram Deo... the path to wisdom, sister. @kevinsinger0 Gracious God, may Kevin feel your mighty hand on his shoulder. Give him your peace and your strength.You need something more...Metaxas read Bonhoeffer. Reading good theology can’t inoculate you from diseased politics. @demoormj @dooyeweerdian It’s a good one @kathsstewart I’ve studied Kuyper for more than a decade with some of the leading Kuyper scholars in Europe and Nor…
@BethanyJenkins So grateful for your incredible contribution. It’s a sparkling essay. @BethanyJenkins 😆 @kkdumez @BakerAcademic @james_ka_smith @NicoKoopman2 @BruceAshford @jess_joustra @stephsummers @AlbertoLaRosa90 @kkdumez @BakerAcademic @james_ka_smith @NicoKoopman2 @BruceAshford @jess_joustra @stephsummers @AlbertoLaRosa90 @kkdumez @BakerAcademic @james_ka_smith @NicoKoopman2 @BruceAshford @jess_joustra @stephsummers @AlbertoLaRosa90 @benkatt_ @kathsstewart @MJvanMaastricht @jeffchu @kathsstewart @james_ka_smith Indeed @EricJDirksen @JamesBratt11 @EricJDirksen Badly @Kumin_J @BakerAcademic @james_ka_smith @NicoKoopman2 @BruceAshford @jess_joustra @stephsummers @AlbertoLaRosa90 @MattThiessenNT @JoshuaHeavin @BakerAcademic @jess_joustra @iamfujimura @DrJamesEglinton @james_ka_smith 🤮 @JoshuaHeavin @BakerAcademic @jess_joustra @iamfujimura @DrJamesEglinton @james_ka_smith So excited for it to final… @RikPeels @georgeharinck @BakerAcademic @james_ka_smith @NicoKoopman2 @BruceAshford @jess_joustra @stephsummers @Fikkert Such an amazing group of contributors from all over the world. A real honor to work on this book. @georgeharinck We tried to highlight emerging voices from Africa, Asia, and Latin America... the future of Reformed… is sooooo good!
Retweeted by Matthew KaemingkIt was such a joy and delight to be part of this project and today's unveiling with our dear friend, Rich Mouw. Kud…
Retweeted by Matthew Kaemingk @georgeharinck @BakerAcademic @james_ka_smith @NicoKoopman2 @BruceAshford @jess_joustra @stephsummers @iamfujimura @BethanyJenkins.🔥Reformed Public Theology🔥 Coming in August..... Reformed leaders from Africa, Asia, Europe, and both the Americas…
@shiaochong @fullerseminary I lost the Twitter source... here’s another one. @mattjenson Not bad at all @wilrogan It’s pretty sold, yeah @SPolinder For a whole year. It was a diseased pine tree in my front yard. See the black markings? Kind of nice, yeah? @tannercwilliams @andrewtwalk @JonathanLeeman Not yet but Fish has long been a stimulating thinker.This was a satisfying project.... @hmtennapel Looks excellent. @danny_webster looking forward to hearing your reactions!
We sociologists have been telling you about the possibility of this political crisis for YEARS. Yet, you refused to…
Retweeted by Matthew Kaemingk @justinbcarlson @michaeljrhodes always good to listen to that man