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NY Times featured comic writer/editor - Ringo Nominated, VP Zion's Mission Animal Rescue, @GWAR’s comic pal, he/him Opinions=mine.

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As a fellow South Asian running for city council, I am beyond humbled to have the backing of such a prominent progr…
Retweeted by Matt Miner * BLACK LIVES MATTER * @disruptionary @RoKhanna WHAT OMG @SteveHofstetter thanks for the follow, Steve. Love your work - you’re hilarious and extremely skilled at heckler takedowns.
Retweeted by Matt Miner * BLACK LIVES MATTER * @rdouek Please? @davidmweissman It’s a hell of a thing. I’m glad you’re up for learning this stuff. @davidmweissman Oh man, are you ok? When I learned this it really shook me.After months of reporting, painstaking artwork by @dalibor410 & dedication from @axelalonsomarv & the team at…
Retweeted by Matt Miner * BLACK LIVES MATTER * @StollComics @GoBigEd Dig it. Great compositionEvery time I think this farce can't get any more entertaining, it does. (Sound up.)
Retweeted by Matt Miner * BLACK LIVES MATTER * @ronmarz The look on her face.🙄 @EmmettHelenArt It happened because your art is quite good. @ElectricDracula Set them on fireIt’s weird when you joke about your own death but it’s a real possibility so it’s not really a joke.
@ianmcginty Oh the horror. Meanwhile, she’s gorgeous but somehow the right paints her as monstrous. I mean, it’s racism ofc. @afwassel @thevaultcomics Congrats, Adrian - that’s awesome @BrettGurewitz @fredvanschie Any minute, I swear! @BrettGurewitz @fredvanschie Still waiting how they all stopped caring about Hunter’s laptops. @Fishmas Aww @afwassel I just made a vegetable soup with 3 bulbs of garlic.Gangsta rap, Goth rock, and Gaga. My 2020 has been a journey of Gs. @spotifypodcasts @Spotify Nahat least they're awesome. kind-of remember doing it. Wow, this is not what I should have spent money on right now.Last night in a sleepy fugue I ordered 2 Ice Cube T-shirts. Huh. @robertwilsoniv @AaronMeyers Maybe I'll give it another chance. It's hard, though, like forcing yourself to get in… @joshtpm GOP: Mandatory mask-wearing is tyranny Also GOP: Let's declare martial law and suspend the Constitution
Retweeted by Matt Miner * BLACK LIVES MATTER *MILLER: Torture migrant kids BANNON: Behead Fauci FLYNN: Declare Martial Law BARR: Bring back firing squads Can…
Retweeted by Matt Miner * BLACK LIVES MATTER * @AaronMeyers That’s why I’ve never watched it. @sxbond What’s a strummer?Wow
Retweeted by Matt Miner * BLACK LIVES MATTER * @JosephGlass Right? @LindseyBoylan I kept misreading this as “finds out she passed away” and it’s too early @amandadeibert Very giving @JosephGlass I just sold a couple of my favorite things in order to have a few dollars to buy some gifts. @aaronnarraph But is twitter tinder?nice. @OKatrinaFox oh no also nice spinnin' - you didn't even hurt yourself! @Stilltsinc @llanelloyd Lane’s art is so great I’m really looking forward.
@llanelloyd I can’t wait to check it out. I’ve been so slammed with doctors and stuff, sorry. @theangelremiel @RoboKnightShow Nice. @jennifermarie I’ve watched this for hours and I can’t believe your hand never got tired. Amazing @aaronnarraph Hahaha nice @JustPlainTweets I noticed that, too. So far no deadnaming that I’ve seen. @EliotRahal @AlexPaknadel Well deserved, bud. Congrats! @JasonCopland Ugh. I think you told me about this. @JasonCopland @ChrisPHuey I think I’m muted by most of comics. Comics people never reply to my stuff :-/ @wastedwings Thanks! Stratton fashion - was part of their Halloween line but they might still have them. Very comfortableAnother day, another doctor. @davidmweissman Loony tunes @wastedwings 😀 @jansendotsh Right? He and Paul Rudd. Maddening @JosephGlass Karensgate @TheElliotPage Right on. Happy for you @joshuahood @RobotJQ YeastGood for him. 🖤 @bryanedwardhill I’d write comics and rescue dogs @disruptionary @ZephyrTeachout Wow, jeez! Moumita, you’re killing it - well deserved. @BrianSchirmer Good vibes sending your way - feel better soon!It just struck me as funny how hard I am to beat these medical problems, for how much I wish I was dead at any given time.Dealing with the healthcare system is a nightmare. @renfamous Imagine grown men going full Karen over a character in a YA comic. @davidmweissman wtf David lol @rycady 🖤🖤 @ksorbs Newsflash: you’re a dummy.SPIDER-MAN commission
Retweeted by Matt Miner * BLACK LIVES MATTER * @AdamTGorham @InkyKnuckles Powerful, Adam. @babysharkjoz This really works! @TaylorEspo SeriouslyWhen the Westboro Baptist Church was impersonating me on Twitter and talking mad stupid shit, an artist I looked up… spent a good part of today discussing character design of an MC’s penis, so I’m working on a book with some ding dongs. @rycady That sucks hard. I can feel this pain. But success is the best revenge and you’re doing it. @rycady When the Westboro Baptist Church was impersonating me on Twitter and talking mad stupid shit, an artist I l… @kwanzer @pittsed_off That’s true - a few years ago when they would have started it wasn’t common knowledge what a POS she was. @Fishmas Digging it all @kwanzer @pittsed_off Yep. For a moment I felt bad for everyone who worked on it, but tbh they knew what they were getting into.
@ElectricDracula Kevin, I appreciate your friendship. I hope you and your wife are doing well. Thank you.Boosting this. Now shipping daily. Get some books under that tree. always suck but this year is already especially bad. @briebriejoy God, one of my least favorite tropes is smearing us as Trumpers. It’s so intellectually dishonest - s… @pittsed_off @kwanzer Yeah I’m glad I already own the movies for when I need them but I’ll never give her another cent. @CatStaggs Damn this fucking virus. Jeez @kwanzer Definitely dampens the fun. @AmyChu Good luck! @EvaIsAdorable One of the songs is utterly godawful with rape and transphobia as I recall. My adult ears won’t be revisitingIt’s a good mail day. @UnburntWitch No.As you shop for Christmas in my store, I get the funds to shop for my loved ones. I appreciate every order so much…
Retweeted by Matt Miner * BLACK LIVES MATTER * @dedaisy_ @megsaidstfu A-ha! Good use, well done. @megsaidstfu @dedaisy_ He was a cop, she loved being beaten @llanelloyd Send it here, Lane! @RandPaul Scandal! Trump margin of defeat directly tied to Biden receiving more votes. @Clarknt67 @RuckCohlchez @DomoWarren And actual ableism. @porrafabizinha Fuck yeah. Smoking sucks - so glad I quit, you can do this! @TheWordsOfStan Thanks Stan! 🖤#HolidayShopping? Check out @MattMinerXVX! His store is overflowing with awesome!
Retweeted by Matt Miner * BLACK LIVES MATTER * @amandadeibert I buttoned up and sent off 2 pitches and finally got my surgery scheduled. I feel that’s pretty good for 1:20pm @ErykDonovan I love seeing your work come across my feed. I always take a moment and dive in, enlarge, pore over it. Take care, Eryk.