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Washed former runner. Abolish ICE. Always side with labor (unless it's a police union). #BlackLivesMatter

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My carefully considered retort: Bulllllllshit! have Trump on tape saying something indefensible? We've got him now! @king_kaufman I see. It's possible I was swayed by the episode of Archer that had a version of this situation. @king_kaufman Both?Anybody who wants to immediately lose such standing. watched a couple more episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm yesterday and was reminded by the end of consecutive episo… similar color pattern had pretty good Thai food tonight and I had the thought that Thai iced tea shakes or smoothies would taste fantastic.
@BrandyLJensen Who can resist the Klobucharm?Three weeks in a row we've been in the money at trivia. So we've spent about $150 to "win" $40 in gift certificates… vendor sent me an ad for a Pistons game that said "Every game counts". Maybe for draft position. (Though t… @king_kaufman This is worse than liking your own tweets! @morninggloria Jay Catsby and Daisy Mewchanan. @gerrycanavan "John Roberts, what are your thoughts?" [Looks up from phone] "Huh?"Really really, and this question is honestly insulting to Trout. @jteeDC I had this a couple weeks ago. A whole day of trying to decide if my allergies were bullying my Zyrtec or I… @tressiemcphd Ordering at McDonald's: I endorse the Mcchicken sandwich with fries and a Coke! Worker: Uhhhh... @iancass I was curious if I had erred in flushing it after that first episode. @iancass Did you think Twilight Zone got better after that first episode?Did people who are watching Picard order CBS All Access specifically for that show? Or did you get it for something… @zunguzungu I'm not even sure saying who you're voting for has been all that common for very long. My mom won't tel… @rbreymaier Thank God. It's a work related thing and as I'd be kind of representing my department, I didn't want to commit a faux pas. @AnswerDave Sounds reasonable to me.I know it's often considered rude to attend a reception without having gone to the wedding. Is it similarly rude to… @DanHF Thank you. I had done a search and with the results I wasn't 100% confident in what I'd be getting. @DanHF Can I ask you the ISBN (when you can get it) of the copy of Black Reconstruction you ordered?The constant requests to mine our memories for our favorites, bests, worsts, unpopular opinions, etc., are getting… @iancass Might be too committal for him
@AnswerDave Where have they been stored that they can't get them white? Maybe use some Woolite?A darker, grittier Gritty already? @tressiemcphd Funny. My friends hear my worst problems and ask if I've considered therapy. Because, you know, they'… @tressiemcphd Closest she gets to being TAH is for calling the baby "kiddo". @BrandyLJensen Gracie's face: "I would ask that you respect my privacy at this difficult time.""Capitalism will always be racist and sexist, because it has to mystify its core contradiction - the promise of pro…
Retweeted by Matt in Wyandotte @flglmn Let him run with it. Hey, Joe! Tell em billionaires get social security, too! That'll win them over to cuts! @craigcalcaterra And the Rockets and Texans are pretty good! @dzemens I would be curious to know if the snubber voted for ten other players.Everyone should have voted for Jeter, absolutely. But if someone didn't want to listen to Jeter get the "unanimous…'m watching the first season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. I love this show, but I simultaneously completely understand why Natalie hates it.
a reminder the afl worked because the nfl had a huge market inefficiency: racism.
Retweeted by Matt in WyandotteMax on the couch last night. Think I'll call it, "Since you're up, couldja grab me a beer?" @jteeDC I thought my boss making me share a room with him was bad. @scgrmom Not too bad, considering. @Unemployedneg @gerrycanavan My wife's name is Natalie and lemme tell you... someone at Enron must have had a thing for Natalie Portman. @scgrmom Hope you (and the car) are ok.One of the things I like about Warren is she seems to understand she's in a fight. @AnswerDave I know who this is an allusion to and I *gasped*! @dzemens We just watched that episode. I've hated him most for buying that duck, since it seemed quite obvious he w…'re watching Season 2 of The Wire and I hate Ziggy more than any character in the show so far. @AnswerDave This is precisely why my brother was horrified when I told him I drank from a water fountain in a Chica… @flglmn "Affected our behavior" just means take his money without doing all the photo ops. @_jorjorbinx @hunteryharris When I saw him in Road to Perdition, I was like "Aw, he's playing dressup to try to look ugly." @adamkotsko Like, there isn't a single aspect of him, down to the finest minutiae of his routines and interactions,… see Hillary is still flashing those keen political instincts. @hunteryharris The first movie I saw him in was Gattica, so this kind of fits with how I've always viewed him. @tressiemcphd Look at those poor books.🤞🏻that primary voters are smartening up. up after the alarm goes off. Marty Robbins' El Paso up as another song I'd heard dozens of times without really listening to. Not a real h… dog. 2020: This is it! You're in for the night.
@NifMuhammad I drink coffee to *avoid* feeling like death. @adamkotsko I'm curious to hear more about this opinion.I think I'll root for the Chiefs in the Super Bowl as long as they don't wear their all red uniforms.It seems like a major failure of a respected newspaper to not know we can only vote for one person in the primary. @claudiakincaid I blew a coworker's mind once by showing her they were designed to sit atop her coffee cup so the steam melts the caramel. @claudiakincaid Stroopwaffles?MLK is not your fuzzy teddy bear. He was a radical activist who shook the walls of the national consensus for overn…
Retweeted by Matt in WyandotteSo are Warren and Klobuchar going to have dips in polling as a result of the NYT endorsement?I'm enjoying Cheers as we work through the early seasons. Could do without the frequent jokes about violence agains… Scott Walker is rooting for the Packers certainly clarifies my rooting interest in this game.Rob Lowe looks ecstatic to be at the football game (wearing an NFL hat, the sign of a true fan)
Amazing run by Mahomes!Alcoholic seltzer seems like such an obvious fad. I've never had it and maybe it's great. That's just my hunch. @prisonculture Wow.(I threw a no-hitter in little league. I assume that doesn't count)I'll play Have you ever been to a(n): Opening Day: ❌ Wild Card game: ❌ Playoff game: ✅ WS game: ✅ 3+ HR game: ❌ N… @surlyurbanist How is he built like that as a teenager?VC firm has a plan to sell those years - via low interest loan or automatic SSI withdrawals - to the poor. amazing thing about the GOP isn't that they're predictably evil. It's that they're predictably worse than what… @CJSprigman @Millicentsomer By early next week this will morph into "Crimes happen" and they'll sarcastically ask i… @_MookThaGOD @loumoore12 They could have went all the way and said Murphy and Arsenio Hall. @matthewfdesmond Apparently Judge Dredd did it too. My hunch is none of them were suggesting it as a real idea. @gerrycanavan I think about this one about as often as I think of the 80s Twilight Zone where the guy gets the mark… @gerrycanavan *shudder* @gerrycanavan And the scariest episode I saw!Awesome, they took an idea from the most terrifying Black Mirror is the first time I noticed the "You must be born on or before" sign switched to 1999. Not surprising, of cou… @dzemens I know. It started raining sooner than it was supposed to and I was proud of our battery powered machine for getting the job done . @adamkotsko "Is Biden a climate radical now?" I'm gonna skip right to no.
My snow blower worked like a champ in its first action of the season. I even did a couple neighbors' walks.
@zunguzungu I kind of like when people don't follow me but occasional likes on older tweets suggest they periodical… is that video going to be looked back on as what did Buttigieg in? It looks so bad for him I thought it was a joke at first. @bomani_jones I'd bet some Pistons fans do. (Not me, but I bet they exist)I wish one candidate in the race would say, "Look, I know I can't win, but before I call it quits, I'm going to mak… lord. How is Biden in the lead still? I know he's riding the coattails of being VP, but Jesus. @craigcalcaterra Its remarkably similar to how they handled steroids as news came out and pretty much had to be for… @DanHF The "I need to prove I wasn't a mistake!" line came out of nowhere and I was like, "Um, excuse me MBJ but yo… publicizing and looking with awe at this stupid shit. It's going to do real harm to people. @adamkotsko Neigh.