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@mshiflet it was wild back then. i remember grounding ourselves to the sink with tin foil as recommended by Tandy t… @mshiflet I compuserved at my friends in 85 on 300 then 1200. my other friends got FBI'ed the next year for credit card fraudwhen did you first 'online'? @MineralDisk this video has me wondering if birds have a natural prey carrying forward talon, in the same way peopl… @nathancearley using a rock and random twigs bit for scale, i would say that bear is HUGEwould be so cool to warg or whatever that dumb GOT thing was into this shark. completely passing one stage of evolu… became thought catalog but man that will NEVER happen to substackif noise gigs are truly dead then I am feeling just right about the last one i played. we sucked, surrounded by loa… a shame the plane extraditing ghislaine maxwell had to fly past mount Ron Brown en route to Bud Dwyer state penall i can really say in 2020 is I wish psychic tv records were worth anywhere near what coil records are @extinctdaemon Orange Studio One is maybe my favorite 12". They are all excellent but orange has something extra. @witchbeam I was wondering if I will get to see one of NYs deaths. property owners will burn their buildings before… @RealSardonicus Read so many same vein translations of this. All good @retreats Sweet @retreats what are best best polywhatever inner sleeves that I can buy a bunch of to replace some crummy paper? @yrfriendmatthew yes yes all month mostly younger couples jamming stuff into van. i saw as many mid month moves in…
2920 drinks and appetizer course now over. Do you remember what you ordered? @witchbeam That $993 million bitcoin transfer yesterday was from George to me for Q3 operAting costs for antifaMan ferrying worldly belongings to woman, baby strapped to back, piled hastily In Penske truck. Most grapes of wrat… @retreats maybe it will explain why the Ghetto D video has never been on youtube
@EdSunspot @marzettewatts dang this is good!people who 'art' publicly have zero control over how others think or write about it and when they do I get TEH LULZ deep down @everylot_cle @Alex_Moskos I always found Clark to be like the zone in Stalker @AnomalousCinema @HBO nah i am kinda digging it. meant it more like TD 2 was just the worst and they waited all these years to follow upinteresting marketing move @HBO, calling True Detective season 2 "Perry Mason'
@witchbeam well you def wont have to smoke dust on account of his flow not being tightOnly saw it once but pretty sure the lady in the famous gun couple walks behind ‘hubby’ with that weak grip pointed…
@glorbis anything that comes to mind or is appropriate at that moment, one that stuck for a while was Dark Chocolate Dunker @BradleyjKornish @26MFHPOD Love The Sadist, the best Arch Hall role IMOthe evangelical dominionists that run the GOP WANT to die and make sure you do to so we can all be judged by GOD. L… @GoodWillsmith got a burrito the other day and every ingredient was cold :( @MRubz was the pine barrens the best episode? yes it was. ooops i already answered
The end of ‘imminent collapse department’ is one the best late period Coil tunes @AaronDilloway just sweet @ManForeverUSA @AaronDilloway just thought Mr big MUST have one right before seeing this @jameskeithford @Alex_Moskos @HausuMountain yeah damn i havent listened to pulling teeth in like 4 confederaciesI would offer do What You Like by Blind Faith as a top drum solo. Feel like bass is more elusivestudio albums with bass or drum solos?? are there? jazz excluded @EvicShen did you see the one about leftist terrorists that want to tear down statues of JESUS!?! that one ruleswatching Powell and Pressburger's A Matter of Life and Death right now for the first time, and hoping more than eve… 3 best zombie films: 1. Return of the Living Dead 2. Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things 3. The Living Dea… @JimMagas CARTER! i would have told him about how i hit my friend over the head with a chain when we were 4 cuz his parents were for Ford @JimMagas I have tried to remember every 'celeb' i dealt with at my old job and never can. the only ones i didnt in… @memoryrepeating good to see carl from walking dead has a second wind
@MineralDisk death cult!someone please reissue Ashra New Age of Earth please. probably my most listened to/not owned record in last 10 yearsRavi Drums at the Trump Inauguration via @YouTube
mandatory amateur restoration of all religious art is a great idea
does anyone ever listen to the LAST grateful dead jerry show or is it like haunted?
this was a request for recommends that i can buy!
name some sleeper future classics. kind of in the way that Flanger Magazine 'Breslin' is. lifetime returner with no hypein 'gen z' can actually pull off a cultural palimpsest of 'millennial' contributions such as 'i can't even' i will… @ddoniolvalcroze There is a suit of armor very similar to this on display in Nagisa Oshima's film Ceremony. I will… @GIALLO_GIALLO how fun would it be to own the original from Bird. WOWmight take up smoking so i can put out cigs on my hands to keep me from buying records @MineralDisk ya HBD JE @doveSonation they are killing it just from the people within 500ft radius of me. total insanitymy block is the single epicenter of crown height firework action. absolute and total bedlam. smells really good
@wendyOrourke I have one of those in a lighter color @frozenreeds @djchloeharris Agree, had a 208 for a couple years and it just sort of does its thing which is fun but… minutes fibbing about not being able to walk down a ramp. this is just pathetic.incredible twisted tale of saluting soldiers in order to justify not being able to lift a glass of waterSecret Service has moved crowd back from the overflow stage so it can be broken down.
Retweeted by SippinOnSomeSerum @RichardMetzger I really enjoyed you and Rushkoff making this point which i have felt for so long. They have no pla… @tabsout is there a glassblower there? @avantghettonyc this rules so much. love the silence on youtube between actsa couple people in the last year were saying they were gonna blow the roof off the experimental music world (scanda… crap they just zoomed back and this rally is a frigging joke
we will make america great again again. he said thatpence:trump is like king arthur and will heal the land @JustinFarrar great band, Nik was playing his sax out in the audience after 2 hours and so stinky ill never forget @AnomalousCinema i got to see Destruction in 89 full bullet belt permed mop glory @JustinFarrar late 90s at northern Ohios LEGENDARY Nelson's Ledges, band starts jamming. guy:"we regret to inform y… a million people didnt show to the rally thats unpossible!once i saw Hawkwind and they had no members of Hawkwind.what timing that i finally watch Costa-Gavras incredible film Z the morning after the latest purge of SDNY and as a… @retreats now more than ever we need to actually trust what we know rather than what sounds good/nice @extinctdaemon great story, but in 68 there may have a been a large van full of moogs on the whole planet, and korg… guardian article is prime example of why journalists in general should not write gear specific. in 1968 there… @GoodWillsmith is there a key episode of this show? @theoakdrivein @ggsdungeon totally TWISTEDhugely enjoying watch now or miss it streams by sites like Cathode TV. Screen Slate and Spectacle Theatre. This stu…
@mshiflet I watched all 25 in row without other movies in between in 2014 and dont regret it at all
@jamieorlando @tabsout think your way to not gaytrump is either going to start bowing out and have a fake ass victory lap or go total scorched earth and i dont thi… @witchbeam @realDonaldTrump hahahahahhahahahaha @pgofton They seem to aim for least invasive/reversible, an improvement on 90's era mods @AnomalousCinema @noisextraaa His very best IMO
@wendyOrourke HBD BTVOTD @nathancearley replace something with something else more efficient and worse?? never heard of such a thing!after careful multi decade review of starship troopers i can confidently conclude that: carmen is THE worst. diz is… @yrfriendmatthew i know its popular to blame russia for everything these days, but after 19 years of thinking about… few months my sense of accomplishment grows for repeatedly refusing to let gwenyth paltrow get in front of me… the donald 'wins' in november. he will disappear completely. we wont see him anymore and his mortality will be a… they even make those cops prove that they shit their pants?
also mc grindah haircut and sweaty a lotwant to only wear those blue button down shirt that dont fit right that men get when they go on tv shows like maury… @Phantasmaphile @CherylStrayed @Lodge49 great show!
shooting off expensive fireworks during the day is dumb af. serious