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😺 Making the cat game Little Kitty, Big City. 🐾 I post a lot of cats. ➡️ Wishlist: #BlackLivesMatter

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@karriebearr Good luck and I'm proud of you!Use this to mass download all your vods: Use this to mass delete all your vods:…
Retweeted by Macabre Toad Wand @DarkestDungeon @kickstarter Oh damn you guys. @DmawXXX Yeah! Here's some. There's not a good way to collect them all that I can see.... got 2 of these and they are so nice. @DmawXXX I mean, if you have cat island and there is at least one cat on that island, you qualify.If you're a cat person and play games, we've made a Discord server that hosts game develpers making cat games. It's… join! @PlayfellowGames @cowardyne @ACS_Games @NekoGhostJump @_AbandonedSheep @Cubenary Oh course! 😺 @cowardyne @ACS_Games @PlayfellowGames @NekoGhostJump @_AbandonedSheep @Cubenary woo!~ @meowerlord Can't wai tto see what they come up with! 😆😺 @cowardyne @ACS_Games @PlayfellowGames @NekoGhostJump @_AbandonedSheep @Cubenary What other cat game developers… day 19 - zoom + long When the zoomies hit, it's best to take cover and wait for it to pass XD #catober…
Retweeted by Macabre Toad WandIf you are making a game about a cat or is primarily about cats, please feel free to join our discord and tell us a…
Retweeted by Macabre Toad WandIf you are making a game about a cat or is primarily about cats, please feel free to join our discord and tell us a… @chetfaliszek I GUESS @totheLaPointe Come join! @_AbandonedSheep Come on in!! @ChickTech come in! @Suparsonik Well, I mean....that's pretty awesome?Alright! Here we go! I made it! Here's the deal. Of course everyone who loves or wants more cat games are invited.… @MadCarmody You have to show proof of catdev on entry.Starting a Discord for all developers currently making cat games. Good idea or bad idea? @AntonHand @Gmadador_ I'm just giving you shit. Yeah, ideas are a dime a dozen, but the more I work in the this ind…
Retweeted by Macabre Toad Wand @Sadokist That looks like so much fun. @AntonHand @Gmadador_ Don't listen to Anton, it was pretty cool. @AntonHand I had an alyx game prototype many many years ago. it was third person, RE 4 style. You would have played… @AntonHand Don't do VR. Problem solved. I was actually just thinking about the team up bit. Not necessarily the riding bit.Ah, man. Wouldn't that have been so cool. @AugiePWrites raven is ready to find their new home! A portion of the proceeds will be going towards the Wildlands Network. T…
Retweeted by Macabre Toad Wand @wickedplayer494 @CSGO You did pretty good, considering. @thrmoptc Meat begets meatInstead of doing what I should be doing, I got inspired by a cool piece of art I saw and tried to recreate the colo…
@KatyHargrove ☹️Bred
Retweeted by Macabre Toad Wand @IamDeanTate Oh nmind 😜 @IamDeanTate Why are you listening to those now? 😅For everyone living in 2020:
Retweeted by Macabre Toad Wand @RiotPHRISK Very crisp look. 👌 @IamDeanTate Thanks, Dean. I've been out of the loop too. And most podcasts I'm listening to right now just aren't very interesting! @PDobbins Oh man, those curls @Dan_in_Distress Unfortunately, no. They aren't always good.the way you think about shapes can speak VOLUMES
Retweeted by Macabre Toad WandCan anyone recommend some good #gamedev pod casts or talks with/from smart folks talking about interesting topics? @bburbank @thatJaneNg I didn't know you were a model?? @bburbank :-( I will buy everything @DorianGorski Unfortunately, I doubt this will happen. Gabe says lots of stuff publically making his employees go "… night in Osaka
Retweeted by Macabre Toad Wand @SigmaRue Looks awesome, though.imagine having your own cube
Retweeted by Macabre Toad Wand @SamZaNemesis @MFrooninckx I can hear the sound.Gabe says Valve's moving to New Zealand. @Ekanaut nice!My attempt at a Rattmann mural. This is the craziest (and longest) painting I've ever done! I've provided a link…
Retweeted by Macabre Toad Wand @Ekanaut Just unlocked Skelly's statue 😂Oh yeah @marc_laidlaw Oh God, I guess we'll never know! @stephendann Very closeI kind of want to get a hoodie like this..... know what, person on facebook, I did need to hear this
Retweeted by Macabre Toad Wand @CuriousQuail oh my 😻 @__ZURG__ I didn't realize it was taken!Just tried to cut off a brown spot from my pear. Oh hello there. love this cat.
🔊🎃💀🪦🌩️🐈👀 #gamedev #LittleKittyBigCity #Halloween2020 the flying what? @Mugsy @thatJaneNg @DevRelCallum Oh interesting! @thatJaneNg @DevRelCallum Yup, that's exactly what happens in our house. In a matter of seconds, everyone is yelling. 😂 @thatJaneNg @DevRelCallum And I am the only person in the house with noise sensitivities, so I just suffer. Haha. @thatJaneNg @DevRelCallum I will also say that if you have a loud, energetic or rambunctious youngest one, they usu… @SirScoots Honestly, if I don't shit this down, I'll probably have Kitty sleeping on the desk instead and blend bet… wife is experiencing voter suppression. LoFi Kitty chill stream is up. 🎶 [Let me know if you have any feedback, requests, s… "McKimson squint"
Retweeted by Macabre Toad Wand @mxmtoon Your son is so handsome.👑 @thatJaneNg @DevRelCallum Hah. I think it's been amplified by having spent so much time with each other for months on end.Nap 💤 @DmawXXX Agree. With that design, you could get away with much less movement. Looks great though. @DevRelCallum Yesterday I thought to myself, "well at least tomorrow is Monday" then realized it was Saturday and g…"You little shit. You are pathetic. Anyway.....see you at home."This was the best one. calling an illustrator a sellout like the fuck you think we’re out here trying to do
Retweeted by Macabre Toad Wand @razor1738 @MFrooninckx It wasn't a DotA-like game. It just used the characters, world, etc.reminder: the existence my month-long extra cool challenge
Retweeted by Macabre Toad Wand @beakfriends It's all part of your evolutionary progress!
@marc_laidlaw @thejimjammiest That's great to hear. It means so much to have support from your parents! @bbbeeeeeerrr I have no idea how the CSGO team operates right now. It also depends on what your definition of "hurts" is. @SizeableToo I have not. But I wish I had when I was younger. @AlexKramerBlogs no really. I don't know. Something in a different medium with a different audience, but still into… @TheRoguez I don't really consider myself an artist, tbh. Not to blow off the question, but I think there are much… @AlexKramerBlogs FortniteKitty go squish it started: How it’s going: and Crow talk politics. bro Mario Kart Live is hilariously better with dogs and cats
Retweeted by Macabre Toad WandWhy isn't a small squash called a squish? 🤔