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I write about movies sometimes. RogerEbert, The Film Stage, formerly Rapid City Journal. RULES DON'T APPLY fan account. Chicago DSA.

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@CipollaMatt This shit was so funny.Bumping one very last time, 70 away, and thank you all so very much for your kindness
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@MollyRobison Me neither but I'll watch it a few hundred more times and see if that helps.Immediate help needed. Comrades are being arrested NOW at the blockade in Hé Sápa (Black Hills, occupied Očhéthi Ša…
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@fauxbeatpoet Haven’t seen everything but his TV movies from the 90s on are very good. PATH TO WAR, AGAINST THE WAL… believe nothing more strongly
1/DONATE-AIR PURIFIERS FOR CPS CLASSROOMS THAT NEED IT: My friend started a GoFundMe after she saw CPS denied air p…
Retweeted by Max O'ConnellThe eviction apocalypse is already happening in Omaha. It'll happen in Chicago too without meaningful protections f…
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Had never listened to Warren Zevon’s live in L.A. album STAND IN THE FIRE before and I can’t help but love this cha… @odienator @Honors_Zombie And this is why I love it so. @EddieMarsAttack @carlinspace I believe it, sorry, man. @EddieMarsAttack @carlinspace lol what a fucking prick
@zei_squirrel Gilmour's first solo on "Dogs" might be mine but ask me tomorrow and I might pick "Cigar" or like hal… new-to-me in June: Patty Hearst Da 5 Bloods The Telephone Book Runaway Train Hollywood Shuffle Wild Bill“Please shut up.” @erspamer_matt calls to drop the charges against #BlackLivesMatter protesters, Cook County State's Attorney Kimberly Fox…
Retweeted by Max O' this violence prevention? I can’t really wrap my head around why we would expect different outcomes doing t…
Retweeted by Max O'ConnellSeveral #BlackLivesMatter protesters are being charged with terrorism in Oklahoma. This is a political prosecutio…
Retweeted by Max O'Connell @marshlands This movie rules
Thousands of people are going to COVID so business owners can make a few thousand dollars and landlords can get pai…
Retweeted by Max O'Connell @mariebardi Set in the '70s, but: THE DEVIL'S REJECTS. @mattzollerseitz I'm sorry, Matt.
@Snydel It’s definitely my favorite Cohen film. @FilmBart Cannot hold a candle to BODY OF EVIDENCE as far as BASIC INSTINCT cash-ins go imo @Snydel Yeah I got an email on Monday and it arrived today, so I imagine your order should be here soon.These finally came in, think I’ll watch both tonight.
TFW you unexpectedly see “Director of Photography: Peter Deming” @mkowzun Missed opportunity to not use that as an intro to the song imo @flipyourface There’s much about the film I like but I think it’s his weakest by some margin.
A guy a few seats down nodded off during STRANGER BY THE LAKE and started moaning suggestively in his sleep. think I’ve come around to agreeing with those who think this is his best film. It’s the one I return to and think… already planned to rewatch INHERENT VICE but PTA’s 50th is as good an excuse as any. @charles_kinbote It’s good coffee @Snydel @swen_ryan Michael’s gonna get like five in a row that he hates and then sit down to rewatch the deeply dep… @Honors_Zombie NOW HERE IS NOWHERE made a huge impression on me when I was a teenager, eager to hear this one.States deciding they're ready to reopen / COVID-19
Retweeted by Max O'Connell"Excessive force at protests was also not limited to batons. Videos showed instances of officers punching protester…
Retweeted by Max O'Connell @marshlands Happy birthday! @fauxbeatpoet Happy birthday, man!
This is an important point. The school board is not elected and are hand picked by the mayor. Chicago is one of the…
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Lori Lightfoot ran for mayor on a pledge to create an elected school board rather than one appointed by the mayor.…
Retweeted by Max O'ConnellGoddamn it @KenzoShibata Not the top reason to be glad he’s done but it does definitely make it funnier. @KenzoShibata “If I didn’t have a primary, I wouldn’t care” was like a dare. Guy couldn’t even bother to hide his c… know Jackie's brave recounting of Chicago critic Daniel Nava's sexually abusive behavior toward her was retweeted…
Retweeted by Max O'Connell @andrebazinga Goes without saying, it was just odd.Oh, there was this guy who pretended to be in his 40s but turned out to be a teenager. He had a meltdown, disappear… what happened to literally anyone but they did get me to check out stuff like Antonioni and Ozu when I was a… IMDb message board for CITIZEN KANE, where we discussed many movies but rarely CITIZEN KANE. @Srirachachau I have never been happier knowing someone turned something down (though I gotta wonder what made him… "He didn't." on CHEERS is something you definitely wanna read. @Snydel Does the latter have a cameo from Johnny Depp, billed as "Oprah Noodlemantra?" I thought not.Heading to bed but hahaha eat shit Engel @flipyourface @emakbakia_ Saw it in a theater with a friend. He got up during the Nicole Kidman musical number and…
What do you know, even the people who bought into Lori Lightfoot's police reform promises are losing faith in her l…
Retweeted by Max O'Connell @marshlands Yep, another friend DM’d me the news and I said “yeah but look at every movie ever made” @marshlands ...yeah...I don't think Lori has done anything substantively different from what Rahm would have done in a third term
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Do not do any of this shit. notices went out to about 1,000 Chicago teachers but the mayor refuses to defund the police. In fact she bur…
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I can’t contribute to THE LAST OF US 2 discourse because I stopped playing games years ago because they were too ha… critics/film people: Please take note. Saw this on post on Facebook after someone sent it to me. The surviv…
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@LanceStLaurent I’m sorry, Lance. They’re sent.if the cops shoot someone and then break all the nearby security cameras and illegally confiscate the footage, we a…
Retweeted by Max O'ConnellMeTV showing an episode of THE CAROL BURNETT SHOW with Jerry Lewis, score.
oh, what was his involvement
Retweeted by Max O'Connell happy #JUNETEENTH2020 yall, it makes me rlly nervous to post, but i am holding faith in com…
Retweeted by Max O'ConnellOn Juneteenth, we honor the fight for Black freedom. It’s a fight we continue today. We say in one clear voice th…
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"Mayor Lori Lightfoot — who supported the resolution — said the city simply didn’t have the money for a 13th paid d…
Retweeted by Max O'ConnellLori Lightfoot is just a straight up cop. Just this week she has 1)refused to honor Juneteenth, 2)refused to re…
Retweeted by Max O'Connell @lib_crusher in general is one of the only success stories in the US when it comes to containing COVID, thanks to the s…
Retweeted by Max O'ConnellIts common knowledge Lightfoot fought Pritzker tooth and nail on closing schools, to the point where Pritzker gave…
Retweeted by Max O'ConnellWhen the New York Times interviewed 511 Epidemiologists, 56% said they'd be willing to dine indoors three to twelve…
Retweeted by Max O'ConnellLast night, the same night dozens of Atlanta police walked off their jobs, was easily the most peaceful and quietes…
Retweeted by Max O'ConnellIn Chicago a school can get a cop at no cost to the school (funded by the district), but if they decline, they can’…
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People have raised millions for the Black Lives Matter Foundation Only thing is this nonprofit has *nothing* to d…
Retweeted by Max O'Connell @ScottFeldman Huluthis is why you keep protesting; they’re about to break
Retweeted by Max O'Connell @labuzamovies I grew up watching this as religiously as THE SIMPSONS. Few things funnier than Dale telling Hank yet another conspiracy.Starting a rewatch of KING OF THE HILL, goddamn this show was funny.
Today is the wide-release of @Blowbackpod, now on all platforms. If you've been holding off, here you go We're al…
Retweeted by Max O'Connell @Snydel The lesson is that when you see movies with me they turn out pretty good. @Aaron_Hammond88 @Snydel Seconded. @Snydel Haven't seen the new one yet but everyone recommending Carlos is doing you a favor imoThe NYPD union claiming Shake Shack poisoned officers before detectives had a chance to discover that no crime happ…
Retweeted by Max O'Connelldouble & triple check who you're giving money to - this pro-police foundation is collecting millions using the name…
Retweeted by Max O'Connell @carolaverygrant Afraid I don’t have a gator for you but I do have the birthday pets. Happy birthday, Carol!
2020'm a fan and will periodically bring it up to annoy them. @Ronnie_Rockit All the same: the rules did not apply.It's the 30th anniversary of DICK TRACY, the last film my parents saw in theaters before I was born. They hated it.Thread of ways to actually help black trans women ✨
Retweeted by Max O'ConnellI wrote about June 15th, 1990, the fateful day in which unstable energies released from the earth’s mantle beneath…
Retweeted by Max O'Connell3 black men in the United States were found hanging from trees within 24 hours and all were immediately decided by…
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@carolaverygrant ❤️
Retweeted by Max O'ConnellLoved DA 5 BLOODS. Whole cast is great (Majors/Peters!), but Delroy Lindo really is as remarkable as everyone is sa…