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I write about movies sometimes. RogerEbert, The Film Stage, formerly Rapid City Journal. RULES DON'T APPLY fan account. Chicago DSA.

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.@maxboconnell on THE IRISHMAN as a reunion of Scorsese's dangerous men: Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, and Harvey Keit…
Retweeted by Max O'Connell @CraigEsterJr Thank you so much, Craig. It means a lot.Our contributor @maxboconnell takes a deep dive into the careers of @TheIrishmanFilm co-stars #RobertDeNiro,…
Retweeted by Max O'Connell @ebertvoices Sadly I chickened out on my half-joking original idea to send this in with the working title of "Marty's Boys." @ebertvoices This touches on most of the films those three made with Scorsese and how his regular collaborators bri… @ebertvoices, I wrote about Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci and Harvey Keitel: Martin Scorsese's Dangerous Men.… @shermitthefrog @thejoshl @shermitthefrog @thejoshl Rewatched them this past week with my siblings (sister had never seen *any* STAR WARS fil… @ctnash91 Oh: I didn't care for BOOKSMART at all but Billie Lourd is good. @ctnash91 Don't know about loving the performance, but: Machine Gun Kelly is pretty good as Tommy Lee in the Motley… on a real journey here @charles_kinbote It's not new but between this and "Kamala Harris' endorsement will be one of the most coveted in A… @cinematrans It’s this element that specifically doesn’t really do a lot for me, in this case. @cinematrans I like that scene. What I keep coming back to is that I’m broadly less enthusiastic about the film as a whole than most. @jasondashbailey Look, man, I know I’m in the minority, I’m just not as enthused about the movie as most. @Brian_Tallerico Yet I find them more resonant than his story! He’s good, I just don’t love the film as much as most.Ennio Morricone Bernard Herrmann John Carpenter Tangerine Dream Michel Legrand Angelo Badalamenti Jonny Greenwood N… @Evan_Rook Like, I don’t care if she didn’t, but she’s trying to maintain this fantasy that he’s specifically to bl… @Evan_Rook Clinton wants to blame literally anyone but herself and she and her die hards have this ludicrous grudge…
@cwik_greg This is a very good and very Greg Greg story. @cwik_greg I like it ok but I’ve got like 8 of his off the top of my head that I think are stronger.My brother thought the lyrics to Beyoncé’s “Irreplaceable” were “you must not know my name,” that the song was call… @maddiewhittle Right? Look, if you can’t respect this then there’s something wrong with you.Really glad I work for an outlet that doesn't require me to hide the extent of my fury here
Retweeted by Max O'Connell @FilmBart I’ll never forget the article from when AMERICAN SNIPER came out calling him a “pro-war gun nut,” which e… @Niles_Schwartz Frankly I’ll be mildly disappointed if they don’t, I respect hometown loyalty @FCardamenis At very least she and a lot of others will drag their feet, be half-hearted or undermine him if it happens.Can someone *please* bring up how long Clinton took to endorse Obama the next time she does this? Jesus Christ. @Snydel Yeah, they're my favorites in the film, easily. @whitecitycinema I think my lack of enthusiasm stems from not being particularly taken with Almodovar's script. Ban… the other three acting wins, though.Also prefer Banderas' work in both SKIN and TIE ME UP! TIE ME DOWN!, but those aren't options this year, so *shrugs*I'm still amazed this hasn't gotten around more. Literally everyone I've told has been stunned by it. disrespect to the NYFCC but anyone else think that Banderas, while good in PAIN AND GLORY, is the least interest… pacino’s been going full pavement HAULING ASS with every performance for three decades now and you 23 year old i…
Retweeted by Max O'Connell @willow_catelyn Actress of the year. @kenjfuj Happy birthday, Kenji! @MatthewSitman @KnowYrEnemyPod Ross Douthat
While it's true that racism knows no party it's just maddening that these takes don't interact with the actual voti…
Retweeted by Max O'Connell @scott_tobias It resembles a number of Kaufman's best films, aside from being bad. @scott_tobias I rewatched that slice of rancid ham for something I wrote about Phoenix. Think it’s one of his rare… me to speak bluntly, Kamala didn't have a significant amount of support from Black people, men or women. Rega…
Retweeted by Max O'Connell @cushbomb “Bernie’s stent is a cop” @Honors_Zombie One of my favorite Soderberghs, can't wait to watch this. @Aaron_Hammond88 The Obama Podcast Boys really have no idea what's going on. None.
Retweeted by Max O'Connell @brendanowicz Breathtaking.51 weeks ago
Retweeted by Max O'Connell @LanceStLaurent Beto was somehow less embarrassing. @FCardamenis 100%Honestly one of the funniest developments of the year was how badly she played this at every step. Beto crashing an… @FCardamenis I've never liked Gabbard but her playing Christie to Harris' Rubio was both hilarious and incredibly g… Harris dropping out to spend time breaking up families
Retweeted by Max O'Connell @Snydel @EstherOnFilm This is a great pick. I still love @Honors_Zombie's description of it as "A film that boldly… @_JakeMulligan @cinematrans I love the new one but I’m slightly puzzled that MEYEROWITZ didn’t receive the same tre… @EstherOnFilm I remember watching it with a friend who was absolutely in love with it and was just feeling like, “y… @jourdayen God I forgot SAUSAGE PARTY, just the worst @EstherOnFilm Also: THE LAUNDROMAT, CABIN IN THE WOODS, SORRY TO BOTHER YOU @EstherOnFilm On that note, I caught up with BOOKSMART last night
@Ruby_Stevens The TEXAS CHAINSAW sequel with Matthew McConaughey and Renee Zellweger, strange in its own right befo… @FilmBart Maybe not the worst film to come from an SNL alumni, but certainly one of the most uniquely terrible, and god bless him for it. @nicksgoodtweets Actually...I think they’re the same top 4, same order and everything (playing catch-up this week, though). @nicksgoodtweets Your top four are all in my top 5 as of now. @Ruby_Stevens @fauxbeatpoet It was still in season 5, I think.I was so on board for this in theory and just never bought a second of it. By the time it got to the self-conscious… get a sense that everyone involved sincerely wants to make something For the KidsTM to get them through adolescen… joked that the only way to evaluate a movie was through a rigid ideological checklist. This is what I was talk… Probably the movie of the year in that it's both well-intentioned and totally full of shit in a way that… @fauxbeatpoet Side B of that record is one of my favorite things they ever did.
@brendanowicz Lots of good choices but Frederick Wiseman's gotta be up there.Tried collecting my thoughts here @cinematrans And it’s not interested in her beyond her symbolic nature, for the most part. I think Hemingway gets t… @cinematrans That YMRT episode is very good. Wish I had seen THEY ALL LAUGHED before this. It’s more than an exerci… say that the song choices are sharp as a knife. Queasy use of Billy Joel’s “Just the Way You Are” and “Big Sho… @flmfrkcentral I wish I’d seen THEY ALL LAUGHED before this. @flmfrkcentral Yeah, mentioned it in the thread. The knowledge of the whole thing/his behavior colored my viewing,… @flmfrkcentral It makes the movie fascinating, and I’d understand if someone said they loved it, but that’s a hard… @flmfrkcentral There’s a degree to which that self-excoriation of this kind, when made public, becomes...not self-a… @brendanowicz Yes, which makes it a harder watch imoAnd knowing Fosse’s own demons and sins (particularly after reading that Hazlitt piece on him/STAR 80/ALL THAT JAZZ…’s among the most revealing films I’ve seen about misogyny. It’s also more interested in getting that across than…’s a thorny work, with purpose, and Fosse draws clear lines between the ugliness of the world in general and Snid… this morning. Very well-made and very ugly, legitimately one of the most nauseating films I’ve ever seen.… @flipyourface I’m fucking howling @simonsaybrams @LCosgrove @msicism @mattprigge We can’t just throw these terms around all higgeldy-piggeldy.Cats can have a little gabagool
Retweeted by Max O'Connell @responsiblerob It’d be the one that looks like R2-D2, I’m just saying, that’s all @j_christley Yeah, I had heard about it only this year. Parents tuned in here or there and were pretty stunned by it. @j_christley Asked yesterday but are any of Duke’s other films worth checking out apart from these two?Had to turn off STAR 80 after an hour and change tonight. Going to a screening of THE MATRIX soon and know it’d be… Payday, Prince of the City, Prime Cut, Putney Swope, Johnny Handsome, MudhoneyBest new-to-me in November: 5. THE SILENT PARTNER (Duke) 4. HARDCORE (Schrader) 3. THE MODERNS (Rudolph) 2. TOUCHE… @nicksgoodtweets Wrote about it in the summer (opening/close). I think it may be his most revealing work @Aaron_Hammond88 It does. The scenes that are altered feel depressingly simplified. I was genuinely startled that h… @Aaron_Hammond88 @responsiblerob @lknowtoo We like this guy, is what I think we're saying. @responsiblerob @lknowtoo Ah, fuck, he’s great there, too. I remember thinking when I saw it in theaters that it wa… @lknowtoo @responsiblerob I’ve always liked him but this, BURN and OUATIH are the three that stand above the rest imo
@jasondashbailey Thank you for telling the trothI love that Mayor Pete is exactly who we all thought he was to a degree that we couldn’t imagine.
Retweeted by Max O'Connell @szacharek The result when my family saw it a few weeks ago