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@MamaRosaMakeup @jamesbardolph better horchata... @MamaRosaMakeup @jamesbardolph there’s a new location i saw! @arcadecs TY. it’s all coming
New CS:GO Pro Tricks, Nades, and Tips 30+ Minutes
Retweeted by Mauisnake @MurilloHenn98 @1juniorcs @Nohte @joshm1cks @pr0nogo If anyone comes up with translations, I'd happily throw them i…'s Server Time is BACK and we got @1juniorcs! Hear how he anti-stratted s1mple, why AWPing for Furia was differen…في الوقت اللي المعارك تشتد فيه والمحترفيون يركزون🎮 ما في شي أفضل من التعليق على المنافسات🎙 @Sadokist @OfficialBleh
Retweeted by MauisnakeHas anyone else noticed that rewinding a CS:GO demo to 0:00 is instantaneous now? @_skellycs i hear the music, i see the downhill, but where are the drifts
.@ESEA Premier Pick'em Challenge for Season 37 Playoffs in North America Wanna see who I think is making it to…
Retweeted by Mauisnake @pol44r @tabseNcs If I went purely by HLTV pistol ratings and didn't value volume then Twistzz would've made this list for sure. @pol44r @tabseNcs I only went through S-tier 2021 tournaments one-by-one, placing more emphasis on more recent ones… this 5 months ago: Glad to see a Battle Cup-type feature is being implemented for… @jbk72326076 @GambitEsports @HObbitcsgo @interzgod @nafanyGOD @Ax1LeGOD and they keep going. should be called Gambit Eldermen at this point @VellyCasts @Tombizz @ddkesports @JohnAllenCasts @geometric @MitchMan @YinsuCollins @hypoc @gottmoxicasts @Tombizz @VellyCasts @ddkesports @JohnAllenCasts @geometric @MitchMan @YinsuCollins @hypoc @gottmoxicasts @Alchemister5 IT MAY OR MAY NOT BLOW YOU AWAY @sumosuperior @DoubleScopeCSGO @CSGO @1grimcs smells like meatWHO ARE MY TOP 5 PISTOL PLAYERS OF 2021 SO FAR???? btw, this didn’t make it into the video but my honorable mentio… to start my coaching journey with the boys, happy to be back in CS!
Retweeted by Mauisnake @Mauisnake For me full access to API from which you can make anything you want to (HUDs, stats, etc) there is no li…
Retweeted by Mauisnake @atroooix what kind of stuff works for cs that doesn’t for others? @joeslaughtercs @DoubleScopeCSGO bro come on😭 @fl0mtv dude...
Props to @HLTVorg for NOT giving the MVP to sh1ro just because he had the best Rating 2.0 @OnFireAnders @BLASTPremier @FreyaSpiers @BanKsEsports @Maniac_CSGO @ScrawnyCG @launders @OnFireSemmler @Pimp_CSGO I'm gonna go with this @BLASTPremier @FreyaSpiers @BanKsEsports @Maniac_CSGO @ScrawnyCG @launders @OnFireAnders @OnFireSemmler @Pimp_CSGO that Hobbit has been the most impactful player for Gambit for the past months. So many rds brought back t… @Its_Lucid_ hard agree that the lack of pure execs skews this lower @Its_Lucid_ Ax1le has the best Success rate for flashes on Gambit and he comes in at 18th/40 overall at the tournamentCraziest stat regarding Gambit, they had the WORST T-side Flash Assist rate at #BLASTPremier. At IEM Summer, they w… demo review: we look at @Mauisnake’s Top 5 Pistol players🔫 Any early guesses?👀 🔔
Retweeted by MauisnakeHow s1mple Beat the #1 Team in the World on Ancient NEED ONE FOR VCS? ex premier player (cs) i've been playing val since it dropped
Retweeted by Mauisnake @Dronecsgo @Subroza come thru @Cloud9_WIN @Cloud9 This sounds epicErnie just said the Nets bench didn’t attempt a FG all game. Jesus. Christ. @madennCS the brakes have been pumped @RyanAtRBM BANGER.the lack of quality touches giannis has gotten in the last 8 minutes would make me pull my hair out if i were a bucks fan @RyanAtRBM wow. @semphisss @valens i’ll do it every single round so all they will know is that i’m definitely there @valens this might be marginally more useful
@fugly king @priusOBS @fl0mtv tell em @fl0mtv betting on mythic matches has to be one of the most stressful activities ever @launders @LNZcsgo did devve's decrease?This is why you need to watch the demo sometimes. s1mple fakes out all of Gambit with a dropped pistol to break up… @nkashyap_14 @fugly confirm/deny? @vooCSGO @fugly confirm/deny? @RyanAtRBM @fugly confirm/deny? @elmemer3 @RLewisReports if you're going to operate under that logic, they should obviously run 3 short (incl. bomb) and 1 late long @RLewisReports love that long isn’t even smoked, they just decide to run a 1-3 instead of 2-2 split @CSGO @launders nah @nkashyap_14 10 year old nafany casually drinking double espressos. work ethic always been one hunna @xner20 i really need a fall guys post-game interview with s1mple @BetwayCSGO @uLLeticaL my fav warm up map king @DudeWithNose_RL oh yeah deathrun was fun, but without the man pressing the buttons behind the glass it seems real good @BetwayCSGO Your mapper is killing it...Fall Guys with CS movement mechanics is actually a sick idea I'm not gonna lie are making the A bombsite look so much more manageable than other teams. And they're doing it with aggression… wanna take a stab at why nafany has Fugly stickers all over his Five-Seven?BlameF's Worst Nightmare - How Amanek Ruined Complexity @aizyesque @vooCSGO i’m not referring to basic hot tub streamers when it comes to morally questionable to clarify.… @aizyesque @vooCSGO since twitch is loosely ‘watch to support,’ then it can be deemed bad to even add to the viewer… @vooCSGO laughed out loud as soon as I saw Astralis 15 7 G2 at the top of my screenRanking the GOAT Clutches in CS:GO History
Retweeted by Mauisnake @520metal Tweeted while they were 8-1 up...
@vooCSGO *gets cut from team for lack of mid-round awareness and poor comms* IVE DECIDED TO aim_botz 10,000 kills… final half changed everything. surely it would be nearly unanimous amanek votes by the endActually timed this perfectly to end right when the 2nd half starts.We're BACK BABY! No Kap episode 4 is up!!! @EsportsDoug and I jam out. We recap Iceland, talk struggles of trying…
Retweeted by MauisnakeOne half left in this Bo3, who's been the most impactful player in the series? #BLASTPremierComplexity loving that they got a decider on Mirage, their normal perma-pick @Ad1nair @DoubleScopeCSGO @OnFireAnders BOTH.When @Mauisnake speaks, you listen😤 Subscribe👉
Retweeted by Mauisnake @RyanAtRBM Alright I’ll bite, who’s Cloud9?Is GuardiaN Back? @oderuscs it doesn’t have to be @RyanAtRBM they may have left him in london @Shanks_TTV @YouTube best thumbnails in the game @xL_csgo that’s pretty good and unique enough it shouldn’t get confused
@TheUltraLex mac-10 lex...New S&B MFs😤 @OnFireAnders i got some gas station pills that can help @stamjna this is cleanAoE 4, Humankind, Advance Wars Reboot, strategy gamers are really going to appreciate the tail end of 2021 @Mauisnake Instead of asking everyone “what utility do you have” on a retake. I’d just say “recon” on some of my te…
Retweeted by Mauisnakethis is already implemented on a lot of teams and some i've even played on at premier level. one that is very publ… @CroseaNL you're really underestimating how easy it is to stay composed in those moments and relay succinct info @CroseaNL if i see a flash being launched and i only have to say one syllable, it isn't some 5 step mental process lmaoThere should definitely be a shorthand comm on pro teams that says "there's an enemy flashbang headed your directio… floating Inferno despite not having played it in an official in 3 months makes this interesting. Their problem… @OnFireAnders I can't grow a full neckbeard so had to compensate @OnFireSemmler @Thorin the slasher ones hahaha @SolBrah @Thorin HOLY SHIT @vooCSGO impossible but wish Faceit + ESEA could combine player base in NA for pugs. obv keep ESEA’s league structu… anybody needs 1 for WSOW coming up hit my line lots of BR experience and can IGL/frag. RTs appreciated
Retweeted by MauisnakeWOO I GET TO CAST ANCIENT TONIGHT! First time for me, time to get weird with the calls! It's @paiNGamingBR vs…
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