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I immediately lose all respect for any “conservative” who goes along with the Left’s pronoun nonsense. That’s a ful… Republican who claims to be “fine” with this Yellen nomination needs his head examined.
Retweeted by Matt WalshYour periodic reminder that the concept of gender identity was invented 70 years ago by a pedophile lunatic who exp… the word “man” has no meaning and is nothing but an artificial construct then it doesn’t mean anything for a wom… are they identifying as? Define the word man please is a man? disturbing to hear that a straight white male was stealing all of those women roles all this time it’s not. That’s bullshit. the coaches told her to kick the ball 20 yards because they didn't think she was capable of doing better, and fo… I’ve never understood this meme of intentionally getting someone’s name wrong. Is it supposed to be an insult… would but your bio says you’re currently looking for work, have you ever watched football? You don’t squib it to open the half while down 21 by kicking it 20 yards in… @JessicaDNE Yes I am. They've upped the ante and I can't keep up.They're really going to cancel breathingI don't say this as a joke at all. Anyone who really feels this way is mentally ill, a danger to themselves and oth… @freep This is called paranoid schizophrenia. The author of this article should see a counselor.The Lockdown's Catastrophic Effects, EP. 611
Retweeted by Matt WalshThey aren't old enough to drive, vote, get a tattoo, or buy a gun, but sure let's allow them to take drugs that mas… is terrible to contemplate how few politicians are hanged.
Retweeted by Matt WalshThese people are pscyhopath scumbags who should be sent to gitmo. They are destroying entire industries and sending… is the dumbest time in American history.
Retweeted by Matt WalshI’ve been laughing all day abt Sarah Fuller scolding these young men on the Vanderbilt football team for not cheeri…
Retweeted by Matt WalshHypothetical for people still supporting lockdowns and mask mandates: It’s 2023. Experts predict flu season will b… masks have nothing to do with health. Nothing.
Retweeted by Matt Walsh
The Lockdown's Catastrophic Effects, EP. 611’s team did great job of replicating the media’s Russiagate playbook. Flood the zone with so many claims, who…
Retweeted by Matt WalshThey currently have 35 guys on their active roster. You’re supposed to have 53.People are comparing this to the Broncos game and asking why the Ravens can’t just play. The Broncos lost their QBs… @nosoup4knowles I just want to know that the government is thinking about me and cares about me @MrErnestOwens If you need to be told that you shouldn't stand up at a restaurant and twerk, you aren't fit for civ… who twerks at a restaurant deserves to be scolded and shamed publicly. This guy is 100 percent in the right.… can think of something that does violence to an unborn child, but it’s not a gender reveal party you blubbering d… rule: if your uniform doesn’t even have a scuff mark on it, you’re not supposed to be the one giving half t… are enemies, actually.
Retweeted by Matt WalshA Woman Played In A College Football Game And Immediately Proved Why Women Don’t Belong In Men’s Sports @heckyessica @ClayTravis Him, and also literally any schlub off the street could have come in and kicked it 20 yards @MargoCatholic @michaeljknowles Stop stealing my lines @clitauros She was named SEC special teams player of the week and ESPN said she achieved immortality by kicking the… fanfare around Sarah Fuller's terrible kick is honestly one of the dumbest things we've seen this century. Stu… @HillaryClinton This is so insulting. Women are wonderful in their own right. As are men. Women are not men. They d…
Retweeted by Matt WalshThe SEC named Vandy’s Sarah Fuller co-special teams player of the week for her one 30 yard kickoff. Good lord. This…
Retweeted by Matt WalshFlorida Gov. Ron DeSantis says public schools will remain open, with a virtual option. He called closing schools fo…
Retweeted by Matt WalshNo, you don't squib it when you're down by 21 in the third quarter. And if you do squib it, the ball should go more… @yporty Then it was the worst onside kick in historyShe proved literally the opposite anyone is sent to the basement to play, it should be the kids. A man should be able to relax in his own living r… two Americas was all outside of course. We kept our distance from other groups. We're not going to get you sick walking past… a Christmas light display over the weekend, a woman lectured my group for not wearing masks. She was holding a c… @JohnMurphy323 Yes I am pissed about thatI heard about one player with serious complications. What about all the others? How is the severity of the illness… keep hearing that COVID is "ravaging" the NFL and lots of players are getting "sick." But how many of the COVID-… American should receive 5,000 dollars in cash along with a large basket of fruit and a handwritten note from… years, and not one women’s magazine put this supermodel on their cover.
Retweeted by Matt WalshI notice that you called my take "horrible," "ignorant," and "dishonest," but didn't actually cite one example or p… Hark the Herald Angels Sing 2) O Come All Ye Faithful 3) Joy to the World
Retweeted by Matt WalshBecause it was funny @SteveDeaceShow This list is exactly correctApparently most of you don't realize that Hark The Herald Angels Sing is the best Christmas song.What is the best Christmas song? Right answers only @thehill Glad that Jussie is getting into the Christmas spirit, in his own wayEvery press release is going to be 95 sentences longer than it needs to be and include dozens of details that have… federal government just stood by for months while Americans’ rights to congregate and practice religion were totally annulled
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2 weeks to flatten the curve.
Retweeted by Matt WalshMy life was changed when I learned that I could return audiobooks. I am glad for any opportunity to spread this goo… was the last time one of these racist note stories turned out to be real? I’m sure there’s been a couple real… is decorating for Christmas a little early this year a just and sane society, the people responsible for shutting the schools down and stealing a year’s worth of edu… have been black cardinals centuries’t be so PC that you can’t appreciate how incredibly hilarious this is. Vanderbilt adopts “play like a girl” as…
Retweeted by Matt WalshMore people died from suicide in Japan in October than from Covid-19 in 2020. Women are increasingly taking their o…
Retweeted by Matt WalshRemember that Atlantic piece about how teens are going great! And I was like nope, that ain’t true. Well here’s thi…
Retweeted by Matt WalshTrue. If he pretends to think that women can play football you can tell that he’s a ridiculous emasculated phony be…’t be so PC that you can’t appreciate how incredibly hilarious this is. Vanderbilt adopts “play like a girl” as… there any evidence that bars are a major vector for the disease? I mean if we’re going to continue decimating th… than 8 months into the pandemic, the very isolation meant to protect nursing home residents is also contributi…
Retweeted by Matt Walsh @chucktowngent You don’t squib it 30 yards under any circumstance but especially not in the opening kick of the sec… a kicker needs to be able to make a tackle as a last line of defense if the returner breaks free. This woman w… @SaraGonzalesTX Lol at people calling it an intentional squib kick. It was the opening kick of the second half. Nob… argument is that only white westerners are expected to feel guilt for the sins of their ancestors and that this… check: all true
@chezami “Celebration of slavery.” You’re an absurd person. That isn’t what I said and you know that isn’t what I said.Some of the earliest accounts we have of Europeans encountering Indians came from the conquistadors who witnessed A… Europeans and later Americans who encountered Indians were brutal themselves because everyone was brutal in tho… claim that a majority of Native American tribes DIDN’T practice slavery or kill other tribes for their land and… am arguably the greatest board game player of all time
Every civilization through history has practiced slavery, conquest, and barbarism. Especially Native American cultu…
Retweeted by Matt Walsh(There weren’t any extremely peaceful native tribes.)Which were the “extremely peaceful” native tribes? Christmas tree is not complete without a sad @MattWalshBlog ornament. I seriously am putting mine front and ce…
Retweeted by Matt WalshThe lecturing we get from “indigenous” groups around Thanksgiving is intolerable. Native tribes conquered, tortured… civilization through history has practiced slavery, conquest, and barbarism. Especially Native American cultu… and depressing sight.
Retweeted by Matt WalshThis is photoshopped The keys have been found. They were in the trash. A child must have thrown them in there. I have graciously… am not sure what happened to the keys. All I know is that it’s not my fault.
Happy Thanksgiving. Make sure to watch this PSA I recorded with helpful tips to keep you safe and alive over the ho…“Devout Catholic” Joe Biden doesn’t know what the Psalms are.
Retweeted by Matt WalshJust before midnight on the night before Thanksgiving, the Supreme Court blocked New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo from en…
Retweeted by Matt WalshWhy I'm Not Cancelling My Thanksgiving Plans | Ep. 610