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@vardaanarora if ur leaking shit u should see a doctor
@mkleees @mooreofambie @BokaLaBoca Stevie Maximilian... very chicAlan Dershowitz (@AlanDersh) who has been accused of child rape and still given a platform by U.S. media outlets, a…
Retweeted by chad michael murray hillnext time i link up w @mooreofambie, @BokaLaBoca and @mkleees'll be going to J Hood tomorrow morning. Lots of stuff going on in every borough. hmu to join me if you'd like! seeing maluma get on the subway @hailey_logan @TypicalTobs yes pls!! and welcome 💕finally.. I will know peace.. @caitlinfjord this can be arranged @TypicalTobs UWS! you’ll have to come thru for a socially distant roof hang lolperils of capitalism aside, come visit me on UWS for socially distant drinks on the roof next month pls Source tells me police are responding to reports of at least 1 person shot inside the South Shore Plaza i…
Retweeted by chad michael murray hillmy broker buying me a gelato after signing our apartment (with fee) has the same energy as when you graduate colleg… as of late. jackpot ha ha to extenuating circumstances, we are once again asking everyone to shut the hell up @malikthesudani Exactly. Especially considering it's all fresh and cooked to order. It's not sitting under a lamp. @TheeKD It's a tough question. Facebook owns IG and WhatsApp too.. Elon owns PayPal and Venmo.. not like Jack from… in Hustlers deleted scene @hunteryharris congrats kingit’s been an election year for 5 yearswhat do i want
Retweeted by chad michael murray hilli’m gonna have a stroke guys, after treating my mind and body like shit for 26 years, I have to say, I’m starting to see some really gr… are all these celebrities ?!?! USE YOUR PLATORMS !!! SHARE HER STORY ! Wake up ⏰ #JusticeForVanessa
Retweeted by chad michael murray hill @YungHoodClean listen, I get it, I didn’t like it at first either tbh. but your have to trust the process!it is... supposed to be.. CUSTOMIZED! There are growing pains! You WILL have to learn your order! But when you do,… @doctorxmasjones cute 😍 @melaninmwa instant blockbuster @Christian_Zamo now that is just too far-fetched, even for melemme go find my credit card real quick.. bathroom / the view from the open-air concept bathroom (just out of frame) should make a movie version of the musical Cats
???? that is the old me 😌If i still smoked w**d I would probably sm*ke some to this khruangbin album, tbh !The day I make even one (1) playlist instead of listening to albums only... the world will have never seen such powerthey said @badgal_ari happy birthday!88% of Democrats support Medicare for All, 85% support a wealth tax, 85% support a Green New Deal, and 75% support…
Retweeted by chad michael murray hill @mitchdotcom in fairness, as you know, I can only criticize the latterit is 92 degrees out and I’m waiting outside for Popeyes in a mask and backpack. Don’t say I’m not a england fashion aesthetic is absolutely atrocious and also gives me anxiety @GatSummitt lmaoo @Will_Kellogg hbd!! @TheeKD the entitlement is WILD what a gross little wormYou're a model, you look like Linda Evangelista. Did you stone that flesh? FBI says British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested in New Hampshire on charges related to Jeffrey…
Retweeted by chad michael murray hillSteve apologists on SATC... could not be me @roi_donk i’m listening @GFentz greetings from asbury park, nj, went all the way back for this oneMIDSOMMAR (2019) was her birthday. She was 19. Lavena shipped to Iraq like many people at our high school. Unlike ma…
Retweeted by chad michael murray hill @NickVerso I knew this Ring camera was spyware..fellas is it gay to be shown affection by your gf it normal to lie on your floor and get choked up listening to Bruce Springsteen y/nUS cities spend 20-45% of their budgets on policing on but cops run foundations that solicit millions from large co…
Retweeted by chad michael murray hill @vardaanarora honestly it’s kind of a serve. hellraiser teaslmao???
they’re manifesting 💫 I send my broker hole pics will he knock down the priceMurdered in Dallas,Texas 💔 All Black Lives Matter, especially Black transwomen. Rest In Power, #MerciMack
Retweeted by chad michael murray hillI have decided that it is ethically fine to buy USED furniture from the evil companies. no criticism is welcome at this time.‘The dead included 78 civilians and three members of the security forces, he said. A policeman was also killed in A…
Retweeted by chad michael murray hillif you’ve ever heard me bitch about my eyes, consider helping this person out! the cost of care for keratoconus is… @Jonasstyy just tossing it out there, I have this condition too and have been managing it for like 5-6 years now if you have any questions!! @TheGregoryE nope??? posting airplane wing photos flying INTO states on the quarantine list.... hate to see it“please welcome to the stage... Sarah Tonin!” but she never shows up. for 5-6 minutes, the audience quietly reflec…*cracks knuckles* let's go a horrible day yesterday, and, as it turns out, today! @SamHenken Ihysm @GatSummitt Teens who loved Wolf of Wall Street for the wrong reasons would get thishis bedroom art?????? is an epidemic - this! Stop killing black trans woman. Ms. Hall was murdered yesterday - a brilliantly beautif…
Retweeted by chad michael murray hillIt's always DC gays this, Chicago gays that... we need to unite as a front to destroy a common enemy: Boston gaysok times of peril, it is important to find the silver lining. for example, now that all the bathrooms in my workpla… u were never really friends but u always got along and would sometimes smoke oui'd together n play 2k12 togeth… @mooreofambie also the next episode is the one where Samantha dates a Black music exec and it's just wild race joke… Efron will always be hot to me because he gives off vibes of a rich OC dude on ur dorm hall who rushes USC Sigm… @vardaanarora sorry it took me so long to respond a group of construction workers were all yelling "hey! I'm waalki… @vardaanarora just because you’re gay and can’t drive... @vardaanarora why are you coming on to the TL swinging like this so early @mooreofambie S3E4 it is a mess lmaoWhen a 2nd autopsy was requested by his family’s Lawyer, it was revealed that #CSUN student #QuintenThomas was miss…
Retweeted by chad michael murray hillWhen Carrie tosses that cigarette to the ground to impress Aidan when they first met, I did not feel that at all @GFentz a, more than ever, it’s important to watch the episode of SATC about bi erasure @fabianigiraneza ahhhhh right @fabianigiraneza was middle guy on fleabag too? I don’t recognize himwhy is there no Scoop-Hint of Lime combo chip @Tostitos? make me the heterozygote chip of my dreamsmarch - slow, april and may - fast, june - slow again. july tbdclown
Inseparable friends with @PaulRuddsCousin. I may never have been talented, but I’ve always been a good hang. will my serotonin come home from the war