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@gaystation4 This bitch is Charlotte Gainsbourg and i am Willam Dafoe @tiddie_ Omg! @tiddie_ Its either a flip phone or big as hell @__SeanyBoy__ She used to just be a fascist with pink hair @__SeanyBoy__ Ok but now shes a liberal!!🤧🤧Maybe this tweet just wasn’t meant for yall? Maybe it was lil too over your heads🤧 @tony_charm And every sunday afternoon too @Yulienhr Yes! @edgarrubengomez Just thinking... hanks probably has terrible stroke but i just know he can go down and really rearrange some shit just with th… diamond shapeshifting into rose quartz @__SeanyBoy__ 😭😭
this still makes me dry heave
Retweeted by pretty girl johntySue them!
Honestly fuck instagramSame tbh @ForeverElSanto Fingers in his mouth like a lil sissy @KharloKong Honestly i thot it was gonna be way more queer than it actually was :/ @Yulienhr 😭😭 @tony_charm Right when the mall opens up pr no actually do it at the deli on the top floor @tony_charm *at @djgayz Your welcome ☺️ @tony_charm Omg do it a oculus lmaoOmg same thats why our music taste is so good! @galvinzinho @theneedledrop We keep winning @galvinzinho Girl fuck you 😭 that fact that i don’t even need google who that is to knowWhichever girl group it is I’m clearly the girl with the successful solo career @mattprisco Dont do it!Which girl group is this? Wrong answers only.
Retweeted by pretty girl johnty @punpurrum Lmfao bitch! @punpurrum Idk was rooting for you, we were all rooting for you! How dare you! Learn something from this! #dragrace
Retweeted by pretty girl johnty @punpurrum Werent u already doing dabs???? Do yall not listen to yourselves when yall tweet? F4gg0t calling another f4gg0t f4gg0t will literally never be funny gotta be ageist and misogynist to get a laugh on this site 🙄
@femmefinlande C’mon husbandhood!Me and @galvinzinho at 4am @galvinzinho @ShawnBinder Harmless?
@PersephoneVLips Its so funI just want to smoke and galvin keeps taking his sweet sweet pretty time Biden’s dick
Retweeted by pretty girl johnty @__SeanyBoy__ And i said what i said! @__SeanyBoy__ Nah slime is the superior single @PersephoneVLips Hi I’m calling about ur cars warranty
Retweeted by pretty girl johntyBone collector!!! Banks appeared on @kyleandjackieo’s radio show today for an interview. 🤍
Retweeted by pretty girl johntyHi Mr. Biden..... we were just talking about you...
Retweeted by pretty girl johnty
@bjorkasmr @xnxrej Bok choy is literally a dollar a pound ..So like are only pale people arca stans?Marsha p johnson did not throw the first brick at stonewall for y’all to tweet #lgbtqforcorpse💿WEDNESDAYS ARE OFFICIALLY OFF THE RECORD! We have a new president so I know y’all are ready to party! Free cover f…
Retweeted by pretty girl johnty @galvinzinho Honestly perfect and weekends we’ll switch @galvinzinho Listen Galvin theres enough thighs for both of us just share @galvinzinho No me firstCan we just stop thirsting over basic whitness is white supremacy organizers have been allowed to harass and antagonize Orlandoans for years now. It should not take the stor…
Retweeted by pretty girl johntyThank you all for keeping me in your prayers 😍😍😍, It was a difficult surgery but I’m alive. I love you all it’s nuffin purrrrr
Retweeted by pretty girl johntyGirl fuck you thot his ass was still in jail? artpop can mean anything! @tony_charm Waiting for tonite @sebaseba8 Cute shoeswtf is lgtbq+?? y’all have gay premium??
Retweeted by pretty girl johntySnacks! These thing’s used to be bussin it’s okay to joke about it now?? nooooooo
Me waking up on the couch realizing i blacked out yet again! @mawmasis oh this? it’s nothing it’s just my dussy, my dinosaur pussy
Retweeted by pretty girl johnty @femmefinlande When that dinosaur turns out to be a direct ancestor of ursYooooooo @tony_charm Our joint catalonian slayyy🙈🙈🙈Im literally about to collab with Rosalia next @femmefinlande 🙈🙈 thats the face he makes when he sees meGood morning y’all !! @mycatsteven Indoctrination @fxgguette Was this in Titusville?My teenage wedding 😶 been saying I’m shocked we don’t have a big incel community
Retweeted by pretty girl johntyketamine realising it isn’t in a horse
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I’m officially.... Off The Record! I’m so excited to turn it with these gals every Wednesday 😍💿💕
Retweeted by pretty girl johntyShe played count contessa by azealia banks? @kikiballchange Potomac @PerfectNer0 @khabarshino @SMITEGame You being unashamed makes it even funnier lol @PerfectNer0 @khabarshino @SMITEGame Its always the dude retweeting hentai that says thisthe No Frills discourse
Retweeted by pretty girl johnty @localdragfag @localdragfag I hope u starve 😭Me in drags seeing my tops at southern @localdragfag Not youuuu....WHITE DUDES WHITESPLAINING MARTIN LUTHER KING TO HIS SON. ENJOY.
Retweeted by pretty girl johntyBitch we been gay.
Retweeted by pretty girl johnty
@ShadowTodd This thumbnail is so cute hope rain on me makes ur number one spot @JohnMEspinoza2 @LucyStoole Watch paris is burning??