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Washed former runner. Defund police. Wear that mask. #BlackLivesMatter

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The Democrats are like some high school kid who mistakenly believes their best attributes will kill their popularity. 1 @Remember_Sarah This picture. We had to put the big one down a few years ago. This was the little one's first day i… @zunguzungu For therapeutic reasons, I've made a list of people who I want to make sure to remember to talk shit ab… feel like there is a non-zero chance Trump's most recent EOs will be effectively ignored and his goldfish brain w… @adamkotsko That's a name I haven't heard in a while. (No cigarette to take a drag from before saying that)
Finished kayaking. Thankfully the Maumee River did *not* smell like an outhouse as it is wont to do since the algal bloom problem started. @king_kaufman That's right. Smiles. Evvvverybody's happy.Pirates manager got tossed. No wonder, after a call that bad.Good call, blue. @CespedesBBQ He sure knows how to celebrate.
We're going kayaking tomorrow morning! @Remember_Sarah Died too young but made his mark in some fantastic movies. @Remember_Sarah The mob movie guy he looks most like, though... @matthewfdesmond @yourewrongabout The show is great though. It's monopolizing my commute. A schedule that used to b… @matthewfdesmond @yourewrongabout Dunno yet.Most interesting pup in the world, after listening to @yourewrongabout... Homelessness: "Ugh, that was rough. I hope the next one is a bit lighter… @surlyurbanist That's getting doubly screwed by the census shenanigans. @surlyurbanist Did you mention HUD?Note the conditions necessary for cops to stop bank robbers., it's better than 420. @Ethnography911 So we're left only with last decade, which is the last time anybody wanted to hear about W. @Ethnography911 Is it *even* a political story? (If it is, it's obviously not the most interesting) @Lollardfish @gerrycanavan You should see NY's ridiculous rent assistance program. @Remember_Sarah I remember that book. Comes with the microwave, and they act like you're getting a microwave to coo… an old favorite today. My wife thinks we're doing well enough that I shouldn't be wearing shirts that give out… @tressiemcphd You upset so many people with your good hygiene practices. 😂I'm not going to say who, because as far as I can tell they're wonderful people, but I just unfollowed a few people… out to Peggy for being the one who has to stay in her pew for confession. The looks you get from the commun…'m a sucker for the wildly inappropriate parenting on Mad Men. Don just gave Sally (who's about 8) detailed instru… don't run across enough famous people @flglmn "I don't care whose dad you are. Knock off the malarkey."My dishwasher just had a problem and the user manual offered a perfect solution. Well done, LG! @Remember_Sarah
@tressiemcphd I know that is painter's tape, but please tell me that's not painter's tape. @DanHF They using the money OJ set aside to catch the real killer? @zunguzungu "Is there an alien in there?"My car hasn't been synching with my phone the last day or so, and it feels like an attack on my podcast way of lifeIf your last name is Gideon, do you grow up thinking everyone gets a personalized Bible in their hotel room? @jteeDC @Forbes Is he like Cher and Madonna or did he change his last name to "the Billionaire Behind Craigslist"?He's going the extra mile to get out of meeting with Trump today. once in a while, I grab a pack of Pop Tarts and am shocked anew at how bad they are for me. Then I realize th… @jazzedloon I laughed at this tweet, but I also laughed at the image of someone pressing somebody else for their favorite adjective. 😂 @slurpgurgles @gerrycanavan [Biden takes both hands off wheel while "driving", turns completely to passenger seat c… @AnswerDave These tweets made me wonder if conjoined twins would count as one or two players on a roster since they… I need to spend more of my idle time thinking about outfits.Oh, I forgot to predict that the student will be charged with a crime.We're careening toward a moment where a kid gets his ass kicked at school by a school cop for taking a picture of a… @gerrycanavan If I've never been to one, am I a Traitor Joe?"How could you Douthat to me?!" jelly beans during a pandemic doesn't seem like the best decision.'s how strange baseball scheduling has become. First pic is games played. Second pic is the originally schedule… @zunguzungu Swearengin is a very optimistic name for a politician @ira She was Captain Marvel when I was a kid.
I have never rooted for a football team like I'm rooting for CFB players against the NCAA. @RottenInDenmark "15,000 didn't sound like a lot til I saw all. those. dots. My heavens!" @rbreymaier @RashidaTlaib Handily, and against a challenger she narrowly defeated the first time. Progressives picking up steam! @scgrmom As evidenced by Rick Scott being a Senator at the momentI'm sure this is an argument that will be handled capably and in good faith by the general public. *Looks at any… admission that should not only destroy the careers of those responsible, but have them very nervous about b… @AnswerDave [Hides 7 3/4 hat] I wouldn't know anything about that. @AnswerDave He's embarrassed by his inadequate umbrellaPeople shouldn't have to lay out their resume of suffering for us to give them money to live. @NifMuhammad In yer face, Equality Williams!Little scrub is getting a haircut Saturday. @zunguzungu NYT: You tried peas? @DanaSchwartzzz He looks like he's suspicious his nickname might be ironic.
Oh, shit. Who am I going to charge $12 for a Coke and some popcorn to try to cover this? I got home excited for my four hours of bachelorhood and realized I needed to get the dogs some dog food. @jbouie Yes, the most powerful man in the world shouldn't be treated like your strange neighbor you made the mistak… @gerrycanavan Our daily highs used to come before 6pm. All day rain is a thing that used to happen. @gerrycanavan Yes! Thank you! Noticeable differences from when we were kids are very unsettling.I'll get home at 4 and Natalie will get home at 8. Mining my memory for movies she classified as "Feel free to watc… @Remember_Sarah When we first see an alien on Mexican TV in Signs. (A very flawed movie that did some things well) @Remember_Sarah I watched the first one and my wife asked how it was. I told her it was very believable that the… @morninggloria Trump: "Oco...ocono...Did I ever tell you about the time I met Yoko Ono? Didn't like her. Not very nice."Headline: Trump says coronavirus is under control as much as you can control it. Follows up by saying, "Never min… @suss2hyphens @AnswerDave @russbengtson Robert Downey Jr played one of the feral hogs in the SNL skit.Holy fucking shit
Retweeted by Matt in Wyandotte @loumoore12 He was probably proud of himself for nailing "sequoia".This gif just made me realize there is a kind of spoiler that isn't a spoiler unless you point out it's a spoiler.…'ll never understand why car companies name their cars a series of numbers and letters.Jesus. @Remember_Sarah Another one any Detroiters of a certain age remember. I still use at least three lines from this ad… @notgoingpro @Remember_Sarah I can vouch for this. @adamkotsko "My business reopened." "Ooh, that's rough. Sorry to hear it."
@jayasax You think it's easy holding that thin blup line? @craigcalcaterra @HardballTalk @NBCSports Very sorry to hear this and look forward to seeing where you end up. @DanHF How was Season 3? (My wife and I just finished Season 2) @tressiemcphd I'd venture with some confidence people who would rather have a good photo shoot than be surrounded b… @mescfish The funny thing in this one was I was the only one who was like "this doesn't make any sense".So are they going to institute a draft for substitute teachers, or what? @AJKandrevas I came 🤏🏻 this close to texting you about the judges on the ballot. We ended up voting for the two wo… was like, "Can that be right? Does nobody care about my dreams, no matter how bizarre or funny?" Then I thought… had a bizarre dream where the Detroit Tigers signed me to play first base and bat third. I was about 90 seconds… just spent a half hour looking for a userid for an account I use literally once a year. Frustrated after not fin… and I filled out our primary ballots this weekend. It is very difficult to be an informed voter on local el… @Ethnography911 @zunguzungu Same goes for Walton Goggins. @zunguzungu Started off strong, kinda trailed off. Though I've yet to finish the final season. @surlyurbanist *shoe falls off climbing fire escape* "There goes $500." Woman he's running with: "Your shoes cost $…