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Matt @MATTxLAW Putney, London

Father of 4 | Married to a Yorkshire lass | Labour Party | Socialist | GMB Union | Millwall | Long distance running

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This is the last time Angela Rayner tweeted. Has she been furloughed? @ValentinaBass40 Whether you believe it or not makes no difference. The kind of people that killed Jeffrey Epstein… @jonie1303 That might be the official position. What I'm saying is that the powers that be, won't allow one of thei…"Slavery was not genocide, otherwise there wouldn't be so many damn blacks in Africa or in Britain would there?" D…
Retweeted by MattReplace “slavery” for “the holocaust” and “damn blacks” for “damn jews” and you’d quite rightly never be allowed in…
Retweeted by Matt @jonie1303 Not a chance. The establishment will close ranks around him.Darren Grimes is David Starkey's love child. @john__donald Agreed. But if she has knowledge that could harm the powerful people we all suspect to be involved, t… @YICETOR It's annoying. I wish they'd bugger off.Jeffrey Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell arrested by FBI - She'll be conveniently dead soon, no doubt.'ve ridden a bike round Manchester since I was a kid I've never been stopped for 'anti social behaviour' for doing…
Retweeted by Matt @Schnitzel1972 I made it up while brushing my teeth. 😁 @EW Alright stop, collaborate & listen Ice is back with his Covid wisdom Something grabs my lungs very tightly Coug… stop, collaborate & listen Ice is back with his Covid wisdom Something grabs my lungs very tightly Cough &… @bickypeg @maurlind I'm not sure that'll please the gammon, having a swap of like for like with foreigners. 😂
@franeyd1 Wrong direction. It'll be Roehampton. @1867News 😀👍Red sky in Putney... @davmidd @AnEndisNye2 @LabourRachel @TomFriedland1 @tomr_371 @catethetwaate @NorthernLefty @tristan2021 @Annak53's amazing how in the middle of a global pandemic, as the world hurtles towards a global economic depression, gov… @Mestresik Exactly. The statement is nonsense. @steMCLXXXVI @celtjules66 We're a very close second to the USA.What a ridiculous statement? Can't Keir Starmer hear how stupid he sounds? @MickHitchin What's her being Jewish got to do with it? Be careful with your conflation. @ghostofbrexit @georgegalloway You ok hun?Imagine if Jeremy Corbyn had tweeted this. #FreePalestine face of a Tory MP who just angrily abused SNP for talk of closing the border to protect the Scottish achievemen…
Retweeted by Matt @zag1970 @greg_herriett Oi, join the queue!Norwich City are done. Any team that loses 3-0 to Arsenal are woeful. 😂 @ghostofbrexit @georgegalloway What the fuck are you talking about? @MarthoMartin @georgegalloway Not if they're sensible. 😀I tell you what. With 3 million Hong Kongers potentially on their way to live in the UK, it's lucky the Tories inve… @BootstrapCook They're a beauty. Is it a boy or girl?“Ow’s about that then ?” #NotMyPM
Retweeted by MattBREAKING: Wigan Athletic have confirmed the club has gone into administration
Retweeted by MattYou weren't born here and came to Britain without a single discernable skill. I think you should bugger off back to…
@mhdksafa Cheese. @RepMattGaetz The Republicans are a Nazi movement. @broncoskolar Kim Jong has better hair. @moss022 Maybe he meant slap a banker? @archer_rs The Mayor will insist that the meeting with the 'idiot son' is conducted in French. 😂🤣 @michaelgove All the more reason, with your background, why your voting record is so disgusting. You're alright Jac… speaks volumes when former Tory PM Theresa May, is providing more criticism and scrutiny over the deplorable pol… May is FUMING... the former PM goes for Michael Gove
Retweeted by Matt @KatyJane_101 They voted Tory I believe. You reap what you sow.Formal complaints of antisemitism have been lodged against six Labour MPs, including Ed Miliband, Wes Streeting and… for millions who had booked holidays in Leicester.
@HeldinEU I doubt it. Its no coincidence that loads have popped up all at the same time. We're hurtling towards an… the look of him, it's sit ups he needs to start doing. @PaulbernalUK They should bare knuckle box. @ProlekultFilms 👍An excellent assessment of how the neo-Liberal capitalist agenda over the last few decades, has left us with a worl… @ihavenonameoki @BBCr4today @GallaghetJo @MichaelRosenYes The care was free, so take your hate elsewhere.After contracting coronavirus, the poet @MichaelRosenYes spent 48 days in intensive care. Now back at home, he has…
Retweeted by Matt#Coronavirus: Author Michael Rosen told he 'might not wake up' - Luckily for the world, he's made of tougher stuff!… @LouiseRawAuthor Yet I got a week long ban for calling Katie Hopkins a skank. The world is upside down.Reminder that this account is fine with Twitter. Apparently child porn is cute if it’s anime. (I’ve cropped this an…
Retweeted by Matt @salbags60 Loads of it at the moment. I ignore them.The Rolling Stones threaten to sue Trump over using their songs at his rallies. "You Can't Always Get What You Want…
Retweeted by Matt @ThatTimWalker Matthew Elliott.What a load of shit? If a gay man doesn't find trans men attractive, then so what? I'm only attracted to women (wel… @eliistender10 Love @YICETOR, got married. @Rocketman_86 @JEGullis Indeed. That's why I stated MPs. @JEGullis He voted Tory, you thick gammon. The quality of MPs these days is shockingly poor. @DiaDiGiovanni @DryPrimer @Stephen10883289 @fiftieswoman1 @MiloCat20 @AnneLaird15 @_Brian_Hunter @TunayMeyveli
Came to bed and within seconds heard the high pitch buzzing of mosquitos. I had to switch on the light to check it…, @NiaGriffithMP, who in 2009 had to repay £4,099.77 in mortgage interest claims. Then in 2010, she had to repay… @craighay Yep, it's a toxic hell site. However, it's a product of society and I think that has become more toxic in… @tinakalinen @laffterman @MettlesomeTeri @Gaynorann46 @irisstylosa @gonetothe @DylanStrain @and_unite @paulapeters2 @craighay Similar amount of time on here as me. 👍 @g_threadgold Wow that's some going. Your 11th Twitter anniversary coming up.I have a feeling that Wolves are going to pip Leicester to fourth place. What say you @PaulbernalUK?It seems Donald Trump endorsed supporters who were shouting White power. It's at the beginning of the clip. @_Anunitu Quality over quantity. 👍 @realJavedBashir Outside interests. Increase the MP salary to circa £100k pa and ban all other income streams. Outs… @lyleafoster You one of those sleeper bots? 😉 @dwane_dibley You look well for it. 👍21 goals for Danny Ings so far this season is impressive stuff. #motd2 #SaintsFC longevity. When did you join this hell site? September 2010 for me. @fnmarsh Greed.20 goals for Danny Ings so far this season is impressive stuff. #motd2 #SaintsFC @longhornfan1969 Chopsticks. @Peston @BorisJohnson ... politicisation of the civil service and an absolute bloody disgrace. You're welcome.The cases of Dominic Cummings and Robert Jenrick are closed, while I was sacked from the civil service a year ago f…
Retweeted by Matt @garywilson2013 @redmatt14 @tescgreen @sjohnsgreen @GazNorris15 @gazsouth @gazzer175 @TuckerClemens @affleckquine @raymondonia @laureleccles @garywilson2013 @mellors_karen @ElaineDyson1 @tinakalinen @red_black_cat ✊🌹 @ofthesparrows @jackbruin8 @TinaMcKay_ @Cornish_Damo @Octagot @BenJolly9 @MATTxLAW
Retweeted by Matt @BeccyBeatles @ofthesparrows @jackbruin8 @TinaMcKay_ @Cornish_Damo @Octagot @BenJolly9 @tinakalinen @marie_kate2 @ChrisTreanor82 Is that Dominic Cummings giving a briefing? 😂Coronavirus: PM 'will not return to austerity of 10 years ago' - It'll be much worse! Don't believe a word that com… @ElaineDyson1 Solidarity Elaine and everyone on the thread this #SocialistSunday from me @MATTxLAW. Will follow back. ✊🌹#SocialistSunday DIY follow list. If you want more socialist followers, please reply to this original tweet with y…
Retweeted by Matt @socialistsunday @ElaineDyson1 Done. Solidarity all this #SocialistSunday. ✊ @LuckyHeronSay @JustMariTine @parsifel43 @wardiamonds @Deesolution @childofeternity @DCIPalestine @cyclethebigride
Terrorist Khairi Saadallah charged with murdering three men in Forbury Gardens, Reading. He should get a full life… @MerielMyers Tory Britain. @LawrenceWadey Yep. People are feral. @LawrenceWadey The way people have behaved in the video? @Yazzy_321 Society is a mess, with lack of respect. Vast swathes of people are feral.