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Video Producer/Film Editor/Illustrator/Assist Me/Husband/Dad/Fighting Game Guy/Boss Rage/Be Excellent To Each Other @NZXT @xsplit

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STREAMING ON TWITCH! MARVEL LIVES Post Tournament Chat & Demon's Souls Finale!? Click to watch! ►►►… the stream! Gonna chat about the Marvel Lives tournament then possibly finish up Demon's Souls.…
what’s a twitch rivals event that would pair nicely with this?
Retweeted by Maximilian DoodYo, that means a ton. Thanks @TheKoefficient ME! 'Reunion' & 'MARVEL LIVES' UMVC3 2020 Tournament Highlights @TruBlackLegChef @unrooolie Back when NickToons was ending late night at 11pm, the program run would end and the fi… @unrooolie holy shit lmao @SamsonLoftin @unastrike @giantbomb @unastrike's always been a huge supporter of FGC stuff. We also go way back to… have to say no for tonight. All my days off the past 1-2 months has been preparing and executing elements for… IS THE ONLY DAY YOU CAN RETWEET THIS!!
Retweeted by Maximilian DoodI'll talk about it on stream next time I get a chance to jump on. But yea, a general summary... cool to see the throwback to the ASSIST ME! series on the UMvC3 @TwitchRivals stream. It's insane to think t…
Retweeted by Maximilian DoodUltimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Lives was the homerun, grass roots tournament the fighting game community needed here…
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We all got a little better at this, show by show. Lighting and cinematography eventually became a hobby. your fighter
Retweeted by Maximilian Dood @andrionbecker @bluepointgames Yo, I think you helped me with some anims on the KI trailers hella late at night at… you soo much for everyone involved in @TwitchRivals Marvel Tourney! All the players, The Commentators…
Retweeted by Maximilian DoodBecause tonight deserves a poster. @maximilian_
Retweeted by Maximilian DoodThat was a great Tourney By @maximilian_ @Tasty_Steve & @IFCYipeS It was also awesome to see the Assist me crew bac…
Retweeted by Maximilian DoodAfter dealing with Phoenix, Morrigan and Vergil for a decade. @unrooolie @TwitchRivals @IFCYipeS @Tasty_Steve @TheHadou @maximilian_ @CosBlade @DoomAssistMe
Retweeted by Maximilian DoodI don’t care what year it is. Marvel lives.
Retweeted by Maximilian DoodGGs to the Top 8 & allllll of today’s Max Presents: UMvC3 Lives competitors! 🏆RyanLV 🥈@RayRay19wun 🥉@MundankTV…
Retweeted by Maximilian Dood2018: Marvel is trending because of Infinity War 2019: Marvel is trending because of Endgame 2020: @maximilian_
Retweeted by Maximilian DoodI love how every fucking Marvel stream thumbnail right now is @maximilian_ coming down from his Scrublord high. Si…
Retweeted by Maximilian Dood @maximilian_ man, this was so cool. Everyone is back. Thanks for the Mahvel tourney and new Assist Me.
Retweeted by Maximilian Dood @maximilian_'s tournament is amazing.
Retweeted by Maximilian DoodYooo @INFINITE_SGE what are you up too? It’s looking lit at @maximilian_ house we should go over
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STREAMING ON TWITCH! 'MARVEL LIVES' - Assist Me/UMVC3 Twitch Rivals Tournament! (11-23) Click to watch! ►►►… @TwitchRivals Tournament begins in less than 30 mins!, restreams are good to go., the official 'ASSIST ME!' T-Shirt & Hoodies are available now on the merch store! starts today at 4pm PT! To celebrate, we have an entire collection of new themed emotes from @Arkuny.… all, internet clunked out in the end. Better now than tomorrow. See you at the tournament! ON TWITCH! DEMON'S SOULS CONTINUES -UMVC3 Tournament Event Monday at 4pm PT (11-22)… the stream! Demon’s Souls continues.
Rambo's finishers are BRUTAL! Rambo - UMK11 Story Playthru the power of Playstation5, Insomniac has delivered the most realistic portrayal of NYC yet! #ps5 #MilesMorales
Retweeted by Maximilian DoodSorry about the lack of coms on tonight's streams. Been trying to fix stuff all day & don't have much time left. Lo… heard you like Marvel Vs. Capcom... It’s all going down as @maximilian_ Presents: UMvC3 Lives, powered by…
Retweeted by Maximilian DoodSo UNBELIEVABLY Cool ...Max Loses It - DMCV:SE Legendary Dark Knight Playthru (Part 2 - Finale)…
Imagine you could travel back in time 1 year and show your past self these screenshots and be like "This is demons…
Retweeted by Maximilian DoodSTREAMING ON TWITCH! MAHVEL - MELEE - DEMON'S SOULS (Fri 11-20) Click to watch! ►►► the stream! Gonna be checking out a UMVC3 tournament tonight from @TongNeverSleeps then talk about Melee p… @Jacob94779813 I use... P S HS K D I think the default arcade layout was... K S HS P D @ComposerCasey Similar to KI/DMC, myself and many others will be highly anticipating the music you produce in the future. 👍🙏Some doodles from throughout the day. New papa @maximilian_ might have slipped in there
Retweeted by Maximilian DoodThe more I hear the more I realize that it was @ComposerCasey destiny to make DevilMayCry music. @PaleoSteno @SorcererLance @DoomAssistMeOH MY GOD
Retweeted by Maximilian DoodWeekend Multiplayer Pick: the one and only Mahvel. You know why.
Retweeted by Maximilian Dood some incredibly cool stuff being cooked up for Monday's UMVC3 'Marvel Lives' @TwitchRivals Tournament. Being su… @theotherdevin I'll talk about it tonight on stream.
Marvel is dead. ⓘ 𝗢𝗳𝗳𝗶𝗰𝗶𝗮𝗹 𝘀𝗼𝘂𝗿𝗰𝗲𝘀 𝘀𝘁𝗮𝘁𝗲𝗱 𝘁𝗵𝗮𝘁 𝘁𝗵𝗶𝘀 𝗶𝘀 𝗳𝗮𝗹𝘀𝗲 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗺𝗶𝘀𝗹𝗲𝗮𝗱𝗶𝗻𝗴
Retweeted by Maximilian DoodYo, is it possible to maybe restream a bit of this? >.> LOVE THIS GAME & I'm Exhausted: MAX PLAYS Alien Isolation - Hard Mode 1st Full Playthru (FINALE)… @manfightdragon almost died laughingYou ever had your soul try to escape your body when laughing? Mine did. wanted to play more Demon's Souls tonight, but I gotta be responsible and get stuff ready for Monday's tourn…
UPDATE: I'm allowed to share the current playerlist for our 32 man tournament on Monday! This is where it stands as… @Ronin_Gamer It's a site wide change. Twitch Turbo removes ads for all channels, and is probably the easiest way to handle it.STREAMING ON TWITCH! Going for a full evening of Demon's Souls tonight! the stream! Finally more Demons Souls! live with WNF Episode 35 UMvC3 Parsec AWS Tournament! Twitch Rivals Training Grounds! Come watch! Stream:…
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@Romora313 Do you have an active Twitch channel? I can try to make the submission. Rivals requires this for it's backend.Huge ups to @maximilian_! So many other fighters could have gotten this chance but it's Marvel (UMVC3) and I'm ecst…
Retweeted by Maximilian Dood @finalfantasy @squareenix Congratulations on your nomination for Game of the Year! #TheGameAwards
Retweeted by Maximilian DoodLet your body the killer groove! Find out just What Happened with the bumpy development of Killer Instinc…
Retweeted by Maximilian DoodSTREAMING ON TWITCH! MK11 Ultimate & Demon's Souls (11-17) Click to watch! ►►►'s BIG Announcement...'MARVEL LIVES'...👀👀
Retweeted by Maximilian DoodHey @maximilian_ ! Just wanted to share this little piece I just recently finished. I got super inspired when you g…
Retweeted by Maximilian DoodRendering out a special UMVC3 tournament announcement video now! Will be streaming some MK11 and Demon's Souls toni… to announce I’ll be competing in this event with a bunch of young hungry killers! Thank you guys for the opp…
Retweeted by Maximilian DoodGlad to finally make the announcement that me and @Tasty_Steve will be commentating this beautiful event! 😁 See yo…
Retweeted by Maximilian DoodI'll take 10. Seriously. I'm serious. update you all soon! 👍
@maximilian_ has me dying. He didn’t have to come after us UMVC3 Vergil mains like this. But yes, the wins with Ver…
Retweeted by Maximilian DoodA symphony of rumors... @VaatiVidya, @maximilian_, @Distortion_2, @Lobosjrgaming, @avoidthepuddle, @KrimsonKB
Retweeted by Maximilian Dood @HiFightTH It would go on to sell >80k units in the 1st month. Over time it reached 1.5mil, but the lack of burstin…
As an update, we’re still working and filming tonight. We’d like to stream, but very much need to finish. Hopefully…'s such an amazing experience when you finally meet your idols. Been following the crew now for over 11 years and…
Retweeted by Maximilian DoodI got to do a meet and greet with @maximilian_ @unrooolie @DoomAssistMe @INFINITE_SGE and @CosBlade! It blew my mi…
Retweeted by Maximilian Dood @maximilian_ Though our time with Virgil was brief, it certainly isn’t over. Nonetheless, I did quite enjoy it.
Retweeted by Maximilian DoodFor @CosBlade
Retweeted by Maximilian DoodI'm freaking out! I was able to meet the Yovideogames Crew today at the #GlitchCon Virtual Greet and Meet by…
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Special late stream! Got myself, @DoomAssistMe and @CosBlade in house tonight. Gonna be checking out a variety of n… @maximilian_ This game was great until the patch where they added Scrublords 🙄
Retweeted by Maximilian Dood @HykCraft @Twitch It’s virtual, lolWill be streaming tonight chat. Doing a lot of prep for this weekend and will probably go live with a guest or two… @MantizToboggan The LG CXBig thanks to @twitch for sending over the Zen Pod. Took a nap with Ripley then Benny took over. GlitchCon is tomor… the #PS5 HDR settings......@maximilian_
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Marvel vs. Capcom 2 New Age of Heroes T-shirt
Retweeted by Maximilian Dood @Fightcade Woah, do the Flycast titles support rollback, or NullDC Bear style delay based?I Thought It'd Be Bigger - DAY ONE PS5 & Impressions w/Maximilian