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Mtg, Programming, Anime, I hate Excel. Twitch Affiliate. Love my doggo Misa. (He/Him They/Them)

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@allymcleangames awww what a cutie, gib pats pls @shulGG \ shulD / STRIMMER FELL \ shulD /🔴LIVE NOW Come watch the most chad Hardcore in #OSRS ascend to greatness with his rune med helm…
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@Ruu_TV yall are so cute! gz on the 5 years
@AmyGSolano That dress is really cute!SHE READY
Retweeted by MaveluwuOkay that time again. Post the best joke you've downloaded. I'll start.
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splatfest prep! come join turf wars~
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@shulGG that kuva dork at it again🔴LIVE NOW! It's Wednesday which means we go hard in #Warframe tonight! Re-introducing a 2016 event I used to do ca…
Retweeted by Maveluwu @HobbesQ @AmandaTNStevens Exactly this for me as wellRT to cleanse your timeline
Retweeted by MaveluwuIn 2012, the stars aligned to bring us an unbelievably ambitious show that changed world animation forever. This i…
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OMG THE NOSE IS BACK AND WELL LIT! POOOOGGIES RT. I need some help paying for my insurance through December. COVID setting back my surgery date seriously…
Retweeted by MaveluwuHi everyone, another later start but we're going to do Genshin and Stream Raiders for a while. We'll see what happe…
Retweeted by MaveluwuHi, Twitter! I just went live with Genshin Impact. With two big Warframe streams this week, I'm taking time today t…
Retweeted by MaveluwuLook. You want to end abortion? I get that. Cool. Do you. The neat thing is: we already know how to reduce abortion…
Retweeted by Maveluwu @MavenOfMayhem Ya love to see it!
@Stoic_Nod These are cute!
Bills are coming up and I need to pay for them. Please consider commissioning me! Sharing would help a ton. Please…
Retweeted by Maveluwu @Sleepyheaddx That looks amazing @SirAstraeus_ hi
@Estradicali G'morningI'm live?
Retweeted by Maveluwu @shulGG STRIMMER MAN SHOW NOSE
Found the artist @girldrawsghosts and her teepublic
Retweeted by MaveluwuPlug your friend's stuff. They're tired, suffering from imposter syndrome and think no one likes their work.
Retweeted by Maveluwu @MaeveTheFox My view of friendship is just being around for people. I might not like the same things that you do, b… @WaffleRainbow Only real recommendation I have it literally anything Logitech. I have a MX500 from like 15 years ag… @geekinoverload @AyrenTheWolf The big truth @DairyFreeLocke @EmberFoxie @AyrenTheWolf Omg, I love all of you ❤️ this is beautiful @AyrenTheWolf If it doesn't look like this I'll be disappointed.
READ IT ALL HERE, seriously, take some time and just sit down and read this. If you use twitch, if you have friends…
Retweeted by Maveluwu @TheSinfulMonk Thanks. Miss you frenIn less than 24 hours the #MTG community has raised over $50,000 for @TransLifeline, an org that has literally save…
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2020 Genshin Impact! More daily stuff, then working on weeklies and farming things to upgrade. C…
Retweeted by Maveluwuretweet to pet the cat        __      />  フ      |  .  . l      /` ミ_xノ      /      |     /  ヽ   ノ     │  | | |…
Retweeted by MaveluwuBack with streaming in just under 30 minutes! Going to kick the week off with some Warframe. I hope to see you ther…
Retweeted by Maveluwu @AyrenTheWolf but with added claws! (I said talons but claws makes more sense clearly) @Kaoiji Sending good vibes <3 @TheSabaiGuy Be the change you want to see in the world!
I just learned how to do tiktok transitions and I am a danger to myself. Anyway, here's the lowdown on Pizzamas!!…
Retweeted by Maveluwu @lunasorcery @DrAshleyNova Best answer clearly @DrAshleyNova Cleaning supply closet
@AyrenTheWolf The classic whip off: Twizzlers v Red Vines @StelaraVenka Clearly the stacking methods of a wizard. @thespikefeeders Not gonna reach out, not gonna hate tweet, only gonna NOT buy their products any more. Same practi… @dearcallie aww yall are so cuteMen who aren’t trash don’t give a shit if you call men trash
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@the_patches As long as I dont have to convert it to a csv @UniTheLionRoars Lookin great <3 I love your hair!!!! @mxcodediva yeah, legacy code scares me for real... what were you thinking ancient devs? @AyrenTheWolf YOU'RE SO PRETTY @AyrenTheWolf @Nestene This is my timeline right now and I'm about to die @VantaBlackCos hell hath no fury! <3On the 17th of October, I'll be hosting an event to raise money to benefit @AntiBullyingPro! I'll be making further…
Retweeted by Maveluwu @DankZaku ur not TUF enough for a TUF card bruh @MotherGamer28 oh wow, this looks like a nice watercolor painting @AyrenTheWolf I understand. Everyone has their own time. I've had to learn this. I used to get gamer™ mad at friend… @gothfemme coffee cheers! @HobbesQ G'mornin' Coffee cheers @AyrenTheWolf Hi fren, I'm still here. @TeaWithMandyxo @dearcallie always has chill vibes goin on. Really comfy streams.
@Estradicali Raze hell! Lub u Zel @BethBec0mesHer You're really cute without the glasses. I think you should get the contacts and have the glasses fo… have signed with @Twitch! Having been on the service for over 7 years now, Twitch is my home. I'm extremely hap…
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Streamin a lil more Hades tonight, maybeeee you wanna stop by? 🥺👉👈
Retweeted by Maveluwu🔴LIVE NOW I owe chat way too many rolls of Kuva in #Warframe so I see no better thing to do on stream than get ton…
Retweeted by MaveluwuSome of you who don't live with anxiety on a daily basis may be experiencing it acutely for the first time in your…
Retweeted by MaveluwuFrom writer/director Lee Isaac Chung comes a sweeping American epic about a Korean family putting down roots in the…
Retweeted by MaveluwuY’all... my professor is upset cause I found an online pdf for free for the class lol
Retweeted by Maveluwu @CubeApril @TolarianCollege This poll is def a middle finger to the cards. @WaffleRainbow You need the UID of the person you want to add. it me: 600355431 Once you get to rank 15 you can do like 4p co-op afaik. @JamieVoiceOver OH! Nice. She cute. @MagsVisaggs You got this! Good job on your goals @Jpekblue glad you have work, but sorry it's not good... *hugs* @JimSterling *clap* good tweet @MavenOfMayhem Oh, you're a lesbian? Name every woman... @themiabyte miasWhale IT IS TIME @TheSabaiGuy YAY! Big love. Glad you made it safe! @AyrenTheWolf /shrug I gotta turn down the radio so I can get though tough traffic spots... maybe its the same. p funny tho @shulGG BOUT TO RUIN DIS MANS WHOLE KUVA🔴LIVE NOW I have to do SO MANY Kuva rolls which means farming the juicy red stuff all night in Warframe! We are a…
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ohai! it's time to play some Genshin! come hang out and vibe while i figure out how to do video games~
Retweeted by Maveluwu @themiabyte Mia can we have Paimon? Mia: We have Paimon at home. Paimon at home... @themiabyte welp, welcome to the club. Here's ur weeb card @AyrenTheWolf love you fren, sorry ppl are garbage @heyshadylady omg, unexpected memes
@TheSabaiGuy Safe travels! <3 @thespikefeeders Anything we can do to foster healthy growth of a format is worth looking into. If this would only…
@AmandaTNStevens as is tradition: No u
Retweeted by Maveluwu @VantaBlackCos ₛₘₒₗWe are now live with our monthly charity stream! This month, we are raising money for St Jude Children's Research H…
Retweeted by Maveluwu @SirAstraeus_ pudding cup or build your own? powdered + heavy cream in those popcicle 4 packs are pretty good imoAy, another 24 Hour Stream tonight at 9PM (PST) Time to die
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@VantaBlackCos beware of the skeleton inside you ☠ 👀 @shulGG @plarium @StreamElements We get to be VIKINGS PoggiesWe are LIVE with a #sponsored stream by @plarium & @StreamElements playing Vikings: War of Clans!…
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