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actor, stand up, hit or miss on twitter IMDb: 3 albums & special GOOD NEWS @StJude donations for @LAmarathon:

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Thursday night, this comedy show is happening in Santa Monica with 100% of the proceeds being donated to…
Retweeted by Matt KnudsenHey @DrPepper, Fansville, sure but the world demands more @JimConnor! #larryculpepper @bader_diedrich @annefrances agreed!! @scott_bowser @JerrySeinfeld thanks scott but i'm rolling out with the wife and it'll be a quick in and out trip. hope you're good!“Everyone can relax, I am not a narc. I’m a snitch. Narcs get paid.” - Me at the Hells Angels show tonight #true @broadsi We share one! @JmagTrans Agreed, what are you going to do, say it to her face? Weird! @tomdog Right?!You couldn't make Cheers today bc every major character would have to have a second job, would have no time to go t…
Retweeted by Matt Knudsen @erinfoleycomic Hey hey, congrats!🎉I only tell my wife I love her via Facebook posts. @VDOOZER @JerrySeinfeld Haha, thanks Bill. Sincerely excited!!Q: Did I just buy tickets to @JerrySeinfeld in Vegas? A: Yes, yes I did. #caesarspalace #cantwait
Hey friends, you can stream my drybarcomedy special “Good News” for just $1 or get unlimited access to all of their… new Henry's Kitchen Recipe: Meatloaf for One!
Retweeted by Matt KnudsenWhen I thought something bad happened but it didn't. @stevebenaquist seems fairMeanwhile at the White House...#impeachment #sad @Braunger n-ice! @beckymgarcia no spoilers!
@andy_peters Thanks for not name checking me. Not prepared to answer those kind of questions right nowCan I hate The Joker?
@kumailn @LovebirdsMovie @IssaRae hey hey, congrats!! @kylekinane thought that might have been itAt any point are the #GOP going to talk about all the crimes? #sad @nickvatterott I’m ride or die for JP2! @chrisdelia @CheetoSantino Love all this!We need more docs with comedians talking about how nobody else understands what it's like to be a comedian.
Quit looking for WIFI you cheap bastard! @HooperHairPuff My pleasure, being married to the right person is the best!! @HooperHairPuff Hey hey, congrats!! @sharon_houston i will! i'm pretty sure a company couldn't advertise a product unless it's great!Q: Did I order those Instagram knee braces? A: Yes, yes I did.
ST. JUDE FUNDRAISING LINK: Hey friends, if your 2020 resolution is "charitable giving," pl… @StoryWorthy @anylaurie16 @Federman @JamieKaler @KimEvey thanks christine!! @anylaurie16 Thanks Laurie, can’t wait!SOLD OUT: This month, it’s yet another sell out hankspalisades in the palisadesvillage! This month, we’re super exc… @tjchambersLA Right?People in New Orleans finally have a reason to drink! #LSU @ilovepemmican thanks buddy!!
@MarkKnudsen make america empathetic again!Never too busy to compose a sub-par tweet.Marshawn Lynch with some remarkable advice for stand up comedians! #marshawnlynch
Hey hey, thanks to the #HollywoodShortFilmFest I can now say that my short film #GiveItUp is “award winning” withou… @seantgreen Blue Bloods for life!!At the age where I’m ready to CBS and chill.
Retweeted by Matt Knudsen @stitthappens Whaaaaaa?!
Come on @Vikings, I need this!! @jdwitherspoon SoundCloud has the coolest embed widget @BrianDBradley Grab him by the neck pussy. @howienave Awesome, congrats Howie!!You’re right, LA sucks.
See you tonight at @thecomedygarage w/ our pals @BabsGray @mattknudsen @NonProfitComic @arayyay @David_Venhuizen
Retweeted by Matt KnudsenSo help me Travel & Leisure and Food & Wine, if I open these mags and see 2 different suits, I’m going to lose it!! of 8 in Congress is entitled to ALL intelligence on Soleimani killing. @realDonaldTrump’s lies, reckless jingo…
Retweeted by Matt Knudsen @wenbychazdean @ZeesGuy Thanks for the confirmation. Love Wen!!!
@ZeesGuy I didn’t notice that but I think it is! Even if it’s not, what I am seeing is a guy who got 5 paychecks!!! @fuzzyjosh at this point, it’s out of your handsBuck Henry, guys. A brilliant talent and a really lovely guy. RIP
Retweeted by Matt Knudsen @freddylockhart @DrewBarrymore @justinlong I’d always assumed that’s true to this day! @PaymanBenz I hope the robots like us!!During the #TrumpSpeech the country again saw an impaired unfit man; so much so #AdderallTrump is now trending Fo…
Retweeted by Matt KnudsenNot enough people are talking about how great haircut books are!
RECENTLY OVERHEARD PHONE CALL: Yeah, I met with that accountant but he's too square for what I'm trying to pull off. #trueI’ve seen this short, and it’s great! I highly recommend.
Retweeted by Matt Knudsen @Henlips You’re the man Henry, really appreciate it!! @imlaurahouse @rawletv thanks!!Big thanks to the #HollywoodShortsFilmFest for inviting my short film #GiveItUp to screen this weekend! Looking for… you know you can send a note to your student's school permitting them to hit your child? @mattknudsen does.…
Retweeted by Matt KnudsenI see you @LAMarathon! #TeamStJude #training Donation link:
I like comedy specials that show cutaways of the audience laughing so that I know when to laugh too.Stop telling me to let that sink in!This FRIDAY 1/10/2020 first show of the decade at the gorgeous 1172 Art Lounge w/ @BabsGray @mattknudsen @arayyay
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#breathme #sia #unionstation #dtla #piano #music #la
Retweeted by Matt Knudsen @daveanthony hilarious/true. happy 2020!I'm not greedy but someday I'd like to be successful enough to have an ironic website. #goals @Home_Halfway #sad @anylaurie16 @AndyKindler RG will definitely be on a stool for at least 1/2 of his next special. 😞 @JimGaffigan THAT IS WHY I DID IT!!!
It didn't take long for people to take advantage of the "Minnesota Miracle" phrase. #Fox45
Retweeted by Matt KnudsenFor those of you who didn’t live through the invasion of Iraq, here is what is about to happen: 1. There will be a…
Retweeted by Matt Knudsen @PaymanBenz @LAClippers @ChuckTheCondor Bingo! @nicoleaimee whew, thanks buddy!
@nicoleaimee thanks for not name checking me buddyOh gosh, you can catch me Sunday on the @FOXSports @NFL pre-game show before the @Vikings/ @Saints game dontcha’ kn…
"Hey, I'm just telling it like it is." - The worst comedianIt would be nice right around now to have a president of the United States whom you could assume makes important fo…
Retweeted by Matt Knudsen @JuliaWDHarrison @Sia thanks buddy, hey @sia, can i get an rt?! @StoryWorthy thanks christineHoping with every fiber of my being that sane steps can be taken to avoid war with Iran.
Retweeted by Matt Knudsen @BrianStack153 haha. the perfect price point for speaking truth to power.I wish there was some kind of award for deleting tweets.
@sandeepparikh haha, that video is only for my patreon peeps!#breathme #sia #unionstation #dtla #piano #music #la @MattGoldich Every last Hugh-mie!!In 2019 we learned that “deep state” means people who are loyal to America but not its corrupt self-dealing president.
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@jasonmpalmer alexa“2020 is gonna be my year!” - YouNow what?
Retweeted by Matt Knudsen @NikkiGlaser @NetflixIsAJoke Aw yeah, congrats!!