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Matt Whitman @MattWhitmanTMBH The Ten Minute Bible Hour

I like people and humor. Also I make The Ten Minute Bible Hour, The Ten Minute Bible Hour daily podcast, and No Dumb Questions.

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@Tim_Hein Strong take.
@BobbyDukeArts Yes, yes I would. @Greenie0822 It delighted me too; just owning what we are now.Here's some over-the-top-fair journalism on the question of COVID-19's current reproductive number trends. I wish…
@BobbyDukeArts @smartereveryday Sounds like a party! @joeltelling @BobbyDukeArts Sounds like we better make it happen friend. @BobbyDukeArts My family is from the Black Hills, and I haven't spent a lot of time in the rest of South Dakota, bu… @joeltelling @BobbyDukeArts No joke gentleman. We've got plenty of room to host, and I'm pulling fish out of this w… @Joe_Clave It worked. @BobbyDukeArts This is just a couple of minutes from my home in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Swing by sometime… @jrpick01 @Casey @rainnwilson @NoDumbQs Not an expert, but I've had lots of bear encounters. I was confronted by a… @colt2001 Great catch! Seriously, I'd be delighted to have that in my net. I caught zero rainbows this week. *I did catch 81 browns though @dweberphoto That's tough to do. I've only got one to take a few times and have never landed one on a fly rod. @dweberphoto Yep, this is where I live friend. @Glowfishin1 Me too. It brings me even more joy to briefly say hello to its fish before putting them back.This is the water I get to fish right now. I think it looks like a great Skyrim mod with top notch rendering. @TheClassicalCon @realDonaldTrump Right, and conservatives have only openly become in favor of lots of government r… @TheClassicalCon @realDonaldTrump @realDailyWire Right, it's a pro-regulation, government intervention modern conse… @TheClassicalCon @realDonaldTrump Twenty years ago conservatives were against the policies like the one you mention… @TheClassicalCon @realDonaldTrump The best setup is free speech from free minds working freely with companies for m… @realDonaldTrump I don't like everything about the way social media companies are run either, but please don't nati…
@WmPowellJr Right on Bill. Thanks for your patience with my abrupt cuts this week. @tremain Cool, I'm glad you're up for it. It's pretty much a perfect audio Bible app and I think the discount is on…! That's awesome! Happy birthday! @RevWEHunt Agreed @diamondawg42 That's the only gate that needed to be mentioned. @Eddychapin It's not safe to go alone, take this:
@MarkRober 🤜🤛 @JoelaSlater @backcreekpastor kitty is not an epitheti bet that girl with the short skirt and the long jacket is lowkey changing her name back to kittyHey Mom, this is why I cried when you insisted on putting hydrogen peroxide on my skinned knees. (also you're a wo… @mgp2388 I apologize. I thought it was good news. I will revise my attitude accordingly.I just read the CDC's latest best estimates, and I'm encouraged to see that they've again revised down the fatality… @realBlakeBeye Honored to have you watching my stuff. Thanks for looking me up!
@murkee @smartereveryday Dang, that is close to the action. It's amazing to me how much power such a small thing can produce.
I'm not voting for this guy, but this is a surprisingly well-done and effective ad for a candidate who goes by Verm… @PeterRQuinones @birdarchist Agreed, and though it doesn't settle all arguments it can help to cut through the nois… @PeterRQuinones @birdarchist I knew what you meant. Casual Twitter conversations don't usually dip into first century Greek. @PeterRQuinones @birdarchist Dang. Solid Greek work friend. @GeoffdBarrett @smartereveryday Yep, that's the tradition. In big towns, the second church of a specific type will… @kylesisk @smartereveryday @NoDumbQs Thanks Kyle! @DrJoeHanson @mtthwfrr Indeed, really ugly. No marbling, and no eye. My butcher friend said that's a New York stri…
@SandyMcIlree Huh? Are you alright? @Xander_Roberts It looks like your basic venison steak. @Xander_Roberts That's precisely how it was. @Kmac_Photo That's exactly how it was, and it was a delightful experience all around. @Xander_Roberts Me too.The the kitchen said this was a ribeye, but I think the lack of marbling, the lack of an eye, the long run of fat e… @Amyblain1123 You know it. @chinesepr Sounds like I need to come to Argentina. @mtthwfrr That's what it looks like to me as well Matt. They're telling me this is a ribeye, but there's no way. Wh… @723bwicker We've had pretty much nothing where I live, so things have been open more or less the whole time.Just got this at a restaurant, and I'm not sure I got what I ordered. What cut of steak is this?'s been forever since I've mentioned that I do a podcast with my friend Destin from @smartereveryday. It's called…
Retweeted by Matt Whitman @armyrugr @smartereveryday @NoDumbQs @DestinSandlin @UAHuntsville That means a lot to hear Ryan! @zepfonte @smartereveryday @NoDumbQs @DestinSandlin @UAHuntsville You're probably doing good and responsible things with your life :) @3cordguy Hang in brother. @rollo75 @docmorris101 @smartereveryday @NoDumbQs That does happen. @SinCityShrink Thanks amigo.It's been forever since I've mentioned that I do a podcast with my friend Destin from @smartereveryday. It's called…
@CaitNiMhurchu @dweberphoto Dang, that sounds like a dissertation title. My post-grad dissertation work was on Char… @SmileyMarv @dwellbible Super glad to hear it! It will quickly become one of your go-to front-page apps. @BuffaloHerd77 @Xander_Roberts @NoDumbQs @smartereveryday @joeandbuzz Cats and bears man. Brutal. @DJWeaver29 @NerdyAndQuirky Glad you're up for a little longer content. Ten minutes feels too rushed on stuff like this. @denine356 I have! This episode of my Podcast and the next two after that cover forgiveness in the context of Matth… @JaredStockwell @RexChapman I'm delighted. @Anthony_J_White Right on Anthony and thanks for the help man! @KalebEisele Right on Kaleb, I enjoyed the heck out of hanging out as well. Thanks for good conversation! @ajtxander Glad you're up for it Alex. I think it's super interesting stuff. @jkhoe Likewise my friend!Thanks Joe. I'm excited to get the next one in front of you.
@benheckard I appreciate it Benjamin.I like going to other people's places of worship and asking what they do, and what they think about stuff. It's alw… @Xander_Roberts @NoDumbQs @smartereveryday @joeandbuzz Good heavens. @dmjowers @NoDumbQs @HelloInternetFM @Unmade_FM @Objectivity_Vid @Tim_Hein @BradyHaran @cgpgrey @smartereveryday
@torybruno You continue to strike me as the most normal, human CEO in the history of CEOs. @smartereveryday It's important to me that you know I plan to watch. @kelseyharms89 Thanks for the missing! We're editing now.
How to Get Your Affairs In Order Before Death, a great video from the Getting Ready to Die Checklist from…
Retweeted by Matt WhitmanI'm headed to church (metaphorically speaking). If you feel like heading that way too, here's the link: @Chckn_Coop That's not even in the zip code of what that passage means. @BradyHaran Ha, well said. Crapping on generosity really does detract from the fun and the appeal and the contagiousness of the whole thing.
@RandumGamingYT Also, when you're talking about generosity, the point is supposed to be the recipient, and the reci… @DrLaurelShaler That's wonderful! Congratulations to all of you!I think this headline is just plain mean. My guess is that I don't agree with Mark Zuckerberg about a whole lot o…
@fiveironfrenzy Not mine. @NTVsSteveWhite Solid dadding friend.
And this is how you get a retweet out of me.
@SoldierForPeac1 @BadSportsRefs In order for that to work, they'd also need to overturn Jack Clark dropping the eas… @mrpowlen I'm sure sorry Aaron. I haven't been through that, and I can't really imagine it. Thanks for the encourag… @bradmsanders @DestinSandlin @NoDumbQs Lol, I saw that too. @joeltelling @VisionMiner That's the same design we're printing. Why didn't you tell me this is fun?! @matthewdaniel34 @deaninserra Same. @astrojthe3 I think that's a really perceptive takeaway John. I appreciate your thoughts.Remember reliable, sourced, data-and-research-driven journalism that fairly presented all perspectives on an issue…
@libertyfandan I continue to believe this. Glad it resonated with you.Albino whale?! That's some solid Twitter right there. @pinktastic615 @WaltzingMtilda If you haaaaave to have a governor, the one we have in South Dakota might be your best bet.
@GoodIsGreater19 @NoDumbQs Thank you for all of that, but especially for liking my mom :) @M_Libby @TheSandlins @whitmancamilla @DestinSandlin Well said, and thank you Libby.