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Believer,drummer,singer,lyricist,a manchester united fan and an electical engineer IG : max_sticks. 5ft11. I LOVE @PaulPogba like my blood brother ❤️❤️💖💖

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All u pple tweeting politics this politics that ... if u think this young generation will just allow u guys in the…
Retweeted by Ogirima (OG) MaximillionaireIt gives me goosebumps every time I throw up my diamond Together we big timing Don't make me have to remind ya
Retweeted by Ogirima (OG) MaximillionaireLow on Cash? Don’t Panic! Dial *919*28# or send “loan” to Leo on Messenger or WhatsApp to get a loan in a minute. C…
Retweeted by Ogirima (OG) Maximillionaire @MSJA__ Stunts like this are why I moved out at 23.I bought a special wok to make Chinese food, came home to find m…
Retweeted by Ogirima (OG) Maximillionaire @MSJA__ My dad poured dried crayfish inside the fried rice i was cooking one time because "Shebi they put shrimp in fried rice?" @NennyNina
Retweeted by Ogirima (OG) MaximillionaireMy sister grilled like 30 pieces of chicken (after marinating them for 24+ hours) and my Mum put them all in stew 😭…
Retweeted by Ogirima (OG) MaximillionaireLmaooo...Naira Marley gisting them on IG how he used Twitter NG to catch cruise.. Y’all 😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by Ogirima (OG) MaximillionaireUnfortunately for everybody that can see that they are talking the rubbish, there are still people kiking in their…
Retweeted by Ogirima (OG) MaximillionaireExtremely weird flex for these celebrities to be insulting the very people that made them popular
Retweeted by Ogirima (OG) Maximillionaire @thatgoddess____ Lmaoooooo if you attend CU or landmark, you suppose know all these things and play safely until yo… I put of my room light to sleep, I’d first of all walk round the house make sure everyone is ok or probably…
Retweeted by Ogirima (OG) Maximillionaire @MaziIbe_ @AfamDeluxo Lol. I think the babe likes him already sef
Retweeted by Ogirima (OG) MaximillionaireFatherdmw should just go with the friendship card. Don’t thirst. Don’t pursue. Both of them have everything to gain from this.
Retweeted by Ogirima (OG) Maximillionaire @thatgoddess____ Lmaoooooo I was telling my sister that they can do something like thisCU wants to expel students for participating in no rush challenge? Bruh unbelievable.
Retweeted by Ogirima (OG) Maximillionaire @sleekygurl Lmaoooooo my beard I'd squeaky cleanI’m tired of thinking about all the sex I could have been having.
Retweeted by Ogirima (OG) Maximillionaire @Marrgarritah Lmaoooooo that good hairline part killed meHow God made me 😭
Retweeted by Ogirima (OG) MaximillionaireDear @DStv I’m going to be enjoying channel 100 for now till the pandemic is over.. I can’t be paying 6800 to be wa…
Retweeted by Ogirima (OG) MaximillionaireWhich of your song you use fight government for us before?
Retweeted by Ogirima (OG) MaximillionaireThe thing still dey shock me. You dragged Naira Marley, he asks you to drop account number and you did. Don’t you e…
Retweeted by Ogirima (OG) MaximillionaireA 15-man medical team from China arrived at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja. Thoughts? 👀👀
Retweeted by Ogirima (OG) MaximillionaireLast RT. Na we fok up tbh. We legit made an idiot relevant.
Retweeted by Ogirima (OG) Maximillionaire @sleekygurl No 🙄 @max_sticks Very sad
Retweeted by Ogirima (OG) Maximillionaire @sleekygurl I have sef @DoodooArmani Sane @BoyCalledMun Na photoshop o @Clasy90 It's really sad @DoodooArmani You're mad @max_sticks Thank you g 🙏
Retweeted by Ogirima (OG) Maximillionaire @BoyCalledMun Lmaoooooo mun baba @max_sticks A brilliant soul you're talking about
Retweeted by Ogirima (OG) MaximillionaireVery brilliant @lilmatohbahdt 😘 🤗🤗💕 @Rocckarr_Max 🙄🙄🙄 @Zhajj_ Smh 🤦‍♂️ @EngineerLois Lmaoooooo I don't use it @max_sticks Uwc always bro .
Retweeted by Ogirima (OG) Maximillionaire @Rocckarr_Max See this grandpa @leomMUFC Thanks brother#NewProfilePic @Osakaromen You know!I'm so happy that some people will never see the way I saved their numbers on my phone 😭 @max_sticks You talking sense. Falz baba
Retweeted by Ogirima (OG) Maximillionaire @max_sticks 💯💯✌️
Retweeted by Ogirima (OG) Maximillionaire @Osakaromen Lol he's very playful but he's so lyrically sound. That guy is a genuineOffice of the Accountant General in Abuja is on fire. I don't really believe in coincidences.
Retweeted by Ogirima (OG) MaximillionaireThere's actually no comparison between falz and una giant of no sense plis😑
Retweeted by Ogirima (OG) MaximillionaireNo debate here
Retweeted by Ogirima (OG) MaximillionaireI dislike the term “beauty with brains”
Retweeted by Ogirima (OG) MaximillionaireI think some of you deserve this Naira Marley broke shame sha.
Retweeted by Ogirima (OG) MaximillionaireYou people really underrate Falz maybe because he's really playful. His lyrical content is far deeper than Burna's. It's not even close @Oyinkan_____ Nobody 😒 @pablobignose Odogwu was even about the Biafrian war
Retweeted by Ogirima (OG) MaximillionaireYes, Burna Boy has sung about bad governance. He is indeed using his music to advocate against bad leadership just…
Retweeted by Ogirima (OG) Maximillionaire"Explain how you distributed 2 trillion naira to the poor. We need names, how u arrived at ur database & the demogr…
Retweeted by Ogirima (OG) MaximillionaireDo not normalize military brutality.
Retweeted by Ogirima (OG) MaximillionaireFunny how you keypad warriors actually think you count in the scheme of things 😂😂😂😂 nahhh mehnnnn before you congra…
Retweeted by Ogirima (OG) MaximillionaireYesterday, PDP called for an audit into the subsidy regime & how over N2trillion was spent. Today, Accountant Gener…
Retweeted by Ogirima (OG) Maximillionaire @Ms__Mena Too sweet @Oyiyaay Never! @Ore_kay_ Her smile melts my heartHungry looking Burna Boy fans in my mentions calling me "broke" & talmbout "make we no jam"... Where we wan jam be…
Retweeted by Ogirima (OG) MaximillionaireWhen I had my son, I stopped sleeping on my belly after the third month, it was much earlier for my daughter
Retweeted by Ogirima (OG) Maximillionaire @SteveCypha it’s gon be me and you next Tuesday😉
Retweeted by Ogirima (OG) MaximillionaireKnowing when to leave is so important. The party. The job. The friendship. The relationship.
Retweeted by Ogirima (OG) MaximillionaireWe will be here on your next arrest,I hope you will have the energy to ask Burna to sing for your release! Shior
Retweeted by Ogirima (OG) MaximillionaireWhen they arrest you again, make sure Burna Man sings a song for your release. Dindirin.
Retweeted by Ogirima (OG) MaximillionaireI don't think any celeb gives as much as don jazzy does on this App and not once has he called anyone broke. We a…
Retweeted by Ogirima (OG) MaximillionaireMy baby killing it 😂😂😂. Go Jamesbrown 🌚🌚🌚
Retweeted by Ogirima (OG) MaximillionaireEvss just told Father she has a boyfriend and even me I'm heartbroken with him 😭😭
Retweeted by Ogirima (OG) MaximillionaireGetting formal education does make a difference. Go to school. And let it reflect in your speech and conduct.
Retweeted by Ogirima (OG) MaximillionaireTottenham manager Jose Mourinho accepts he was wrong to hold a personal training session with Tanguy Ndombele in a public park.
Retweeted by Ogirima (OG) MaximillionaireSaw a tweet that Don Jazzy never spoke down on those who dragged him here during his issue with Olamide. And it's…
Retweeted by Ogirima (OG) MaximillionaireHalf of the celebrities in Nigeria are air heads. No brain, just vibes. 90% of the other half are just callous and…
Retweeted by Ogirima (OG) MaximillionaireI think Toke Makinwa intentionally puts herself up for drags once in a while to remain relevant on Twitter. Becaus…
Retweeted by Ogirima (OG) MaximillionaireWhen small pikin don dey learn bad things, in no go sabi in mate againThey gave you free rice, you are saying I don’t eat ponmo. Are you mad?? Are they suppose to ask you what you like? 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
Retweeted by Ogirima (OG) Maximillionaire🌚
Retweeted by Ogirima (OG) MaximillionaireIdk honey but aren’t they looking for you?
Retweeted by Ogirima (OG) MaximillionaireBecause this kind of beauty can’t be hidden. You have to show it off 🤤🤤😋
Retweeted by Ogirima (OG) MaximillionaireThe way this lady just stares at me every single time i take this route is becoming embarrassing. Aunty what do you…
Retweeted by Ogirima (OG) Maximillionaire @_auxano They just insult us every time. Laise if we don’t stream their music, pay for Apple Music n go to their co…
Retweeted by Ogirima (OG) MaximillionaireIf no be say una too beg for this Twitter sef, these celebs wont be disrespecting people.
Retweeted by Ogirima (OG) MaximillionaireIf you’re my friend text me a memory of both of us 🥺🤲🏽
Retweeted by Ogirima (OG) MaximillionaireToke Makinwa is broke shaming y'all too. 😂😂 Wetin Adele no go see in the deep. 🙄😂
Retweeted by Ogirima (OG) MaximillionaireStay in your houses, you refused. Some people even go to the hospital for sport... because you have hmo... irresponsibility
Retweeted by Ogirima (OG) Maximillionaire @NimiAyo_ OkayThat Evsss babe is so prettyI love and respect DJ cuppy a lot. She's just enjoying her life and minding her business while looking really gorge… @IamBoyos follow?Even Davido and Cuppy don’t broke shame people
Retweeted by Ogirima (OG) Maximillionaire @FolaLagos What? How? Where?As at 09:00 pm 8th April, there are 276 confirmed cases 44 discharged 6 deaths For more info-…
Retweeted by Ogirima (OG) MaximillionaireOle's message to Guardiola: "We all think about him & his family. Pep is such a fantastic human being & a manager —…
Retweeted by Ogirima (OG) Maximillionaire @mreazi My most recent work don
Retweeted by Ogirima (OG) Maximillionaire @mreazi Here’s a sample of my 3D design work
Retweeted by Ogirima (OG) Maximillionaire @_ohemaa @kweku_yankah Heyy, sorry about that , this is my pageee
Retweeted by Ogirima (OG) Maximillionaire