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Award-winning journalist, currently social media distancing. Past: @reuters, @fox40, @abc7newsbayarea, @mcnaughtonmedia, @comstocksmag. California = home.

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@cfarivar @arstechnica @comstocksmag It's not a matter of want. It's a matter of feasibility. I'm not the one paint… @ellewoodsgolfs That's not correct. They were not a passenger on a cruise ship. @cfarivar @arstechnica @comstocksmag Yes, and even their newsroom staffers work out of the newsroom. @SilenceFranklin I mean, that will kill germs. It'll also probably kill your phone. @cfarivar @arstechnica @comstocksmag That's great for you. You're a one-man operation. Most traditional media companies aren't."Pandemic is not a word to use lightly or carelessly. It is a word that, if misused, can cause unreasonable fear, o…
Retweeted by Matthew Keys🚨 BREAKING 🚨 "We have therefore made the assessment that #COVID19 can be characterized as a pandemic"-@DrTedros…
Retweeted by Matthew KeysBREAKING: The World Health Organization declares the global COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic. The agency says it is 'de…
Retweeted by Matthew KeysBREAKING: The World Health Organization now says COVID-19 is officially a pandemic.
Retweeted by Matthew Keys @cfarivar @arstechnica To that, we actually had a discussion at @comstocksmag a few months ago about whether it wou… @cfarivar @arstechnica I've worked across multiple platforms for nearly 15 years — from television to radio, print… World Health Organization declares novel #coronavirus COVID-19 to be a global pandemic. @cfarivar @arstechnica Except literally every news organization can't. Just because a tech blog made it work doesn'… @ethanvenable If it's $12k in food, I could see where that would be a lot.Verizon launches "Yahoo! Mobile," a $40 a month unlimited no-frills prepaid phone service that runs on Big Red's ne… @ethanvenable I agree. It seems odd to not be able to recoup lost inventory so long after the PSPS event, but my gu… @David_Dively It's definitely a platform tie-in. You have to have a Yahoo! account to sign up, and they push Yahoo!… restaurant closes, owner says PG&E #PSPS to blame @David_Dively It's more a Verizon need to bolster their Yahoo! business. Good way to get people hooked in to Yahoo!… Bernie Sanders will hold a press conference at 1pm per @ryanobles in Burlington.
Retweeted by Matthew Keys#BREAKING: Boeing says it will freeze new hiring — Reuters via CNBC. $BA, little bit of a glitch with the live stream this morning — NYSE big board is back, $DJIA now down 1,100+… @TabloTV I'm down for whatever works with Roku.Three TSA screeners at Mineta San Jose International Airport have tested positive for COVID-19, officials said.
Retweeted by Matthew KeysLive stream of the NYSE Big Board... @TabloTV Oh snap that's a good deal...E3 officially canceled
Retweeted by Matthew Keys @David_Dively MVNOs tend to have a negligible effect on network connections. The people who use them generally aren… Weinstein sentenced to 23 years in prison on rape conviction
Retweeted by Matthew KeysWow. The Dow is very close to "bear market" territory, meaning an end to the 11-year bull run for stocks. Here's t…
Retweeted by Matthew Keys#BREAKING: Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein sentenced to 23 years prison for sexual assaults. @David_Dively I mean, there's plenty of MVNOs out there that have been using Verizon's network for a while. Here, t… there's no supplements to beat a sobriety test...! Mobile launches on Verizon's network, costs $40 a month for unlimited everything most interesting part of Yahoo! Mobile might be how payments work: You can pay your bill through Venmo.…! is now a prepaid phone company thanks to Verizon, with Yahoo! Mobile running on the Verizon Wireless Network… @matthewmspace Is this just a rebrand of Visible?US military exercise in Norway cancelled out of coronavirus fears
Retweeted by Matthew Keys @KCBSAMFMTraffic Fairfield's just a hot traffic mess these days.#BREAKING: Dow drops more than 1,000 points @Mini_Stock_68 They trigger after 8 percent drop, not there yet.PepsiCo is buying Rockstar energy drinks for more than $3 billion (They're like $4 at my local 7-11...)Continuing to stream the NYSE Big Board, $DJIA now trading down 940+ pts People Selling Hand Sanitizer for 10 Times Its Price via @AdrienneLaF
Retweeted by Matthew KeysLIVE: NYSE Big Board, DJIA opens down more than 700 points.
Retweeted by Matthew KeysMember of Olympic organizing board mulls proposal that would delay Tokyo games #coronavirus @Mini_Stock_68 @Roku Yeah, I'm pro-Roku as well. @Mini_Stock_68 @jank0 We have a @Roku 3 in the house that still works 7 years later. Got an email that Roku 2 was f… NYSE Big Board, DJIA opens down more than 700 points. Dow opening down more than 700 points or 3%. #KOMONews
Retweeted by Matthew Keys @jeffjarvis Rotisserie chicken.How Google kneecapped Amazon’s smart TV efforts
Retweeted by Matthew Keys @OneJaredNewman There’s a fine line between ridiculous paranoia and sensible caution
Retweeted by Matthew Keys @webbish6 Not what I said. Read before you tweet. @pulmyears Love that place!A firefighter from the city of Alameda has been diagnosed with coronavirus and is being treated in another county,…
Retweeted by Matthew Keyslet's go a little early!
Retweeted by Matthew Keys @TheKurdishMamba That's NOT accurate. It was a 26-year-old armed man, not a 16-year-old kid. @NotADemocat @paologratzi @bert_gilfoyle This is a dumb question to ask.#BREAKING: Protesters, police clashing in Raleigh, North Carolina after officers there fatally shot a man earlier today. @jacksm39 No one asked you.Plane reportedly made two landing attempts before crashing. Plane carrying government officials goes missing in Australia @chinatown2049 Not. @francislymond You should follow me. @BrokenZinc No one said that. @AlansSpace Who said that, Alan? @BeingCharisBlog Who said that their lives aren't valid?Former presidential candidates usually land a sweet contributor spot at CNN, MSNBC or FOX News. Not Pete Buttigieg…, one of the biggest employers in the US, has told associates to stay home if they feel ill. #coronavirus @NotADemocat @Cernovich But you're less likely to want to go out and hoard masks, hand sanitizer and toilet paper a… @nerdswritewords 1.) You don't follow me 2.) That's not what I said.It's illegal to report on exit polls in countries like the United Kingdom before polls close. A similar law would… @bert_gilfoyle But you're not getting the full facts from journalists who leave out incredibly important informatio… Three TSA employees at San Jose International Airport in California test positive for #coronavirus. (AP) -- AP source: Washington governor to ban events in Seattle area of more than 250 people to fight new coronavirus.
Retweeted by Matthew KeysIt's incredibly important to note that the Sacramento County resident who died from #coronavirus: - Was in their 9… forgot to take his sobriety checkpoint supplements... bans mass gatherings until May 1 over #coronavirus theorist Alex Jones arrested for misdemeanor DUI Council on Foreign Relations has canceled a conference on the business ramifications of #coronavirus out of con… Magnitude-3.8 earthquake hits along the California-Nevada border near Truckee @pohl_jason @sacbee_news The Sacramento Bee has tweeted this story four times in the last half hour.Sacramento County "gives up" on quarantine for #coronavirus patients This is the same coun… Sacramento Bee is reporting the person resided in an assisted living facility in Elk Grove person resided in an assisted living center and had underlying health conditions, county officials said.… A Sacramento County resident in their 90s has died from the #coronavirus, county health officials announ…"Crying seems to be a key source of viewers for CNN." @ethanvenable Oh whew. Not a movie. Just a Broadway show. @jaredoban That explains all the cysts.The Dimple Records piece is one of the hardest stories I've worked on. Gave up weekends and a lot of personal time… @JoshConstine Hopeful. Although I'm not sure there's a mass gathering of people for TV programs anymore (except may… @JoshConstine You can't cast it to your TV or use Airplay to mirror the screen? @mighthaveagood Colder than Thrifty's ice cream.Union representing Rite Aid workers says company eliminated sick leave benefits during #coronavirus outbreak
Excited to be nominated for three California Journalism Awards this year, including two for my in-depth profile on… @nsj Ok. @GroffFizix @Cernovich Oil change.Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune will tape episodes without a studio audience; those shows could air within weeks