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Storyteller, Voice Over Guy & Dungeon Master of @CriticalRole. Trying the best I can in a strange time. He/Him. Icon by @sephiramy. #BlackLivesMatter

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@cypheroftyr *slow clap and nod*
@Monogirl001 @MicaBurton Happy to oblige! @MicaBurton “Velcome to Haidrulic Press Channal” is my meditation phrase.
@travismcelroy You got friends who can hook you up with some advice. Feel free to text! @asunnydisposish This. Is. SO. INCREDIBLE.
@GabeJamesGames 😍 @NoNotTheInsane General direction. It doesn’t say anything about location. :)
@nessaamau But it’s truuuuuuuuuuue
@SurenaXMarie @CarlosCrits You two are beyond adorable. <3 @kendrawcandraw Done and DONE!AAAAAAA PREORDER MY BOOK
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@2ndGameOfficial Maaaaaaybe. ;)
A very cool collection of interviews of world builders and designers in the TTRPG space helmed by the brilliant Co-… @erikaishii Been there NUMEROUS times, haha.Hard choices await the Mighty Nein, who must decide whether to follow the current path of their former friend or de…
Retweeted by Matthew Mercer @16BitEric True art forged in friendship and the chaotic need to play while the parents weren’t watching. <3
My son's music teacher is trying to raise some money for supplies for a virtual musical for her classes. This is sm…
Retweeted by Matthew Mercer @_aprilgloria @Marisha_Ray @CritRoleCosplay WHOOOOOOOA! Absolutely well DONE!!
It would mean a lot if @INeedDivGms / me could be nominated fir this:
Retweeted by Matthew MercerHad a blast with this fine fellow just talking nerd. <3 Mashup is run by a transgender woman. She is also more likely to be a victim of violence because of that. Tr…
Retweeted by Matthew Mercer @JeffAHamilton @eplerjc Indeed, haha! @itsLucasMrtinez @CriticalRole @mustangsart This is magnificent. LOVE it!
@tehlawlzx @CriticalRole This. Is. The. CUTEST!!! Awwwww!! @kchal653 @CriticalRole @Marisha_Ray @TheVulcanSalute @executivegoth @VoiceOfOBrien @samriegel @WillingBlam’s #CriticalRole begins in under an hour! Having delved into a shallow set of aeorian ruins, the Mighty Ne…
It’s a good day for some Omar pics. I love this little floof. @itsginnydi Yeeeeah... that’s a sign to step away a moment. Never underestimate the ability to for individuals on t… @chrisormie I am sorry and feel your pain. @matthewmercer @satinephoenix @IScreamDice @TheDaTNetwork @executivegoth @WisePapaGrant @DnDClericHorgar
Retweeted by Matthew Mercer @KyosukeDei @lines_panny @Polygon @CriticalRole This. While we eventually managed a budget, the bells and whistles… @JonJForsythe @Hannah_364 @Polygon @CriticalRole Ha! I keep a small army nearby to hide my “prevalent” minis in the… @felicabone @MiketheGayDM Most definitely! Hope that when times allow I can come see you perform again!
@Hannah_364 @Polygon @CriticalRole That’s precisely what that is! Good eye! Was a possible encounter during that po… dear friend @TrinaNishimura and her partner have been dealt a devastating blow. Any $, help, or signal boost is…
Retweeted by Matthew Mercer @kevahamilton1 Oh, he knows! He just chooses to ignore it, as he appreciates natural 1’s.
We are LIVE on a very @BrianWFoster Narrative Telephone!
Retweeted by Matthew Mercer @CriticalRole @BrianWFoster Please excuse our lack of Tik-Tok-driven lingo in these odd times. ;) @DannyjHill The class replaces the Firearm rules in the DMG, so as loading doesn’t apply (reload is the unique feat… a reminder that the US concept of "manliness" was invented in the early 1900s to sell razors, beer and movie t…
Retweeted by Matthew Mercer @punkindness Thanks for listening. Shit’s weird out there, and we gotta share the bad with the good. Helps us all f… @MicaBurton You’ve good taste.
@Sci_Phile @MyNameIsUmbreon Oh yes @IrisDoggB @CriticalRole Apparently there’s some tech issues with the upload regarding subtitles. The team is worki… Mighty Nein delve into their first of Eiselcross's excavation sites, hot on the heels of their mysterious quarr…
Retweeted by Matthew Mercer @ludwig71041081 Oh, do not worry... I have DEVOURED Bloodborne. ;) @WillingBlam Love you, buddy. @KaijiTang This is acceptable. @CriticalBard @cypheroftyr @DnDeej @JoshuaMSimons @MichaelCrits <3 @wildrosemage Feel this. Also... sending love. <3 @Superdillin Well, it certainly does NOW. Hahaha @eli_swihart *high five* @immortalodditie Guilty. ;) @Dan_Dillon_1 He just wants hugs...(This is my “excited” face right now)“Soul of the mind, key to life’s ether. Soul of the lost, withdrawn from its vessel. Let strength be granted so the… am not an owner of a PS5, but I cannooooot wait for the Demon Souls’ remake. I only hope they didn’t change the…
Got to some painting this weekend (thank the gods), and aside from some snow flock I gotta add, I finished up Dagen… @SquishdaLizard @mustangsart He was planned to be a disabled master of the frozen wilds for awhile, but when the ba…
@Mago86999876 This is my personal Twitter, where I express my personal opinions on occasion. If my celebrating a st… seen on the fantastic @MotherlandsRPG! @ProZD @ThatSunil’s #CriticalRole begins in about an hour! Having arrived at their first mysterious excavation site, the Mig…
@Thunderfury_FGC RAW would exclude that final point of the feat, but does it break the game to include them? I woul…'s #WinBothSeats in Georgia. I am involved with this organization that distributes money to a group of the mos…
Retweeted by Matthew Mercer @KrystinaArielle @Gingerhazing @Cyndancer @Marisha_Ray I shall toss this to her POST-HASTE @sparkses Ok, this is AMAZING
@sephiramy It’s the BESTMy book’s in transit, and yours should be too. There should be much more fanfare for this. @polygon @Buell_G3 The Mariner Armor was actually found after starting! But to your point, it’s up to you. If I want to star… @sawdustbear @fairfightaction @threadless Shing. This is SO awesome. You are the best. @mustangsart Hell. Yeah. @thornecastle Not in the slightest! No need to worry, friend. :) It was great to meet you, and hope we get to cross paths again sometime.TRAITORS. History will remember.
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@KaijiTang @gregchunva Buddy, sooooo freaking proud of you and excited to play this! Can’t wait to hear both you an… @Dresdenkingwack It’s possible they switched on the actors as it’s does happen time to time. *shrugs* Who knows! Co… @Dresdenkingwack As far as I know, it should still be me...?(Stupid autocorrect...but what the hell is a gori anyway??)With the release of Yakuza: Like a Dragon, you can keep an ear out for me as Goro Majima. Biiiig shoes to fill, but…
Sincerely. Incredible. Thank you, everyone. Thank you. More work to be done! <3 apologize to anyone who was hurt by this unfortunate miscommunication and misstep. I know none of this was done i… hearts in the right place doesn’t absolve the fact that some stories (especially historical leaning) should… avoid emails on weekends (therapists orders), so didn’t see my character’s sheet and ethnicity until today, when… was eager and happy to help @Darker_Hue and the wonderful cast with their Haunted West RPG stream with a cameo wh… @ToddKenreck This would be the “It Follows” campaign, then?
@OneShotRPG *high five*Not gonna lie... I wept. @theoneringnet Chills.Right on time
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First rain in ages, and look... am several celebratory mimosas in and made myself the Four Seasons Total Landscaping shirt I desperately wanted i…
Retweeted by Matthew Mercer @GailSimone @sawdustbear Aaaaaand ordered. @TylerWalpole You work never ceases to amaze me, bud. @janemere Daaaaaaaaaamn! @BrennanLM @cypheroftyr @erikaishii *passes around cocktails and a Fresca for Brennan*Knowing this broken system, working within it was necessary at the time because it’s currently stacked against radi…“Democrats” have not fixed the problem with this, just changed the direction into one with a little more hope. No p… system is flawed, our politics are corrupt across the board, and our country is fundamentally in need of some…