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actor, stand up, hit or miss on twitter 3 albums & special GOOD NEWS WEB/IG/IMDB: @StJude donations for @LAmarathon:

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Joined Twitter 12/4/09 years I've been writing jokes and taking acting classes when all the while I should have been listening to musi…
Trump & Senate Republicans have made it clear what their agenda is: - Defund Social Security & Medicare - Defund u…
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Walking, talking disaster Jerry Falwell, Jr. has been asked to take indefinite leave from Liberty University. Real…
Retweeted by Matt KnudsenI'm like a modern day Robert Mitchum but without the self-confidence. America better off than it was 4 years ago?
Retweeted by Matt KnudsenThe U.S. stands alone as the only affluent nation to have suffered a severe, sustained coronavirus outbreak for mor…
Retweeted by Matt Knudsen @broadsi RIGHT?!I wasn't going to vote for Biden until I heard he hated god.
@brentsavard jesusThe fact that he even pretends to care about religion is laughable. #sadSally Yates: "We had Gen. Flynn engaging in discussions with the Russian amb. that were essentially neutering the A…
Retweeted by Matt KnudsenRemember losing touch with people? @TheBiggIdea OPEN THE SCHOOLS!!!!!!! @BrianStack153 yes and?
New Ad: Republican Vets Against Trump🔥 🔥 🔥 @VetsforRL
Retweeted by Matt KnudsenHey friends, if you’d like to remember what “going out” was like, why not create your own Matt Knudsen… @sandeepparikh OK: 1. fuck that guy 2. you're officially 40 when you use the term "starts in on.." @MikeRoyce haha, the credits easter egg must involve brett favre in some way! @BrianDBradley oh, ok
@tomdog amazingIf Coronavirus ruins the Lexus December To Remember sales event this year, I'm gonna need a padded cell! 😔
Retweeted by Matt KnudsenHas any reasonable American ever --doubted the validity of mail-in ballots? --questioned the value of the postal s…
Retweeted by Matt Knudsen @tjchambersLA "sorry but you'll have to pull your own man." - casting @TheCulturedCrip thanks!My agent pitches me as an unsuccessful Bill Pullman.This is the best obituary you can read. Read it top to bottom, takes 45 seconds. #TrumpPressConference
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Great Question: ELECTROMAGNETIC SPECTRUM #greatquestion #staycurious #teachingfromhome @BrianStack153 @frontlinepbs #garbage @Hannesph you know there normie... @RUDEBOY_______ it is fun to say in an exasperated way for sure @8oslady noted, plus he has his own delicious bars @JackZullo @Pixar i'll add it to the running tally @NormalNoon spoken like a newman man! @cerwonka agreed, i tend to lean clavin @SBCasey you get extra credit because kc wasn't even an option! @ChrisGorbos swish!Favorite TV mailman, Cliff Clavin or Newman?
@brentsavard that's the spirit! @AdamCozens27 @BrandonFlowers thx adam @TheNightCapp haha, love it. imma do a cannonball!what's one of the first things that you're going to do when we go back to real life again? @nickvatterott pfft figuresNovember 4th headline: YOU'RE FIRED!!!America has thrived because citizens have been willing to contribute their voices and shed their blood to challenge…
Retweeted by Matt Knudsen @MattGoldich not soon enough!! @anylaurie16 #pathetic @RealWilfordB Rest in power Wilford.
KNUDSEN FUN FACT: I've weighed 200 pounds for 4 decades. this is all over, I hope I still remember how to bomb.Here’s Rep. Louie Gohmert’s daughter on wearing a mask after her father tested positive this week for COVID-19. “…
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Being childless, my body may some day go unclaimed at the morgue but at least I've never watched Blues Clues.I've worked hard, quietly supporting many important causes in my life. But I'm not sure how often I've stood up and…
Retweeted by Matt Knudsen @jonturteltaub Hilarious Jon, keep em' coming!!I have to hand it to him, he ran America like a business. Unfortunately, he ran it like one of his businesses. #sad
Deep in my heart, I do believe, that we shall overcome...
Retweeted by Matt KnudsenFormer Pres. Obama: "That's what John Lewis teaches us - that's where real courage comes from - not from turning on…
Retweeted by Matt KnudsenThis should be his presidential portrait. #sad“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.“ - MLK
@TimMcPhone my fave part is how little the other guy is moving but still absolutely killing it @Bad_Hombre420 stay home and make a booze cake!On the bright side, I haven't gone to a wedding in a while.HOLLYWOOD PRO TIP: You're always the guy in the foreground. @BryanCooking coda! @RUDEBOY_______ often! @Roggae1974 congrats champ! @BryonRMcAfee cool, i'm exercising!! @YourComicMuse si! @chaddychoo me too! @billsquire haha, blasting my abs!Does drinking Jim Beam count as exercise? @racebanning at least no one is talking about practice @ThisMattYoung agreed. monet is my personal fave but all those guys wanted to be cézanne @ThisMattYoung the impressionists - nobody would hang their work at the salon so they put on their own shows and ch…
The Trump Virus has robbed us of the moments that make life worth living. It didn't have to be this way.
Retweeted by Matt Knudsen @bornferal congrats!Tragedy - Time = TwitterAs Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans praise the legacy of John Lewis, remember that they’ve been actively bloc…
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@blainecapatch haha, x takes the square!QUARANTINE UPDATE: Still getting spam from Wink Martindale. LA, you can always tell what kind of neighborhood you’re in by how many dogs you can hear barking at once. 🐕 #LA @ChrisGorbos Your right, I’m gonna delete it!!! @KarenKilgariff Currently reading this book for the same reason.
@realDonaldTrump Jon Voight is the James Woods of Scott Baio
Retweeted by Matt KnudsenThe White Sox have just been mathematically eliminated from the post season. #openingday2020 @StoryWorthy waaaaitttt aaaaa miiiiinnnnuuuuuttttteeeee
#RIPRegisPhilbin #HardestWorkingManInShowbusiness out to all the guitar guys that start a jam in B flat.Biden is the clear choice when it comes to compassionate and decent leadership. In a battle of heart, mind, and cha…
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@SklarBrothers YOU GOT IT!!!This is actually the greatest thing ever. Want to cry. 818 till we die. Enjoy it. You are with us Brody, always.
Retweeted by Matt KnudsenPutin doesn’t love trump, he hates America. #sad @thecalwineguy don't worry, they'll abondon you once they have your bank routing number @AuggieSmith heart emoji back and kudos for grocking that HPT is just my constant inner monologue @anylaurie16 good news: this doesn't apply to you in any way! @justin_wood_ i stand correctedRep @AOC: "I do not need Rep. Yoho to apologize to me. Clearly he does not want to. Clearly when given the opportun…
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