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I talked about how Danes’ and Swedes’ “The Bridge”-style stereotypes of each other have been upended by covid19, wi…
Autocrat enabler @ManfredWeber says quiet part out loud. While he has been happy to hand EU taxpayers' money to cor…
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@page88 @voguemagazine Does someone make a conversion kit?
@rafaelbehr It’s a good slogan in the US, less good elsewhere. Global movements=anodyne slogans @spignal Oh I imagine they just effortlessly and unreflectively achieve Parisianness @page88 @voguemagazine How did you end up with kids who voluntarily swear off smartphones and design productivity p… @alixabeth Cutting finger or toenails @leonidragozin I'm missing the extremely subtle dog whistle here @bencoates1 Suddenly the weird British habit of drinking your pint standing on the sidewalk seems eminently sensibleSomewhat odd piece by ⁦@izakaminska⁩ goes wrong by characterizing restricting hate speech as “political” agenda. A… @dhnexon American style eagle: old timey 1900 bicentennial nostalgia sailor vibe Nazi eagle: clean streamlined Lang…
@pbergsen Do you have confidence that people know what is wrong with Italy, in the sense of how to fix it? I have s… @jaapverheul @cdavandaag @MonaKeijzer Underrated tweet“Trump, like a lot of populist politicians, has defined himself against the media.” On “Checks and Balance”…
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Aoart from anyone who reads the @nytimes, that is, *according to your own statements three days ago* @drgitlin Are viruses “microbes”? @HuubBellemakers In Hongarije noemen ze dit het "Systeem van Nationale Cooperatie". Het is heel leuk om samen te bo… and gentleman, allow me to introduce you to the concept of chutzpah. @stevenmazie Belphegor Day School (Church of Satan) voucher application on its way? @williamadler78 Izod Is My CopilotStatues nobody wants to pull down: Floor Wibaut, the political macher behind Amsterdam’s massive early 20th C publi… ist kein Einzelfall mangelnder #Lobbytransparenz bei den Christdemokraten: Nur 23,5% ihrer EU-Abgeordneten…
Retweeted by Matt Steinglass Ở NHÀ LÀ YÊU NƯỚC#Corruption: To look at the registry of European Parliament members’ meetings with lobbyists you’d think the Greens… @dlknowles I’m seeing more far-right trolling re Barbary and Ottoman enslavement of Europeans in say the 15th-18th centuriesMarco has a point: if, as with Soleimani, Trump were to order a missile strike to kill Vladimir Putin, many people… Frisian or Friesian. If you want to be weird, apparently Frizian. Not “Freesian” @marcorubio Name one
@trekonomics @umairh There is an argument that legal sex industries create a big open sector that perversely makes… @trekonomics @umairh No, not at all. It’s just that “trafficking” gets thrown around a lot where it doesn’t mean mu… @trekonomics @umairh Ah. But I really do not buy the claim that legal brothels encourage involuntary trafficking. @trekonomics @umairh I’m a fan of legal brothels as safe places for sex workers to do their jobs. What they’re like… @gelliottmorris Definitely Carter, especially since Biden is conducting secret negotiations with covid-19 which is… @spwells One reason I know that three of these are Iron Age is that I was raised in the only Bronze Age ideology yo… @trekonomics @umairh Haven’t tried them :) @adamgurri @MrAlAnderson I had a philosophy professor in college who had this reaction to the Fukuyama essay @Noahpinion I never thought this would happen, and I'm glad to see it. @MerriamWebster now cf and viz pleaseA dispiriting result for advocates of realistic sex education and sex workers' rights, but not surprising. Organiza… @b_judah @nrc Good article but it's an opinion piece from Hanco Juergens of the Uni of Amsterdam rather than a leader from the NRCThat rarity, an interesting press release in my inbox: London flight bookings collapse, Lisbon rises. Note Portugal…“Trump, like a lot of populist politicians, has defined himself against the media.” On “Checks and Balance”…
Retweeted by Matt Steinglass Ở NHÀ LÀ YÊU NƯỚCSorry, the third calls him a "snake", not a "traitor". /3's the second "traitor" ad, from @votevets. /2 is one of *three* trending attack ads calling Trump a "traitor". There is no aggressive WH response towards Ru… very 1900 vibe today, as all Europe's eyes are glued to events in the Pomeranian Voivodeship.… @trekonomics @umairh 3) seems like common sense too. If you don't favor government morality police, let them work l… did not know enough about Cassius Marcellus Clay, a Kentucky planter who freed his slaves, became ambassador to M… is so great. ben Amerikaans. Ik ben naar Nederland geemigreerd om dit soort onzin te ontvluchten. Als ik de woorden "met een… @conor64 Agree, but a lot of that is me imagining they appeal to an audience that is more conservative than me.Alliance of Russian doctors puts out letter demanding promised but never received covid19 funding and noting $10m’s…
@leonidragozin Also a strong “My da survived the Blitz, we can survive Brexit” from people whose dads were born in 1960 vibe @AliceFromQueens Nope. All Karens. You’re Karen, I’m Karen. When Karen Met Karen. It’s Karens all the way down.Would imagine this pretty much does it. seems a bit off. The youngest vets who served in WW2 are 93. Might be sharper to do an ad about the Vietnam ve… @Area224 “Deserve” is for God to decide. We get to vote in an election with a limited range of candidates. @FESMontemaggi That would be excellent. But doesn’t it seem pretty clear that for the moment politics remain quite… @evanoconnell @Anne_Hidalgo @FrancoisDagnaud Dati really faded over the distance, didn't she? @Yascha_Mounk I thought it was a foregone conclusion that Duda would be well ahead in the first round--he was at 50… of good news for the French Greens in today's municipal elections. have had literally a decade to come up with a replacement plan for Obamacare
Retweeted by Matt Steinglass Ở NHÀ LÀ YÊU NƯỚC @eric_weinberger No way am I attracting yet more people to our swimming hole @tnyCloseRead Peter Schranke.“Germany has the means to change Europe—if it chooses.” Once the Netherlands would have been a step ahead, beckonin…’re having a wonderful summer in Holland, with a slight sense of urgency in case in a few weeks or months we end… voor @thierrybaudet @Birdyword I felt it was actually the opposite—it required some cognitive humility to belay my prior that Florida… the course of a three-month investigation, 60 Minutes has learned that federal officials knew many of the coro…
Retweeted by Matt Steinglass Ở NHÀ LÀ YÊU NƯỚC @wierdduk Ah leuk, alles van mijn jeugd in de jaren 80 komt terug: het muziek, de kleren en nu ook de moral panics. @AichaQandisha Wie is Tim? Sterke reactie van hem.
@JoshuaLivestro LOLOL re Lindbergh flight. So what? Somebody was eventually going to do it.Why not? 1. P is a NFZ for any intel on Russia 2. P doesn’t want intel briefings 3. P was too busy watching TV…
Retweeted by Matt Steinglass Ở NHÀ LÀ YÊU NƯỚCI talked with @JohnPrideaux about the new Trump-appointed director who many fear may compromise the political indep… @MollyQuell I’m crashingGreat @fromtga column on Polish state TV’s xenophobic, homophobic, antisemitic populist propaganda. Only quibble: n… @evanoconnell Lisa Kudrow however. @adamgurri It is really wild that for decades both Democrats and Republicans in NY, TX and CA have joked “well, my… @raylehmann @adamgurri It’s not even really true that it would be the suburbs across the country. Levels of urban o… very important interview with Dean Baquet about running the NYT in these times. Haven’t quite digested it yet.
The rising rate of US infections is terrifying - roughly ten times Europe's with about the same level of testing. T…
Retweeted by Matt Steinglass Ở NHÀ LÀ YÊU NƯỚCAre they doing something that makes it easier to hire incompetent cronies? @joriscanoy That's very interesting. Could imagine a few explanations. @MollyQuell Feestje for the court sketch artist.People in 1863 would not have been surprised at Virginia going Democratic and West Virginia going Republican, but t… thread. @GabiAMitchell @djrothkopf They should be able to for various other reasons, but they shouldn't have a right to. Yo… common type of thinking is a lot like imagining that the reason Gleyber Torres isn't hitting more home runs mu… @bencoates1 Could be a significant hit to a fair number of people who bought property on the expectation they could… @waltshaub @brianstelter @playbookplus Right. Obviously he wants another term for the same reason any kleptocrat wa… @MollyQuell @marcelvandenber The MiG-25 is late 60s tech. It's like the US Phantom. Are they also accusing Ukraine… aside, D&D's two-axis moral categorization (good-evil/lawful-chaotic) is better than the binary moral dimens… @hanskundnani @Jderbyshire @JamesShotter Fortunately young Americans have embraced socialism and restored meaning t…
Someone should tell Tom Cotton that Marion Barry created more jobs on net than Donald Trump. I don’t even mean per capita. I mean in total.
Retweeted by Matt Steinglass Ở NHÀ LÀ YÊU NƯỚC @jonfasman The bureaucracy industry is underrepresented and it would be good for it to have more influence. Well ru… @alexandreafonso Unfortunately in our mag it is pretty routine. I try to let academics know in advance how big the… @dhnexon --"Emperor Alexander," said Anna Pavlovna, "says he will allow the French to choose their mode of governme… @wierdduk Ik denk dat het waar is dat mensen van de etnische meerderheid zich vaker opeens machteloos voelen in dis… @wierdduk Daar ben ik het helemaal mee eens. Maar zijn zien zichzelf als gewone werknemers die volgens de regels opereerden. @wierdduk Er is geen eenvoudige "elite" die neerkijkt op "gewone mensen". Wie macht heeft in een context heeft geen…