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@JPissboner @annakhachiyan at least i made a friend wanna facetime?I’m shocked that anyone is shocked by Kris Novoselic. If Kurt Cobain was alive today he’d be a resistance lib.
Retweeted by max collins @annakhachiyan hahahaha holy shit
You...voted in a Republican primary?
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The Fat Jew just reposting tons and tons of other people’s black squares
Retweeted by max collins40M unemployed in US. Riots in the streets of every major city. Protest now being exported across the globe. Collec…
Retweeted by max collinsI swear most people will think you’re angry no matter what unless you put one of these 😂. Always put one if you can…
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No justice no peace. We stand in solidarity with everyone protesting police violence against black people. We unequ…
Retweeted by max collinsthank you sir! #Biden2020
Retweeted by max collinsgenuinely one of the funniest bits i've seen in years
Retweeted by max collinsonly one of these male pussies can be the alpha dog🐴
Retweeted by max collinswell i was going to take your protest serious until someone vandalized a designer handbag store now I have no choic…
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who’s in the mood for parody???!!!🐴
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Liberals fetishize the poors as virtuous in order avoid confronting the reality that their meritocracy is a sham C…
Retweeted by max collinsAs Dr. King said 'a riot is the language of the unheard'. You get the sense that George Floyd was a tipping point f…
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The next COVID relief package has passed the House, so now it's time for us to make sure the Senate hears our deman…
Retweeted by max collins @SavageJoyMarie1 lol @jasonchris24 thanks man
dear men: what is stopping you from looking like this
Retweeted by max collins @sarah_pesto @Eve6 😭
i cant believe this tweet went viral
Retweeted by max collins @ebruenig @_L1ZY_
Bernie is on the ballot - vote for him untill you can’t -
Retweeted by max collinsBringing my bazooka and American flag to demand they reopen Pumps
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Be pretty funny if Bernie accidentally wins the primary
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Honestly this might be my all-time favorite TikTok
Retweeted by max collinsJoe Biden just rolled out from under my couch & told me I’m black?
Retweeted by max collinsIf you are part of a community that is a reliable voting block for the Democratic Party, they don’t see that as loy…
Retweeted by max collinsInstagram is where the entire visual charcuterie board of Chevy can be consumed.
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They just gave this person a Pulitzer. Everything owns so much all the time.
Retweeted by max collinsJoe Biden has gone from trying to lose the election to trying to get his ass kicked
Retweeted by max collinswhat they say biden was thinking vs. what biden was actually thinking
Retweeted by max collinsGuy who wrote the crime bill handing out black credentials is somehow the perfect encapsulation of the Democratic P…
Retweeted by max collins @lukeoneil47 red vintage. its my brother’s company. great shithappy birthday @SavageJoyMarie1 🤍 im not your guru you aint black
Retweeted by max collinsstudents often ask me what my personal higher power is. the answer is simple. Woke Brands 🐴
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it is true that physical beauty can sometimes be as profound as the contents of the mind
Retweeted by max collinsin these uncertain times please fuck off 🐴
Retweeted by max collins @Tother10 @SteveUknuis what’s condescending and way more profitable is masturbatory centrist “pragmatist punditry”.… has exposed a gap in diagnostics, & the need for rapid, decentralized testing to curb contagion. Very excit…
Retweeted by max collinsid hope youd watch for my intellectual bravery not my magnificent hindquarters
Retweeted by max collins @thechevymustang @SteveUknuis @MattBruenig log off chevy @thechevymustang @SteveUknuis @MattBruenig no one asked you chev @SteveUknuis @MattBruenig id love that! @SteveUknuis @MattBruenig doesn’t mean we stop pushing for better policy that saves lives. the establishment wings…
on another label 🐴
Retweeted by max collins @SavageJoyMarie1 wowowowowLast night, I had a dream that @MaxCollinsMusic sang me happy birthday. I woke up fan-girling and then got bummed o…
Retweeted by max collinsSkills training credit for jobs that don’t exist! I can’t help but think people would rather have the cash.
Retweeted by max collins.@TheStruts can i borrow this outfit for my ted talk
Retweeted by max collinsThank you @Eve6 and @MaxCollinsMusic for rescheduling your Tampa show! Can't wait for some of this!
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wherein chevy asks students to police one another 🐴
Retweeted by max collinstoo beautiful. must be a mirage
Retweeted by max collinswherein chevy clears up common misconceptions about the 7 deadly sins and the 10 commandments 🐴
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Pure romance. *swoon*
Retweeted by max collinsWas just sitting down with my guitar wearing my new shirt and i think the shirt causes fires. Thanks fellas.…
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just because i am on a chemical level repulsed by you doesn’t mean i dont love you
Retweeted by max collinswhat does this have to do with that
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oh hey sorry you're out of work have no health insurance your stimulus hasn't come in you unemployment claim hasn't…
Retweeted by max collinsThis seems dumb.
Retweeted by max collinsImagine running for president at a time when tens of millions of people are going to lose their insurance and sayin…
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Cancel rent now. Pass it on.
Retweeted by max collinsah to be as blissfully deluded as chevy mustang. @FallonTonight
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Fire fighting for those who want it!
Retweeted by max collins.@theroots @qls what is funny about this? i don’t understand
Retweeted by max collins @mehdirhasan @mehdirhasan how many calls have you made for Joe?
Retweeted by max collinsOH MY GAHH 😧
Retweeted by max collinsNBD @thechevymustang’s first late night appearance is THE TONIGHT SHOW. Why? Because he wants to. @FallonTonight
Retweeted by max collinsi think @jimmyfallon is laughing at *you* dude
Retweeted by max collinsim not sure why they’re laughing? @jimmyfallon @FallonTonight
Retweeted by max collinsheard from a disciple of mine that i am featured on the @jimmyfallon show @FallonTonight . never heard of him. is h…
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Marianne is laying the smack down on Tomato Lorenzo
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nothing is capital c cooler than artists working with brands to sell products. sometimes artists will even drop a b…
Retweeted by max collinsdave grohl thinks music is more important than it actually is
Retweeted by max collinsMe: "68k Americans would be saved with Medicare for all" Liberals: "I dont care" Me: "wow, fuck off then" Libera…
Retweeted by max collinsAnd there I see it. Immortalized forever. There I am. 😭 ❤️ lower right hand corner... on something Eve6 related t…
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Shout out to Claudio I don't know anything about him and have never purchased his tamales but you gotta have solida…
Retweeted by max collins.@GovMikeHuckabee I have a track called ‘Aphrodisiac’ I’d like to make a gentle version of it. I think your bass pl…
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Retweeted by max collinsI’m a sexual man, plagued by desire. And I have a brand new song out today. #aphrodisiac
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A company decided to stop paying its drivers, so one of them parked his truck on the owners Ferrari & left it there.
Retweeted by max collinsI truly enjoyed this bizarre performance art from Joe Biden
Retweeted by max collinsJoe Biden is the Democratic nominee this country deserves.
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I'm just dancing around my room and cleaning while listening to The Fly Record Live by @Eve6 when Inside Out came o…
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5pm pst @TOTPband instagram live
Retweeted by max collinsbe sure to tune in. i will be doling out some tough lessons to these boys
Retweeted by max collinsOrganized labor
Retweeted by max collins @bnlvince thank you ! @GoneFishkin oh my god
today at 6pm ET 3pm pacific tune in to #musthangwithchevymustang on @idobiradio -chevy
Retweeted by max collinsI can’t imagine losing your wife the way Biden did, but I also can’t imagine speaking about her like this. 😬…
Retweeted by max collinsthis is a real gif from the biden campaign design geniuses
Retweeted by max collinsThere is ALWAYS money to invest in war and corporate welfare, but NEVER money to invest in the welfare of the Ameri…
Retweeted by max collinsWe need to cancel rent and cancel mortgages for the duration of this crisis.
Retweeted by max collins @CarenzaSkye its a shit record cept for one or two
We love a digital model that actually pays artists 💕
Retweeted by max collinsAmazing artists performing on the livestream launch show today.
Retweeted by max collinsCancel Rent.
Retweeted by max collinsEve 6 is exited to be a part of the new Union of Musicians and Allied Workers. If you are a music worker please sig…
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