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Matt @MattHombreLobo Massillon, OH

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@breannimator Fucking amazing! I dig it! 🤘🏼 @jacob_spectre TOOL @ShayRaeInGame I’m so glad to hear this!! Shay’s home! @trb1822 I agree. Here’s my hot to get OBJ to compliment Davante Adams , lock in Rodgers for 2 more y… @trb1822 Absolutely! It’ll be interesting to see what happens. I’m hoping he plays a couple more years for the Pack… @fuelbot As an Ohio native I second this. Plus I wouldn’t have cared who would’ve come out victorious. Either one i… @trb1822 Can** @trb1822 I hold honestly see that happening, he’s 37. I don’t see him playing another year for some other team.#Chiefs gunna repeat. No doubt. #ChiefsKingdom #SuperBowlLV @midnightskies_x Do it @heyitsrobbie I still have said goosebumps
@SupGirl @red_eyed_goat He’ll probably win number 7. So I’ll be watching movies all day Super Bore Sunday @xRetroGamerTomx Right! I’m pumped @TheGiftofGabbe I still cringe during this scene! I might have to put on Planet Terror tonight now! 🙌🏼 @kerri_HD @ryansmith1983 Oh hell yes! Tide us over until the movie is released @Matthew_Spicer I wouldn’t complain at all! @ryansmith1983 Could definitely see this being the case. I’m all for it @fs0ciety01 One of my favorite Tarantino moviesIf this is MechaGodzilla..... I won’t be able to put my excitement into words. So please be MechaGodzilla 🤞🏼😁… @SupGirl @ecto_fun I seriously can’t wait. Time for me to plan a Godzilla marathon @irishlad444 Looking good brother! 🤘🏼 @Jessie_theAlien Here’s my recommendation for order. Planet Terror Hobo With a Shotgun Death Proof Machete Machete Kills @Jessie_theAlien You can make it a double feature night for sure. NOW if you want to make a complete day of it, add… @Jessie_theAlien Omg Planet Terror is so much fun! I highly recommend watching the Grindhouse Blu-ray so you get th… @KirkCruz I couldn’t agree more! You summed up how I feel about this movie perfectly! 🤘🏼🖤 @DeviStareCalmo Everything about the film is pure exploitation fun. The whole Grindhouse experience with Death Proo… @Jessie_theAlien Such an underrated Scorsese movie, it’s beautiful @glee_writes This movie pick comes at no surprise. Such a GREAT movie, my top 5 easily @kerri_HD No surprise there! 😉🤣 beautiful pic and great movie!The person The favorite movie @CassThomps13 Hahaha I listen to a metalcore playlist so occasionally they’ll come on! Great band 🤘🏼 @Corbella0994 God I like this movie so much. Comfort film @lauralovesPWD The guy gave us Attack Attack AND Beartooth....what’s to hate?! @ShayRaeInGame Omg....literally same here! @midnightskies_x @letterboxd Ohhhh I’ll be checking this out @ShayRaeInGame At the gay bar! I sing this song very regularly @glee_writes Hahahah right! I bet her socks are on too @AxelleCarolyn 😍😍😍 @glee_writes Those glasses are stylin 🤣 @glee_writes New half off appetizers at Applebee’s - tits @TheHorrorHack Snaaaacks! Hell yea! Count. Me. In. @TheHorrorHack Cheers Johnny! I’m having some Woodford Reserve myself! 🙌🏼🥃
@irishlad444 So precious! @Sheena_655321 @nerdgirl81 @QuineChris @HollowEvePunkin @thecheshirepath @JoeSodapop1 @Michael_Reider @ashleybee89 @glee_writes @AaronRodgers12 Let’s gooo! @glee_writes Love it! @HorrorFanRyan No problem Ryan! I will warn you that sometimes it can be a difficult listen because they’ll give in… @ShayRaeInGame @Keitikinz @StarfireLounge You’re right...I better sip one cup at a time. Plus I don’t want the sugar crash from the whole pot @Keitikinz @StarfireLounge Need all the energy I can get 🤣 @StarfireLounge Right here! @ShayRaeInGame All of those pics 👌🏼🔥 @HorrorFanRyan It’s a horror movie podcast specifically B-movie/Monster movies from the 1940s-1960s. Worth checking… @ShayRaeInGame I remember seeing it but I never was fully invested. Worth checking out? @MorticiaVibes Absolute smoke show 🔥 @heyitsrobbie Same Robbie! It’s timeless. @StephanieHorror I miss Bill Paxton so much, such a great actor.#NowWatching Weird Science #CinephileDogpile @rural51 I am....reluctantly lol we’ll see how this goes @rural51 Almost got it cut but decided against it this week. @evil_toast916 🤘🏼🥃 @MichaelMatteoRo Stanley Kubrick @SEASiberts @cordisbored Such a great drink! I haven’t had one in a long time, I need to remedy this soon. @cordisbored I’m definitely newer to all of this so I welcome all recommendations! @cordisbored I’m on a mission now to find this. It’s my destiny. @HorrorHammer1 Ingrid Pitt stunning as always and Cushing is just a handsome looking man. @StarfireLounge @Jedshepherd It’s going to be perfect and I know my “haven’t watched this movie yet” opinion is correct. @skream_kween What a great collection! 😍 @RachaelKHarper1 I’m so pumped to see how this series unfolds @cordisbored I do have a Costco near me...I’m very curious about this Japanese whiskey. I may have to go on a whiskey run this weekend. @cordisbored Well I’m now going to be on a mission to find that. 🥃👌🏼 @cordisbored Woodford Reserve Bourbon 🥃 @irishlad444 This movie is great and Bobbie Bresee is 👌🏼😏🤣 @crazyguyaidan Awesome hoodie! Kubrick is my favorite director hands down. @MissSerling It’’s something. @cecetron Great picks! 🤘🏼 @jmr___18 Solid favorites. Bringing Out the Dead is low key one of my fav Scorsese films @JonHarless21 @kinky_horror @SetDarcyFree @MasterGio @Ghouls_n_Ghosts @RedDogStudios86 @1carolinagirl @halogirl22
This wins the internet.
Retweeted by Matt @Jooliasez’t get a Papercut with those mittens. #BernieSanders #berniesmittens @letterboxd @lizslayed You have it your best effort, I didn’t even attempt 🤣🥃 @dammitally I don’t work directly with Covid patients but I work in the medical field and I completely agree. I hav… @dammitally Gotta stay more than 6 feet away from the Yoder Toter @Keitikinz Right! 🤣🤣 @Keitikinz Yes! Lol the mask covers up the drooling @MrCultofCinema @frightrags Killer packaging 🤘🏼 @Kimmy_Monster13 @Keitikinz Hahaha right! Not breaking character 🤣 @Kimmy_Monster13 My two coworkers are huge beer connoisseurs so they’ve taken me under their wing lol. They got me… @Mark38AD Thanks brother! Hope your day and weekend is great! Appreciate you man! 🤘🏼🖤 @AlissaLaylax Predator is great! She sure does and her body still looks great lol 👌🏼 @Kimmy_Monster13 A coworker just bought me Alaskan Husky IPA 6-Pack 🖤🤣 @RachaelKHarper1 I’m dying! 💀🤣 @Kimmy_Monster13 Why not both! 🤣🤣🍷🍻 @AlissaLaylax Me too! All the time! One of my fav Arnold movies