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Contributor to @TheFarsighted, @TalkFilmSoc and @GhastlyGrinning. I cry directly into my ice cream.

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@skinslip LOLOLOL!!!! @skinslip I’m sleeping in the crate tonight @DjoshUnchained Shit. You’re probably right. It’s now hers. I’ll sleep in the crate. 😂It’s so hard telling her to move. How do you say no to this face?? she took my spot. @BrndnStrssng Oh my god. Knowing my general disdain for how Hollywood turned out this is wild
Retweeted by rachael’s holly dolly christmas 🎄When it comes to Christmas tree decor, are you Team Tinsel?
Retweeted by rachael’s holly dolly christmas 🎄 @zachforzombies @LovelyZena If you also flatten them out and push them into the bottom of a cheesecake pan, you can… @aj_macready Right? Ugh! It’s so frustrating. I have to say I’m thankful for my ability to avert my eyes from spoil… @aj_macready I was just bitching about this today when making dinner. Like Freaky just dropped today. Why tf are th… our Eddie Murphy marathon... @cinemadufromage I need to find this but with bakers lol @aj_macready Have you seen that TS Spivet (spelling??) movie he did recently? I’ve been still curious on it. But ma…’s 1999 and you just filled out your Book-it slip. You order cherry Pepsi. You are safe
Retweeted by rachael’s holly dolly christmas 🎄 @cinemadufromage The yes, yeah at the end is my reaction too! So exciting!! @aj_macready So fucking good
@LamontSnaps My mom would make gnocchi out of mashed potatoes lol @sadfacedleo Girl they look amazing!!!!! @sadfacedleo Ok but eyebrow queen over here 👀Can I retweet this? I can retweet this, can’t it? Is it weird if I retweet this. It’s hilarious. Okay. . . I’m doin…
Retweeted by rachael’s holly dolly christmas 🎄 @LamontSnaps Is really good stuff. Everyone in it is exceptionalGood Lord Bird was 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 @hardnougat Got my fingers crossed for you girl. My DMs are always open if you need anything 💗💗I want to thank this pandemic for giving me growth in my eyebrows I should’ve never had waxed so thin they were alm… @hardnougat Gosh I am so sorry. If you need anything please reach out. I hope your test comes back negative as well. 💗 @adrienne_bc I think I stopped wearing jeans like 3 years ago lolMade General Tso’s eggplant stir fry and let me tell you, it was damn good. @YouKnowKoe Meth and thursdays go well today. Shit. @YouKnowKoe Omg I need it. My brothers fiancé sent me a picture that she was using Oreo o’s to make them. @hibachijustice Oh my holy. I need this. Yup. @SamShotFirst OH MY GODI want to make Rice Krispie treats but with fruity pebbles with marshmallows.
@hibachijustice Ohhhh ricer?! What do you use that one for? @hibachijustice Slow cooker I have to have. I love my slow cooker so much. 🤣 I’m still building my kitchen up so I’… @hibachijustice Does anyone REALLY needs these items as well? I mash potatoes with a fork, and I tenderize meat wit… @allthedamnvamps @T_Lawson OMG the background @larkingin So sorry you’re going through that. It’s so not fun. Sending positive vibes and love your way 💗The one thing I hate to the core during this time of year is the multitude of elf on the shelf pictures everywhere.… all I want to do is bake everything I can for people.It’s December 2nd and I’m pretty sure I finished all of the holiday baking shows on Hulu.Well this didn’t turn out to plan... @adrienne_bc be posting “nobody cares about your Spotify wrapped” and then post a pic of their baby ???
Retweeted by rachael’s holly dolly christmas 🎄 @YouKnowKoe planting her trademarks in random houses I see. @MarceloJPico Thinking of you and your family. If you need anything please let me know even if I’m states away. @allthedamnvamps I think I’m going to get it next time I go to the store and they have it. @Andersson_Greg Oh shit. This is so up my alley @nuthousepunks That was a thing?!? I tried the coke with chili (by accident) and hated it lol
@Mister_Bones I don’t normally drink the full sprite, I go for the sugar free but I see cranberry and it’s a trigger that I need it. @untitleduser Omg that good? I love cranberry anything. @nuthousepunks So I should buy it? LolI need to know if anyone has tried the spiced cranberry sprite...into his arms because he’s Daniel Day-Lewis
Retweeted by rachael’s holly dolly christmas 🎄 @SamShotFirst You should see my “omg I’m dying from the cuteness” face right now. @SamShotFirst Picture 3 cured my depression. Those eyes. How old? @SamShotFirst OH MY GOD 😍😍😍😍 @carisrianne I love her @ryanlarson Oh no!!! I’m so sorry to hear. If you need anything let me know! 💗 @CinemaVsDave I am too! I honestly thought they were under some other huge corporation this whole time.Salesforce bought Slack. I hope to go’s it’s better than Five9 because that platform needs major edits. However,… @TheMorgster I definitely loved it!! Eddie is so good!48 Hrs and Beverly Hills Cop A good Eddie Murphy/Jonathan Banks double feature.Currently and first time watch: @eviltaylorhicks Isn’t that the way they say it goes? LolRandom reminder again that Jim Croce was a gift.I think I love peel off face masks because it reminds me of when I was young slathering my hands with Elmers glue f… @YouKnowKoe I LOVE TWINNINGMy cousin in Hawaii just got my Halloween card I mailed out the middle of October. It’s December 1st. 🤦🏼‍♀️
@whokilledcookie Right? I love the Hammerhead one. @kimfaul Oooof yes same. I’ve been training people all day so my voice is gone too 😭 @YouKnowKoe Can we be twins? @CinemaVsDave So me too. Especially this week.All day every day. @larkingin KESTER IS THE BEST! And you’re so right. So many times it hits very close to him. Ugh my heart. @larkingin And short seasons too! I rewatched it’s a few months ago and it still holds up!! I love it so much!This was me today. Absolutely. @ruthwilsons I could definitely get behind this. @larkingin Complete side note...I love this show so god damn muchIt’s beautiful @b6421 LEGITIMATELY! @TheCineDrunkie It's so solid. I have the soundtrack on vinyl. I love it! @cultn3y THE BESTAlways. A. Bop. @oldbry I just got the confirmation and it threw me off guard because I totally forgot I ordered it! Thank god for kudos!Today has been insane but at least I got a shipping confirmation for my free North Face jacket through work. @BetchCasady I have!!’ Cute little baby took a journey! I hope he gets back into the wild!
@CinemaVsDave @distraktionz It’s a never ending circle! It hate it!Got paid. Paid rent, electric, water, and car bill. Broke again.girls only want one thing and it’s miss honey’s cottage
Retweeted by rachael’s holly dolly christmas 🎄Catherine O'Hara is a treasure...
Retweeted by rachael’s holly dolly christmas 🎄I don’t know who needs to hear this right now, but you suck and I hate you 💕
Retweeted by rachael’s holly dolly christmas 🎄 @adrienne_bc Oh no! Yeah idk how to get through all my emails too because I’m training new hires from 9-2 🤦🏼‍♀️ @adrienne_bc Oh no!!! I honestly thought to do this today but I didn’t want to panic myself @adrienne_bc I’m so scared to check my email tomorrow. In one day off I’ll get 200 emails. I’ve been off since last Wednesday 👀😭 @courtdolan been on that for a bit now 🤣 @Pumpkin923 It’s so good. I can’t wait to eat it lol
Gatorade, a large stainless steal pot, and a bamboo steamer.